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Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 120928 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD 

[RT] Guerillas on London Transport - many of these are utterly brilliant (v @Thayer @Rchards)#tube

US Copyright Office Seeking Comments On Resale Royalties For Visual Artists - 'cos world needs more monopolies

Bürgerdialog – Was fällt dem Netz für die Politik ein? - last chance to give your thoughts here

Joint statement from Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia UK - getting to grips with things #wikipedia

[RT] Why Everyone Should Care About #DRM's Punishment Of The Visually Impaired - this time, it's personal #copyright

#Crowdsourcing #Climate Science - "analyze past hurricane photos (over 300,000) in a series of controlled questions"

Court: Motorola can't enforce injunction against Microsoft - I look forward to german courts blocking US injunctions...

Do Bad Things Happen When Works Enter The Public Domain? The Data Says... No - yay for #PD

Government support of #opensource falls short - deal with those #swpats, please

Bündnis gegen Kinderpornografie im Internet: MOGiS erklärt Austritt aus White IT - now this is interesting

Are These The Drones We're Looking For? - the coming#opensource #drone revolution

One month to Droidcon London - a possible date for your diary #android

Hobbyists Embrace #OpenSource Concept For #Drones -'s doing it

Official complaint made re. inaccuracies in #Transparency Register - needs sorting

Nokia Looks Cheap As Asha Handsets Help Retain Emerging Markets Foothold - battling against #android here, too

Geheimes Gutachten zu Open Source auch in Freiburg - to hide, perchance? #opensource #transparency

ISPs and Tracking Company Ready to Start Six-Strikes Anti-Piracy Scheme - VPN cos. chortle with glee

The Flipside Of BitTorrent - Why Many Musicians Still Hate It - worth reading 

Business hires of former government employees as #lobbyists - truly appalling figures

Hi tech shock absorber legs for multicopeters - lovely#maker moment #drones

X-plane Developer Sued By Patent Troll; Ponders Shuttering Business Or Defending - patents promoting innovation again

Composer Thomas Adès: 'Wagner is a fungus' - fab composer; slightly odd interview...

Towards #Transparency - kudos: #stripe partners with#chillingeffects; others might like to follow (v @dozykraut) 

Kofi Annan: Tony #Blair could ultimately have stopped #Iraq war -  "What went wrong? What changed him?" 

#Chevron Targeting Private Email Accounts of 101 People Linked To #EcuadorEnvironmental Case - evil much? (v @rmack)

I inherited a da Vinci - lovely story... #art

Fukushima Reactor 4 poses massive global risk - great example of how corporate stupidity could harm us... (v @techsoc)

Saturday, 29 September 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 120927 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD 

#LibreOffice Conference, Berlin (Germany), 17–19/Oct/2012 - project now two years old - #freesw

Automated calls, fraud and the banks: a mismatch made in hell - turns out #banks are greedy and stupid

California passes groundbreaking #opentextbook legislation - great; others follow suit, pl.

Internet Giant Builds Web of Influence in Berlin - #googleramps up #lobbying (v @evgenymorozov)

Eye in the Sky: #Drones Help Conserve Sumatran #Orangutans & Other Wildlife - great to see this kind of use (v @BoraZ)

Texas Municipal Officials Fight 'Open Meeting Act,' Get Shot Down By Fifth Circuit Court - good stuff #transparency

UK gov asked just 15 companies about snooping plans -'s view irrelevant (v @ralpost)

ACLU forces government to reveal skyrocketing #surveillance stats - they're all at it

Flying Robots Cooperate, Throw and Catch Balls - if this doesn't worry you, you're not paying attention... #drones

EU-Projekt #CleanIT: Projektleiter verteidigt Online-Terrorbekämpfung - tech experts unconvinced 

Conroy - red underpants on your head - here's a droll little meme from #australia #OpRedUndies 

Chinese rail ministry on the defense as $52m ticketing website is widely reviled - even the chinese have probs with sw

