Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 120910 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Countries set to lose MEPs as their population shrinks - but UK and france to get more MEPs as populations grows #eu

NexPhone - The smartphone that becomes a tablet, laptop or PC - runs #android & #ubuntu; want (v @opensourcerer)

Samsung will reportedly sue Apple over LTE use on iPhone 5 - patent stupidity continues

Chinese authorities are reportedly blocking the launch of Google’s Nexus 7 - simple protectionism, or something more?

Apple and Samsung Argue About Apple's "Non-Jury Issues" - "verdict may not be exactly cast in eternal stone"

Publishers' worst nightmare: Amazon again on discount warpath - a battle publishers cannot win

Army Wants Tiny Suicidal #Drone to Kill From 6 Miles Away - “loitering precision guided munition”: sick

Ebook Authors Continue To See Self-Publishing Stigma Disappear - "Fact is that authors no longer need a publisher"

South America: Soy's Great Homeland - staggering monoculture, controlled by few rich farmers + Big Agro bullies

Failing to Understand the Needs of the 21st Century: The TPP and Temporary Copies - #TPP is incompatible with the Net

Wikitravel And Wikimedia Are In A Legal Battle... But Not Over Creative Commons - what a mess

Executive Branch Seeks Quick Passage of #Copyright Legislation in #Panama “reproduction” includes temporary copies

#Mozilla Makes a Mobile Web Browser Feel Like a Smartphone - exciting stuff

The Westernization of Chinese - fascinating: is this new mongrel the world language of the future?

Eurovegas: Falta de Transparencia - something to hide, perchance? #es #transparency

Chip and Skim: cloning EMV cards with the pre-play attack - pretty serious flaw in chip & pin cards #security

The New WCITLeaks - could be important site for info on forthcoming #WCIT talks #transparency

#Papua's incendiary influence - bad situation not getting better here (v @Asher_Wolf @caileaggaire)

Industries Dependent On #Copyright Exceptions Contribute $182 Billion To Australian Economy - impressive #au

3D-Printed Tools Help DeRisi Lab Fight Diseases - a glimpse of the future of #science (v @gnat)#3dprinting

Publishers Will Appeal E-Reserves Decision That Favored Georgia State U. - no surprise (v @copyrightgirl @tadawes)

The Beginning of the #Instapaper #Copyright Wars? - well, this was bound to happen

Child Porn Laws Aren’t As Bad As You Think. They’re Much, Much Worse. - another important post from @Falkvinge 

When #Sharing Becomes Unstoppable - as it has

New Images in the New Galaxy Zoo - exciting#citizenscience

RIM's BlackBerrys Losing Shelf Space, Mindshare Among Carriers - going, going, gone...

CRTC Places Consumers and Access at the Top of its Priority List - that's significant #ca

Global Network Initiative Comments on UK Draft Communications Data Bill - good global context here (v @rmack)

Open by default: a proposed copyright license and waiver agreement for open access research & data - (v @wilbanks)#cc0

Big Tobacco warning at #TPP talks - note #philipmorrisjurisdiction shopping (v @PCGTW)

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