Monday, 30 June 2014


 Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140629 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Isis declares caliphate in Iraq and Syria – so how did that war on terror in Iraq work out, Mr Blair?

Cameron says he can still 'do business' with Juncker - humiliating much?

Leprosy cases in Britain may be misdiagnosed, doctors are warned - oh fab

The Shift to {Open|Linked|Big} Data - presentation by @piawaugh #AU #opendata

How German Opposition Could Sink a Major Canadian Trade Pact - - why #ISDS must come out of CETA as well as #TTIP

#NHS is cash-strapped and fraying at the edges, warns BMA chairman - time to wake up to what UK gov is doing, people

Over #TTIP wordt veel geschreven, wat zijn nu de feiten en wat zijn de fabels? - good analysis (v @olivierhoedeman)

Global Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) Foundation launched - great news for business transparency #opendata

[correct URL] US National Archives Will Upload All Its Holdings To Wikipedia - so what impact will this have?

Piraten – Am Rande der Spaltung - that would be regrettable

Copyright Troll Malibu Media Allowed To Get Six Strikes Info From Comcast - bad precedent

#EPO President Battistelli’s Term Extended - "unhappiness from staff who see the president as a “dictator”

Hacen llamado a estudiar con detención alcances del Acuerdo de Asociación Transpacífico - interesting #TPP

Automotive Grade Linux Delivers Open Automotive Software Stack for the Connected Car - #linux takes over the car...

Break the media blackout on #TTIP - shame on the so-called MSM.... #TAFTA

#TTIP Update XXXI - The #ISDS Consultation - this is the big one: my answers - pl. submit yours too #TAFTA

Mick Jagger calls the kettle black - nicely done

Swiss Won’t Ban Downloading But Will Block Sites - interesting approach #ch

Big business vs. Britain's bees -- 24 hours left - tell Mr Paterson what he can do with his bee-killing pesticides

Canada’s free-trade agenda: What’s the hold-up? - #CETA "has run into substantive roadblocks" #ISDS

First wild beavers to be seen in England for centuries to be captured - more anti-environment actions by UK gov

ocean is swallowing up Virginia so rapidly its leaders forgetting to bicker about climate change - just the start

The real enemies of press freedom are in the newsroom - many MSM journalists ever-more craven...

Sunday, 29 June 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140628 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#Peru now has a ‘licence to kill’ environmental protesters - & all because of a trade agreement

#Indonesia Overtakes Brazil for Worst Deforestation Title - awful

White House poised to name patent reform opponent as new head of Patent Office - what a slap in the face

When Cornish Pasty (GI) Meets Feta Cheese (AO) At WIPO For Equal Protection - implications for #TTIP?

Have You Got Yours Yet? Anglo Saxon Map Of London - looks interesting

Europäischer Rat für mehr Datentausch, auch EU-PNR-System wieder auf der Tagesordnung - needs watching

#Monsanto's 'Roundup Ready' GM maize could be growing in Europe next year - European Commission selling us out...

The Subversive Proposal at 20 - great interview with the great Stevan Harnad, the RMS of #OA

Saturday, 28 June 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140627 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

The Peace Prize for #Snowden - so recommends Norway's @Aftenposten (v @ThAOSteen)

Allow #fracking in national parks, says Environment Agency chief - the mask slips: this is what they are planning

#Snowden, Meet Godwin: British Ambassador Says Leaks Would Have Helped Hitler - these people are just ridiculous

US pharma companies want dialogue with India on patents  - but only if India gives in first... (v @jamie_love)

US pharma: "the first thing that we care about is the patient." - hahaha, what a sense of humour these people have

CC0 official translation into French published - that's good - more needed

Pornographer gets to see six strikes copyright warnings of accused infringer - oh look, just as we all predicted

#PhilipMorris challenges new European tobacco laws - such scum (v @nj_morrison @olivierhoedeman)

Indian forest villagers rise up to halt UK firm's bid to clear land for mining - key test of new government #india

UN to Detroit: Denial of Water to Thousands 'Violates Human Rights' - #TISA privatisation could make it more common

Cameron warned #NHS in danger of collapse within five years - Labour crazy if they don't make this key battleground

#TTIP "Die Kontrolle gefährlicher Produkte wird dem Bürger überlassen"  - (v @BerlinerWasser)


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140626 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

US & EU Oppose Stronger Regulation of Corporations at HRC Despite Compatibility with Guiding Principles - shameful

