Thursday, 31 May 2012


How Much Would It Cost To Pre-Screen YouTube Videos? About $37 Billion Per Year... - spare a fiver, guv?

Is Photographing A Meal 'Taking Intellectual Property Away' From A Chef? - I have no words

my, the new #bitly is truly of the canine species; I've only just started using it, and I hate it with a hatred already...

24 hours to fire the Minister for Murdoch - here's an amusing little #epetition some of you may care to support

RT @Falkvinge Please get the message out to contact MEPs today to reject#ACTA in tomorrow's vote:

Murder they wrote – the Dutch kill #ACTA - I'm not convinced...let's keep fighting (v @mgeist)

NC Makes Sea Level Rise Illegal - "Rates of sea-level rise may be extrapolated linearly"; uh-huh (v @BoraZ)

New Zealand Judge Won't Rubberstamp Kim Dotcom Extradition; Orders US To Share Evidence - sounds fair

Stopping #ACTA: DEVE Committee - some more MEPs desperate for you to contact them before they vote

Chagas Disease: Poverty, Immigration, And The “New HIV/AIDS” - already endemic in #texas; blood supplies under threat

The Artistic Case for Abolishing #Copyright - "The simplest answer is that it’s unjust to the creator"

#DMCA Notices So Stupid It Hurts - just. insane.

#TPP Chiefs Raise Doubts about USTR’s Corporate IP Wish List - are the cracks finally appearing?

Intellectual Ventures CEO Nathan Myhrvold: I'm Not Ashamed of Suing People - tries to justify the unjustifable

Sean Parker: #Apple Tried To Keep #Spotify Out Of The US - I'm not surprised, but certainly appalled

Megaupload Asks Court to Dismiss The Criminal Case - not with a bang but a whimper?

Can’t decide on a typeface? This flowchart will help you choose - clever & useful

Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Peruanische Regierung ruft Notstand in Andenprovinz aus - fighting back against exploitation & pollution

Tenor of the Century: Enrico #Caruso Complete Recordings (1902-1920) on Naxos Historical -

Open source maps and their alternatives - wow, #tomtomreally running scared... #openstreetmap

why#openstreetmap is actually better than proprietary alternatives - so there (v @cdaffara)#osm #tomtom

Abstimmungen im EU-Parlament: #ACTA stoppen, jetzt aktiv werden! - this is the week: contact those MEPs

The Internet Underground Music Archive is back - good news #iuma

#ACTA: Unredacted Docs Show European Commission Negotiation Failures - another reason we must have #transparency

Britain's climate change policy is going up in smoke - #uk

#Arduino Uno Rev3 pinouts photo - handy info#openhardware

US authorities interrogate @jerezim&@smarimc about #assange - outrageous stuff (v @clarinette02)

Stopping #ACTA: JURI and LIBE Committees - more MEPs that need some correspondence from you, pl.

Your MEPs can help stop #ACTA this week - ORG's thoughts on what you can do

Which is Worse -- #Sharing With Attribution, Or #Plagiarism Without? - strange behaviour by #de politicians

Making #OpenAccess a reality for Science - "research funded by the EU, we will require open access"

Whitehall to relent on secrecy over mega projects – after 10-year campaign? - let's hope #transparency

DuPont buys stake in S African seed business - short-sighted move by #southafrica #seeds

'Nederland moet zich uitspreken tegen #ACTA' - let's hope (v @gsDetermination)#nl

Should Websites Charge A Fee To Process Copyright Takedowns? - “Nothing in this world is for free" – ha!

#ACTA: European Commission Negotiation Failures - fab, must-read analysis; another reason to reject

RT @arjanelfassed parliament majority in the netherlands will defenitely not sign or ratify acta - #ACTA >>this is big (v @StopActaNow)

EU-Kommission: Hat sich um Transparenz bei #ACTA (nicht) bemüht - more thoughts on this disgraceful failure

Linux kernel devs, Samba join #GPL compliance effort - be fun to watch #licensing

Urheberrechtspapier der Linken-Fraktion - fascinating to see how all the parties are starting to shift, albeit slowly

The Open Source Robotics Foundation (OSRF) Is Booting Up - "development, distribution, & adoption of OSS for robotics"

#ACTA: La Quadrature's voting recommendations to LIBE, ITRE and JURI committees - telling them as it is

Next steps on #NetNeutrality - "20% apply restrictions such as to limit P2P volumes at peak times" (v @MarietjeD66)

How Obama changed definition of ‘civilian’ in secret drone wars - could we have that Nobel Peace Prize back, please?

