Tuesday, 29 November 2011


The #Copyright Industry – A Century Of Deceit - http://bit.ly/rs8MBa it's got a bit of a track record here...

Eric #Whitacre's top 10 headphone albums - http://bit.ly/u0FJLL for Eric fans

UK secretly helping Canada push its oil sands project - http://bit.ly/vncRDU "greenest gov", Dave? I don't think #betrayal

New xkcd items and Christmas delivery - http://bit.ly/tGVm6M solve 2 probs at once: supporting #xkcd and buying prezzies

Secret Whitehall statistics to be published for the first time - http://bit.ly/uATyIK more on uk's #opendata moves (v @glynwintle)

Web Search By The People, For The People: YaCy 1.0 - http://bit.ly/v8b1OI peer-to-peer Free Software search engine

In #India, 40% of search and 67% of e-commerce is #mobile, says Google - http://tnw.co/v8RWA4 it's the future

UK Gets Ball Rolling On Digital Copyright Exchange - http://bit.ly/rNsTkM interesting, but I'm sceptical it will ever happen

Opensource edible landscapes: The Todmorden story - http://bit.ly/rYqwq3 hopeful stuff

Panasonic To Start Selling #Android Phones In Europe (And Possibly The US) - http://tcrn.ch/vGdclo and another one

Patent Scandal of Laws Made Behind Closed Doors - http://bit.ly/sCxsKW #swpats on their way... #eu #epo #acta

Nov. 28, 1660: Hey, Guys, Let’s Found Britain’s Foremost Scientific Academy - http://bit.ly/tGwhpz so what went wrong?

Concerns about #Taser use in police force under scrutiny over recent death - http://bit.ly/u0TNDN getting worse

Let The Bible Go Free! - http://bit.ly/toVKk5 and not only... #copyright

Coming To Plates In Europe: Patented Vegetables, Produced By Conventional Breeding - http://bit.ly/uA3NSp #EPO at its worst

The OpenCorporates principles: What we do and how we do it - http://bit.ly/uK3Ly6 good stuff - kudos (v @anheem)#opendata

Ex-RIAA Boss Ignores All Criticisim Of #SOPA/PIPA - http://bit.ly/rMDecJ says: "think analogue" - the problem in a nutshell #abundance

Just Because New Artist Platforms Aren't Minting Millionaires Doesn't Mean These Platforms Have Failed - http://bit.ly/sOL6y7 important

Elvis #Costello to fans: my label is gouging you on my new box set; don't buy it. download by "unconventional means" – http://bit.ly/tMqAvF

Monday, 28 November 2011


The Rise and Fall of #Bitcoin - http://bit.ly/tVzvWP good retelling of fascinating saga

My 10 years of blogging: Reflections, Lessons & Some Stats Too - http://bit.ly/w1Z41I @om on a decade of writing; worth reading

Personalized Medicine - http://bit.ly/ugfPXL "why return of ‘omic’ results to research participants is a good idea and a moral imperative"

More news from our Martian Invaders - http://bit.ly/v0HYNs once again, Charlie Stross connects the dots #ows

Foundations Considered Useful - http://bit.ly/uVJgPm good stuff from @mmilinkov#opensource #eclipse

#India's new #GM crops bill is a gross example of corruption - http://bit.ly/uEuqIj a disaster in the making

Alan Moore – meet the man behind the protest mask - http://bit.ly/vQe5Gx timely interview with a fascinating bloke #v

BitTorrent Defense Lawyer Joins #Copyright #Trolls - http://bit.ly/uDNltK <insert cynical comment here>

Millions using #YouTube Editor to enhance videos after posting - http://bit.ly/sTeZWI liberating more creativity

First inkjet-printed #graphene computer circuit is transparent, flexible - http://bit.ly/tQK5hr new kinds of shiny

Fresh wave of killings by hunters takes Indonesian #orangutan to the brink of extinction - http://bit.ly/twYpXE the curse of #palmoil again

With friends like the DMCA, who needs SOPA? - http://bit.ly/tiuTKq good point: just because #SOPA is awful doesn't make #DMCA good

#Textmining: My years negotiating with Elsevier - http://bit.ly/vcQ3vS important post; shameful state of affairs #openaccess

The #freemona Perfect Storm: Dissent and the Networked Public Sphere - http://bit.ly/tJzSoa important story, well told (v @jeffjarvis)

#Copyright is Unconstitutional - http://bit.ly/scxDi3 not quite sure what this "constitution" thing is, but sounds an interesting idea

MT @BiellaColeman @sepiamutiny: India's #biometric ID probs; laborers often lack fingerprints b/c of excessive work http://bit.ly/v5FvN7

The Russian Internet (Runet) Becomes More Opaque - http://bit.ly/uepFP0 #RIAA, #MPAA will love this (v @evgenymorozov)#russia

The Reply Given in Arkell v. Pressdram - http://bit.ly/sc6YkN truly wunnerful #privateeye

Now #China to probe U.S. renewable energy support - http://reut.rs/vYHBkS superpower annoyed with pesky Muricans...