$99 Raspberry Pi-sized “#supercomputer” as Kickstarter project -  26 gigaflops; runs #ubuntu; wow (v @opensourcerer)

re UK snooping bill, it was @julianhuppert who spoke to 15 cos. against bill, not Home Office. thanks to @willhowells for clarification

EU Open #Voluntarism Consultation: Your Views - closes today (whoops - sorry...) #acta #cleanit

The great DNA fishing trip - UK police still using this tool too broadly #privacy #surveillance

Australian Securities & Investment Commission wants open sesame on all phone, internet data - that slippery slope again

Draft UK #libel law forces websites to axe mudslinging comments - the devil is in the details

Civil watchdog objects to tender published by Polish ministry - "for a specific proprietary computer operating system"

UK shale gas is more lead balloon than silver bullet - a dog (v @GeorgeMonbiot)#fracking

Pollutants linked to ‘fracking’ found in Wyoming groundwater again - more #fracking fun (v @kaatje36)

"Kein Steuergeld für #CleanIT aus Österreich" - so there (v @netzpolitik)#at

Royal Library: Public Interests Over Private - great to see sensible approach to #hostageworks (v @sivavaid @ARLpolicy)

original announcement of the #GNU Project, posted 29 years ago by #RMS, on September 27, 1983 - (v @schestowitz)

OpenForum Academy 2012 conference proceedings - off the digital presses; cc-by-sa 3.0

All Fair Use And No License Fees Makes Room 237 An Interesting Test Case - indeed

Why Everyone Should Care About #DRM's Punishment Of The Visually Impaired - this time, it's personal #copyright

Guerillas on London Transport - many of these are utterly brilliant (v @Thayer @Rchards)#tube

Friday, 28 September 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 120926 - ysterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD 

Before and After ACTA - my Berlin talk about political consequences of #ACTA fight now on Slideshare

The Hustler's MBA - wiser than you might expect (v @boingboing)

Cleansing the Internet of Terrorism: Leaked EU Proposal Would Erode Civil Liberties - #EFF offers its view #cleanit

Creation Engine: #Autodesk Wants to Help Anyone, Anywhere, Make Anything - but only if they go closed... #3dprinting

New Zealand Prime Minister Apologizes To Kim Dotcom -, PM grovels to dotcom...

Visualising Europe’s #Languages - nice; english less dominant than I would have expected

WikiWomen Unite! - good idea - do it #wikipedia 

UK government spends £2bn on #drones - money well spent?

Rupert #Murdoch Admits Defeat: Now Wants London Times To Appear In Search Results - ouch; germany pl. take note

#CleanIT ist nur ein Symptom für die irreführende Politik der privaten Rechtsdurchsetzung im Internet - exactly

Joint Parliamentary Committee Could “Kill” the UK ISP Internet Snooping Bill - let's hope (v @Coadec)#CCDP

Hospital Tech Declines To Patent His Invention, As Saving Lives Is 'More Important Than Money' - bravo

Why Microsoft Is Tying B&N's Nook To Windows, Office And Bing - was bound to happen

Pollution-Eating Clothing Heads Toward Commercialization - sounds too good to be true

Software release suggests Samsung could soon launch a smartphone running Tizen - that would be good news #linux

#Mozilla and National Science Foundation seek developers to build “apps from the future” - good match

Endangered Alphabets - when we lose a language or an alphabet, we are all impoverished #linguistics

#CleanIT is just a symptom of the pinata politics of privatised online enforcement - good analysis of larger problem

.@NeelieKroesEU presents EU cloudcomputing strategy (live video stream) - (v @lennarthuizing)

Gates Foundation-Led Green Revolution Promotes False Solutions to Hunger in#Africa - #seedpatents exactly wrong

Let's Clean up the #CleanIT Project - here's how to address some of its problems #surveillance #censorship

Future has made £5 million from iPad magazines in a year - numbers, but positive signs #publishing

Michael Robertson Continues To Tempt Copyright Fate With UberTalk: Recordable Radio Directory Online - brave: kudos

#Ubuntu's Amazon search feature gets kill switch - why it's always worth kicking up a fuss #privacy