 German media go cool on Jean-Claude Juncker over speaking engagements - "gives lobbyists exclusive access"; oh, fab

Why European Commission's Consultation On Corporate Sovereignty Is A Sham (And How To Respond To It Anyway) - #TTIP

Revealed: whale-watching boats the greatest collision threat to whales - troubling

The Aereo Ruling Is A Disaster For Tech, Because The 'Looks Like Cable' Test Provides No Guidance - yup

Response to EC Public consultation #ISDS in #TAFTA/#TTIP - great response from @raycorrigan - pl. read & follow suit

Reforming for international financial stability vs. the #TISA counter-reformation -

German Official: U.S. Spying ‘Biggest Strain’ in Relations Since Iraq War - no surprise (v @KimZetter @Thomas_Drake1)

#TISA: Secret Agreement Further Deregulates Wall Street - just what we want...not

Aereo Fallout Begins: Fox Uses Ruling To Attack Dish's Mobile Streaming Service - "here we go..."

#TTIP Updates - The Glyn Moody blogs - includes no. XXX, with vital info on how to respond to EU's #ISDS consultation

UN Human Rights Council Takes on Corporations - shame on those countries opposing this #UK #US

U.S. Catfish Program Could Stymie Pacific Trade Agreement - no, really.... #TPP

How Military Exercises Are Killing Millions of Sea Creatures Every Year - How Military Exercises Are Killing Millions of Sea Creatures Every Year | Brainwash Update great report (v @anyaparampil)

Massachusetts SWAT Teams Claim They're Private Corporations To Get Out Of Transparency Requests -

MPAA Issues Overly Broad Takedown Of Little Used Reddit Film Community; Creates Much Bigger Reddit Film Community -

Friday, 27 June 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140625 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Shocking Secrets Revealed! What Big Libraries Pay for Big Deals change it (v @PLOSLabs @petermurrayrust)#oa

In the shadow of #TPP lurks #TISA – and another GFC  - and that's not good

#TISA: Fears raised over secret trade talks - "could hamstring New Zealand's ability to respond to a crisis." #NZ

Content Mining: we can now mine images (of phylogenetic trees and more) - incredibly important & exciting - work #OA

Google spells out ambitious plan: Android world domination - which also means #Linux world domination...

 Massachusetts high court orders suspect to decrypt his computers - US gets its own #RIPA madness

Why #TAFTA/#TTIP Isn't Worth It Economically, & How We Can Do Much Better - @EU_Commission's own numbers prove it

#TTIP Stakeholder events Round 6, Brussels - public - & MEPs - not invited... #TAFTA

Iraqi Kurds strengthen their positions while Isis advances on Baghdad - the birth of a nation? #kurdistan

Phone-hacking trial was officially about crime; but in reality, it was about power - brilliant piece of journalism

Why did Theresa May change speech on MI5 snooping powers? - now there's a good question (v @RispoliMike @privacyint)

Movie Boss Loses the Plot Over ISP Piracy Liability - as usual...

#TPP threatens Australia's Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme - “It will cost Australian lives"

Tell David Cameron: put our bees above #Syngenta's profits - outrageous; pl. sign & spread

.@Wikileaks confirms #TISA alarm raised by @PSIglobalunion - indeed

Common sense prevails as BBC upholds Today programme climate complaint - too right; do better, #BBC...

Study: Half Of All Young People In UK Think Digital Content Should Be Free To Download - the future of #copyright...

How Patents Are Stopping Your Microwave From Being Awesome - and much else

Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140624 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Secret talks bring threat of financial crises - good analysis of #TISA's threat and implications

Multinationals will not get too much power from EU-U.S. trade talks, EU says - De Gucht just has zero credibility

#TISA: "most ambitious and perhaps dangerous push on liberalizing services that we have ever seen" - we must stop it

Rupert Murdoch: Scotland Yard want interview about crime at his UK papers - couldn't happen to a nicer...person

#TPP Agreement: Obama Wants Something The Public 'Can Look At' In November - I'll believe it when I see it

US Remains the EU’s Biggest Trade and Investment Partner - this is why #ISDS is unnecessary: investment already huge

EU Aims to Scuttle Treaty on Human Rights Abuses - not in my name: shame on @EU_Commission *again*

Yes to a sustainable trade policy – no to the #TTIP - from Bread for the World

De Gucht downplays corporate dominance in #TTIP talks - how much of a laughing-stock does he want to be? #TAFTA

Reduction in GP funding puts entire #NHS at risk, BMA conference to hear - when will people wake up to reality here?