UK Houses of Parliament police: no political material allowed in Parliament - http://bit.ly/tkJbUx riiiight

What Really Happened to Strauss-Kahn? - http://bit.ly/vVsJfc wow, this does look intriguing, to say the least... (v @declanm)

#SOPA will lead to Internet lawlessness - http://bit.ly/vJ0ujk "plays fast & loose with important notions of due process. (v @ipjustice)

Saturday, 26 November 2011


European Commission to adopt Open Data Strategy - http://bit.ly/uNLjic more good news on the #opendata front #eu

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, #China & the Future of Intellectual Property Law Negotiations - http://bit.ly/t6pLb1 good summary #tpp

#Berlusconi's Mediaset blames Google of TV '#piracy' - http://bit.ly/rq7qkU oh, look - a squirrel

Oz ISPs propose #copyright enforcement trial - http://bit.ly/vmKvBC flogging the proverbial dead horse #au

Gould-Werritty: A Real Conspiracy, Not a Theory - http://bit.ly/vDhAGE what fun #uk #israel #iran

Universitarios españoles suspenden en “copyleft” - http://bit.ly/w1QUXD must try harder... #spain #cc

Three dying platforms: Flash, Silverlight, Win32 - http://bit.ly/swHYSe seems to be an emerging consensus

Aussie ISPs Propose Anti-FileSharing Warning Notice Scheme - http://bit.ly/uuUG1w more details of the plans #au

Protecting and promoting the UK in a digital world - http://bit.ly/sQRBtR persistent use of "cyber" here is just embarrassing: you dig, man?

#Google sets Wave shutdown date, points to open source projects - http://bit.ly/uAbMmk probably means well

MT @copyrightgirl the 2011 UK #copyright review made awesome use of social media, well done @The_IPO, hope you win! bit.ly/sDYK6F

RT @jamie_love Justin Hughes of USPTO says US objects to having a right of translation, because of "moral rights" issues.>>feeble

Deutsche knacken #HDTV-Kopierschutz - http://bit.ly/sC2wMr well, that was inevitable

Researchers conduct successful MITM attack on HDCP copy protection - http://bit.ly/sWLmp1 more details #security

pix of the week: #London Fog - http://bit.ly/t7Eo5M lovely stuff

Statistics #Canada Data to become #OpenData – Background, Winners and Next Steps - http://bit.ly/ttH4X2 good analysis of hopeful move

Android Malware - http://bit.ly/uEIoEy "I don't believe the iPhone will be more secure because of Apple's rigid policies for the app store"

Influence Networks - http://bit.ly/tFgxXY "collaborative directory of relationships between people, institutions & companies" (v @SinkDeep)

The scandal of publisher-forbidden textmining: The vision denied - http://bit.ly/rNZsb7 gives great background to my @techdirt post #oa

#Apache considered harmful - http://bit.ly/teL8HI I missed this post a couple of days ago; raises important issues #git #github

Publieke omroep lekt 2,3 miljoen persoonsgegevens - http://bit.ly/sDTk5D ouch - 2.3 million personal details leaked from CMS (v @AdV007)

Criminals and cyber bullies to be banned from the web - http://tgr.ph/s9hH0h wrong & unworkable (v @jmcest @dml)

London OpenStreetMap Edits 2005-2010 (video) - http://bit.ly/tUpG4z unstoppable power of open collaboration (v http://bit.ly/uleEcn) #osm

ACTA: time for a democracy catch up? - http://bit.ly/sTGXM8 depressing summary of non-existent democratic input of UK public to #ACTA

#Google's new ad space: #Chrome - http://cnet.co/vVZvCT it would be crazy to push this any further

Rights and wronged - http://econ.st/u3BoWZ "theft"? hardly. #Economist totally clueless as usual in this area #sopa #copyright

The rich get rich and the poor get laid off - http://bit.ly/sSCyqf debunking the trickle-down theory; thoughtful stuff (v @LifeinSicily)

RT @cascio @Old_Holborn Oh dear. #Occupylsx has set up a homeopathy clinic on Mondays. No, really. they are the 0.0000000000000000001%

Global criminal money laundering network uncovered - http://bit.ly/sktFc0 amazing stuff

Nov. 23, 1963: Doctor Who Materializes on BBC - http://bit.ly/tSYeNC hmm, looks familiar... #drwho

Investment Protection With Open Source - http://bit.ly/uiLmf9 important points

Android tops BlackBerry among enterprise users, says one study - http://cnet.co/sEfs1w huge if true

Life began with a planetary mega-organism - http://bit.ly/sNYyrQ sounds like open source ecosystem #luca

