Thursday, 8 December 2011


Europe’s Transition From Social Democracy to Oligarchy - another amazing, must-read analysis; long but deep

Junger Mann von Piranhas zerfleischt - yikes

#Canada’s tar sands lobbying gets murky - still playing dirty

StatsCan’s free data costs $2M – a rant - good point about missed opportunities #opendata

The Rise of Developeronomics - great piece; also explains why we need free software

UK Civil liberties pledge 'abandoned' - surprise (v @jmcest @igeldard)

Canadian Songwriters Want to Legalize File-Sharing - interesting move #canada

Mozilla Public License 2.0 and increasing public copyright license compatibility - useful update on licensing moves

#Google set to begin appeal against Italian guilty verdicts - seems so long ago now #italy

Research Data: Share Early, Share Often - yet another reason to #share

OpenStreetMap calls for donations - needs a new server; not asking for much, is it? #osm

One Decade Later, Chinese Pirates Still Eating Microsoft’s Free Lunch - which is bad for #freesw in #china

“Campaign for the Commons” rising at #OWS - makes a lot of sense #commons

Please Donate to the Internet Archive - another very worthy cause that needs some dosh #internetarchive

All photos are created equal – the Painer case in the CJEU - some subtle #copyright issues

Wikimedia Foundation Report, November 2011 - lots of interesting stats #wikipedia

#Newham Council residents to sign-in every visitor to their property - like East Germany, not East London

Open Source Total Cost of Ownership 2.0 - #TCO is back, & this time it's serious #opensource #innovation

Petition to get a pardon for #Turing's "gross indecency" conviction - the least they can do

#Google's Next Victim? British Intelligence Services - wonderful story

Our New App, Evernote Hello, Will Help You Remember People - inching towards recording your whole life

Norman languages spoken in the Channel Islands now severely endangered - norman? wow (v @LifeinSicily @Digitalnun)

Short Cuts - fab piece from John Lancaster on the "vicious obscurity" of high-finance deals & scandals (v @umairh)

Getting It: In A World Of Digital #Abundance, Sell The #Scarcities - obvious, really

The Open Knowledge Foundation: Open Data Means Better Science - good summary #oa #opendata #openscience

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