Saturday, 31 December 2011


#OpenStreetMap: The Next Wave Of Commoditization For Startups? - moving up the business stack #opensource #osm

Interview with Jim Zemlin, #Linux Foundation, Part II - insights on the world of #embedded systems and #asia

HTC Bows to Customer Demand, Unlocks #Android Bootloader - great trend

ICANN Chair: We will not delay or restrict new gTLD program - madness: this will end in net-wide tears #security

Monmouthpedia: #Wikipedia’s new project covering life in the Welsh town of Monmouth - great move #wales

High Street Blues - great, reasoned analysis of the coming bloodbath #retailing #economics #demographics

Woof! GreenGoose's Household Wireless Sensors Now Available for Order - plenty of clever hacks with these... #domotics

Occupy Geeks Are Building a Facebook for the 99% - I know redundancy is good, but what about building on #diaspora?

A Defender of World’s Whales Sees Only a Tenuous Recovery - sickening details of "scientific" whaling #japan

Wall Street Has a Vested Interest in Investor Ignorance - oh, yeah - obvious, really...

#Symbian is still top mobile OS - finished 2011 with resurgence - pity #nokia is killing it, then... #mobile

Johnson & Johnson Refuses To License Three #HIV Drugs To Medicines #Patent Pool; Invites Patent Override - lovely

If #Logos Were Honest - I don't think these are new (?), but they're quite witty (v @jscarantino @whiteafrican)

Reinvent the display–again - interesting tech, interesting company #pixelqi

#Anonymous targets Sony over #SOPA - so who's next?

FDA Documents Show Agency Once Strongly Opposed Farm Antibiotic Overuse - strange how facts change... #lobbying

Dazzling Satellite Views of Vast Moon Crater - oooh, pretty #science

The Coming War on General Computation - IMHO the best talk of @doctorow yet; read it - it's crucially important

Doctors Discover Copyright Law: Cognitive Screening Test Killed Over Infringement Claims - why #copyright was invented

#Israeli law firm threatens to sue #Twitter over alleged #Hezbollah accounts - uh-huh

#Nintendo, #Sony back off of #SOPA support - important: this shows kicking up a fuss works

Reddit brouhaha forces Paul Ryan to point out that he isn’t sponsoring #SOPA - another important sign of shifts

Candidates Starting To Turn #SOPA Into A Campaign Issue: Karen Kwiatkowski Goes After Bob Goodlatte - NB logic here

Very public #health - "to open up and share as much health information as possible" #opendata #privacy

Domain Blocking Will Encourage Yet More Fraud and Scams - this and new TLDs: what a recipe for disaster #sopa

Friday, 30 December 2011


Bugs may be resistant to genetically modified corn - good to see wider coverage of this #gm

#28C3: New attacks on #GSM mobiles and security measures shown - interesting stuff, as ever

Apps for #apes: Orang-utans want iPads for Christmas - fascinating opportunities for interspecies communication

European Countries Refuse to Release Information on CIA Rendition Flights - shabby & shameful (v @jmcest)#torture

16 Modern #China #Engineering Feats & Industrial Achievements - these are...rather impressive

Cablegate: Microsoft Attacks Free/Open Source Software in Indonesian Government, Breaks 1999 Monopolies Law –

Note is Creating #Phablet Market, Says #Samsung - significant, if confirmed

State of Adversarial #Stylometry: can you change your prose-style? - what a great name: #Anonymouth

Modern Darknets - our future, courtesy of #SOPA and its inevitable descendants #censorship #surveillance #resilience

US Mainstream Media Refuses Op-Ed About TSA Eroding Civil Liberties... But Pravda Publishes It - straws in the wind...