#Turkey Institutes "Voluntary" Internet Filtering - http://rww.to/tMqXrF I fear this will end badly

Announcing MakerBot Projects: Remote Control Cars, Dynamos and a Windup Robotic Posse - http://bit.ly/rDyW39 all open source #3dprinting

John Wiley Expands Lawsuit Against File-Sharing 'Dummies' - http://bit.ly/u2ITHg suing people is for dummies when reputation is at stake

Science education prize goes to Open Source Physics - http://bit.ly/vfKKNp with open source software

#Tor bridges in the #Amazon cloud - http://bit.ly/ucFBNM now that's clever

Spooked By Lax U.S. Data Privacy, European Firms Build Their Own Cloud Services - http://rww.to/tH6ztz inevitable; #SOPA kickback bigger

Friday, 25 November 2011


#Sarkozy Worried About The Internet 'Stealing Audience Share' From 'Regulated' TV Services - http://bit.ly/v2sHaI </facepalm> #france

MT @Falkvinge Win in ECJ: Internet traffic monitoring for #copyright monopoly purposes ILLEGAL, EU-wide. tinyurl.com/cvsnkb3 >>big

Press statement and FAQ: Scarlet/#Sabam Ruling a vital victory for Internet freedoms - http://bit.ly/u982Kr useful analysis #surveillance

Dutch parliament refuses #ACTA secrecy - http://bit.ly/tWa1Xk kudos; so who else has the guts to do this? #nl #transparency

#China’s ‘water army’ of paid-to-post web commenters analysed in new report - http://tnw.co/tbIBI2 fascinating glimpse of this huge effect

ISPA, LINX and ORG insist on Court Orders for #Nominet's domain suspensions - http://bit.ly/tTxy8Y update on bad stuff in #uk

UNDP Open Data site - http://bit.ly/t9fd1v this is good to see #opendata #un

Minister: UK music industry a huge success - http://bit.ly/vznRn9 thus confirming piracy "damage" still unproven by #evidence

Failure to catch climate email hacker is the real scandal - http://bit.ly/t1GRkX come on, people, somebody out there must know

Les inspecteurs de l'éducation nationale convoqués chez #Microsoft - http://bit.ly/vLPnsh truly scandalous - how do they get away with it?

#Google Now Censors The Pirate Bay, isoHunt, 4Shared and More - http://bit.ly/t8e7og only lightly evil #censorship

Violations of human rights as a result of #GM soy - http://bit.ly/rRgpaC now that's an original approach

French government tenders for open source support - http://bit.ly/ru93Zv +ve news from #france, for a change

Improving traffic management transparency - http://bit.ly/vZMd9Q #ofcom gets #netneutrality, but supports it only weakly (v @tim)

#SABAM: A Turning Point in #EU Internet Law? - http://bit.ly/v5oCEU some first thoughts #copyright #privacy #censorship

Robot Prison Guards Roll Out - http://on.wsj.com/sFIPr6 what could possibly go wrong? (v @akaSassinak @ArjenKamphuis)#robocop

MT @NeelieKroesEU I welcome court's clarification in SABAM/Scarlet case. Shows case for promoting legal content alongside

The leaked climate science emails – and what they mean - http://bit.ly/undbqi amazing what selective quotations can do... #fud

Franz #Schubert: Complete Chronological Catalogue D. 1 - 998 In One #Spotify Playlist - http://bit.ly/ttP7Ll amazing; thanks @ulyssestone

MT @zoobab @VisaePatentes OUTRAGEOUS: #JURI mandates #Lehne to negotiate #unitarypatent with Commission/Council behind closed doors>>shame

MT @StopActaNow En El Senado están discutiendo "permisos piloto" para experimentar con semillas transgénicas de #monsanto. #patentes #ACTA

Thursday, 24 November 2011


Fixing #copyright: the solution - http://bit.ly/uzV8rz interesting approach, but it would be far simpler just to abolish the thing

Best. research paper abstract. evar. - http://bit.ly/s7vURl have to agree, there...

Privés de copie ! Les droits du public discrètement laminés à l'Assemblée - http://bit.ly/s6Osev #sarkozy continues his attack on the public

Move over Kinect — Displair from Russia is a gesture interface in thin air - http://bit.ly/uwQzLa a bit rough, but clever (v @mikebutcher)

Good to know in case you're on the #OWS lines - http://bit.ly/tE4YUM 2Their goal is to cause intense pain." staggering

#MPAA Costs Hollywood More Than US BitTorrent #Piracy - http://bit.ly/viXM1i nice analysis

Surprise! #Microsoft quietly opposes #SOPA copyright bill - http://cnet.co/uU5UGW wrong-footed on this one

A Small Victory For #Patent Common Sense: Earth Closet Orders Are No More - http://bit.ly/vMJdt3 <insert joke here>

