Tuesday, 31 January 2012


#MetOffice cuts off #Linux users with new weather widgets - http://bit.ly/w7ZiEk daft: should have used #HTML5 instead

Former German Justice Minister supports call for #openstandards - http://bit.ly/yIReWw that's good

#ACTA: The new threat to the net - http://bit.ly/ygJGz3 gentle reminder: this #avaaz epetition is close to a million signatories...

#Skype bows to #China’s whim, censors users to prevent being banned - http://tnw.co/xkrcCA #VPNs are your friend

Portuguese Authors Association Caught Faking Authors Names - http://bit.ly/xxcWiM greed & deceit: what a typical combination here

Hollywood Edition - http://bit.ly/ySQHHW witty re-imagining of the Net if #hollywood rules applied #acta

#Poland's PM vows caution on internet anti-piracy pact - http://bit.ly/zCsiYY still not clear what is going on here #ACTA

Our broken system - http://bit.ly/zzZxJZ which we desperately need to fix

great series of pix of complete nutters in insane race - http://bit.ly/zlRQ79 people are so weird

#Publishers invent a whole new form of evil: suing their customers - http://bit.ly/xYKguy greed meets stupidity (v @CameronNeylon)

RT @mmasnick Cool music hack day hack. Torrentplans maps file sharing locations to tour data. Shows artist where to tour. #midem >>clever

RT @PiratePartyUK One million voices against #ACTA: bit.ly/ybGSgX >>let's make it two million (v @Falkvinge)

Important: European Union has a Google+ post with discussion of #ACTA - http://bit.ly/wD8iBz pl. join in with polite comments

MT @NeelieKroesEU My tweetchat starts in 3 hours (3pm) - send your questions using #askneelie ow.ly/8KOK7 >>lots of #ACTA qs, pl.

new german #ACTA info site - http://bit.ly/z6TN5R we need these for each language: anyone got links for others? #de

Bill Gates, the Man Who Changed Open Source - http://bit.ly/wWlnfQ rubbish: MS is undermining OSS everywhere – http://bit.ly/zXiVXN

[correct URL] What laws and bananas have in common - http://bit.ly/wt85tD more thoughts on #ACTA

Making Open Data Real consultation - responses - http://bit.ly/Arnqym kudos: they offer ODT format too (v @Coadec)#opendata

11.02.2012: Aktionstag gegen #ACTA - http://bit.ly/yLKOXt should we make 11 February a Europe-wide action day against ACTA?

The Sky Is Rising: The Entertainment Industry Is Large & Growing... Not Shrinking - http://bit.ly/wKgBAO brilliant stuff - do read

RT @DigitalAgendaEU Tweetchat with @NeelieKroesEU has just finished - All tweets with #AskNeelie here: http://bit.ly/A1WsKZ >> lots of #ACTA

Debunking the EU Commission's Lies About #ACTA - http://bit.ly/xfDNPr & that's what they are: out & out lies; shameful

After the Battle Against #SOPA—What's Next? http://bit.ly/xgTHlx great to hear @lessig on this stuff

Red Hat Quietly Joins the OpenStack Effort - http://rww.to/A3EEBF nice move #cloudcomputing #redhat

Stop #ACTA site - http://bit.ly/Ab7RxV lots of useful info, plus handy tips on who to contact, what to do (v @RoyHugo)

UK Tourists deported from U.S. for Twitter jokes - http://bit.ly/AwKnP7 what do you expect? DHS can't even spell humour...

The MPAA in Latin America - http://bit.ly/yYxalX great background to what they've been up to #brazil #mexico

Hang The Pirates — But Start With The Movie Moguls And Record Execs - http://bit.ly/ymqNYo long, but makes lots of valid points

More than half of all UK MPs are now on Twitter - http://tnw.co/AyHLK3 hopeful sign

Monday, 30 January 2012


#Megaupload: A Lot Less Guilty Than You Think - http://bit.ly/zRyjes fascinating analysis

Thinking about learning and invention and the Maker Generation - http://bit.ly/yy9Nqy of maths, abundance, scarcity & the social enterprise

#Copyright In The Media - http://bit.ly/xnxp7y if #ACTA is implemented, the #Guardian et al. could probably be sued to oblivion...

What have the Publishers ever done for us? And do we need them? - http://bit.ly/A187CB good rebuttal (but wrong on #MS, I'm afraid...) #oa

Barnes & Noble and MS Agree: Ballmer Will Not Have to Testify Live, Some Antitrust Homework - http://bit.ly/A67y5e important monopoly stuff

Dutch ISPs Refuse To Block The Pirate Bay - http://bit.ly/AuSVWx quite right: no court order, no #censorship

MSM: Only Anonymous hates #ACTA! If you want to change public opinion, revenge attacks are generally unhelpful - http://bit.ly/z6F214 yup

The Research Works Act: a damaging threat to science - http://bit.ly/xBXsIi kudos to #thelancet for this stand (v @petersuber)#rwa

Philanthropy is the enemy of justice - http://bit.ly/ApWtYE interesting how polarised the comments are #billgates

#WSJ Finds 16 Scientists to Push Pollutocrat Agenda With Long-Debunked Climate Lies - http://bit.ly/wyfXPb sad stuff,@rupertmurdoch

Sunday, 29 January 2012


Bayer and the holocaust - http://bit.ly/yEq44K appalling nexus of #bayer, #auschwitz, #pesticides and #gm disasters

#Gaiman: #SOPA and PIPA are on the wrong side of history - http://bit.ly/Aoyus2 "selling more in countries where his books were pirated"

A close examination of the US claim of jurisdiction in the# ODwyer extradition - http://bit.ly/wSs4sr excellent analysis

Thought #SOPA Was Bad? 10 Reasons to Oppose #ACTA - http://rww.to/xURCr7 v good summary - useful for passing around

KEI asks Senator Leahy (D-VT) to demand greater transparency in the #TPPA - http://bit.ly/w8J4Hz good letter about undemocratic secrecy

#ACTA: The new threat to the net - http://bit.ly/xbjjQB #avaaz epetition nearing 750K - pl. sign if you can

New privacy laws could boost EU cloud industry - http://bit.ly/wqFiH6 sounds plausible

Golden Wonder Security - http://bit.ly/AsAI5E so, is #goldenwonder proud of this? (v @psd)#bullying

Public ACTA discussion list - http://bit.ly/ztTx3u open to all concerned about #ACTA

The only thing you need to know about #ACTA - http://bit.ly/xAzhdR brilliant: if it changes nothing, why are they pushing it so hard?