As #GoDaddy Deals With #SOPA Fallout, Hollywood Wants To Punish GoDaddy For Enabling Infringement - well, yes

The P2PU Review of 2011 - promising project #education

15 Percent of US File-Sharers Hide Their IP-Address, More to Folllow - oh yes... #surveillance

"Freedom is in Peril" A sister to the more famous “Don’t Panic Carry on” World War II poster - we're going to need it

pic of the week: Fireplace in the Painted Hall - magic #london #pix

'Closing the knowledge gap': why Google wants #Android to be open - spot on and well put #openness

Thursday, 29 December 2011


A Biotech Lab In Every Garage, Or In Every Library? - the next revolution? #syntheticbiology

Google announces 3.7m #Android activations over the Christmas weekend - impressive

Open Web FTW - Matt Mullenweg on why we need it #openweb

Court Order Blocks BitTorrent, Megaupload and More - #india behaving badly #censorship

Radical openness in educational materials: The next step in Washington - surprisingly clueful ideas here #oer #ocw

#Android: The Consequences Of Open - moral: openness works

China’s Parallel Online Universe - good intro to #china's massively efficient #censorship machine

Jamaica's #patois Bible: The word of God in creole - wonderful stuff (v #linguistics #language

#Twitter Ignored Request To Keep Subpoena Under Wraps - on the side of the angels once more

Content industry supports "Stop Airline Piracy Act" (SAPA) - not a misprint; nicely done... #sopa

#CAD for #RNA - sounds cool, but is it #opensource? it needs to be...

Путин переведет правительство на #Linux - big: russian government moving to #freesw; also creating #opendata repository

Japanese Supreme Court Says Developer Of File Sharing s/w Not Guilty Of Infringement Done By Users - ridiculous case

Archos #DECT-Enabled 35 Phone is a Smart Home Phone That Runs Android - #android getting everywhere

EU To Focus On Digital Content Policy In 2012 - NB: including #IPRED 2 #surveillance #censorship

#Mexico's cartels build own national radio system - wow, that's what I call #resilience

Interview with Jim Zemlin, Linux Foundation - where he came from, where he's going... #linux

Blender Face Capture - #blender is so cool #opensource

Five things we learned about #publishing in 2011 - summary: old-style publishers are doomed

Church of the Nativity Clergy Brawl 2011 Goes Well - thank goodness there are some things you can depend upon

The Great Digitization Or The Great Betrayal? - I'm looking at you, #BritishLibrary #copyright

Expansion Of Patentability In The US: Google Acquired A Patent On Doodles - oh, come on (v @patentlyo @ArnaudAudouin)

Mega entrevista de Natal do #LibreOffice - very detailed #brazil

#GoDaddy: Never Mind That SOPA Thing, Look at Danica Patrick - these people really have a deathwish

Painfully excluded from WP7′s roadmap: #Nokia - huh?

Reddit Users to Target Supporters of #SOPA in Congress After Successful Boycott of GoDaddy - could be fun

Copyright Tourism: Korean Companies Sue Guy From Australia For #Copyright Infringement... In California - bad precedent

Wednesday, 28 December 2011


How Even Highly-Targeted #Censorship Can Lead To #Overblocking - yet another reason to fight it #newzbin2 #bt

RT @weirdshanghai#china copies usa, fingerprinting of laowai to begin. - >>was bound to happen (v @sinosplice)

Toward a new model of scientific #publishing: discussion and a proposal - excellent, thoughtful analysis

#China sichert sich Ölfeld in #Afghanistan - symbolic much? #geopolitics

The coming #retail apocalypse: some axioms - not hugely new, but clearly put #internet

Eric Schmidt discusses #Google’s competitors, China, acquisitions - "record of your searches is retained" for a year

American corporate software can no longer be trusted for anything - Falkvinge on what #SOPA really teaches us #freesw

Jack Abramoff Explains The Return On Investment For Lobbying: 22,000% Is Surprisingly Low - why it's going to get worse

Conservatives lining up in opposition to #SOPA - striking trend

Lessons from Suppressing Research - provocative & thought provoking (v @AlecMuffett @glynwintle)

#Taiwan: Crowd-funded investigative journalism website kicks off - interesting move

Trials and Errors: Why Science Is Failing Us - not quite what the point of this article was...

Stadterweiterung: Moskaus Megawachstum - gosh: #Moscow is Europe's biggest city; I didn't know that... #russia

How The Long Tail Cripples Bonus Content/Multimedia - that's good: who wants #ebooks to be like #TV?