Google wants greater French acceptance after winning TF1 copyright case - important win #copyright

Ref: #Arduino based wearable pet - go on, you know you want one

Open-Source-Initiativen Open-Source-Initiativen in Spanien - government wants everything #opensource

Spain's Basque Country's administration to share all its software - more details #opensource

#Acta : Michel Barnier veut faire "sauter les verrous" - just unbelievable replies (v @gchampeau @guerricp)

EU Parliament Advises No Patent On Conventional Breeding - welcome news #patents

Next step in the #ChromeOS journey - #chromebooks good enough yet to take off? I remain sceptical

The US President's Hit List or "Death by PowerPoint" - "path of least resistance to an automated totalitarianism": eeek

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Graham Linehan: Twitter has made me - "These people aren't pirates, they're fans": bravo

MegaUpload : et le FBI sort la carte de la pédopornographie - well, that was bound to happen

The Novell v. Microsoft Antitrust Trial Transcripts - a little light reading

Claire Perry: a new breed of iron lady - ex-banker, bigot & clueless about technology: just what we need

LG’s 5-Inch 1080p Display Could Send the Retina Home Crying - wow, this is getting insane

Stopping #ACTA: ITRE Committee - here's what they are getting from me: what about you? #stopacta #eu

Stop software patents now - another reminder of this important EU meeting #swpats

Open Goldberg Variations: free, #opensource recording & modern score of classical masterpiece - by JS Bach, #hacker

Extraterritorial privatized enforcement will harm European companies and citizens - yup #ACTA

Why #OpenData isn’t enough - provocative stuff

Reporting 'over-blocking' to mobile operators - what to do in the #UK #censorship

ah, now this is the true #olympic spirit - (may contain nuts)#london2012 (v @ralpost @PaulBaldovin)

China Daily: Human Rights Record of United States in 2011 - certainly v thorough (v @jackschofield)

Apple Rejects Apps Integrating Micro-Payments Service Flattr - an apple never changes its spots...

INPI não dará patentes para software no Brasil, diz diretor do instituto - looks like old CII trick #swpats #br

EU fishing reforms face weakening - why is the fishing industry full of such stupid, greedy people? (v @LifeinSicily)

Monday, 28 May 2012


Olympics Brand Exclusion Zone - what an utter obscenity (v @jdforrester)#london2012

Kelora Patent Found Obvious: Are Other “Obvious” Software Patents In Danger? - another glimmer of hope

Mexican Farmers Block Monsanto Law to Privatize Plants and Seeds - a rare victory #patents

The Queen gets a £44bn valuation for family 'Firm’ - reasonable (v @mikebutcher @Coneee)

Tony Blair's moral decline and fall is now complete - what moral squalor (v @asteris @Saptarshi_Ray)#kazakhstan

Lib-Ray: Non-#DRM Open-Standards HD Video Format - #kickstarter project: one week to go

Busted: Microsoft Harbors BitTorrent Pirates - well, inevitably

Sunday, 27 May 2012


#Spotify In A Box: Why #Sharing Will Never Be Stopped - do the maths #piracy

Britain's unreformed extradition law all but destroys habeas corpus and the presumption of innocence - #dailymail, too

Battle Brewing Over Labeling of Genetically Modified Food - nothing to fear, nothing to hide etc #gm

What About Generic #Copyright? - interesting concept

Brazil's leader vetoes portions of new Amazon rainforest law - better than nothing, but more protection needed

Nul points - good piece on the inappropriateness of holding #eurovision in #azerbaijian (v @mpesce)

Saturday, 26 May 2012


#Greece Stares Into Abyss; Meanwhile, Local Collecting Society Gets Court Order To Block Web Sites - yeah, important

Why your camera's GPS won't work in China (maybe) - bad precedent, I think

Interview with the Sage Mathematics Software Project - nice background to project #opensource #maths

The science of password guessing - "passwords will always be with us"

The porn filter that tried to block Telegraph Blogs - "Keep the Government out of my ADSL cable, please." #uk

hundreds of interviews with the relatives of victims of gulag labour camps - available online; fascinating stuff

Film company Gaumont says Hadopi eradicated illegal downloads of French films - ah, that famed Gallic humour...