Wikipedia compares favorably to most major websites for readers, though Google enjoys a slim lead - http://bit.ly/xJMqgq the only non-profit

#Ireland, injunctions and #copyright - http://bit.ly/xeXJaW yet more interesting thoughts on this hot area

Branding academic publishers 'enemies of science' is offensive and wrong - http://bit.ly/xSHttW so is a sense of entitlement & self-pity #oa

Entertainment Lobby Claims Google, Bing Send Users To Illegal Music Files - http://bit.ly/zpAN3M #censorship is insult du jour, it seems

RT @StopActaNow Protests against #ACTA bypass of democracy expected today also in Dublin and Brussels>> more needed

#Georgia and the Brotherhood of Detention - http://bit.ly/AmcK8L assuming this is correct, sad to hear #justice

ACTA Stipulates Increased Damages For File Sharing - http://bit.ly/AaV3b8 making copyright laws even more unreasonable & unjust

Polish citizens vs #ACTA - http://bit.ly/yyor7O what really happened, by one of those involved #poland

DARPA-Funded Hacker's Tiny $50 Spy Computer Hides In Offices, Drops From Drones - http://onforb.es/wdb1Ka running #linux, it would appear

Oppose HR3699, the Research Works Act - http://bit.ly/xi6fuo whitehouse epetition; lots more signatures needed... #rwa

What Does Twitter’s Country-by-Country Takedown System Mean for Freedom of Expression? - http://bit.ly/zmYgmQ good, sensible stuff from #eff

RePress: WordPress de-censoring proxy - http://bit.ly/x76pCs "can install it onto any server running #WordPress with a click" neat

#ACTA - the latest threat to internet freedom, just signed by the EU - http://bit.ly/zw67sS sensible stuff about deeply worrying aspects

Survey Finds Patients Excited, Physicians Hesitant About Open-access Medical Notes - http://bit.ly/wnJHpM good sign #healthcare

RIAA files its brief on statutory damages in #Tenenbaum case - http://bit.ly/z1Lhcr can't believe this martyrdom still going on #copyright

Acting on #ACTA - What We Can Do - http://bit.ly/xOCrfm excellent, practical tips; mostly for UK people but ideas generally applicable

A guide to PayPal alternatives in Asia - http://bit.ly/yU0MVD maybe people should be looking at these seriously #sopa #pipa #acta

Will The Global Warming Policy Foundation’s Seed Funder Be Revealed? - http://bit.ly/xg24ex possible conflict of interests there?

#ACTA: European Parliament's role - http://bit.ly/xl19eC "to ensure all opinions and concerns are heard": so let's tell 'em (v @StopActaNow)

ESO- Zooming into the Helix Nebula - http://bit.ly/zR98Z0 this video is literally far out...

Chile enforces #netneutrality for the first time, sort of - http://bit.ly/A21BDK better than most countries; go, #chile

Five Ways Twitter Is Changing Media Law - http://bit.ly/zzaH4Z useful roundup

Coelho joins Promo Bay - http://bit.ly/xVBL9I what a hero: "we have to tell to the industry that greed leads to nowhere" (v @StopActaNow)

RT @JackofKent Collecting egs of mainstream media infringing copyright (esp photos) of those on social media for #Leveson. More egs please.

Senator Ron Wyden's Favorite Techdirt Posts Of The Week - http://bit.ly/yr1iJp not a misprint </impressed>

Saturday, 28 January 2012


Sorting Out the Sharing License Shambles - http://bit.ly/A6ezVY getting there slowly #licensing #gpl #mozilla #cc

London Olympics 2012 construction workers recreate French masterpiece - http://l2012.cm/zwjEC7 this is wonderful - don't miss #seurat

François Bayrou s'inspire du Parti Pirate pour rejeter la licence globale - http://bit.ly/yjWOvK good for him (v @IsaVodj)#copyright

Who Owns Broccoli? http://bit.ly/wOTCSc free #ebook; good history of #patents. poor account of #copyright - ignores digital aspect

CDU/CSU: Nein zu SOPA, aber ja zu #ACTA? - http://bit.ly/AklpG6 good question

Rep. Mix. Make: Defending the right to remix - http://bit.ly/yHU5zV US epetition that anyone can sign #copyright

Biodiesels pollute more than crude oil, leaked data show - http://bit.ly/AhNLlF "a death knell for the #biodiesel industry" let's hope

#Australia’s Last Chance to Defeat ACTA - http://bit.ly/y8kVQY well-written post (v @Asher_Wolf)

To open or not to open? Let's free it - http://bit.ly/xNAgWQ Nichi Vendola fails to deliver http://bit.ly/AwO1az #it

What Apple Should Do With Its $100 Billion In Cash: Buy Hollywood - http://tcrn.ch/yWPFY7 & google buys music cos – http://bit.ly/hDLbMg

Twitter Decides To Censor Locally, Rather Than Block Globally, In Response To Government Demands - http://bit.ly/yYQu8u sign of the times

#ACTA ‘Is More Dangerous Than #SOPA’ - http://on.mash.to/z15AgI so says U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa

The arrogance of the echochamber - http://bit.ly/A0rxFK a huge problem that few acknowledge #politics #lobbying #acta