Who Will Be The First Politician To Be GoDaddy'd? - cripes, what fun: the birth of a neologism #linguistics #sopa

Tuesday, 27 December 2011


#Mozilla releases Learning, Freedom & the Web (e)book - free, of course: cc by-sa

#Oracle v. #Google - A Last Minute Present to Google from the USPTO - see? it can be done; so do it more often #patents

Kanji of the Year: the tie that binds - long, wide-ranging post #linguistics #japanese

The year in big data and data science - a summary in case you blinked #opendata #hadoop

Photos of an Empty London on Christmas Morning - fab and eerie #london #pix

#GoDaddy's domain registration after #SOPA: behind the numbers - useful context

Skrillex: Happy Holidays! Pirate My Music, I’ll Still Love You - someone else who gets it #businessmodels

The State of Online Courseware With The UK's Open University - pugnacious piece; unflattering about MIT OCW #ou

#Brazil: Murder or Suicide of Controversial Blogger? - certainly warrants further investigation (v @asteris)

Dutch Parliament: Downloading Movies and Music Will Stay Legal - but only for the moment: not over yet #nl

Tencent vs. Sina: The Fight for #China’s Social Graph - never mind about boring #facebook, this is the big battle...

#Android Approved By Pentagon For #DoD Usage, Major Setback For #iPhone - the killer advantage? #opensource, of course

#Africa's burgeoning middle class brings hope to a continent - "world's fastest-growing mobile phone market" #android?

For shame! Microsoft’s continued support of the PROTECT IP Act is disgraceful - & it's not alone...

#Android Is Finally Coming Back to #Linux Kernel - about time, too

The Looming Library Lending Battle - </sigh> seems publishers are as clueless as recording industry #ebooks

Now #GoDaddy Has To Contend With ByeDaddy - interesting tool: could have wider repurcussions

Sea Shepherd uses drone to hunt #whalers - #drones will be an absolute game-changer, especially in domestic use...

Downhill extreme: Rollerman overtaking motocycle! - this bloke is a complete nutter

100 people arrested in Chitral, protest rallies against timber mafia - depressing, so common it has a name

Lieberman wants #Taliban blocked on #Twitter - because Net censorship works so well

Time to end the war on drugs - kudos to Richard Branson for this call (v @leashless)#portugal

Infringing Download Without Further Infringement Only Supports Lost License Fee--Real View v. 20-20 - signs of hope

New Wikipedia Layer on Geoloqi Gives You Vision Beyond the Greek Gods - "It is a robot that gently taps my shoulder"

Mozilla's Boot to Gecko Mobile OS Concept: One to Watch in 2012 - let's hope; linux-based stack

Reclamação contra concursos públicos ilegais - nice move by Portuguese free software association #pt

JXD S7100 #Android Gaming Tablet/Handset Boasts Galaxy S II Specs 4 $140 - this is the future (but at half this price)

What exactly is a consultant? - ha!

This is what a 5MB hard drive looked like in 1956 (note: required a forklift). - ah, those were the days...

Obama Likes the Internet, So He’ll Probably Veto #SOPA If It Gets That Far - naive, much? (v @jeffjarvis @karaswisher)

While Drafting #SOPA, the U.S. House Harbors BitTorrent Pirates - well, that was inevitable, wasn't it? #hypocrisyisus

Who needs SOPA when you have GoDaddy's shutdown policy? - more #godaddy fun

Warner Bros Sued For Pirating Louis Vuitton Trademark - oh, lovely

"Nadie respeta la cultura de un país que lidera las descargas ilegales" - more cluelessness (v @RRSalceda @SinkDeep)

Movies, Now More Than Ever, Or Is It Video Games? - whoa: "Studios admitting that they compete for leisure dollars?"

Friday, 23 December 2011


Japanese File-Sharing App Creator Not Guilty of #Copyright Infringement - v important win #p2p #piracy

MorpHex part II - whoa: The Prisoner/RoboCop all rolled (sic) into one #future #robotics

anyone know if #apple has made any official statements about #SOPA? or any implicit support/condemnation? I think we need to know...

Over 40 Internet Companies Come Out Publicly Against SOPA - so where's #apple? "on the fence" is not an answer...

