Friday, 2 December 2011


Save the Internet - the pressure is working! - anti-#SOPA petition nearly hits one million

Kidnapper sues victims who escaped for breach of contract - you can't make this stuff up

Free Software in #Korea - given its previous #Microsoft dependence, this is impressive progress

Patent Transparency - we certainly need, this, but the problem is patents in themselves: so get rid of them

SABAM/Scarlet meets Newzbin2 – but will they play nicely together? - useful comparison

BUSTED! Secret app on millions of phones logs key taps - this is bad; needs fixing now #privacy #android

Why Not Listen to Some #Whale Songs for Science? - wonderful example of #citizenscience

Questionable 'Consumer' Group Releases Most Misleading Report Imaginable, Falsely Claiming People Support #SOPA

#Copyright Costs of Joining the #TPP: Extending Bill C-11 With More Digital Locks & Penalties - TPP = bad bad bad #ca

RespectMyNet: Internet Restrictions on the Table of EU Regulators - getting the #netneutrality message across

Canada’s Foreign #Aid Agency signs on to IATI: Aid Data get more transparent - nice move

HMRC rethinks £8.5bn megadeal as large suppliers resist flagship IT reforms - still a disgrace (v @Mark_Antony)#uk

White House's Totally Clueless Response To #Copyright Infringement: Call In McGruff The Crime Dog - utterly risible

#OKF Working Group Update: EU Open Data - really hot area; don't get left behind #opendata

#Mozilla Steps Up Its Opposition to New Internet Proposals--Asks for Support - good to see them more engaged #sopa

A Step By Step Debunking Of US Chamber Of Commerce's Dishonest Stats About 'Rogue Sites' - excellent piece #sopa

Cambridge University Press to try renting academic articles - renting knowledge? shame on CUP; open access now...

The rules of the game: A conversation with Dave Neary - interesting stuff; recommended

Patient sues dentist over gag order, gets Medical Justice to backtrack - using #copyright to censor

‘The Pirate Bay Dancing’ Add-On Killls DNS and IP Blockades - and so it goes on #sopa #copyright

#Sicily to consider law promoting the use of open source - bello

Quality - Open Source for the Win (Part Deux) - wow, this is getting seriously good #3dprinters

New cane for the blind uses Foursquare checkins to locate nearby friends - finally: a sensible use for #foursquare

How Europe is giving the U.S. a lesson in Internet due process - </cough>

#Arduino 1.0 now available - open hardware milestone

Croatian transparency activists publish big db of gov procurements, pointing way to detecting corruption & fraud –

Vodafone customers can't buy underwear online (unless they opt-in to porn) - why net filters are a bad idea

South Korea may begin censoring social networking, mobile apps from next week - bad stuff spreading #censorship

Kentucky church votes to ban interracial couples - US hurtling back to the 19th century... #racism

Legisladores mexicanos proponen multar a telef√≥nicas que no “cooperen” revelando datos a la autoridad - #surveillance

#Patent Trolls Going After Media Companies; Will That Lead To Real Reform? - would certainly help

UK Parliament says #ACTA needs no scrutiny - shabby trick: they know they have something to hide (v @jmcest)

NGOs express concern over #WIPO's activities on IP enforcement - "lacking a development & public interest orientation"

Drop DOW Chemical as partners for the London 2012 Olympic Games #Bhopal - gold medallist in shirking its duty

More UK Open Data Moves - and Why That Makes Sense - great progress here #opendata

Internet censorship against streaming in #France? - shamless: I think they're actually proud to be censoring..

#Tobacco Companies Think Their #Trademarks Are More Important Than Your Health - well, they would do

Yet Another Study Shows That Hollywood's Own Bad Decisions Are Increasing The Amount Of Infringement - obvious to us

#Copyright Corruption Scandal Surrounds Anti-#Piracy Campaign - this is too perfect #nl

#Morality, Non-Zero Sum Games, #Externalities & Why Someone Profiting Off Of Your Work Isn't A Bad Thing - deep stuff

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