MT @asteris EP can be swayed by citizens, don't forget we got them to kill #swpats & save net neutrality in the telecoms package #ACTA

Graphene: The perfect water filter - http://bit.ly/x3n1Jl if true, could revolutionise desalination et al. (v @opensourcerer @jonathonf)

EU draft guide #standards and #procurement aims to reduce vendor lock-in - http://bit.ly/yFnw1W I'll be writing about this next week

Native Americans traced to Siberian mountains - http://bit.ly/xvrI8a which accords with linguistic evidence #genetics

Pentagon Drafts Kids To Build Drones and Robots - http://bit.ly/xAFwJv "DoD wants unlimited rights to everything the students build"; nice

The #ACTA Fight Returns: What Is at Stake and What You Can Do - http://bit.ly/wye0Uu calm & sensible summary from @mgeist

Is Twitter Helping Users Get Around Its New Censorship Rules? - http://rww.to/zBy8Bs intriguing thought

Warum #Acta in den Papierkorb gehört - http://bit.ly/Aitrgq "Denn es ist falsch, schädlich und undemokratisch." richtig

Wolfgang Amadeus #Mozart: Complete Chronological Catalogue on #Spotify, Version 2.0 - http://bit.ly/A3c0fn 190 hours of sublimity

Portuguese rights society presents lists of supporters for a digital media tax; composer says he never gave consent – http://bit.ly/AByzGa

#Newzbin Dumps .COM, Promises VPN & Cyberlocker Services - http://bit.ly/ymA3tj very wise

European Parliament rapporteur quits in #Acta protest - http://bbc.in/xu0EMd amazed - but pleased - the #BBC picked this up

El ponente de #ACTA del Parlamento Europeo dimite - http://bit.ly/xqwUTz #elpais on arif scandal (v @jmcest @dahammerstein)

As USTR Insists #ACTA Doesn't Need Congressional Approval, Wyden Asks State Dept. For A Second Opinion - http://bit.ly/yZq9Li squirming away

#Samsung's Earnings Illustrate the Economic Power of #Android - http://bit.ly/wPb20q making money from free

#Copyright case spells trouble for sw developers - http://bit.ly/wnFrJW good point - and v worrying #uk (v @howardknopf)

120 people convicted for not filling in census form - http://bit.ly/xjwAWd pathetic and vindictive bullying by UK government

Barrister who Tweeted insults struck off - http://tgr.ph/AlnbUP odd: he not only defended Newzbin, he owned it (v @clarinette02 @IpinAfrica)

OpenCF Summit - http://bit.ly/Ar6e5G gathering about open source #CFML engines. people still use Cold Fusion? who knew...?

We Have Every Right to Be Furious About #ACTA - http://bit.ly/wxHGCK don't get angry, get even (v @mgeist)

MPAA Exec Admits: 'We're Not Comfortable With The Internet' - http://bit.ly/xUzDPJ to put it mildly #sopa

Why #Twitter’s new policy is helpful for free-speech advocates - http://bit.ly/z2oyjG thoughtful & thought-provoking #censorship

Kindle Fire edges Galaxy Tab as most used Android tablet - http://bit.ly/xuRX1R wow, dramatic

Pirate Party of Catalonia wants to sue FBI, in Spain, over #Megaupload seizure - http://bit.ly/w48toz been affected? get in touch with #eff

Friday, 27 January 2012


#ACTA Signed by the #EU. Let's Defeat it Together! - http://bit.ly/zfUZLD shameful contempt for its citizens: time to start fighting

On the Enforcement Fantasy - http://bit.ly/zdWC15 great piece on why the war on sharing is futile #copyright

Judge blasts "unlawful invasions of privacy" by "rogue" P2P attorney - http://bit.ly/xY0wtk a little justice at last

Ireland's #SOPA to permit #threestrikes; TDs asked to debate something they haven't seen - http://bit.ly/xJxKMg why do politicians do this?

Pese al rechazo del Senado, va #México por acuerdo que restringe libertad en Internet - http://bit.ly/A3QDRb more arrogance (v @SinkDeep)

Public Interest Organizations to Address Closed-Door Negotiation of #TPP in Los Angeles - http://bit.ly/xjqOr2 in Los Angeles

ACTA: signed, not yet sealed - now it's up to us - http://bit.ly/yQk5zE #ORG has a few suggestions of how to start

Europe proposes a "right to be forgotten" - http://bit.ly/ybhHDC good summary #privacy

The Daily Mail is now the most popular #newspaper website in the world - http://tnw.co/wA6PjL what a frightening thought

Ubuntu swaps application menus for HUD control system - http://bbc.in/xgawoj #bbc writing about #freesw? Mayans were right (v @schestowitz)

Who Votes For ACTA? - http://bit.ly/x9tvvE new site for fighting #ACTA

Book Review: Consent of the Networked by Rebecca MacKinnon - http://bit.ly/zRHea1 v long, but illuminating

High-definition pic of Earth - http://bit.ly/xqG6VL rather impressive

Efficiency over growth (and jobs) - http://bit.ly/xUjq34 good post about how we're trying to solve 21st cent. probs with 20th cent. ideas

Stop the biggest threat to Internet freedom: #ACTA - Avaaz epetition - http://bit.ly/zRqfXJ we need huge numbers for this (v @AdV007)

Ten exabytes wedged into a rather large box by Cleversafe - http://bit.ly/zr5Wge remember: this will be your USB in a few years' time...

Planned copyright changes could stop authors writing for schools - http://bit.ly/xQfSbp well, it might stop some; there's no shortage

#Nokia Q4: Scrambling For A Grip, But Still Falling; 1M+ Lumia Phones Sold - http://bit.ly/zMWeJX how long can it bleed dosh?