#Badger vaccination programmes to be rolled out in England - at last, some sanity

#TTIP must not 'wipe out' social and health rights in Europe - #ISDS alone will see to that (v @TTIPBeware)

UK Government Ignores EU Court On Data Retention: Tells Telecom Companies To Carry On Spying - who needs laws...?

"ask you to consider comprehensive trade agreements such as #TTIP & #CETA as mixed agreements" - (v @GabrielSilesB)

GitLaw: How The Law Factory turns French parliamentary process into 300 version-controlled Open Data visualizations -

.@Syngenta seek ‘emergency’ exemption 4 banned insecticide in UK - "deliberate attempt to undermine the EU ban" #evil

Obama’s Latest Betrayal of America and Americans in Favor of the Big Banks: #TISA - seems not to like it much...

US to extend #privacy protection rights to EU citizens - I'm sceptical: details please.... #dataprotection

Flawed Dutch government study on #ISDS - pretty ropey by the sound of it #ttip #nl

Android Now Has 1 Billion Active Users - onwards & upwards

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140623 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Lo bueno, lo malo y lo feo de la reforma propuesta a la Ley de Derechos de Autor - useful analysis #peru #copyright

Consume, Conform, Obey: What Homeland Security's Targeting Of Anti-Consumerist Activities Says About Gov's Desires -

Hunt plans disclosure drive to reduce medical errors - I love openness, but this is blatant mudslinging #NHS

put another way, Hunt is adopting the "oh, look, a squirrel" approach to distract from #NHS privatisation -

New Research Shows Digitization Results In Routine Lock-Down Of Public Domain Books - real #copyright theft #NZ

#TTIP - A threat for public services - health, education, water, post - all endangered by #TAFTA

Microsoft Has Just Launched Its First Android Smartphone, The Nokia X2 - well, well, well

 The Deadly Disease in Meat Health Officials Are Ignoring - is Mad Cow Disease still a problem in US? #TTIP #TAFTA

 Why Boston Has the Best Tasting Tap Water in the Nation - how to do it #commons

Glenn Greenwald: 'What I Tell People Who Say They Don’t Care About Their Privacy' - calling their feeble bluff

#Insecticides put world food supplies at risk, say scientists - "chemicals must be phased out"

note that UK government and the National Farmers Union are against banning #neonicotinoids - the usual idiots are wrong again...

Lord Byron, Terrorist - "a much greater chance of drowning in your own bath than of being killed by a terrorist"

[Updated] #TTIP Update XXX - more on huge dangers of #ISDS - & help for responding to EU's travesty of a consultation

 Chemie in der Landwirtschaft: Pestizide bedrohen die Tierwelt - remember: these animals are not optional...

 Swiss to study economic potential of #open source - great - but we should have moved beyond this (v @schestowitz)

#Argentina's government hits back at vulture funds after US ruling - a path 'leading to default'

Celebrating 30 Years of the X Windows System - lest we forget...

Quaker Council for European Affairs has put together really great answers to EU's #ISDS consultation - #TTIP #TAFTA

Answering Guides for #ISDS Consultation - yet more great thoughts to help you respond #TTIP #TAFTA

Big: EU Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) against #TTIP & #CETA soon - "can request a legislative act" (v @Liese_Mueller)

$213bn illegal wildlife and charcoal trade 'funding global #terror groups' - address this instead of spying on us all

EU Chief #TTIP Negotiator says #ISDS could apply to #patents & #copyight - as I predicted; this is nightmare stuff

Deep Time: Targeting Another Galaxy - fascinating cogitations #space
Table of foreign #ISDS cases and Claims under #NAFTA and other u.s. “trade” deals - really useful info

my #FOI request for emails on UK #copyright exceptions finally answered - touches on many areas

Dilbert's Scott Adams Has The Best Explanation Of Innovation In Silicon Valley Today That You'll Read - NB sharing

 CEO's response to the EU's consultation on #ISDS - "essential question which should have been asked" #TAFTA #TTIP

 Software público: consulta pública para novo manual de uso - #br

Hypocritical Authors Guild Photocopies Author's Book While Claiming That Scanning Works Is Infringement - ha!

Home secretary denies security services engaged in mass #surveillance - every cliché, even "think of the children!"