Raspberry Pi beta boards populated (with pix) - nearly there #linux #arm

motion to dismiss the Authors Guild as a plaintiff from its case against Google

1,000 noteworthy #opensource downloads - with capsule reviews; 1000 perfect gifts

Brazil's #Copyright Reform Draft Bill: The Good, The Bad And The Confused - #brazil rather losing its way here

DoH lack of transparency hides £470m spent on management consultants - more spent on them than on lung & skin cancer

The rise and rise of the landless movement in Brazil - brazil's new forest code is utter madness, driving deforestation

“Yes We Scan” - "to digitize the contents of all US libraries including the Library of Congress"

Anti-CNN Spokesman Shaun Rein - interesting post about important issues #journalism #china

A new M.A. in entrepreneurial #journalism at CUNY - messages from the future

Daft Idea Of The Week: Giving People #Copyright In Their Faces - no, really?

Now sync your own videos to the #Kindle Fire with #Miro - #opensource video player now even more wonderful

FDA Won’t Act Against Ag Antibiotic Use - utterly nuts: many people will die as a result of this cave-in to lobbyists

Go Daddy No Longer Supports #SOPA - wow, they crumpled faster than I expected (v @richi)#godaddy

1976 Letter from Potential Partner Calls Steve Jobs a ‘Joker’ - rather amusing

INDA: Portal Brasileiro de Dados Abertos - cool: coming in 2012 #opendata #brazil

The role of belief in ebook pricing and what to do about it - needed: some facts #publishing


The Future of Academic Research - great post about #openscience - or lack of it

pic of the week: Wharfhenge - the other place to be for the winter solstice (v @paul_clarke)#london

All the Companies Supporting #SOPA, the Awful Internet Censorship Law—and How to Contact Them - give them an earful

The Shadow Superpower - all about "Systeme D" - "l'economie de la débrouillardise" (v @johnrobb)#economics

Retired, Computerless Woman Fined For Pirating ‘Hooligan’ Movie - guilty until proved innocent: shame on you, #germany

#Nokia Lumia Accounted For Only 0.17 Percent Of UK Sales In November - the shift to Windows Phone is clearly working

A Ninja in Our Sites - great feature on Ninja Video saga and background to #SOPA

Stop fetishizing the scientific paper - interesting point about retractions in science (v @CameronNeylon)

Bankers Join Billionaires to Debunk ‘Imbecile’ Attack on Top 1% - a parade of discredited ideas (v Charles-H. Schulz)

US-Fähren rüsten sich für Moppel-Passagiere - unexpected side-effect of people getting fatter

European Commission's official #ACTA page - some useful links to dox (v @Dana_Council)

A wee conventional implicature - a wee analysis of an interesting usage #linguistics #language

RT @onewmphoto @KevorkO The French Armenian Genocide law has passed in the National Assembly. #Armenie #genocide >>#turkey won't like that

US police stock up on battle gear - I'm sure they'd never use it on ordinary citizens...

The Myth That #SOPA/PIPA Only Impact 'Foreign Sites' - just in case you had any doubts #fud

Amazon’s e-book tax loophole could mean lower EU prices, but that’s bad for UK competition - ebook VAT should be 0%

Big losses for Maharashtra's Bt cotton farmers - shouldn't #monsanto be footing this bill? #india

Why Samsung just entered the dual-SIM #smartphone game - shrewd - and necessary - move #emergingmarkets

New Agreement Between US and EU Will Compromise the Privacy Rights of International Travelers - EP veto, please...