The Center for Food Safety Pushes Back Against #Gates Foundation “Feed the World” Propaganda - http://bit.ly/yQahCM not as easy as he says

#ACTA : le rapporteur au Parlement européen démissionne ! - http://bit.ly/wRqjkl wow, what happened here? (v @gchampeau)

London 2012 Olympic Games commissioner quits over DOW partnership - http://chn.ge/v6IQY5 more fun and, er, games... #bhopal

important: list of MEPs http://bit.ly/xpRcuk #ACTA (v @sargasso) for later mailing of your MEP about ACTA (v @AdV007)

clarification: that list of MEPs is all their email addresses

Polarised debate over EU data protection must be a wake up call for big data corps, they can't have it both ways – http://bit.ly/z5t3Ms

The Pirate Bay Introduces 'Physibles': #Napster For Physical Objects - http://bit.ly/Ar7oLe you thought the war on sharing was bad now

OK, here are the #MEPs on twitter - http://bit.ly/wXggyE useful for later contact about #ACTA (v @sfsutcliffe @tweetminster)- anyone know if there is a circle of MEPs on G+?

useful list of MEPs' emails and telephone for those on key committees - http://bit.ly/yKNRAn useful for #ACTA (v @linotherhino)

What will you do when the US comes for you? - http://bit.ly/zyUoNS why not avoid the problem by using only non-US services? #patriotact

Microsoft paid Nokia $250 million for its use of Windows Phone platform - http://tnw.co/wd7Sv0 outrageous: it should have asked for double

Phones and internet cut in Tibetan area of #China - http://bit.ly/ypcd2J not good (v @rmack)#tibet

Warner Music Orders YouTube Takedown Of Slow Motion Crochet Video With No Music - http://bit.ly/wU8Twf huh? (v @jgriffinpk @publicknowledge)

#iPad dominates tablet market, but #Android is closing fast - http://cnet.co/xeELrs it's the #smartphone story all over again - of course

#Dow & #Monsanto Team Up On Mother of All #Herbicide Marketing Plans - http://bit.ly/ybT83g new product repeats errors of one it replaces

First release of the #Apache #ODF Toolkit - http://bit.ly/AFkTEU interesting #openoffice

#Udacity and the future of online universities - http://reut.rs/yOyNZd this does look potentially very powerful #education

another resource from @europatweets: http://www.tweetyourmep.eu/ lets you send messages to MEPs who are on #twitter

Poland is not lost - could challenge ACTA at the ECJ - http://bit.ly/xAJuG9 important point: #ECJ is crucial

Act Now : Tell the Copyright Office to Make it Legal to Rip DVDs - http://bit.ly/yIkwRf for USians #copyright

EU Commission propaganda on #ACTA - http://bit.ly/A5PMtV great rebuttal of astonishing and outright lies: desperate or what?

The Norwegian Music-Streaming Experience Shows Why Tough Anti-#Piracy Laws Are Unnecessary - http://bit.ly/yertRN more inconvenient facts

Revealed: Proposed new powers over search results - http://bit.ly/AnXuT6 really dumb ideas coming from UK copyright industries

WikiLeaks Cable: NASDAQ Folded To Chinese Pressure - http://bit.ly/xgF9MF they know which way the wind is blowing...

Setting up the European Cloud Partnership - http://bit.ly/zdMjYu great post raising important points

Memo to media: Supply and demand are out of your hands - http://bit.ly/zCell8 great piece about realities of media business today

#Poland signs copyright treaty that drew protests - http://bit.ly/AyjjEU don't miss the pic: incredible #ACTA #protests

EU Parliament Official In Charge Of ACTA Quits, & Denounces The 'Masquerade' Behind #ACTA - http://bit.ly/zrf0y5 "in disgust" – amazing

EU #ACTA Chief Resigns In Disgust Over Disrespect At Citizens; Next Steps - http://bit.ly/yBC1oG "very close to describing a coup d’état"

RT @telecomix MSG from #Poland: WE STOPPED SOFTWARE PATENTS; WE WILL STOP #ACTA. /via @rysiek/@rysiekpl>>let's hope

EFF and Everything is a Remix want you to ask the Copyright Office for the right to remix - http://bit.ly/zSgAMh calling all Usians

Microsoft’s Nokia blood money potentially strangling other Windows Phone OEMs - http://tnw.co/w7q2Gk yup, could backfire horribly

Thursday, 26 January 2012


Subscribe To A Newsapaper, Get An E-reader Free - http://bit.ly/ybMb63 the new old model #razorblades #publishing

Engström fires amendment broadside at commission proposal - http://bit.ly/x7lbTj ha! v good (v @danielrhamilton @Falkvinge)#piracy

U.S. Attorney chasing #MegaUpload is former piracy fighter - http://cnet.co/Ah72OS totally unbiased, i'm sure... #privatepolice

Dreams of a Unified Text - http://bit.ly/y1XjA7 "to explore, seamlessly, online, every text ever written": could do it, if #copyright let us

Observations from two weeks of SSH brute force attacks - http://bit.ly/wGPJYz some surprising stuff #security

Anti-Piracy Warnings Have No Effect on iTunes Sales - http://bit.ly/yrGVTc more evidence the politicians ignore #hadopi #sopa #acta

No Safe Harbor - http://bit.ly/xgJdii interesting collection of essays from #pirateparty free downloads

UK mobile operator O2 sends your phone number to every website you visit - http://tnw.co/xiluKo bad #O2 #privacy

#SOPA-proponent Dodd under attack by Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales - http://cnet.co/yLHSeT says dodd should go

"We're just like YouTube," Megaupload lawyer tells Ars - http://bit.ly/yXgod9 well, one or two differences, but similar, yes

#SOPA is the Symptom, #Copyright is the Disease: The SOPA wakeup call to ABOLISH COPYRIGHT - http://bit.ly/y3IZiq just logical

Just Say ‘No’ to #ACTA - http://bit.ly/zmALzs EU parliament probably our last hope #epetition