#scholpub should be regulated - thoughtful stuff from @petermurrayrust#openaccess

China Telecom launches UK mobile service, reveals plans for other European markets - significant, I think

Early Day Motion calling on the Government to reform the UK's extradition arrangements - more names needed

Odd That Microsoft Demands Google Take Down Links That Remain In Bing - I wondered whether that might happen...

Social JukeBox - cool: "#Arduino-powered device to allow music sharing through tangible interaction" with #spotify

France and Spain back down on fish discards after internet campaign - fishy win; kudos to all concerned

After Facebook fails - thought-provoking stuff (v @jayrosen_nyu)#advertising

Hol Dir jetzt Dein #ACTA-Infopaket - if only everyone could be as organised as those clever Germans

#OpenAccess: The People’s Petition - great piece on the background The OA Petition -

TV Networks File Legal Claims Saying Skipping Commercials Is #CopyrightInfringement - these people are insane

Lobbywächter rügen Macht der Genfood-Industrie - bad stuff, but hardly a surprise #gm #lobbying

comedian stirs up italian politics - "Berlusconi is so dead he doesn't even wear his makeup anymore" (v @LifeinSicily)

Wikimedia Foundation endorses mandates for free access to publicly funded research - another great move #openaccess

The Ada Initiative Advisory Board Changes - "dedicated to supporting women in open technology and culture"; great

The Countdown to CCDP? - transparency, what's that?#surveillance #uk

Google sued in Brazil, lawyers answer with risotto recipe - idea: including recipes should be made compulsory

"Heavy-handed" #TPP tactics from US Trade Rep - further perspectives

Did Hollywood Not Use Available DMCA Tools Just To Pretend It Needed SOPA? - looks suspicious...

US Gov't Tells Developing Nations That Patents & High Prices Are Good For The Health Of Their Citizens - how kind #tpp

Activists in UK plan to trash crop experiment - good scientific background info to what's going on here #gm

Friday, 25 May 2012


Official: #China now has more than 1 billion mobile phone users - wow

#Argentina mandates #openaccess for publicly-funded scientific research - data too (v @CameronNeylon @rmounce)

Oracle v. Google jury foreman reveals: Oracle wasn't even close - well, well, well

Confusion & lack of transparency mar process of adoption of Spain’s access to information law - not so plain in #Spain

Iron Sky distributor threatens file sharers with lawsuits - I won't bother watching it after all #idiots

Senator admits: #SOPA "really did pose some risk to the Internet" - no, really?

The Legacy of the# BBCMicro - useful history of key moment in UK computing - & a pivotal failure

Microsoft set to release Office for iOS and Android tablets in November - MS Office for #Ubuntu next, obviously...

Google to fund British computer science teachers - shame we couldn't just do it ourselves... #uk

Shell’s $4bn lobbying campaign cleared the way for Arctic oil drilling - shame on #shell, shame on #obama

ISPs Refuse to Block New Pirate Bay IP-Address - and so it goes on #nl #tpb #brein

The Punnet – a card case for the #raspberrypi, for you to print (for free) - nice idea, clever name

Freedom from vendor lock-in drives adoption of open source - confirms my suspicions

What Industrial Farming Has To Do With Devastated Seas -, shortsighted stupidity

Google Lifts The Veil On Copyright Takedowns: Reveals Detailed Data On Who Requests Link Removals - what a waste

#WorldBank Live Event Report: #OpenAccess Policy and Development - good to see

PIJIP Trade Agreement Table Updated: Compares #TPP#ACTA#TRIPS, US-Chile FTA - superb work

EU court to rule on $1.1 billion Microsoft fine on June 27 -

Get Ready For Ultra-Fast, Ultra-Affordable Android ICS Tablets: Amlogic Unveils Dual-Core Cortex A9 Tablets in China -

Stop software patents now - let's hope M. Hollande is listening #swpats #eu

Secrets revealed: The Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement - perspective from Sierra Club #tpp

A Working Definition of “Open Government” - toughtful stuff#ogov

Italian Court Orders All ISPs To Block KickAssTorrents - & fury (mixing cultural traditions...)

