Saturday, 28 July 2012


OpenBSD's de Raadt slams Red Hat, Canonical over 'secure' boot - ah, what would we do without old Theo?

Hungarian city of Miskolc: "Saving €3,000 per user per year on licenses" - serious money

The strategy behind the Nexus 7 - I agree with #esr...#google

 Richard Stallman on Surveillance, the NSA, and Mobile Phones - you can probably guess the rest #rms

Disgust with Creative Commons & the Free Culture Crowd - my, somebody got out of bed the wrong side today (v @Joscelyn)

Commissioner Michel Barnier determined to ensure equal access to books for visually impaired persons - true or a trick?

Are The Courts Finally Trying To Bring Some Balance Back To #Copyright? - maybe some tiny signs

UK botches #netneutrality regulation - good to see someone else thinks this is a disaster

Malformation of fetus will no longer be reason for abortion: minister - #spain turning medieval...

Canadian Cities Looking To Opt-Out Of #CETA Rather Than Get Roped Into An ACTA-Like Situation - clearly a disaster #ca

Give IPO ‘enforcing’ powers to take action against copyright theft - harman still clueless on "theft" (v @Klipcorp)

#NZ #Copyright Industry Claims New 'Three Strikes' Law Halved Movie Infringements After One Month: So What? -

Proposed filter would allow search of whole communications data database, says academic - (v @Cybermatron @Asher_Wolf)

Interner Bericht: Musikindustrie will Netz-Sperren gegen Urheberrechtsverletzungen, auch in Deutschland -

Response to Initial Obligations Code consultation - detailed & thorough response from @OpenRightsGroup#DEAct

#INDECT protests July 28, 2012 - are many expected for this? seems a bit premature (v @GERrevolution @Asher_Wolf)

Norwegian Court Rules Blog Posts Are Not 'Made Public' -, what? #seriesoftubes #no

re: new #OA funding in UK. don't miss this thoughtful, fascinating G+ thread that includes lots of the big #OA names:

Next Week: The Senate Fights Over Whether It Can Take Away Your Online Privacy - maybe time to call your US politician

#London2012: An investigative roundup - naming & shaming the worst offenders

Leaked RIAA Report: #SOPA/PIPA “Ineffective Tool” Against Music Piracy - no need to bring it back in any form, then...

Online traceability: Who did that? - important stuff on why#DEAct will lead to innocent people being punished #p2p

Government: we can freeze Mega assets even if case is dismissed - AKA "who cares about the law?"

#Google says book scanning didn’t cost authors a single sale - well, that's a pretty strong statement...

#Skype handing over more chat data to law enforcement -, how helpful

#ARM launches the first UK industry forum to help shape the Internet of Things - let me know when anything happens...

Who gets to see the confidential UK surveillance annex? -'s a secret, obvs

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