Что такое Открытое Государство? - http://bit.ly/AaVjDJ in case you were wondering #ogov

Francis Jayakanth of #India’s National Centre for Science Information - http://bit.ly/AqnLC1 fascinating portrait of #openaccess pioneer

Judges probe minister's role in #McKinnon extradition saga - http://bit.ly/w1U9U4 ridiculous this is still dragging on

Babelverse To Offer Live Voice Translations For State Of The Union In Up To 7K Languages - http://tcrn.ch/zNhaXh doubt they info on 7K

Bill Gates' Next Target: Revolutionize Farming - http://onforb.es/x29ntm translated: proprietise farming through #genepatents #monsanto

India’s gov refutes claims it wants to adopt Chinese-style Web censorship - http://tnw.co/AbZ45s no, it doesn't "refute" it, it denies it

Hadopi, source de la croissance d'iTunes ? - http://bit.ly/wqgdJq mais non: great debunking by #LeMonde of #hadopi research's failings

switch2osm: Make the switch to #OpenStreetMap - http://bit.ly/xKt54i cool: explains how to make the switch from other mapping services

#WIPO Study on the Impact and Importance of the Creative Industries in the Americas - http://bit.ly/w7U7Ye gosh, what could it say? #piracy

Le combat inégal contre le téléchargement illégal - http://bit.ly/ykkL6p good to see in #lemonde (v @LeGuillaume @gchampeau)#copyright

#Torture Cover-Up - http://bit.ly/wmE36O more shameful stuff from gutless, morally-bankrupt UK politicians

important: ACTA: Note from Marietje Schaake, Member of the European Parliament - http://bit.ly/ynVQgr how we can stop ACTA + key dates

Computing in Schools: The Great Ctrl-Alt-Del - http://bit.ly/Apwo1z why the #royalsociety report is a failure #opensource

Jailbreaking May Soon Become Illegal Again, Act Now To Help Keep It Legal - http://bit.ly/xoscW0 again?

Citizen Scientists Study Whale Songs: Years of Work Done in Months - http://bit.ly/AvLfY5 great result (v @BoraZ)#citizenscience

Polish Minister Telling Lies to Get #ACTA Signed - http://bit.ly/yUCCWh says pirate party MEP

#ACTA das schleichende Gift - http://bit.ly/wpVOil "ein Schlag ins Gesicht der Demokratie" let's hope others follow suit

Disgruntled GMO firms start pulling out of EU market - http://bit.ly/woUEMJ this time it's #monsanto in #france

EMI VP Comes Out Against #SOPA/PIPA; Says The Answer To Piracy Is Providing A Better Service - http://bit.ly/y6c0sG he won't last long, then

Comment Neelie Kroes - http://bit.ly/xHYh68 interesting site that lets you comment on Kroes' speeches

Sherlock Holmes may not be so elementary - http://bit.ly/wkJ5lo would modern US Sherlock "infringe" on modern UK Sherlock? doubt it

L'après-Hadopi de François Hollande : dépénalisation et taxation? - http://bit.ly/xVIovb more details #france

7 Lessons from SOPA/PIPA/Megauplaod and 4 Proposals on Where We Go From Here - http://bit.ly/w174GA wow: must-read piece from Yochai Benkler

European Commission ‘in denial’ over Patriot Act loophole - http://zd.net/zKSWYh important piece about another EC failure #surveillance

The Breathtaking Hypocrisy of Julian Assange, Kremlin Pawn - http://onforb.es/zgRrHs hardly: just that US has illegally cut off other channels

Panton Fellowships – apply now! - http://bit.ly/zVKxLj great news #opendata #openscience

Paulo Coelho On SOPA: 'Pirates Of The World, Unite And Pirate Everything I’ve Ever Written!' - http://bit.ly/zRyWhQ piracy a problem? hardly

#Motorola piles on the patent suits, now targets iPhone 4S and iCloud - http://bit.ly/wMkq3m so it goes on #apple

Climate Code Foundation: Activity and Status - http://bit.ly/xbSQ4w busy (disclosure: I'm on advisory committee) #openscience

Similar, but not copied, image found to breach #copyright - http://bit.ly/y6hruY utterly bonkers

Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Jonathan Coulton Destroys Rationale Behind Megaupload Seizure With A Single Tweet; Follows Up With Epic Blog Post - http://bit.ly/zixfaL fab

Piraten in der Politik – 100 Tage einer Aufsteigerpartei - http://bit.ly/wq2T16 fascinating documentary about #pirateparty in #berlin

Judge: Americans can be forced to decrypt their laptops - http://cnet.co/yRpY00 so, just as in the UK... #surveillance #privacy

The Smartphone Wars: CyanogenMOD Rising - http://bit.ly/zTZm5H "it couldn’t be clearer what the ultimate stakes in the smartphone wars are"

Adding Your DNA To A Biobank Is A Noble Move – But Is It A Wise One? - http://bit.ly/ArfWlk lookin' at you, UK Biobank... #dna #privacy

artists making money in a world without #copyright - http://bit.ly/yzOeqD double-stranded reply - well-worth reading #businessmodels

Europe’s ‘Right to Be Forgotten’: #Privacy as Internet #Censorship - http://bit.ly/AyI3WB this will end in tears

Meganomics - http://bit.ly/wNNtsS fantastic, fact-based analysis of the exaggerated #economics of #piracy - must-read (v @barefoot_techie)

ACTA: Letter to the EU Parliament Development Committee - http://bit.ly/x5uVF0 great stuff; post-#SOPA really need to tackle #acta now

Orange To Provide #Wikipedia Free In Middle East And Africa - http://bit.ly/w85idS interesting move

Chinese forces fire teargas at Tibetan protesters - http://bit.ly/z6Qs0b poor #tibet still suffering #china