A Conversation With Randall Munroe, the Creator of #XKCD - interview with amazing bloke (v @jackschofield)

When technical experts do the job of politicians - interesting reflections on the recent OFE2012 conference

Make the IP system compatible with the Union’s human rights obligations - powerful analysis #eu 

New Ethics Scandal Rocks #Wikipedia - this really needs sorting – now

Come back, Diyarbakır mayor tells Armenians - now that's interesting #turkey

#Corruption, corporate #transparency and #opendata - every activist should see this and RT - hugely important tool

#TPP: A Quiet Coup For the Investor Class - "corporations are granted more rights than American citizens" (V @PCGTW)

File-Sharing for Personal Use Declared Legal in #Portugal -, potentially big (v @mgeist)

#Panama's Government One Step Away From Passing The 'Worst #CopyrightLaw In History' - this. is. insane.

Free the Files! ProPublica taps the crowd for a database-building sprint to US election day - interesting (v @mathewi)

#Mozilla launches Persona beta: A Web-wide alternative to logging in via Facebook or Twitter - good stuff

Public consultation on the future of EU-US trade and economic relations - last chance: closes today

Fairly long discussion over #cleanIT (in English) - make up your own mind... #surveillance #censorship

“#CleanIT” – even worse than it sounds - Index on Censorship expresses concerns

#jobs in world of #freesw in switzerland - #gnu/linux,#magenta#moodle

#Hadopi non grata - " l'UFC-Que Choisir et l'April ont décidé de ne pas répondre à l'invitation de l'Hadopi" #vlc #drm

Our Tweet Debate on #ACTA is drawing closer… - sharpen your digital pencils...

J.K. #Rowling’s new book on Kindle: Literally unreadable -'s a tip: why not check next time?

[RT] Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 120926 - ysterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD 

#PSI Data Must Be Free for the Magic to Happen - obvs#opendata

#EPO debate: How #swpatents are delaying the future - grown up than I would have been

U.S. Chamber of Commerce, revolving doors and climate change denial - the usual problems

#EU Competition Commissioner: "#Microsoft Has Not Kept its Promises" - naughty naughty

Former Copyright Boss: New Technology Should Be Presumed Illegal Until Congress Says Otherwise - </facepalm>

#Bitcoin Foundation launched - interesting move

In U.N. Speech, Assange Demands U.S. End Persecution of WikiLeaks and Bradley Manning - I should hope so

US pharma companies could be real beneficiaries of Canada-EU trade deal - well, there you go

Google's #Copyright Crackdown Punishes Author For Torrenting His Own Book - #google more ossified & stupid by the day

Business hires of former government employees as #lobbyists - growing problem everywhere...

#Megaupload Farce Stirring Up Backlash Against #Copyright Overreach - time to put the emphasis back on basic rights?

Australia, Chile & New Zealand reply to UN Rapporteur for Right to Health on#TPP complaints - with contempt for public

Thursday, 27 September 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 120924 - Monday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD 

Google: 1.3 million #Android devices activated every day - accelerating (v @schestowitz)

NZ Gets New 'Homeland' Episodes Less Than 4 Hours After US - companies start to get a clue

Climate change already harming the global economy - "in 2010 climate change shaved 1.6 per cent off global GDP"

Only 2,000? Developer interest in Windows 8 is stagnant, opening a new line of worry for Microsoft - 2000, eh?

Before and After #ACTA (video) - some thoughts on the political implications #nfa12 #abundance #scarcity

UK Schools fleeced by IT scammers - not just fleeced by proprietary sw vendors, but by crooks too...

#Russia Suspends Import, Use Of Genetically Modified Corn - more ripples #monsanto

Vinton Cerf on U.N. regulation of the internet - vince tells#un where to go 

A Parade Of Horror Stories From #Copyright Collection Organizations - bad for artists, bad for users 

Man Arrested In Greece For "Blasphemous" Facebook Page - this is getting absurd

UK government spent millions arming and training Congolese and Sudanese soldiers - shameful stuff

Absurdity Of Copyright Policy Leaves Dutch Supreme Court Confused - as well they might be #nl

Mediacom Disconnects and Bans Alleged Internet Pirates - just unfair but stupid

Nearly All Particle Physics Research To Be #OpenAccess - more good news on the #oa front

Judge in #Brazil orders arrest of Google exec over YouTube videos - a little excessive...