Private Copying: French Parliament Downsizes The Public's Rights - http://bit.ly/v5go7R (english version of earlier post) #copyright

New #EU Parliamentary Forum To Push For Even More Draconian #Copyright Laws And Enforcement - http://bit.ly/v8CWOJ just what we need

Will the ECJ stymie attempts to identify internet users? - http://bit.ly/rUgMrx potentially very big #eu #piracy

EU regulator "concerned" over cellphone patents war - http://reut.rs/sLpvuV just noticed that monopolies are bad

New Research Shows Movie And Game Piracy On The Rise, But Won't Tell Us How It Knows - http://bit.ly/vTdhxI as usual: what a surprise

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


[RT] Kroes: #Copyright Is 'A Tool To Punish And Withhold'; New Business Models, Not More Enforcement Needed – http://bit.ly/tOKF7b

Benjamin #Britten: Complete Chronological Catalogue - http://bit.ly/sMq55l just in time for his and #stcecilia's birthday #spotify

How #SOPA would affect you: FAQ - http://cnet.co/rUmRe7 useful summary

Logiciels libres: un décret illégal? - http://bit.ly/vycFnY more daftness from #Quebec #opensource

Interview with a Pirate who uses #freesw - http://bit.ly/voufXq i.e.@teirdes - more like her needed in European Parliament

UK Publishers Moan About Content Mining's Possible Problems; Dismiss Other Countries' Actual Experience - http://bit.ly/vROpj1 #openaccess

#Penguin Group USA to No Longer Allow Library Lending of New #Ebook Titles - http://bit.ly/teeFg6 thus guaranteeing piracy will increase

#Mexico's Largest University to Post Online Nearly All Publications and Course Materials - http://bit.ly/ugbCrO pretty big move #oer

RT @fleming77 This is the webpage to the open access Mexican University goo.gl/v9Jxv >>lots of good stuff #opencontent #oer

'The UC Davis Policeman's Actions Are a Huge Gift to the Chinese Government' - http://bit.ly/s8fpmh just like #sopa

Making 2012 plans: #mozilla + web makers - http://bit.ly/u8cdYz useful update on next's year work

LibreOffice Magazine Brasil busca colaboradores - http://bit.ly/td7xQa impressive: #brazil even has an online mag about #libreoffice

Pentagon’s War on Drugs Goes Mercenary - http://bit.ly/vlMXD0 perfect way to give waste huge amounts achieving nothing

3D-printed UAV - http://bit.ly/upx3mZ wow, this is truly the future #3dprinting #surveillance

Chinese central bank to replace IMF in Ukraine - http://bit.ly/sXLQFh how many more straws in the wind do people need? #china

Retail and food industry improving #palmoil sourcing, says WWF - http://bit.ly/vzFmiu why is #germany doing so badly here?

Congress considers anti-piracy bills that could cripple Internet industries - http://oreil.ly/t9DwSy huge number of good links #sopa

South Korean MP lets off teargas in parliament - http://bit.ly/s9NnQy tries to stop ratification of FTA with US; fails, alas...

Why Does The Government Fear Free Speech? - http://bit.ly/t6JyaY this cartoon should be pinned in every politician's office

whoa, this isn't something you see often: http://bit.ly/tC6xjt (v @cascio @Chrysaora @ethanz)#UCDavis

Canadian Anti-Counterfeiting Group Calls For Graduated Response, More Restrictive Digital Lock Rules - http://bit.ly/uK13cV for a change

The #RIAA Was For Freedom Of Speech Before It Was Against It - http://bit.ly/ukyhL9 ironic much?

South Korean Bookstore Chain Launches Qualcomm E-Reader - http://bit.ly/s8rsrl #android based #ebooks

Data Roaming: Dear Former State Monopolies, - http://bit.ly/vrVhCS "Commission wants retail price cap of 900 euro per GB"; cost: under €1

China’s secret slave camps - http://bit.ly/rJt5vA "#China is hiding a secret network of more than 1,000 slave labour prison camps"

site devoted to Laogai—China’s extensive system of forced-labor prison camps - http://bit.ly/u5rCGv (v @teawithcarl)

Why The Supreme Court's 'Grokster' Decision Led To More, Not Less, #P2P Filesharing - http://bit.ly/s84LbH & lots of #opensource

EPUB 3: Building a standard on unstable ground - http://oreil.ly/shFXQP "What advantages/challenges will EPUB 3 bring to publishing table?"