Bell Canada drops traffic shaping in favor of an "economic" approach - useful analysis; general lessons #ca

#Nokia retires the #Symbian brand - chucks away one of best-known brands; folly

it's been about 12 days since the thing started and yesterday we hit the crazy number. One million dollars. - kudos

Software Patents and Barriers to Entry - what he said #swpats

Smartphones killing point-and-shoots, now take almost 1/3 of photos - they're not phones, they're Universal Devices

How #SOPA Creates The Architecture For Much More Widespread Censorship - probably it's worst aspect

The Digital Roll-Out of Resilient Communities - interesting graph for #android

RT @aprica Yeah: Romanian Senate rejects new #dataretention law >>good move #ro

Sonos removes Windows DRM playback, customers left high & dry - will people never learn? this is what #drm does

#Google Will Pay #Mozilla Almost $300M Per Year in Search Deal - very good news for #opensource and #openweb

Study: Apps Are For #Android, Games For the iPhone - now I understand: #iPhone is the Xbox of smartphones

#GoDaddy's SOPA Support Sparks Calls for #Boycotts and Domain Transfers - couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of fools

Cheezburger CEO threatens to yank 1,000 domains from #GoDaddy over SOPA support - kudos, mighty #Cheezburger #boycott

Paul Graham: #SOPA Supporting Companies No Longer Allowed At YC Demo Day - kudos, Mr Graham #boycott

Hurt Locker BitTorrent Lawsuit Dies, But Not Without Controversy - "250K sued for alleged BitTorrent downloads"

Best. Spam. Evah. - who says geeks are unlucky in love? (v @BiellaColeman)#linux

Thursday, 22 December 2011


Do We Really Need #Copyright For #Academic Publishing? - well, do we?

'Lower IT budget will push public administrations to open source" - let's hope: it's about time (v @Sjig)#eu

Rentnerin ohne Computer muss wegen Raubkopie zahlen - further proof the system has gone bonkers #copyright

interesting map of most popular #mobile OS by country - this will look radically different in a year (v @vickeegan)

RT @Falkvinge German #Piratenpartei appears to stabilize around 7-9% in country-wide polls. Glückwunsch! >>interesting

Irish property developers' grand vision for Battersea power station left in ruins - yet another scheme fails #london

#Android: 700,000 Activations Per Day, WiFi Not Included? - that's over 200 million per year currently

Microsoft und Nokia liebäugelten mit RIM-Übernahme - #RIM is clearly toast

Brand Identity - makes sense #xkcd

#Microsoft, #Nokia linked to comments on negative Lumia review - they can't even do #astroturfing properly

New #Firefox for #Android Experience Optimized for Tablets - cool; now all I need is a tablet

Tomorrow’s #SOPA hearing has been cancelled - let's hope it's not a trick...

Both Sides Claim Victory In Microsoft-Motorola Patent Dispute At ITC - well, they would do

#Apple Claims Samsung Tablet, Phone Cases Infringe Patents - next: claims patent on air inside (v @opensourcerer)

UK Ministry of Justice dreams of £1bn mega IT framework - they never learn, do they? #itdisasters

RIAA: Someone Else Is Pirating Through Our IP- Addresses - so they won't mind everyone using that excuse, no?#Big Entertainment Companies Issuing Wrongful YouTube Claims On Public Domain Works - but they never get punished

#India’s $45 tablet sold out in a week as pre-orders open for $55 device - this is the power of #android

MT @rmack @_rubensk:“CNNIC to apply for .公司 (company) and .网络 (network)" >>so much more attractive than .com, .net

Why #Java Isn't Dead On #Ubuntu - @webmink clears up the confusion

SurDoc Raises $4 Million For Sharing Formatted Documents Across All Platforms - uses #UOML: anyone know this?

Ideas for - sounds good

#China tops U.S, Japan to become top #patent filer - no surprise, but quantity does not equal quality (v @fosspatents)

Ofcom maps out what 'psychics' are allowed to do on TV - well done, #ofcom

Mobile #censorship - ORG site to monitor growing problem in UK

Japanese Company Works On 13-Foot #Robot With Built-In Cockpit - what could possibly go wrong?

U.S. Holds On to Biometrics Database of 3 Million Iraqis - "Iraqis might be able to access the database’s contents"

You knew the old Mozilla, meet the new Mozilla - "the emergence of new facets of #Mozilla" (v @gnat)

Did You Embed The Leaked Trailer For Dark Knight Rises On Your Blog? Under #SOPA, You May Face Jail Time - ready?