How UK Police Attempted To Misuse Official Databases To Smear Disaster Victims - nasty; won't be last time, either

#Cambodia Wants Mandatory #Surveillance Cameras In Internet Cafes - let's not give them ideas

The 7th Set of #Bach Cantatas on Spotify - the more, the merrier

Party laws too harsh: Civil libertarians - coming next: mandatory cctv surveillance for all parties... (v @Asher_Wolf)

An interview with @copyrightgirl- UK Copyright law fit for purpose? "Not especially, in my view." (v @DavidAllenGreen)

A New Issue For #Bitcoin: Crypto Key Disclosure - what will they think of next?

Request a UK dataset - "if you want a dataset from the public sector that has not been released" (v @coadec)#opendata

UK Prosecutors Finally Acknowledge The Need For A Real Discussion About Free Speech Online - belated outbreak of sanity

Cultures and Ethics of #Sharing - new book of essays; not#cc, free d/l (pdf) - (v @netzpolitik)

.@NeelieKroesEU: Passion and Pence for #Openness - are welcome #ofe #innovation

#Twitter’s most active country is #China (where it is blocked) - facinating

US #TPP proposal on Pharmac - US pharma profits more important than NZ public health? (v @PostActa @MaxDCoyle)

Google Maps brings Street View to the highways and byways of #Chile and#Croatia - nice

5 days left for Wiki Loves Monuments - hurry hurry hurry#wikipedia

Linux Forcibly Installed On Congressman's Computer In Act of Terrorism - data was erased... (v @4b5)

Who's leading the call for transparency over the GM feeding trial? - #transparency is a 2-edged sword, er, so to speak

#Samsung and #Google set for high-profile talks over Android ecoystem, Apple patents - hmmm

Inside the #Clean-IT conflict - fascinating background; #chpirate party looking foolish (v @jmcest)

Ada Lovelace Day: 16 October 2012 - "celebrating achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths"

Tears of Steel - Blender Foundation's fourth short Open Movie - wonderful; #blender is utterly fab (v @cdibona)

US calls Assange 'enemy of state' - but that's OK, 'cos I'm sure he'd have a fair trial in US anyway (v @avilarenata)

Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 120923 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD 

Free Software activists ask the “Italian Authority for the protection of personal data” to publish readable documents -

Government Spies Illegally Bugged Kim Dotcom, Prime Minister Admits - nice

NRW-Piraten machen Vorschlag zum Urheberrecht - about time.... #de #copyright

Streit mit Japan: China will Inselgruppe mit Drohnen überwachen - wow, trendy or what...

Publishers Can't Seem To Celebrate The Ebook Boom Without Slipping In Odes To Copyright - typical...

Practical prophecy - #ESR being very, er, ESR-like

Time-Warner Cable pisses off two Starship Enterprise Captains on two coasts - ha!

Copyright lobby demands rollback of recent Canadian reforms in secretive trade deal - their greed knows no bounds #ca

Guardian’s chief investigator wants ISP tax to fund journalism - </facepalm>

Reclaiming the Credit #Commons - interesting idea

Pakistan's PM Demands International #Blasphemy Laws From UN - this is a big, coming battle: get ready to fight...

CleanIT: bad policy making - policy must be evidence based

Even Sleeping Smartphones Could Soon Hear Spoken Commands - definitely no risk of eavesdropping whatsoever

Apple v. Samsung Voir Dire Reveals Broken Promises - be fun...