The Definitive Post On Why #SOPA And Protect IP Are Bad, Bad Ideas - http://bit.ly/v8gOe7 probably is too: good stuff

#US pushing UN to lift ban on #cluster bombs, say campaigners - http://bit.ly/uHe5VU truly disgusting

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Do Lawyers Ignore #Copyright Law? - http://bit.ly/s8EaB4 nice piece picking up on one of my #techdirt posts #opensource

China’s Appetite for Wood Takes a Heavy Toll on Forests - http://bit.ly/tIfTTN #china + some western cos bears a heavy responsibility here

First Pirate MEP: We expect party to grow - http://bit.ly/sXOPuu interview with Christian Engström #eu

The Twilight of #Copyright? - http://onforb.es/usnWcm great to see this meme spreading #intellectualmonopolies

Edward #Elgar: Complete Works With Opus Number - http://bit.ly/sp0VmL wonderful music for the end of an era - ours #spotify

What does it cost to buy the Internet? - http://bit.ly/veRvoD sadly, not much, as we know to our cost #deact #hadopi #sopa

Scroll Essential #Tablet PC - http://bit.ly/uX5bot £70 #android tab. no idea if it's any good, but I do know more tabs will cost this & less

MT @MariaDamanakiEU EU proposes to forbid, no exemptions, #sharkfinning in EU waters & by EU fishermen across world's oceans bit.ly/etbLuO

The New Government of Canada Open Data License: The OGL by another name - http://bit.ly/tZn9gK getting better #opendata

Rich New Yorkers buy plain black vans with plush interiors - http://bit.ly/sEnmQR this is the future: hidden opulence

Open Source Nurtures Innovation - http://bit.ly/uh3w3S important stuff; I'll be writing on theme shortly #openinnovation

Case for a Treaty on Exceptions & Limitations for Libraries and Archives - http://bit.ly/sNtQyk #brazil leading the way (v @beabusaniche)

EU Parliament Massively Commits to Net Neutrality and Open Internet - http://bit.ly/rWME6X from last week, but important #netneutrality

Bureau Recommends: ‘Vulture Fund’ sues #Congo for $100m over $3m debt - http://bit.ly/uXPp1j the 1% strike again

#AU labels feeling the music pirating pain (but not the artists) - http://bit.ly/tUyzaw v important point (v @4b5 @MylesPeterson)

Of Open Data Startups and Open Businesses - http://bit.ly/saTfXo a peek into the future #SFScon11 #opendata #openinnovation

Random Hacks of Kindness - http://bit.ly/t0C8pP #london, Dec 3/4: Hacks Financial Illiteracy & Financial Exclusion! (v @coolnik07)

GoDaddy Takes Down Entire Site Of Copyright Attorney/Photographer Over Bogus #DMCA Claim - http://bit.ly/vQw3SJ more of this with #sopa

Bradley #Manning, suspected source for #WikiLeaks, will go on trial Dec. 16 in Maryland - http://bit.ly/u2r3fE outrageous taken this long

Swedish political party pledges War On Wolves - http://bit.ly/uBKuX0 amazing how medieval some people are

Lançamento da lei do #ODF do Rio de Janeiro acontece hoje - http://bit.ly/tFmg7L more goods moves from #brazil

UC Davis Pepper Spray Cop Is Now a Meme - http://gaw.kr/sFkB0S an appalling act transmogrified

The unexpected reader - http://bit.ly/uH5szs "openness is rapidly becoming default, because awareness of benefits is spreading so widely"

How the Internet Evolves to Overcome #Censorship - http://ti.me/t2EIkj well, that remains to be seen #sopa

Money - http://bit.ly/sAvhIm staggering in all senses: if you look at this too long, you will fall in and never get out #xkcd

How Other Parts Of The World View #SOPA - http://bit.ly/utUs1U you can probably guess

BSA Changes Its Mind On #SOPA: Unintended Consequences Too Big - http://bit.ly/sgJtZw whoa, quite a U-turn...

Monday, 21 November 2011


Culture According to #Sarkozy: Digital Obscurantism and Contempt for Rights - http://bit.ly/sPRCoj the Internet's worst enemy?

#IBM system in Warsaw University is the most energy efficient supercomputer in the world - http://bit.ly/v1QRuU runs #linux, of course

Russia's #Medvedev "Only World Leader" Who Understands Internet, Says Wikipedia Founder - http://onforb.es/rMwkZr not much competition, though

#patents mean "we pay almost $300 billion a year for prescription drugs that would sell for $30 billion a year" - http://bit.ly/uVzfmc #us

pic of the week: “Shard and watery sun ” - http://bit.ly/ujTkiD fab image #london

Clayton Christensen: How Pursuit of Profits Kills #Innovation and the U.S. Economy - http://onforb.es/sLFfKM yup (v @rmack)

Ministers Considering Protest Restrictions During #Olympics - http://bit.ly/umzgxu chinese must be delighted #UK following their example

Why Is Lawrence# Lessig MIA In The Great #SOPA Piracy Debate? - http://bit.ly/tJjbxK precisely the question I've been asking myself