FOSS dev's campaign against software patents in #australia moves ahead - good to see #swpats #au (v @zoobab)

Google’s Rubin: ITC ruling in Apple/HTC case may see start of patent settlements - really? #android

Virtual Choir 3: Water Night - you choice to singalongawhitacre #music

Defending Privacy at the U.S. Border: A Guide for Travelers Carrying Digital Devices - telling that this is necessary

US Government Targets The Pirate Bay, Megaupload and Others - isn't it time we just ignored this nonsense?

#Scribd Protests #SOPA By Making A Billion Pages On The Web Disappear - clever metaphor

Europeans migrate south as continent drifts deeper into crisis - significant indicator #demographics

Legal Affairs committee meeting 20 December - #gallo is a disaster: trying to force #ACTA through without due scrutiny

Why do women menstruate? - something I've wondered too; here's a plausible explanation

#Bitcoin's comeback: should Western Union be afraid? - not dead yet

A simple HTML tag will crash 64-bit #Windows 7 - stability, what's that? (v @BrendanEich @briankrebs)

The Future of #Drone Warfare - important: coming to a sky near you

Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Three Strikes Approach Rejected By Irish Data Protection Commissioner, Gov't Seeks Censorship Plan Instead - </sigh>

LiMux—Free Software for Munich - fab, detailed history of this key project (v @jjkaraganis)#linux

Open Access Is Spreading -- But Is It Really Open Access? - er, probably not #licensing

“Spanish Napster” Victorious As Court Rejects Major Label Copyright Case - hugely important win #spain

EC Toughens Checks as China Fails to Stop #GM Rice Contamination - probably unstoppable; time to abolish gene patents

#RIAA's Report Card on #Google's Anti-Piracy Policies - hilarious: "Stop Self-Serving Alarmist Rhetoric" (v @jonbains)

Source: #Groupon Doesn’t Have The Cash to Build Its New Data Center - anyone else think this will end in tears?

RECAP & UPDATE: the Unitary Patent System and Unified Patent Court - good summary of a real mess

The Myth of the Unintended Infringer in #SOPA and PIPA - good point from Paul Vixie

Apache's Open Letter to the #ODF Ecosystem - "we seek to offer a neutral and powerful collaboration opportunity" #asf

How #Twitter Stores 250 Million Tweets a Day Using #MySQL - great data point for #opensource (v @gnat)

The Open Access Movement is disorganized; this must not continue - "we need an Open Access Institute": yes #oa

BT Joins the Patent Hall of Shame - does #BT really want to be hated...*again*? #android #patents

New Anti-#SOPA Song & Crowdsourced Video From Dan Bull - totally fab: do listen and pass it on

Open Humanities Working Group Update - "now have a blog to help coordinate all of the projects in the humanities:"

Dell and China's Baidu launch new smartphone - "uses the "Baidu Yi" platform, which is compatible with Android app"

RT @FelixTreguer#Gallo says waiting for EUCJ opinion on #ACTA would be too long & "disastrous" for the EU economy... #dogmatism >>what rot

Invisible #Censorship: How the Government Censors Without Being Seen - #india becomes #china: sad

Postmarket Effects of Intellectual Monopoly - why downloadable music is more expensive than CDs; nice analysis

Consistency of Korea-US Free Trade Agreement #Copyright Provisions with U.S. Law - interesting, unsurprising

Senado Mexicano se postra a los pies de la industria del copyright - wow, this is seriously bad #leyDoring

Can the USPTO Be Sued Under the APA for Issuing Bad Patents? - now there's an idea...

OpenCorporates: 1 year on: 10 times bigger, masses more data… & a new #API - I predict great things for this #opendata

European Parliament opposes free ads for proprietary software on EU web sites - quite right (v @Sjig)#eu

Infographic Remix: #ACTA, Lethal Weapon Against your Rights! - EU people: soon time to contact your MEPs

US Govt secretly snoops on your email - the answer is clearly to write more, and more rubbish

Copyright law: no one understands it - not even lawyers, caught here using copyright pix without permission

Is America a Failing State? - and is the UK next in line?