Stop Online Piracy NOW!!! - http://bit.ly/zZQYgj a modest proposal

#Japan plans alerts to remind Web users that it’s illegal to download pirated content - http://tnw.co/xwYuUu so they'll just use other means

Julian Assange is set to host his own TV show focusing on “the world tomorrow” - http://tnw.co/zht0Qp intriguing #wikileaks

MT @NeelieKroesEU Sites knowingly enabling mass #copyright infringement shd be stopped. laws must not be disproportionate or intrusive>>hmm

#SOPA and network architecture - http://bit.ly/z0st9b good analysis: why we must decentralise the Net/banking

Don't be sucked into supporting a flawed proposition in an artificially polarised #copyright debate - http://bit.ly/w43vcZ mostly sensible

Dutch appeals court says Galaxy Tab 10.1 doesn't infringe Apple's design right - http://bit.ly/xMi1jP what a colossal waste of time & money

Blocking The Net 'Not The European Option' -- EU Commissioner Reding - http://bit.ly/AsWyed fine words: what about the action? #sopa #acta

How Much Do Music and Movie #Piracy Really Hurt the U.S. Economy? - http://bit.ly/y9Q6Mj good to see meme spread to #freakonomics

US gov goes after whistleblower on torturers, not torturers - http://lat.ms/AdF32q says it all, really (v @Asher_Wolf @Ausflatfish)

SOPA Stopped: So Back to ACTA - http://bit.ly/yvjKJI if #ACTA passes, #SOPA win will be in vain

The Internet Begins Discussing What To Do With Its New Found Powers - http://bit.ly/wq6Rjq whatever, deal with #ACTA

iBooks Author EULA restrictions invite antitrust concerns - http://bit.ly/yQ8M1Z it does, doesn't it?

Trans Pacific Partnership to impact Kiwi books - http://bit.ly/AECV3z good post: makes concrete the loss #TPP would bring (v @mgeist)

Introducing the HUD. Say hello to the future of the menu - http://bit.ly/z48qxv who says #freesw doesn't innovate? #ubuntu

Norwegian Data Inspectorate rules use of Google Apps by companies breaches Norweigian law, cites US Patriot Act - http://bit.ly/xhgGeW wow

Copyright and patent monopolies are an immoral exploitation of the third world - http://bit.ly/ybOWJe yup: neo-colonialism, pure & simple

Inspiration Works intros Android tablet for toddlers - http://bit.ly/wXJXN1 first of many, doubtless

New Market Research: Music Streaming Services Halve Illegal Downloads - http://bit.ly/A8bdAh recording industry: maybe that's a hint, huh?

Cobrarían impuesto a propietarios de páginas web - http://bit.ly/wcJfOA daft idea of the week: a #tax on web pages (v @SinkDeep)#mexico

Ultra-Orthodoxe bewerfen Frau mit Steinen - http://bit.ly/ze63uD gotta love the humanity of these religious extremists

Infringement and Innovation in Online Platforms - http://bit.ly/wkf8YD great meditation on #openness and #copyright

DDOS Attacks on Polish Sites must stop NOW - http://bit.ly/wH2cOQ please stop or you will push them to sign #ACTA - this isn't helping

The center has shifted! Shanghai ranked world's number 1 metro economy - http://bit.ly/xWW55p hardly a surprise #china

What Is ACTA And Why Is It A Problem? - http://bit.ly/AqjVzc best intro to #ACTA - pl. share widely to get the word out

Free Mobile for Wikipedia Starts with Orange - http://bit.ly/yJrAns #wikimedia's explanation of this interesting move

USDA Greenlights Monsanto's Utterly Useless New GMO Corn - http://bit.ly/A6UrU5 this is just insane: no benefit

Audiobooks.com Launches a Spotify for Books - http://on.mash.to/wFlTb1 sounds much too expensive to me...

The Case for Tea Party Opposition to Software Patents - http://onforb.es/Ahj43Y now there's a thought... #swpats

Poles Protest #ACTA Online and on the Streets - http://abcn.ws/As56Rp good to see action (v @DaHammerstein)#poland

Anonymous attacks on Ireland will hurt, not help the case against blocking - http://bit.ly/yuw1qL agreed: please don't... #OpIreland

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


a list of petitions against the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (#ACTA) - http://bit.ly/z7EKE7 useful and important; pl. pass on

Filesonic Kills File-Sharing Service After #MegaUpload Arrests - http://bit.ly/whwpVB someone will be pleased...

Freedom for scholarship in the internet age - http://bit.ly/z3DVwl first draft of important thesis on #openaccess et al.

New #RIM CEO: “#BlackBerry will remain among top three players worldwide” - http://tnw.co/yjCCSe also believes in the Tooth Fairy

Stop Extradition Fair UK Trial for Richard #ODwyer - http://bit.ly/zpWTQ5 another important epetition: please sign if you can

Browser Sedimentation - http://bit.ly/wLnZWA lovely metaphor #ui

The MegaUpload Seizure Could Be An Opportunity - http://bit.ly/Asl4AM interesting point about case and piracy harm #copyright

Contribute to Open Education Week - http://bit.ly/yBHzCe coming up in March #oer #ocw #oa

After #SOPA/PIPA in the US, #ACTA Makes Its Way to the EU Parliament - http://bit.ly/xjGPZo a disgrace in the making

RT @JackofKent Doing #Leveson submission - examples please of MSM unauthorised/uncredited use of photos from Flickr or Facebook.