Pirate To Join European Parliament As Youngest Member - http://bit.ly/sV5kKJ at long last

Sunday, 20 November 2011


Labour releases New Zealand's first Open Government policy - http://bit.ly/tSZMVh good to see it spreading (v @clarecurranmp)#ogov #nz

Mediagoblin, an open #Flickr alternative, just launched version 0.1.0 - http://bit.ly/snLJiG more of these needed

A partly secret ratification process… How deep do you want to sink? - http://bit.ly/tg8zSK something to hide, much? disgusting #acta

Learning From #Beethoven: Speeding Up The Exchange Of Scientific Knowledge - http://bit.ly/tioMRz don't miss LvB's quote on #sharing

for no particular reason (as if one were needed) here's a poem by my favourite poet for your Saturday delectation – http://bit.ly/sJ5hI7

Clegg orders fresh review of UK extradition treaty - http://bit.ly/ryCosT about time

Mercedes manager from Germany arrested in Alabama - http://apne.ws/vXObL8 for being a furriner, essentially...

When Whales Walked in Egypt - http://bit.ly/vzsUAk fab headline, marvellous illustration #evolution

(more) 3D street art around the world - in pictures - http://bit.ly/v6eJhL these really are v clever (v @janetedavis)

#SOPA's latest threat: IP blocking, privacy-busting packet inspection - http://cnet.co/uuyU5s worse & worse

Microsoft Surface Beaten By 65 Inch #Android Tablet - http://bit.ly/tYjFyV oh, poor little plucky #Microsoft, stuffed again...

EU comes clean on phosphates ban in detergents - http://bit.ly/sjhXrA long overdue #environment

Barnes & Noble pummels Microsoft #patents with prior art - http://bit.ly/tVWpPk this case gets more & more significant #fud #android

#Taiwan set to become an ‘#Android Island’ in new proposals - http://tnw.co/uItUqY cool idea

Barnes & Noble Lawyers Up Some More, Finds More Prior Art - http://bit.ly/uH4EMH typically thorough stuff from #groklaw

Are We All Online Criminals? - http://on.wsj.com/srFXn7 of course; is the law an ass? inevitably...

[avignon] Day 2, Debate: “IP is a universal value” - http://bit.ly/s0XmGI the arrogance & ignorance of the 1% here is staggering

Anonymous "dimnet" tries to create hedge against DNS #censorship - http://bit.ly/tkBqX6 interesting, but not what we really need

Swedish Study Shows File Sharing And Music Buying Go Hand-In-Hand - http://bit.ly/vseYn1 yet another study confirming this link #spotify

High Court: TVCatchup reproduces copyrighted films ... in #buffers - http://bit.ly/sxMqCe #copyright struggling with technology again

E-Publishing The Chinese Way: Very Fast And Very Cheap - http://bit.ly/tOp4LS interesting approach #publishing

Wave Of Suicides Among Indian Farmers - http://bit.ly/sk1kNA 250,000 in 16 years; "persuaded to use genetically modified seeds" #india #gm

Memo to American Bankers Association from lobbyists spells out $850,000 anti-#OWS plan - http://bit.ly/tyeIpW dirty tricks

RIAA Thinking Of Backing Righthaven - http://bit.ly/uNkUzR truly made for each other #copyright

Saturday, 19 November 2011


Richard #Wagner: Complete Chronological Catalogue - http://bit.ly/upBPyg love him or loathe him, you can't ignore him #spotify

#GNOME Outreach Program for #Women Participants Continue to Impress - http://bit.ly/tQ4f3J great stuff

How The Stop Online Piracy Act Will Kill Innovation - http://bit.ly/vjf2dT good summary #sopa

Thursday, 17 November 2011


#SOPA/PROTECT IP Would Be Hideously Bad For Video Gamers - http://bit.ly/rP9m00 I'm not a gamer, but this looks really bad

The end of YouTube & much else - http://bit.ly/s01b87 #sopa - the worst US Net law ever. urgent: please sign petition and RT

#Mozilla fights against #SOPA - http://bit.ly/vM5q4X it nows it is likely to be targeted (v @nitot)#censorship

Stop US online Censorship before #ACTA brings it to Europe! - http://bit.ly/rZJ74h LQDN's analysis of how we will all be affected by #sopa

RT @mmasnick Hilarious. AFL-CIO to mock @techdirt in today's House Hearings on #sopa for pointing out firefighters aren't (c) experts

An Explosion of Opposition to the Internet Blacklist Bill - http://bit.ly/rFjoCa good summary from #EFF (v @jmcest)#SOPA

Help Fight Against Extrajudicial Suppression of UK Domain Names - http://bit.ly/vlT257 more bad stuff: pl. write to #nominet

#SOPA Will Have Grave Effects On The Health Of Hundreds Of Thousands Of Americans - http://bit.ly/uWwq33 bad in so many ways

