Friday, 16 December 2011


#Japan Tsunami Relief: Help People Not #Whalers - who does the japanese government really care about? #epetition

US Republicans try to kill IMF eurozone help - will probably kill IMF if they do

Can #opensource save the planet? - nice intro to Open Source Ecology project I Did Not Authorize Megaupload Video Takedown - the plot thickens

An Open Letter to David Willetts: A bold step towards opening British research - the importance of downstream uses #oa

Open source cancer research - sharing info speeds up discoveries: who'd have thought? #openscience

#Lobbying: Calls for #transparency over former MPs’ access to Parliament - urgently needed

Microsoft Pushes Back on EU Cloud Concerns as European Rivals Move In - don't see how MS can address this as US co.

Richard #Strauss: Complete Chronological Catalogue by TrV Number - IMO he wrote too much, but redeemed by metamorphosen

#SOPA Undermines the U.S. in Its Negotiations for a Free, Open Internet - US gov increasingly delusional

Samsung's snarky TV ads have harshed the iPhone's vibe - amazing

Harkening to #Hargreaves: UK #Copyright Consultation - particularly pleased to see the requirement for #evidence

HMRC: Don't scapegoat #whistleblower #ositamba - absurd & vindictive #epetition

French President’s Residence ‘Busted’ For BitTorrent Piracy - I'm sure there are many more like this #hypocrisy

#Mozilla Announces Firefox Flicks - "short films that highlight what makes Mozilla Firefox different"

EU Council Supports Net Neutrality. Let's Make it the Law! - sounds good

ownCloud Open Source Storage Launches Commercial Entity - seem to be quite a few #opensource cloud solutions

Tons Of Amendments Proposed For #SOPA - follow @mmasnick for today's live tweeting of "markup" process

European IT authorities want better OOXML in Libre/OpenOffice - well, yes, they need an escape route..

Pluses and minuses if Wikipediafying your database - thought-provoking stuff #openscience #wikipedia

Universal Music uses false #copyright claim to #censor news program about its false copyright claim - it happens again

An Open Letter From Internet Engineers to the U.S. Congress - wow, impressive list - & they all hate #sopa (v @webmink)

RT @normative Lofgren & Issa issuing tag-team call for postponement of #SOPA markup for sake of transparency, hearings w/tech experts

MT @digiphile for live tweets of #SOPA hearing, now LIVE: :@gnagesh @efflive @normative @mmasnick @techdirt

MT @johnrobb Resilient Community Formula: "Localize production. Virtualize the rest." <= Spread this idea as far and wide as you can>>yup

Stopping SOPA’s Anti-Circumvention - good analysis of particularly dangerous paragraph, aimed at MAFIAAfire & Firefox

RT @rmack @JPBarlow:#SOPA is the most arrogant act of imperialism in history. It gives Hollywood the right to control all human expression.

Sky blocks #Newzbin, important legal and technical questions need answering - not just #sopa: bad stuff in UK, too

MT @OpenAccessEC EC's proposal for #Horizon2020 is mandatory #OA for all pubs & experiment OA to data: (v @irynakuchma)

Ridiculous: Lamar Smith Basing His Plan To Massively Regulate The Internet On False Or Misleading Research - debunked

RT @normative Maxine Waters commends #SOPA 2.0 as an attempt to "combat online privacy". Well, yes, there is that. >>ha!

How DC Decided To Regulate The Internet To Protect Hollywood From Innovating - won't somebody think of the florists?

Judge gives Universal Music 24 hours to explain takedown spree - more and more fun

Grooveshark to be sued by Warner and Sony - I've heard this one before...

Here’s a Cop #Tasing a 14-Year-Old Girl While She Puts Her Hands Up - just another hero...

Get Your War On vs #SOPA - nice

Report: Harmful Chimpanzee Research Not Worth the Pain - too right

SNCF launches a debate on open transport data in France - they need a debate? #opendata #france

Despite being 10 years old, Windows XP still running on third of all computers - tells you something about later stuff

Former DHS Assistant Secretary Stewart Baker On SOPA 2.0: Still A Disaster For Cybersecurity - superbly clear

The Internet erases borders, #SOPA puts them back - good point: another reason it's retrogressive

Hacker who betrayed Bradley Manning expresses regret over possible jail term - well, that's OK, then... #lamo

MT @declanm Sensenbrenner, who knows how House Judiciary works, says that with 70+ amendments, #SOPA markup won't be done until next year.

List of Those Expressing Concern With #SOPA and PIPA - wow, that's some list (v @digiphile)

RT @whitehouse Happy Bill of Rights Day! The US continues to stand with citizens & governments around the world who empower free expression

Radio Days Are Back: Ham Radio Licenses at an All-Time High - welcome to Internet 2.0 (v @vickeegan)#SOPA

MT @ralpost I love how the entertainment industry now uses "Google" like the Tea Party uses "Liberal". Keep it simple eh? >>v good point

MT @wseltzer Rep. Lofgren makes important point that if DNS takedowns get safe harbor, we'll see DNS takedowns. (Just look at DMCA) #SOPA

MT @mmasnick This! RT @EFFLive:#SOPA supporters said for months opponents don't have any real suggestions, then vote down all amendments

Banksy's new sculpture: Cardinal Sin - made me chortle - once I'd worked out the visual joke...

RT @mmasnick Lofgren: "I don't think we can tell the world that we're going to outlaw the tools they need to be free people" #sopa >>quite

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