Sunday, 23 September 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 120910 - Friday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD 

.@ButKlaasen @HereticRepublic well, the document says the items have "a high degree of consensus" - means they've already been discussed

.@ButKlaasen @HereticRepublic maybe those involved should read this academic paper on costs of counterterrorism (pdf) -

Calculating the Costs of the Counterterrorism Delusion (pdf) - good, rigorous academic paper re

Save the Canadian National Archives - this is like throwing away a nation's memories #ca

Advocacy groups decry Freiburg's stealth return to proprietary office - strange how they're afraid to do it publicly

“Demand carbon dioxide data” says Hans Rosling to #opendata advocates at#OKFestival - wish I could have gone

Privacy movement finds strength in crypto night - great how#cryptoparty idea has taken off (v @Asher_Wolf)

Immigration Issues - my, #america certainly knows how to welcome people these days... (v @ekrubnivek @ralpost)

Chemist Jailed In Russia For Giving Expert Opinion In Court - this looks appalling; shame on #russia 

Notes on USTR Hearing on the Entry of Mexico into the #TPP Negotiations - useful report

"Pink Slime" Company Brings Defamation Suit Against Media, Scientists and Whistleblowers - truth hurts

Apple demands $707 million in additional damages from Samsung - greedy, vindictive much?

#ITC: How an obscure bureaucracy makes the world safe for #patenttrolls - good piece

FBI renews broad Internet #surveillance push - not j ust happening in #EU 

Why Activism Is Necessary, But Isn’t Enough To Save Net Liberty - interesting points #politics

Spanish region of Extremadura confirms commitment to open source - well, that's a relief (v +Răzvan Sandu )

Amazon search results in the Dash - #sabdfl explains...#ubuntu

Ancient #afghan site needs saving not destroying - deep greed from #china again, deep stupidity from #worldbank (again)

Senate passes bill to shield US airlines from EU carbon-emissions law - that's OK, just don't let them land in the EU

#Mozilla Firefox Turns 10 - yay - let's hear if for Phoenix, er, Firebird, er, Firefox...

"Da hab ich an 'nem Sonntag was Besseres zu tun" - party fun continues #de

The Swiss Pirate Party has its First Mayor - nice (v @limbclock @slashdot)#ch

EU telcos defend UN Internet takeover plans - very unsuccessfully... #netneutrality #wcit

Guitar maker sues Web-based t-shirt vendor for shirts reading "born to rock" - more trademark idiocy

Ehemalige Piraten-Geschäftsführerin: Weisband will E-Book ohne Kopierschutz veröffentlichen - more like it


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 120920 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD 

Fixing Misinformation with Information - unconvincing attempt by #makerbot to sweettalk its community (v @meedabyte)

Why IFTTT being forced to remove its Twitter triggers is a red alert for developers - #has twitter a deathwish?

The dumb "No on 37" campaign to defeat labels on genetically engineered food - cynical & dishonest, too #labelling

New Minister Of Culture In #Brazil Brings Hope Of Return To Earlier Enlightened #Copyright Policy - fingers crossed

What's happened to #netneutrality? Oh, there it goes - else has spotted what they're up to

The WELL is bought by its users - seems appropriate

Net neutrality debate goes to the ITU #WCIT - excellent analysis of attempt to kill #netneutrality (v @europeanprivacy)

Clean IT: Die EU-Kommission will das Internet überwachen und filtern, ganz ohne Gesetze - staggering

Clean IT – Leak shows plans for large-scale, undemocratic #surveillance of all communications by #EU - utterly shameful

Research: Music streaming helping, not hurting, downloads - as you would expect

Section 127 Communications Act 2003 - Threat or Menace? - good, detailed analysis of problematic stuff #uk

#Facebook: snitchgate! - remember: EU's Clean IT willban anonymity - (v @ralpost)

New #opensource “publishing-house-in-a-box” makes it easier for scholars to publish open access monographs - v cool

Study on #Monsanto's GM maize intensifies concerns about EFSA's reliability – Monsanto strikes back with PR offensive -

New Anti-Piracy Watchlist Zooms In On File-Sharing Tolerant Countries - US arrogance knows no bounds

High Court: #Bloggers can benefit from journalistic privilege - important ruling in #ireland 

Swiss Federal Railways Says Apple Stole Its Clock -</insert withering comment here>

Meet The $35 Tablet That Could Connect The World - details #linux

#OpenStreetMap Gets First Major Funding From Knight News Challenge - great boost - $575,000 #osm

OLYMPIC SECRETS to stay locked up for 15 YEARS -, you know, that's really necessary...