Climate change episode of Frozen Planet won't be shown in U.S. as viewers don't believe in global warming - http://bit.ly/tR1ehh pathetic

Hackers, ACLU, Consumer Rights Groups, Human Rights Groups, Many More All Come Out Against #SOPA - http://bit.ly/txyMnr impressive range

MT @johnrobb In 5 years, #ows won't be possible. As soon as you assemble sw will detect + drones w/non-lethals will order dispersal >>eeek

House Judiciary Committee Denies That Its #SOPA Hearing Is Stacked - http://bit.ly/uvUsjz "no one representing public is ultimate travesty"

Internet giants place full-page anti-#SOPA ad in NYT - http://bit.ly/t1dVUX no #Apple, #Microsoft, #IBM or #Oracle: they don't care

After German Law Annulled, Pirates in Europarl Through At Least 2019 - http://bit.ly/tqA5br excellent

What exactly is HMRC paying Capgemini billions for? - http://bit.ly/tmoJXS how do they get away with this? #uk

#SOPA: All Your Internets Belong to US - http://bit.ly/tYlVKn fab headline, horrible truth

Q: How Will Plutocrats Dominate a World? A: Bots - http://bit.ly/ulJtQy plausible & frightening

Data Protection Directive revamp: UK looking sidelined? - http://bit.ly/tJV405 probably good #privacy

Million Lawbreaking Parents - http://bit.ly/ruIoEL great piece about a stupid law

Goodbye #Tibet? - http://bit.ly/uzC5Im a sad tale #china

#Samsung modified and relaunched Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany, may steer clear of design right infringement - http://bit.ly/u04EQ5 interesting

RT @normative This is basically witchcraft now. "If we kill the Internet, the Gods will make piracy go away, & our crops will grow!" #SOPA

RT @StopActaNow @alexanderfowler MPAA rep tells Rep Lofgren #Mozilla and #Firefox should be regulated like drunk driving. #SOPA >>huh?

MT @mmasnick Disappointed with Google's argument that the killing of Wikileaks is a good example of how to deal with rogue websites.>>#fail

UK Government calls for public data app developers - http://bit.ly/tlu4Sk cool (v @NeelieKroesEU)#opendata

RT @mmasnick Wow.@mpaa cheers on censorship in other countries, saying "it doesn't break the internet in those other countries" #sopa

MT @mmasnick @EFFLive: Google: If we are forced to block Russian and Chinese websites under #SOPA, they will retaliate & block ours.

MT @mmasnick O'Leary from @mpaa wants law to force Google to adjust its algorithm. That's just what we want. Gov't managing Google's algos.

RT @mmasnick Rep. Poe "stealin' is stealin' and we have to deal with that" #sopa >>oh, come on, Mr Sophisticated Analysis

RT @SinkDeep follow the money approach? like… tracking who pays politicians for lie? I LIKE THAT! #sopa >>my thoughts exactly

RT @StopActaNow SCORE! this REP just quote a chunk of early #ACTA version "aids, albeits, encourage…blah blah blah" #sopa #lobbytomy

#RIAA Wants To Shutter Torrent Sites, And More - http://bit.ly/sBw0Av Russia’s VKontakte & Odnoklassniki too: Vlad will love that

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


UK Judges Think US Makes It Too Hard To Get Patents, Lower Patentability Bar To Show How It's Done - http://bit.ly/vj4H36 insane

UK border checks were waived for travellers in private jets, emails reveal - http://bit.ly/sOZOdh impressive: #REAMDE spot on again...

#Adobe Donating Flex to Open Source Foundation; Continues Fire Sale on Formerly-Core Software - http://bit.ly/vuxjHL Open Spoon Foundation?

My ICT teacher can’t mark my homework - http://bit.ly/tTvzfA this is a national disgrace #uk

#Bulgaria, #Romania targeted for illegal caviar trade - http://bit.ly/uXA773 5-year ban needed now #eu

#RIAA demands ReDigi stop selling used downloads - http://cnet.co/s27nJJ no surprise there #firstsale

First Listen: Kate Bush, '50 Words For Snow' - http://n.pr/vmkcqb all of it, online, free from #NPR; classic Bush (+ Stephen Fry)

#W3C Announces First Draft of Standard for Online #Privacy - http://bit.ly/rYn33x they've been quiet recently...

Why Google should buy Barnes & Noble - http://bit.ly/uIp5mp one way of supporting its anti-trust action against #Microsoft

Giacomo #Puccini: Complete Operas and Other Works on #Spotify - http://bit.ly/rr57Vc a soundtrack for Italy's high drama

European Commission gives qualified thumbs-up to #IANA rebid - http://bit.ly/uiOYU4 good analysis

Viral video ‘Charlie bit my finger’ earned Charlie’s family £120,000 - http://tnw.co/sKKB3X new media

Gates Foundation donates $30m towards rural Internet initiative in Vietnam - http://tnw.co/sxwyUJ + $3.6million MS sw to get them hooked...