Judge Delays Megaupload Bail Decision, More Site Operators Arrested - http://bit.ly/wuq7dl I predict this will make a fab book

#Tumblr's Inflection Point Came When Curators Joined Creators - http://dthin.gs/w9HIDi interesting point

When Should Open Source Be Written Into Law? - http://bit.ly/wTTwy6 much too limited list there

Anonymous Campaign: Meet the New DDoS, Same as the Old DDoS - http://bit.ly/wyclLq some background info

Statistics On Scandinavian Music Streamers - http://bit.ly/zRUCZS more evidence that people will pay if there's a fair offering #piracy

Crowdsourced ‘Star Wars Uncut: The Director’s Cut’ Debuts on YouTube - http://on.mash.to/zbp093 the power of sharing: #sopa would kill it

Yosemite HD time-lapse video - http://bit.ly/xD2RWX wow: the perfect way to start monday

Huawei to launch two ”Diamond” smartphones, even better than the Ascend P1 S - http://bit.ly/zMdqDJ #android based

Höft & Wessel goes #Android - http://bit.ly/w9nVeD yet another sector, and an important one: mobile terminals

TPPWatch Action Bulletin #2 – 23 Jan 2012 - http://bit.ly/AEtXrr good summary of this follow-up to #ACTA #TPP

Extremadura to move all of its 40,000 desktops to #opensource - http://bit.ly/x2m46u big - an important win on the desktop #es

The Pirate Bay Press Release On #SOPA: We Are The New Hollywood - http://bit.ly/x8xKq8 brilliantly done #piracy #edison

Murdoch calls out “ignorant argument” surrounding the copyright-stealing debate - http://tnw.co/xiLZYh shows his ignorance on #copyright

If the feds can shut down Megaupload, why do we need #SOPA? - http://bit.ly/xK95mK the key question

Debunking The Argument That No Blockbusters Would Be Made Without The #Copyright Monopoly - http://bit.ly/zMqjnG that old chestnut

Andy Nelson named government CIO - http://bit.ly/yxci8n anyone know if he's got any form in #opensource #uk

Creative America Restocks... Hires Former DHS/ICE Spokesperson - http://bit.ly/wX8OIg these people are just so blatant #sopa

"La fin d’Hadopi est une victoire pour la création" - http://bit.ly/zv2uIt not perfect, but better than what we have (v @clarinette02)

TPP: spoons of the same “SOPA” - http://bit.ly/yFnYf9 digital rights group in #paraguay against #TPP

Homebrew Cray-1A - http://bit.ly/zGOH4d "1/10-scale, binary-compatible, cycle-accurate" </applause> (v @jackschofield)

Juror jailed over online research - http://bit.ly/xfs7mW curious: you might argue that well-informed people are exactly what you want...

“Average Airbnb Host In NYC Pockets $21,000 A Year” - http://tcrn.ch/xrIXaz surprising #collaborativeconsumption

The Behind-the-Scenes Campaign To Bring #SOPA To Canada - http://bit.ly/xfB8xG what a coincidence..or maybe concerted...

SoundCloud hits 10 million users - http://bit.ly/zuvXuJ great; let's hope no one confuses them for megaupload

YouTube Reaches 4 Billion Views Per Day - http://tcrn.ch/xaO0XM that's a lot of cat videos

How The Web Killed #SOPA and PIPA - http://bit.ly/yQMEHu useful summary of who did what, with links (v @mgeist)

UN and IACHR Rapporteurs Renew Call for Internet Freedom of Expression - http://bit.ly/xYgeve could be a bit of hint there

Should Research Be More Freely Available? - http://nyti.ms/wQWhtw pathetic & patronising reply by #nejm (v @petersuber)#rwa

Dan Bull Raps About How #Megaupload Takedown Screws Indie Artists Like Him - http://bit.ly/yty2DJ he/it says it all #sopa

UK Mobile operators censor privacy tool 'Tor' - http://bit.ly/xNtpxs this is right out of order - stop it #censorship

#Ireland's #SOPA: A FAQ - http://bit.ly/ybApSs great resource about an incredibly stupid idea

Digital Music Sales Grow Worldwide, But Big Music Still Frets About Pirates - http://dthin.gs/wngYov remains utterly immune to evidence

Good news: Whale and dolphins are friends - http://bit.ly/x8TTmF wow: can't we all just get along? #cetaceans

French government #opendata portal - http://bit.ly/zPoAqP 352 000 datasets; stylish

Facebook picks fight with Google over who is more evil - http://bit.ly/yhChQR good piece on bizarre inter-company punch-up

The Cost of Knowledge: Researchers taking a stand against #Elsevier. http://bit.ly/zRDn3m if it takes off, could start next #oa revolution

Major Media Owning #SOPA/PIPA Supporters Whine That They Had No Way To Have Their Message Heard - http://bit.ly/xbJzHm oh, really???

Patent Inflation - http://bit.ly/y2jEss horribly plausible

The digital publishing revolution starts now - http://bit.ly/ylAqx8 kudos to @edbott and his publisher: no #drm (v @nskinsella)

Google nearly doubles #lobbying spending in 2011, tops Microsoft - http://cnet.co/ygnR4v no surprise there

Hollywood Unions: Now That You Lying Hacking Thieves Have Won, Can We Set A New Conciliatory Tone? - http://bit.ly/z8OLyU tone deaf much?

MegaUpload Loses Top Lawyer After ‘Outside’ Pressure - http://bit.ly/w3CzYb what does that mean?

Quit Whining About #SOPA and PIPA. Where's Public Outrage Over net Piracy? - http://bit.ly/xXA4j0 nowhere: not the problem (v @dozykraut)

Are Rogue Websites Really So Bad After All? - http://bit.ly/x8u99O poor logic: where's the evidence that Pirate #2 is at all common? #sopa

The EFF personally thanks #Reddit for its efforts to defeat #SOPA - http://tnw.co/wS1PXc nice gesture

Polish Government's Plan To Sign #ACTA Gets The SOPA Treatment - http://bit.ly/wP0IgT chiding techdirt? oh my...