"I splork for infinite splorks" - well, of course

useful resources about crucial #WCIT meeting on Net and #netneutrality - (v @MarietjeD66 @marconav)

#Apple ripping off other companies - may be in clear legally for copying that swiss clock; but morally..? (v @Codepope)

#Panama Considering Legislation That Allows The Copyright Office To Pursue Filesharers Directly -- & Keep All Fines -

Trade talks aim to expand United States’ Asia presence, with China on the horizon - #wapo on #TPP (v @PCGTW)

USTR hearing on Mexico joining the #TPP - "The contempt for the public is all the more clear"

#UnitaryPatent: discussions postponed in Parliament, let's stay involved! - need to keep on top of this #EU #swpats

How do you recognize a catastrophe? - interesting analysis of #Elsevier and the impact of #openaccess

Climate sceptics launch Citizens Initiative to suspend EU climate targets - who's paying? - a very good question

Better control of EU revolving door needed - some absurd situations here #lobbying

The Roundtable goes for full conquest - wow: bringing insane US corporatist ideas to EU - needs fighting #ERT

EU Officials Propose Internet Cops On Patrol, No Anonymity & No Obscure Languages (Because Terrorism!) - what???

Thursday, 20 September 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 120919 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Blair's 'disastrous' wars to blame for secret courts, says Clarke - great; but still talking rubbish on new bill 

[RT] Old Lady Ruins Fresco, Claims #Copyright, Demands Money - as one does #es

a small update on Vivaldi - sorry to hear of the probs here#freesw #tablets

The disappearing web: Information decay is eating away our history - this is a huge, unacknowledged problem #memory

Overeager Patent Troll Can't Tell Github From Its Web Host - further background to this nuttiness #swpats

Will we 3D print renewable energy? - that would be good

Young Persons Called to Private Grand Jury for Owning Books - sounds pretty atrocious (v @jwildeboer Paul Rosen)

Corruption, corporate transparency, #opendata & business models: OKFest presentations - important stuff

Mandatory Data Retention Irreconcilable with Fundamental Human Rights - good discussion (v @Asher_Wolf)

Is One of Our #OpenSource Heroes Going Closed Source? - loses the plot (v @sinkdeep)#3dprinting

Analyst: Streaming music may already be hitting a ceiling - need "artwork, lyrics, band chats & other engagement": yup

Protect whales from dangerous seismic testing - selfishness & stupidity

#Mozilla's 2012 #London Festival officially announced - fun

#blasphemy laws in the #EU? - are you joking? is this what western civilisation has come to? (v @jmcest)

The Next Attack on #NetNeutrality - it's coming soon; here's their plan #qos

Book Publishers Latest War On Technology: How Dare You Share Your Kindle Highlights! - these people have a death wish

Trusting telcos with internet is like trusting fox with henhouse - good background piece re #netneutrality

If You Were A Tree... What Kind Of IP Protection Could You Get? - just in case you were wondering...

#EU cloud strategy leaked - hmm, no mention of#opensource#openstandards here... (v @benzevenbergen)

DRAFT Open Government Standards/Principles - looks decent enough; comments invited #ogov (v @openp2pdesign)

Microsoft Wins Sales Ban Against Google's Motorola in Germany - german judges are rubbish on #swpats

Why Fox Thinks That Skipping Commercials is Like Robbing a Bank - ha! nicely done #copyright #liability

This Is What's Wrong With The Music Industry: Musicians Have To Pay To Pay Themselves - this is a totally sick system

¿Qué dice (y qué omite) el informe sobre TPP de Secretaría de Economía al Senado mexicano? - quite (v @PostActa)