EU patent gets Legal Affairs Committee green light - that's a pity; still nees european parliament approval

Statistik: Energieverbrauch Deutschlands sinkt kräftig - largely thanks to the weather, apparently #de

Learning from LiMux - do we have the "formalized body of knowledge or best practices" we need yet? #linux #opensource

Indian farm suicides - key facts and figures - terrible numbers, getting worse

There's a map for that - fighting gerrymandering with #opensource #opendata

Barbara Hepworth Sculpture Stolen From Dulwich Park - probably to be melted down; what pathetic individuals

HMRC: crack down on tax dodgers - epetition to stop this ridiculous state of affairs

Sprint goes on the offensive with patent suit against cable - more patent madness: what a surprise

What #fairuse is for - thoughts on the Authors’ Guild lawsuit against the Hathi Trust

Apple’s latest patent spells big trouble for competitors - another ridiculously obvious, easy to implement technique

Kindle Fire, Nook #Tablet pushing Android tablet share to 40 percent, predicts IDC - a prediction, but plausible

Cryptocat - "open source encrypted, private alternative to other services such as Facebook chat" (v @putt1ck)

Mozilla and Google Sign New Agreement for Default Search in Firefox - as some of us predicted (v @beltzner @paulrouget)

TEXTUS: an open source platform for working with collections of texts and metadata - sounds great; just needs writing

Veoh Still Perfectly Legal... But Also Still Dead Due To Bogus Copyright Lawsuit - good ruling, but too late...

Twitter to open source code from newly-acquired Whisper Systems - well done chaps

A new way to contribute to #Wikipedia - significant move

Best idea of 2011: Give control of Net content to group that sued a dead grandmother - (v @normative @cybertheorist)

Tuesday, 20 December 2011


India’s Smartphone Market: 68% Annual Growth, iOS captures 2.6% - but no #android figure; growth 10%

European Parliament adopts proposals to improve EU #transparency rules - shame it's taken this long

Access to data in industry-sponsored trials - important stuff #opendata #clinicaltrials

MT @Glinner @GeraghtyDarren Disgusting. EMI threatens Ireland with legal action if they don't #censor the internet –

Whitehall: Govt-related private email, texts will be uncloaked - important #FOI clarification #uk

Time for - interesting thought experiment; won't ever happen

Inside The Atlantic: How One Magazine Got Profitable by Going ‘Digital First’ - this is how to do it

#Fairuse in Europe: Bernt Hugenholtz and Martin Senftleben in search of flexibilities - interesting report

Result! #Vodafone now allows internet underwear shopping - why it is always worth kicking up a fuss #censorship

The #OpenAccess Interviews: OMICS Publishing Group’s Srinu Babu Gedela - "a predatory Open Access publisher"?

Dec. 19, 1974: Build Your Own Computer at Home! - 256-byte memory; so far, so fast #altair

How does mobile Internet filtering work? - increasingly important question #censorship

Coalmine a 'threat to global warming target' - such as "China First" project - at least they're honest about priorities

Meizu CEO Confirms Meizu mPad Tablet Exists! - #android-based #china

Could Domestic Surveillance #Drones Spur Tougher #Privacy Laws? - interesting perspective

EU Council Quietly Adopts #ACTA, By Hiding It In An Agriculture And Fisheries Meeting - in case you missed it #fishy

The List Of Internet Censoring Countries The MPAA Thinks Provide A Good Example For The US - guess who... #sopa

Why Defensive .XXX Registration Is Only the Beginning of a Branding Nightmare - just as I and everyone predicted

Don't Break the Internet - "unprecedented, legally sanctioned assault on Internet’s critical technical infrastructure"

Geologists Find Source of Stonehenge’s Inner Stones - cool #archaeology

#Tibet’s resource curse - the dark side of green energy #china #lithium

What the Frack? Hydraulic Fracturing Companies Exempt from Public Health Laws - gosh, how handy (v @dcarli)

Does Congress Even Realize That The Courts Appear To Think That #SOPA Is Already In Force? - crazy & disturbing

AT&T admits defeat on T-Mobile takeover, will pay $4 billion breakup fee - ouch

MT @chrisblizzard Louis CK's event costs were $170k. Since he streamed for-pay MP4 for $550k in revenue that's $11k in MP4 license fees.