Accusations that climate science is money-driven reveal ignorance of how science is done - bunch of morons

BitTorrent Traffic Booms Due to “Licensing Challenges” - is, lack of legal options #copyright

Thursday, 24 May 2012


it has to be said, the Google doodle is extremely impressive today...

FBI quietly forms secretive Net-surveillance unit - not so secret now...

Open Garden lets mobile users cultivate a crowdsourced #mesh network - now that's a cool idea

Zimbabwean senator proposes ending AIDS crisis by mutilating women and preventing them from bathing - riiight

Waiter! There's a Shark Fin in my Soup! - shame on everyone involved here #conservation #china

As UK Government Considers Opt-Out Porn #Censorship, Report Already Finds Overblocking On Mobile Networks - not good

surprise: turns out that old finger-licker himself,@kfc_colonel is ripping out rainforests - #kfcnogood

What #Filesharing Studies Really Say – Conclusions and Links - important list to cut out & keep #piracy

#Monopoly madness - it's everywhere...

Anti-#ACTA #Japan - great to see (v @StopActaNow)

Opening Up About the #OpenData Institute - exciting, ambitious stuff; in London, too. but can they deliver? #odi

Why Access2Research Matters For Patients - good analysis (v @wilbanks)#openaccess

Trees linked to less crime, research finds - wow, really? (v @leashless)

YouTube Uploads Hit 72 Hours A Minute: How Can That Ever Be Pre-Screened For 'Objectionable' Material? - eh?

Globale Piraterie-Studie: Zahlen und Schlussfolgerungen der Software-Industrie leider nicht ernst zu nehmen - #BSA

Oracle v. Google Trial - Jury: No Patent Infringement - I'm confused: weren't we told this would destroy #android...?

You’re Only Making Things Worse For Yourself (And Us Too), Media Industries (Part II) - more wise words #copyright

Wyden To Obama: Hollywood Shouldn't Know More About #TPP Than Congress - too right

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


AlertMe’s ‘huge’ UK gas deal: big data for real people -, but I wonder about the #privacy implications

Some Countries Want To Fix #TPP... By Making It More Like #ACTA - oh, fab

Romanian PM will not ratify #ACTA - unless there are changes; but there can be no changes now... (v @mgeist)

US petition could tip the scales in favour of #openaccess publishing - good to see in #guardian (v @petersuber)

File-Sharing Prospers Despite Tougher Laws - no surprise there

the world’s first Open Data Institute - oooh, exciting#opendata #uk

How Copyright Extension Undermined #Copyright: The Copyright Of Parking (Part I) - nice analysis

Seedrs opens doors for early stage #crowdfunding - cool idea; #london-based too

Welcome to FoWL: Friends of #WikiLeaks! - "a network of people from across globe who defend WikiLeaks": is this real?

Congressional Staffers Still Can't Come To Terms With What Happened Over#SOPA - talk about denial

EFF Joins Coalition Denouncing Secretive #WCIT Planning Process - we need #transparency here too

The Internet Defense League - interesting, & sadly necessary (v @rmack)#sopa #acta #tpp

Introducing “#Mozilla Webmaker:” helping the world make the web - "move from using the web to making the web"

New Collection of #Rendition Data - great project on terrible events #opendata #torture

Malaysians Seek Compulsory License For Abbott AIDS Drug - more generics desperately needed

Pirate Bay Simplifies Circumvention of ISP Blockades - & so it goes on #censorship

#Darpa#Venter Launch Assembly Line for Genetic Engineering - what could possibly go wrong? #weapons

#Arduino 1.0.1 release includes Arduino Leonardo support and multiple translations - good to see

It's official! Dutch 3-strikes/DPI/net neutrality law - kudos

Here's The Inside Story Of What Happened On The #Facebook IPO - if true, this will be fun (v @ruskin147 @robinwauters)

60TB Disk Drives Could Be a Reality In 2016 - that's #spotifyin a box; think about it... #abundance

