Tuesday, 8 May 2012


What Various Studies Really Reveal About File-Sharing - http://bit.ly/IGQHh7 pretty much what you'd expect

Dan Bull Shares His Thoughts On The Pirate Bay Being Blocked Right After Helping His Music Get On The Charts - http://bit.ly/JOtBoE nice

Der Schultrojaner wird beerdigt - http://bit.ly/IEAcTK I should hope so too... #surveillance #de

UK Consumer Ebook Sales Increase by 366%: Publishers Association Calls For Digital Piracy To Be 'Tackled' - http://bit.ly/IxXUgF as always

#ACTA: Anhörung im Deutschen Bundestag - http://bit.ly/IThaar some surprising revelations

discovery offers hope for cancer, heart disease miracle drugs - http://bit.ly/J99YpH a little early to say, potentially huge (v @mmilinkov)

Spotify Plays Can Increase iTunes Sales. Here’s Proof! - http://tcrn.ch/Jbfmam no, really?

Pirate Party Wins Again, Enters Another Parliament - http://bit.ly/IQUI4P seriously impressive #de

#Arduino around the world – Africa - http://bit.ly/IBBtWG hard to do, but important

Low-Cost Indian Tablet Project Falls To Corruption - http://bit.ly/IQVjU9 sad to see #india #linux

The MagPi: a #RaspberryPi community magazine - http://bit.ly/KCISVX this will run and run

Why Microsoft Loves The Rise of (Some) Openness - http://bit.ly/JOX55M no, really #google #osm

Worried about online porn? Don't regulate the net – regulate your kids - http://bit.ly/Jbm3ck lovely sting in the tail (v @Joscelyn)

#ECJ rules on #transparency – Thank you, Sophie in ’t Veld - http://bit.ly/J9kWvw so what re the practical implications here?

Introducing Ponte: #Arduino#RaspberryPi Bridge - http://bit.ly/KO1JQm more proof that openness is wonderful

After Years Of Trying To Kill YouTube, Movie Studios Are Embracing & Profiting From It - http://bit.ly/LvuQLd just like we all predicted

Pirates in an adventure with pornographers - http://bit.ly/KzyiFs great analysis

Publisher sues #Tumblr over porn pics - http://bit.ly/IEYDAD was bound to happen...

GenomeSpace - http://bit.ly/IyqeQ8 "cloud-based, open-source data management center" (v @petersuber)#bioinformatics #genomics

Open Gov Summit - http://bit.ly/JLsqli free, but limited to #uk public sector people (v @ntouk)#opensource #openstandards

Access to documents from the EU Commission after 9 months - http://bit.ly/KDr64J interesting if frustrating saga #transparency

MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom targets New Zealand politician with rap video - http://bit.ly/IywuHu well, different (v @gsDetermination)

#Monsanto in big trouble in #Brazil - http://bit.ly/K6AXoK well, potentially #soya

Confused Jury Says Google Infringed On Oracle's #Copyright, Sorta, But Maybe Not - http://bit.ly/JMpTY6 what a total mess

#Ebook Sales Of #HarryPotter Lead To Increased Physical Sales As Well - http://bit.ly/KEfE97 oh look: no #DRM either

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