Monday, 19 December 2011


#RIAA and Homeland Security Caught Downloading Torrents - this was inevitable #hypocrisy

#Wikipedia's latest annual report: the way the world tells its story - Wael Ghonim: ‘Our revolution is like Wikipedia…’

FSF: We want to do more for you! - the perfect geek prezzie...

Facebook For #Android Finally Has More Daily Active Users Than #Facebook For #iPhone - another data point

How #SOPA Affects Students, Educators, and Libraries - #OCW, #OER and #fairuse all at risk

Russia #oil spills wreak devastation - depressing story; good reporting (v @asteris)#environment #energy

GOP chairman expects Obama to sign #SOPA - and disgrace that he is, he will, sadly (v @howardknopf)

I went to same school as Julian #Assange, but we learned different lessons - fascinating analysis: do read #occupy

Anatomy Of An Idea - yup, that's how we do it these days (v @leashless)#research #links

From Rogue To Vogue: Megaupload and Kim Dotcom - the real story of #megasong from the man behind it

p2pnet: last post - good luck with new venture, Jon Newton - and thanks for all your work

Private copying levy: societies "did not do enough", rules French court - bonkers #france

RT @markmackinnon#Kazakhstan unrest spreads to regional capital as death toll rises: >>could this ignite the country?

UK Music statement on copyright proposals - rich: calls minor rebalancing "ideologically driven changes" (v @hugonaut)

BT sues Google over patents allegedly infringed by Android - all of them risible, e.g.: "navigation information system"

Cartoon: #SOPA Opera - yup

#VirginMedia's '#censorship gone mad' - this is a joke, right? (v @tim)

Sunday, 18 December 2011


Former Tunisian Regime Goes Beyond Spying On Internet Traffic... To Rewriting Emails & More - now that's sneaky

Do We Really Have to Prepare for the Fourth Box? - sombre but important thoughts from Rick Falkvinge

#Apple Abuses #Patent System Again To Obstruct W3C Open Standard - going for leadership in evil

Create Subway Maps with jQuery Plugin - amazing power & durability of Tube map design

Small Entertainment Web Site Fears #SOPA Will Cause It To Shut Down... But ICE Can Already Shut It - all about control

Why is it so easy to save the banks – but so hard to save the biosphere? - great question (v @mbauwens)

French Ecology/Green Eva Joly : "Légalisons le partage sur internet !" - good idea #france (v @beabusaniche)

Seasonal flame bait - must-read: the real purpose of #SOPA (I agree, sadly...)

useful intro to #meshnets and adhoc networking - ever-more necessary (v @Asher_Wolf @fo0_)#wireless #surveillance

Australian Government unlikely to aid #Assange - standing up for its citizens...or not (v @wikileaks)

PCMCIA Computer Project Aims Even Higher (and Cheaper) Than Raspberry Pi - aiming at $15 per unit #linux

Reuters moves global online newsroom to Bangalore - symbolic shift east (v @rmack)

RT @GeorgeMonbiot That #BradleyManning may face life w/o parole for performing service to democracy is the #Dreyfus scandal of our time.

Coming Soon: Ubiquitous Long-Term Surveillance From Big Brother - blame Moore's Law for storage #surveillance

Opening Government Data in #Bulgaria - great to see #opendata

In case #SOPA passes: emergency list of IP addresses for popular websites - getting serious

What I Learned About the Wired World on Jury Duty - unusual, raises important issues #socialnws

Why you (yes you) should donate your medical data - well, maybe #privacy #research

European Parliament adopts proposals to improve EU #transparency rules - but will the Council agree?

World's Smallest and Most Power-Efficient Fingerprint Sensor in China - can't imagine they'll be interested...

Indonesian paper firm logging tiger sanctuary: NGOs - Asia Pulp & Paper looking v evil if true #APP #indonesia

British fishing industry lands controversial EU deal - fishermen overfish for years, then whinge about smaller quotas

#Water Will Be Critical Limiting Factor of 21st Century Production - oil? who cares? you can't drink it (v @mbauwens)

RT @zoobab Substantive patent law will remain part of the Unitary Patent, thus making it part of EU legal order >>big