Stop fishing in the Atlantic and reap the rewards - sensible; let's do it

Reporting back: & the Virginia negotiations - useful summary #TPP (v @PostActa)

#TPP: A first-hand look at the secret international talks that could change the Internet  - the latest round

Climate-Related Disaster Coming Your Way? Your Insurance Could Bail - this, not science, will convince many in denial

MPAA & RIAA: If People Can Sell Foreign Purchased Content Without Paying Us Again, US Economy May Collapse - riiight


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 120918 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

[RT] #Rackspace sued for hosting #GitHub - this looks pretty evil (v @dozykraut)#swpats

#India And #Kyrgyzstan Ramp Up Internet Monitoring And Censorship Efforts - and so it goes on

Meet the World’s First Gesture Control TV Box - potatoes will love it. runs #android

Newspaper Ad Revenue Fell Off Quite A Cliff: Now On Par With 1950 Revenue - not recent, but longstanding problem

Patent Trolls: Make Them Pay! - #rackspace blog on#swpats lawsuit (v @opensourcerer)

Oui, les OGM sont des poisons! - new French research in "Food and Chemical Toxicology" journal (v Charles-H. Schulz)

The #EU unlocking a goldmine of #opendata - waxes lyrical, quite rightly

The Perils of #SmartMetering - another UK IT disaster in the making 

"Für Künstler seien nicht Tauschbörsen im Internet das Problem, sondern ein brutaler Markt" - (v @netzpolitik)

Pocahontas Star Arrested for filming with phone at #TPP Talks - kudos (v @PostActa)

Copyright crease on new Swedish banknotes - whoops (v @ThAOSteen)

Piratenpartei verärgert Entwickler von Liquid Feedback - unhappy bunnies #de

#Brazil: Internet Bill of Rights Vote Postponed Again - let's not make this a habit, people (v @rmack)

#OpenStack gets real - well, the foundation bit does

Agent Orange chemical in GM war on resistant weeds - Orange? what could possibly go wrong...?

Kreativität braucht kein #Copyright - useful summary to share around (see what I did there?) (v @jwildeboer)

Why Computer Companies Should Copy The #Fashion Industry - worth a try

#Genivi Alliance setzt komplett auf #OpenSource - big market, potentially important move

[After #Germany,] #Sweden warns against using Internet Explorer - word is out (v @AmyStephen @tsvenson)

Internet Activa: Derechos digitales y libertades civiles en la red - good news for #colombia (v @beabusaniche)

#Demotic Dictionary Completed - free online use; also, NB free PDF download of Demotic grammar -

CIRA Election Opens Today: I Need Your Support to Help Bring the Public Interest Back to CIRA - pl. help if it applies

Kollateralschäden durch eine falsche Urheberrechtsgesetzgebung - collateral damage indeed #copyright

Study linking GM crops and cancer questioned - as it should be: independent confirmation always needed

Collective Rights Management — Request For Comments - your digital pencils

Click and Drag - just gobsmacking #genius #xkcd

French Court Detaches Itself From Reality, Demands Tabloid Turn Over 'Original' Topless Photos - important general pt.

Old Lady Ruins Fresco, Claims #Copyright, Demands Money - as one does #es

Congress launches in beta, doesn’t open the data - bit of a fundamental omission, no? #opendata

Senate committee unanimously voted today to oppose UN control of the Internet - that's good

Whoa! Amanda Palmer reverses course, pays crowdsourced musicians - interesting

Oyster Genome Pries Open Mollusk Evolutionary Shell - genomic facts (v +Bora Zivkovic)

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 120917 - ysterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Terrorists suck - the proof that we've all been conned over this "war on terror" #lies #blair

New e-book export feature enabled on Wikipedia - excellent idea

[RT] Syrian Activist Arrested By Secret Police Merely For Having Livestreaming App Installed On His Phone -

#GPL Violations Are Still Pretty Common, You Know? -'s regrettable #licensing

The Revenge of the Yellow Milkmaid: Cultural Heritage Institutions open up dataset of 20m+ items - good background