DoJ to Megaupload users who lost files: You should have known better - http://bit.ly/zOaPhG yeah, that will go down well (v @dozykraut)

After terrific year, music biz demands that world adopt "SOPA plus" - http://bit.ly/wId4DS excellent analysis of disproportionate demands

Monday, 23 January 2012


A Clash of Media Worlds (and Generations) - http://nyti.ms/zTGnmI v biased, pro-Hollywood piece from #NYT - feeble stuff #sopa

Two things about #SOPA/PIPA and then I'll shut up - http://bit.ly/xyc7FV joel spolsky says we need to go on the attack; I agree

#Megaupload drops its lawsuit against UMG over ‘Megupload Mega Song’, for now - http://tnw.co/y7Eamy getting complicated

The (legal) case against an Irish #SOPA - http://bit.ly/xMRxNj fascinating stuff #ireland

Follow the money - http://bit.ly/AjNObB someone else who has joined the dots on O'Dwyer, Megaupload, piracy and SOPA; NB Napster info

Does Online #Piracy Hurt The Economy? A Look At The Numbers - http://onforb.es/wxyxzu great to see the Big Lie being challenged at last

White House Petitioned to Investigate #MPAA Bribery - http://bit.ly/zx5L7u lovely idea; can't see it happening...

Fireball XL5 - Start & Theme Song - http://bit.ly/Ahh3Wz are those were the days (v @wftl)

Online piracy steals American jobs - http://bit.ly/wxpFsa muddling piracy & "dangerous counterfeit products" (v @Copycense @PTOLawyer)

Guangzhou’s Yangjicun Gradually Demolished for Redevelopment - http://bit.ly/ADzO36 amazing sequence of pix #china

Mosquitoes with Cannons - http://bit.ly/wSFCRx "Networked politics, information politics, is the way to fix things." #postsopa

Don’t Stop at SOPA - http://slate.me/w5eKxn "Now can we talk about the law that already exists?" #postsopa (v @rmack)

Piracy is part of the digital ecosystem - http://bit.ly/wfzJYn it's really not a problem (v @jackschofield)

Sunday, 22 January 2012


#Megaupload Details Raise Significant Concerns About What DOJ Considers Evidence Of Criminal Behavior - http://bit.ly/zXNobW great analysis

The Dawn of Social Lobbying - http://tcrn.ch/A59Urj "financial power will be trumped by network power"

Spain's Navarra Region Presents Progressive Open Government Law - http://bit.ly/xXtUWd interesting #ogov #es

Undercover police had children with activists - http://bit.ly/zUfhW2 more great work by our defenders of public morality#

BrowserID is an easier way to sign in - http://bit.ly/yAIegH good to see #mozilla doing important, innovative things #identity #security

More than Half of the EU with Restrictions to Net access. What will Neelie Kroes Do? - http://bit.ly/wtrjBm good question #netneutrality

MPAA Directly & Publicly Threatens Politicians Who Aren't Corrupt Enough To Stay Bought - http://bit.ly/yBaQUP its cheek knows no bounds

Springer Statement on the US Research Works Act - http://bit.ly/y2TJBm feeble #openaccess #rwa

WebM-Enabled Browser Usage Share Exceeds H.264-Enabled Browser Usage Share on Desktop - http://bit.ly/yOET3c wow (v @jwildeboer)

Pick up the pitchforks: David Pogue underestimates Hollywood - http://bit.ly/znPLqv one of shirky's best recent pieces #sopa

Fissure opens in #chess #AI scene - http://bit.ly/yrhtqP amazing saga (if you care about this stuff)

Stallman on E-Book Evils & Privacy - http://bit.ly/wt501o really important point about #privacy #ebooks

2011 Libraries' Digital Checkouts Up 133% Over 2010 - http://bit.ly/ziYSqw oh look, another huge opportunity publishers want to throw away

Google Maps gets #UK national train times, routes and directions - http://tnw.co/y9Eixl ooh, handy

MegaUpload - http://bit.ly/AjK4pa really wise & important post from Jonathan Coulton; highly recommended (v @Awexelblat)

#Megaupload site wants assets back, to fight charges - http://reut.rs/w5LydD I expect its users do, too

DoD Using Plant #DNA To Combat Counterfeit Parts - http://bit.ly/zqQJ7f one day, everything will have this...

Kill Hollywood - http://bit.ly/z7sAii I think it's doing that itself; but hastening the deed wouldn't hurt (v @jackschofield)#ycombinator

The Seizing of Domains - http://bit.ly/yNkHVc one of the key problems with the #megaupload takedown

Launching: Heartsong Project: Who I Am, My Passion, My Vision & Intentions - http://bit.ly/A8Syyz interesting set of ideas

How can the US seize a "Hong Kong site" like #Megaupload? - http://bit.ly/A8Nh5V good summary of the issues

#MegaUpload case proves we don’t need #SOPA or #PIPA - http://bit.ly/yE3XuO yup; and now we have Exhibit A

Internet Rising - http://bit.ly/yjpfc6 entertaining sequence of interviews with usual suspects; rather woolly towards the end #cc by-nc-nd

FBI Reminds Us Government Already Has MegaPower to Take Down Websites - http://bit.ly/zeZWnE more good thoughts on this issue

Elsevier — my part in its downfall - http://bit.ly/zCQTB1 important refusal by top mathematician +Timothy Gowers to work with them #oa (v @petersuber)

Steal This Book! - http://tcrn.ch/wRFQjJ kudos to Jon Evans, liberating 2 of his novels under #cc licence

Powers of Ten Perspective on #SOPA - http://oreil.ly/w37FcX insightful analysis & big thinking from @gnat

XBMC running on #RaspberryPi - http://bit.ly/w7aZsN just the start of the coming tidal wave of ultra-cheap home devices #linux

RT @normative"Chris Dodd is lying about piracy costing us jobs" -@wilw goo.gl/UMiO9 >>the word is getting out

#Australia: US #Copyright Colony or Just a Good Friend? - http://bit.ly/zpLneQ useful summary of key issues currently