Tuesday, 1 May 2012


UK Border Authority orders Heathrow to suppress evidence of massive customs queues - http://bit.ly/IOKm1h just wait for the #olympics #ukba

#Copyright Troll Causes Chaos By Suing Fans Without Band’s Permission - http://bit.ly/Ig3C5q more madness

2,500 volunteers across the Middle East are compiling a Web 2.0 dictionary in #Arabic - http://tnw.co/IOP2UX cool

CoinLab Attracts $500,000 in Venture Capital for #Bitcoin Projects - http://bit.ly/InzE3n brave

Open-sourcing your genomic data - http://bit.ly/IjGDeV interesting project

Brazil's copyright societies indicted for fraud, new law demands efficient, transparent collecting societies - http://bit.ly/IhJ2Dc sensible

#Android now accounts for half of all smartphones sold in Southeast Asia - http://tnw.co/Kr3zZN the key market

Government publishes data on £70 billion of future contracts - http://bit.ly/KpfdQt good move #transparency

How Microsoft Fought True #OpenStandards III - http://bit.ly/IzABYy why #FRAND doesn't work for #opensource

Council of Swiss city of Bern to battle IT vendor #lockin - http://bit.ly/IzB11c as well they should #opensource #ch

Strange organism has unique roots in the tree of life - http://on.msnbc.com/Izaz6B oooh, exciting (v @slashdot)

FOI shows bureaucratic bungle behind #openstandards u-turn - http://bit.ly/IhSNBl #BSI, #ISO clueless as ever #uk (v @swardley)

On Mediapart's #Libya-#Sarkozy scoop - http://bit.ly/JLXAyQ they made such a lovely couple

Flossie 2012 - http://bit.ly/ICdYQa free, 2-day event for women who work with/interested in #freesw, #OpenData (v @clarinette02)#london

Even #Harvard Can't Afford Subscriptions To Academic Journals; Pushes For #OpenAccess - http://bit.ly/Kmcmah says it all, really

RT @netzpolitik Die @republica ist mittlerweile ausverkauft. #rp12 >>*despite* my participation – impressive...

Epic 6-Year File-Sharing Case Over Just 3 Songs Comes To An End - http://bit.ly/IzGy6G #copyright absurdity

B&N Spins Off Nook Business Into a New, Microsoft-Backed Venture - http://on.mash.to/IOnpg8 MS gets out of tricky patent situation, BN gets dosh

#ACTA in the EU: We Can't Call it Dead Yet - http://bit.ly/JIPeUJ good summary, important point

Another nail: UK ISPs must block Pirate Bay - http://bit.ly/IP7nmk indeed: in the coffin of UK freedom #clueless #tpb

#Nokia makes more money licensing patents than from Lumia sales - http://bit.ly/IhlAVs just like Microsoft

A directory of wonderful sounds - http://bit.ly/J5mmpE sounds may be wonderful, maybe, but not the licence

Intel Unveils Tiny Next Unit of Computing To Match Raspberry Pi - http://bit.ly/JlQN95 $100 each? hardly

#LG To Pull Away From Windows Phone’s Loving Embrace, Refocus On #Android - http://tcrn.ch/JlQRpe another straw in the wind...

Der “Tag des Geistigen Eigentums” beim BDI – die Nachlese aus der Sicht der FSFE - http://bit.ly/IKi9ag wow, #BDI truly clueless

#Tennessee Bars Schoolkids From Holding Hands Because It Could Lead to Sex - http://gaw.kr/JN1lUA uh-huh...

The Pirate Bay blocking in UK - http://bit.ly/IjcJUm Dan Bull: "I want to hear why Geoff Taylor is causing closure of The Promo Bay" #BPI

No Record Label, But Amanda Palmer Raises Over $100k In Just Six Hours On #Kickstarter - http://bit.ly/IkP6yr impressive

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