Class2Go: Stanford’s New #OpenSource Platform For Online Education - great move

This Is Not #Transparency#TPP Delegates Refuses To Reveal Text, Refuse To Discuss Leaked Text - beyond a joke

Jonathan Harvey: Reverse Chronological Collection - great choice: one of my favourite contemporary composers

Crossrail earth to help create biggest man-made nature reserve in Europe - what a fab & intelligent idea

Twitter to Web super-snoop law will trample twits' rights - good point #CDB

New Internet Infrastructure Coalition Reminds Us That Internet Infrastructure Goes Beyond Just Telcos - EU needs this

Microsoft and Germany's BSI warn against using IE - MS: "disable ActiveX"; BSI: "switch to another browser..."

Wake up powernappers, the Ostrich Pillow just landed on Kickstarter - so daft, it's brilliant

Beyond Open for Business - what #Amadeus is up to on the #opensource front, plus free report

New law about #opengeodata in #Italy - good to see this spreading (v @carlopiana)

Dice Holdings Buys Slashdot, SourceForge And Freecode From Geeknet - pass the parcel continues #publishing

UK Parliament debates law against 'trolls' - pretty daft (v @PoliceStateUK)

Whistleblowers at #CSIRO forced out and 'bullying rife' - unpleasant, if confirmed

US government 'has pollution costs wrong' - negative externalities, it seems

How To Reboot #WIPO - good focus on need for deep#transparency

Two UK police officers killed - a reminder of their quotidian bravery

'High value' air passengers may get fast-track passport checks - the mask of egalitarianism slips #uk

OKFN India Trip – the Roundup - great list of #opendatacontacts in #india

AT&T will be slapped with #netneutrality complaint over FaceTime blocking - classic abuse

Egypt seeks arrest of Koran-burning pastor Terry Jones -, this world is getting interesting (v @Asher_Wolf)

#Mozilla's #Firefox OS Is Headed for Developing Mobile Markets - big potential at low end

US Government Ups Felony Count In JSTOR/Aaron Swartz Case From Four To Thirteen - pure vindictiveness

Before and after #ACTA - slides of my talk at "Netz für Alle" conference on Saturday, as ODP and PDF files #pd

#Apple granted patent to disable iPhone recordings near gov. buildings or political events - (v @grossberg @digiphile)

Keeping the Government Out of Your Smartphone - "Screen unlock patterns are not your friend" #security

Utilihab: The Modular Open Source Home - modularity is key feature of #opensource methodology #architecture

Alibaba CTO: Google has strayed from its ‘Don’t be evil’ motto - the gloves come off...

Illegal music filesharing is now mainstream - the comments on this are interesting

Top #Pirate Party Member Has #DMCA Takedown Notices Issued In Her Name - well, that's not cricket, is it? #de

#Rackspace sued for hosting #GitHub - this looks pretty evil (v @dozykraut)#swpats

USPTO blocks web access to "Political/Activist Groups", including KEI, ACLU, EFF, Public Citizen, Redstate, DailyKos - NOT squatting on £1bn unused IPv4 addresses - analysis

June - August Was Warmest Period For Global Land Temperature Ever Recorded - USians might want to look at the chart

Searchable index of 350,000 US news broadcasts - fab;#BBC, your turn...

BitTorrent Downloads Booming - And Benefitting Musicians - excellent, clear analysis

Leaked #TPP Investment Chapter Presents a Grave Threat to Access to Medicines - useful analysis

“Six Strikes” Anti-Piracy Scheme Overly Secret and Unfair, Says Professor - " there is no presumption of innocence."

Appeals court halts proceedings in Google Books case - a saga #GBS

Corruption in Wikiland? Paid PR scandal erupts at #Wikipedia - looks pretty bad if confirmed #uk

Why The Internet Archive Says It Can Show You Every TV News Program - yes, I wondered that...

Romney Apologizes To Nation's 150 Million 'Starving, Filthy Beggars' - totally fab (v @ralpost)