Security Researchers Expose New Gold Standard In Gov/Law Enforcement #Spyware - when you think it can't get worse...


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140622 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Poll: #NHS decisions should be left to doctors, say majority of Britons - & they're right

50,000 march against austerity in London, BBC doesn't notice - @BBCNews becomes even more of an insult to journalism

Lobbyists increasingly look online to influence EU policy - that's good, we can counter it there...

Abhöraffäre in Warschau: Polens Außenminister hält Bündnis mit den USA für "wertlos" - whoops #pl

#India Part of NSA Surveillance Program; Here’s What Else We Know - useful

"metadata gave access only to the “envelope”, not the contents" - these politicians are simply tech-illiterate #AU

Presbyterians Vote to Divest Holdings to Pressure Israel - important move; others need to follow #divestment

#Linux now runs 485 of world's top 500 supercomputers - #Windows runs 2 of them...

#TTIP - Traité transatlantique : répondons tous à la commission - useful answers to #ISDS consultation (in French)

Al-Jazeera journalists jailed for seven years in# Egypt - dreadful travesty of justice

Take action! Say NO to #ISDS - makes no sense to place corporations above nations #TTIP

Nurses fight back against trade treaty that threatens NHS - great to see them join fight against #TTIP

US Embassy In Berlin Offering Cold, Hard Cash For People To Create Pro-#TAFTA/#TTIP Propaganda - visibly desperate

The Transatlantic Trade Deal: a project of the 1% - summary of #TAFTA/#TTIP

Felix Dennis dies aged 67 - a character & a dendrophile...

#TTIP Updates - The Glyn Moody blogs - includes number XXIX - more on top-secret #TISA, & talking down to the public

The scaremongering has begun. Isis is no threat to Britain - "The only security [comes] from targeted intelligence."

BREIN Takes Pirate Bay Blocking Case to the Supreme Court - no surprise there..

#TTIP Updates - The Glyn Moody blogs - includes XXIX, with anti-transparency info, & how public is too stupid #TAFTA

Greenpeace defends top executive flying to work - sounds like @Greenpeace really needs to sort itself out

A View of the Deepest Future - so what are your plans for the next 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 years?

“EU-USA Ministertreffen über Justiz & Inneres” besucht übermorgen die Akropolis und verhandelt dann über das #TTIP -

London March Against Austerity - March Against Austerity not important enough for proper BBC coverage, apparently...

Welcome open-source electrophysiology with Open Ephys - looks a great project #openhardware

Great White Sharks Making Comeback Off Atlantic Coast - great; let's hope they eat the jellyfish...

Alexander Wants $1 Million Per Month For 'Cybersecurity' Consulting - 'cos he did such a good job stopping #snowden

Marco Civil começa a valer hoje: conheça os direitos e deveres na internet brasileira - #br

Of Course @TeslaMotors Wasn't Just Being Altruistic In Opening Up It's Patents: That's The Whole Point! -

#TISA – an Intransparenz nicht zu überbieten - "Wir Grüne fordern die Offenlegung der Dokumente"

UN rejects Australia's 'feeble' bid to strip Tasmanian forest's heritage status - lovely slap-down for @TonyAbbottMHR

"disastrous attempt at reforming the #NHS has “failed utterly” - - reverse privatisation now before #TTIP locks it in

Weltmarktführer: EU steigt zum größten Agrarlebensmittel-Exporteur auf - done without GMOs, too..

Blair should be sacked as Middle East envoy, say former ambassadors - "tainted by Iraq war, achievements negligible"

"la mayor tasa de fallecimientos se produce en las zonas donde se utilizan transgénicos y agroquímicos" - #AR gov

West Africa #ebola epidemic is 'out of control' - er, that's rather bad, no? (v @asteris)

#TISA-Abkommen steht hierarchisch über #TTIP - important stuff; good analysis #TPP #privatisation

Entwurf für EU-White-Paper zur Urheberrechtsreform geleakt - not super exciting, it has to be said #copyright

UK and Germany break #solar power records - fab; maybe UK gov should promote it, not throttle it...

DOJ Drone Memo: AUMF Trumps All And Rights Are Subject To Arbitrary Revocation In Times Of 'War' - just insane

Supreme Court Clears the Way for Bulk of Obama's Global Warming Regulations - better than nothing...

Court To Gov. On Attempt To Bury Drone Memo: You'd Have A Case If You'd Bother To Shut Your Mouth Once In Awhile -