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


[correct link] Brussels wants e-identities for EU citizens - #IDcards by the back door

YouTube users upload 72 hours of video every minute -, 20% increase in just a few months

Google Chrome overtakes Internet Explorer as the Web’s most used browser - well, well

USTR Gone Rogue - out of touch, out of control #tpp#transparency (v @MsLods)

Study: Despite tougher copyright monopoly laws, sharing remains pervasive - it's good to share

UK #OpenStandards Consultation Events - there are now more of these important events - pl. take part (by phone, too)

Why Freedom of Thought Requires Free Media & Why Free Media Require Free Technology - most important talk at #republica

Should People Learn To Code? Yes – If They Are Judges Ruling On Cases Involving Software - makes sense

Urheberrecht: SPD lehnt Kulturflatrate ab - still pretty clueless #de

#openaccess to scientific journal articles arising from taxpayer-funded research - v important US epetition: pl. RT

Keep the “Dolphin Safe” tuna label safe! - shame on #mexicoand #wipo (v @PCGTW)#tpp

The Public Domain Review - "a bounteous gateway into this whopping plenitude that is the public domain" #pd

BSA #Piracy Study: Mere Shadow Boxing? - missing the point again

Supreme Court Upholds $675,000 File-Sharing Verdict - I don't think so (v @howardknopf)#copyright

Chris Dodd Says MPAA Is On The Wrong Track; We Agree - but is it a trick?

Kick-starting the School of Data! - exciting #opendata#datawrangling

Patentable Subject Matter: Supreme Court Challenges Chief Judge Rader's Broad Notion of Software Patentability - nice

Anti-Piracy Outfits Launch Attack on BitTorrent Protocol -, maybe illegal

Raising money to free classic volume on Africa's oral literature - exciting & worthy

Techdirt Threatened With Suit Over Story On Feds Getting Royalty In Movie From Mexican Drug Cartel Money Launderer -

Monday, 21 May 2012


A Sun Position Paper on Software Patents, 2006 - this is a find: "interoperability was more important than IP rights"

Jäger des verlorenen Fisches - what a pathetic display of greed & stupidity #mitsubishi #japan

#China to Google: #Android must remain open - well, well

NATO protests in Chicago: Police van drives into protesters, web video reporters detained, held at gunpoint - insane

Mowing down seagrass meadows will cut loose carbon -, not good

Sunday, 20 May 2012


London Police To Extract Data From Suspects' Mobile Phones -- And Keep It Even If No Charges Are Brought - must stop

One Area Where #China Should Definitely Stop Ripping Off The West: Copyright Law - but the signs are not good

Hey ITU Member States: No More Secrecy, Release the Treaty proposals - bad stuff that needs fighting (v @jrodwyer)

What I think is wrong with #VRM - interesting points; so what's the answer?

Obama's 'Poverty-Relieving' Plan for Africa a Profit Boon for Giant Agribusiness - surprise! not... (v @kaatje36)

The Oracle v. Google Trial Exhibits - Can You Help List Them? ~pj - help neede for important stuff

China Feeds Extra Fish to Finless Porpoises to Save Them from Starvation - cool; hope it's not too late (v @BoraZ)

Saturday, 19 May 2012


UK Open Standards Consultation Nearing Close - important: please read and act

Even The #Copyright Office Won't Obey Rules That Don't Make Sense In Reality - good point, nicely made

UK government staff caught snooping on citizen data - why we cannot trust them with centralised databases #privacy

The Transparent Hypocrisy of Ethical Oil – who is really laundering money - great piece

Indian court orders Pirate Bay, Pastebin blocks, Supreme Court gets DDoSed - bad stuff happening #india

BitTorrent Piracy Boosts Music Sales, Study Finds - why recording industry should stop fighting sharing #copyright

Pirate Bay Ban Rockets Pirate Party Website Into The Big Time - breakthrough time for UK pirates?

“Unsere Freiheit im Netz verteidigen” - oh yes

Poland Betrays Its Past, Moves Closer To Allowing Software Patents - come on, #Poland, you can do better than this

Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau ist tot - the best singer of modern times...

Walfänger stechen wieder in See - selfish scum #japan

Space Hijackers create Official Protesters programme for the #London2012 Olympics - let's hope they go for gold...

