Saturday, 10 December 2011


Spotting Counterfeit Chips Is Hard; Spotting Digital Piracy Is Even Harder - counterfeits &l piracy are different

the cloud: amazing pair of interlinked tower blocks in South Korea, due to be completed 2015 - #architecture

MT @stshank Spotify CEO Daniel Ek: "We felt most important thing was we had to create a product that was better than #piracy" #cnet #leweb

Results of publicly funded research will be open access – UK science minister - fab; prizes too (v @z_rose)#oa

Revealed: The #Wikipedia pages changed by Bell Pottinger - shows the value of audit trails #lobbying

#Monsanto undermined by damning US report - resistance growing - in all senses

#Germany: Auctioning an Opportunity to Shake Down Filesharers … - huge numbers: seems pretty abusive

Call At OHCHR For Policy Action On Right To Enjoy Benefits Of Scientific Progress - #openaccess, #opendata, #opensource

Here's How Android Has Destroyed Symbian In China - wow: #android 58%, #iOS 6%; if confirmed, winner is clear

Why #Bitcoin is a Foundational Change That Won’t Go Away - & Could Change Everything - well written, if over the top

ISO/IEC MPEG to select from two options for royalty-free video - probably a trick...

RIAA Label Artists & A-List Stars Endorse Megaupload In New Song - this is too wonderful #sopa

Open Data Day 2011 – Recaps from Around the World - useful #opendata

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