UK Government reneges on #opensource promise for Cloudstore 2.0 - hmm, not good

La ratification d’#ACTA par la France en débat - interesting that this is now a question (v @StopActaNow)

Friday, 18 May 2012


Upcoming: A Year in Europe - the Chief Lizard Wrangler is coming to Barcelona for a yeah: ¡Hola! #mozilla

#Nigeria to ban use of foreign IT products to promote homegrown industry - straws in the wind

ORBIS: The Stanford Geospatial Network Model of the Roman World - rather cool

Muscle from Brussels as #openaccess gets an €80bn boost - great news: Horizon 2020 does the right thing (v +Timothy Gowers)

Time To Realize That The Obama Administration Doesn't Even Have The Authority To Commit The US To #ACTA Or #TPP

New Global Research Council Takes Off - more good news for #openaccess (v @petersuber)

Aurélie Filippetti, new French Culture minister, has said "Non au Traité #ACTA !" - handy (v @StopActaNow)

"Moi, je veux supprimer #Hadopi" - French Culture minister - but will she try to? (v @StopActaNow)

Can You Patent How You Cut Your Meat? - </insert withering comment about #patents here>

Binding, but not to be followed blindly: some fresh air for #Aerotel - sensible decision on #swpats #uk

Why default blocking doesn’t work - wow, appalling tale of how @coadec coudn't get unblocked #uk #idiocy

MT @PoliceStateUK#Met #Police will retain #mobile phone data of people not charged with any crime >>outrageous

David Kessler, un anti-anti-#Hadopi aux côtés de François Hollande - hmm, don't like the look of this (v @memoryne)

#Africa Consortium Aims to Do a Ridiculous Amount of Good - interesting project

USTR Announces Next #TPP Round in San Diego July 2-10 - baby steps towards #transparency

Thursday, 17 May 2012


The real reason NHS Risk Register is a State secret? - good analysis of bad move #foi

Innovation & Access to Medicines for Neglected Populations: Could Treaty Address a Broken Pharmaceutical R&D System? -

Meskhetians Struggle to Find Place in #Georgia - sad legacy of Uncle Joe's insanity

IP-Address Can’t Even Identify a State, BitTorrent Judge Rules - nice one

#ACTA and Fundamental Rights - live stream of European Parliament committee meeting

also worth noting that #ACTA does not protect basic civil liberties - Amnesty International explains why:

regarding #ACTA,@jerezim says "Creation has never been so vibrant as it is today" he's right:

My Galaxies — write in starlight! - now you can galaxify messages: like this - #galaxyzoo

#ACTA does constrain future EU laws: it is the whole point of ACTA - it's part of enforcement ratchet that only allows more harsh law

Epic time-lapse map of #Europe - oh, it is, rather (v @JackofKent @dlknowles)#history

#ACTA Update XVI - why ACTA's "country club" approach will backfire with #china

Lacking support from other administrations, Freiburg ends use of #opensource office - regrettable

The #Apache Software Foundation Announces Unprecedented Growth During First Quarter of 2012 - impressive numbers

I can no longer work for a system that puts profit over access to research - bravo #openaccess (v @petersuber)

USTR Gone Rogue - "The only way to fix this mess is for the #USTR to become completely transparent." #TPP

Economist: #Copyright Is An Antiquated Relic That Has No Place In The Digital Age - great analysis

Android over 50% of smartphone sales as Nokia and RIM feel strain - exciting times

Video: Timeless – #London Timelapse - "beautifully shot film that combines timelapse photography, tilt / shift"; lovely

The Rise of Europe's Private Internet Police - good summary of big threat, especially from #ACTA

COMMUNIA explores role of digital public domain in final report - time to defend and extend the #publicdomain

Law Professors Ask Senate to Take Up ACTA, Challenging #ACTA Constitutionality (Again) - come on, US, #fightACTA

Analysis of proposed changes to the EU #PSI Directive - excellent review of important area #openstandards #opendata

Publishing America's for-pay, private laws - legal piracy - shocking stuff; standards must be openly available

.Pirate Domains Now Available Through OpenNic - is this big or irrelevant?

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Harvard And MIT Back #OpenEducation With $60 Million Online Learning Project - lotsa dosh

Finnish court rules open WiFi network owner not liable for infringement - sensible judgment #fi

Hillcrest Labs open sources Kylo TV browser - whatever it is, that's good

La #Hadopi a rencontré les équipes de François Hollande - "L'arrêt de la riposte graduée ne sera pas immédiat"

They're Not 'Orphan Works', They're 'Hostage Works' - words matter #copyright

How Microsoft Fought True #OpenStandards V - what we can learn from #VLC's bilion downloads #frand

#Baidu Cloud smartphone unveiled - interesting move: based on #Linux kernel, compatible with #android apps #china

The new Reset #Firefox feature is like magic - intresting approach (v @nitot)

UK ISPs Are Already Planning To Offer Porn Filters -- So Who Needs New Legislation? - UK gov please note #censorship

"plague of super weeds taking over U.S. farmland" - thanks, #monsanto (v @EDarier @michaelpollan @Beautyon_)#gm

EU box office inches to record high in 2011 - #piracy is really killing #cinema there, no? (v @remixtures)

#Mozilla Leaves Out #Linux For Initial Web App Support - oh, really? so maybe it's time I switched to #Chrome...

Issa Releases #TPP Intellectual Property Rights Chapter on - good for him (v @EFF)

Who Needs #SOPA When Courts Will Pretend SOPA Already Exists? - if it quacks like a sopa...

Admitted file-swapper begs Supreme Court for help - er, bold

The Enforcement Agenda and the Institutionalization of Enforcement Theater in #ACTA - nice analysis

Monday, 14 May 2012


Sea-Sheperd-Gründer in Frankfurt festgenommen - #costarica trying to hide its massacre of sharks

Reform of the Common Fisheries Policy: Public debate and secret negotiations - shameful lack of #transparency #eu

ROSA Marathon 2012 - russian distro aimed at business #gnu #linux #ru

What blog platform do the best bloggers in the world use? - #opensource continues to make gains #wordpress

#Adobe backs down, will secure last generation of apps - too right #cheek

Inside the Georgia State Opinion - excellent detailed analysis of important fair use judgement #copyright

Intellectual Property, Innovation and Growth (#TPP presentation) - lots of good links showing little correlation

The world’s hottest digital markets: a #music map - interesting: UK most competitive in world

Why Are People Resigning Before The #Copyright Industries’ Will? - excellent question

'Drafters of laws and amendments should use tools based on #openstandards' - says EU study

#ACTA sees official referral to ECJ over rights - amzing it's taken this long

Mobile Internet #censorship: what's happening and what to do - also as a warning of things to come #ccdp

Before and After #SOPA - slides from my presentation at Reykjavík Digital Freedoms Conference #ACTA #TPP

What If Music Is Neither Instinct nor Invention? - "#music is fictional story of someone moving evocatively" (v @BoraZ)

Musicians Realizing They Don't Need Major Labels Anymore - #kickstarter kicks them where it hurts

Erweitertes Streckennetz: Eurostar fährt künftig nach Frankfurt am Main - ooh, can't wait

Committee to look at #Microsoft competition allegations - did MS really not think about this? #mozilla #antitrust

The problem with nerd #politics - important points (v @Glinner @fabiochiusi)

The Dangerous Meme That Won't Go Away: Using #Copyright Assignments to Suppress Unwanted Content - what a mess

Stephen Walter’s Map Of Subterranean #London - looks fab

#TPP and a Very Basic Point About #Transparency - crucial issue

Solar Has Its MITS Moment - let's hope

Microsoft-Funded BitTorrent Disruptor Won't Make Pirates Pay, But Might Break The Law - this is a cyberattack, no?

#Dell apologises for sexist comments at Danish meeting - "inappropriate & insensitive remarks" (v +Christine Paluch)

NVIDIA teams up with Intellectual Ventures to buy 500 wireless #patents - you can bet that will drive #innovation #iv

A fatal lack of accountability - another kind of #transparency that we desperately need #journalism

Urheberrechts-Kampagne: #Anonymous veröffentlicht Künstler-Adressen - come on, people, this is not helping

Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership - more people notice #TPP (v @PCGTW)#transparency