RT @Coadec Ed Quilty: Approach to stopping revenue of pirate sites is internationally recognised #Hargreaves >>what's that? #SOPA

House Judiciary Committee SOPA Hearings Stacked 5 To 1 In Favor Of Censoring The Internet - http://bit.ly/tj3MEW frightened of a fair fight

New Study Shows Majority Of Americans Against #SOPA; Believe Extreme Copyright Enforcement Is Unreasonable - http://bit.ly/sNJiss useful

Evidence, copyright enforcement & self-regulation - http://bit.ly/tZk208 UK gov confirms it doesn't really have any evidence #piracy #deact

Warner Bros. Wants You To 'Buy' Movies Instead Of Rent & By 'Buy' It Means Spend More To Still 'Rent' - http://bit.ly/tc7Z85 bonus NYT fail

A million EU album downloads for Adele, but why has this iTunes first taken so long? - http://bit.ly/uir7An good question

Artists Sue CBS, CNET, for Promoting and Profiting from Piracy - http://bit.ly/uE4fZW hardly; sense of entitlement much?

Anti-Hacking Law Criminalizes Most Computer Users, Former Prosecutor Says - http://bit.ly/tTOd3A they just don't think this stuff through...

#Ericsson Eyes Sales From Mobile Industry’s Top Patents Trove - http://buswk.co/timutd pushes its way to the patent trough

Pirate Party Gains Another Seat In EU - http://bit.ly/vQzxXQ hooray:@teirdes is a real gain for the EU parliament

Hacks and hackers gather to write the first Data Journalism Handbook - http://bit.ly/vtalvr nice #opencontent #datajournalism

COMMUNIA policy paper on the proposed #orphan works directive - http://bit.ly/vrkOEJ in short: not good enough #eu

Surprisingly sensible proposal for overhaul of the copyright system from Russia (Is Dmitry Medvedev a copyfighter?) - http://bit.ly/vJyUo2

God help us... the revolution runs on Windows! - http://bit.ly/tIPVjq why Occupy LSX is doomed...#clueless

Julian #Assange seeks to take extradition fight to supreme court - http://bit.ly/tJKa4l forlorn, I fear #wikileaks

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Map Projections - http://bit.ly/vZqxPF one reason why #xkcd is so good: because Randall Munroe is so knowledgeable

Perhaps The Copyright Industry Deserves Some Credit For Pointing Out Our Single Points Of Failure - http://bit.ly/ubExD2 important, pl. read

INTA chairman defends #ACTA secrecy - http://bit.ly/tzUAhY truly pathetic #transparency #eu

How to fix academic publishing again already - http://bit.ly/twc5O4 this thing is going to blow soon... (v @CameronNeylon)#openaccess

BSA name-and-shame tactic may have backfired - http://bit.ly/uuV3C3 oh, really?

“3 to 5 Years You’ll Be Able to Get Power Cheaper from the Roof of Your House Than From the Grid” - http://bit.ly/tkz2Rx I can't wait

#WIPO to Launch New Annual Report - http://bit.ly/rNe0rb "how the innovation process has become more open, collaborative and international"

Anti-Piracy Group Asks Court To Order Grooveshark DNS Block - http://bit.ly/t3NqYG too lazy to use DMCA #denmark

Le CSA revient à la charge pour réguler Internet - http://bit.ly/tf2aML "think of the children" (of course) (v @manhack @gchampeau)#france

German #Copyright Group Tries To Collect From Creative Commons Event - http://bit.ly/tfGfhF the bullies strike again #entitlement #de

Religion-friendly democracy & democracy-friendly religion - http://bit.ly/vkfmMz ignore #blair's cant, enjoy huge no. of deleted comments

[RT from weekend] Misleading Metaphors That Drive The War On Online #Sharing - http://bit.ly/vtS69x some good comments (one from #RMS)

#SOPA: Putting the extra in extraterritoriality - http://bit.ly/uBMon9 "no redeeming features to this proposed piece of legislation"

Matthew Gould & the Plot to Attack Iran - http://bit.ly/vN4x45 detailed post about UK's dealings with Israel: now needs digging from others

How the BBC's HD #DRM plot was kept secret … and why - http://bit.ly/uH8H3d how #BBC betrayed the British public; shabby & shameful

Want To See Peak Copyright? Here's What To Do - http://bit.ly/vtSj3G when will the public be given a voice? #peakcopyright

Why Barnes & Noble is an Open Source Superstar - http://bit.ly/t8ZIeg & why #Microsoft #patent threats are pure #FUD

Aaron #Copland: Complete Chronological Catalogue - http://bit.ly/u5UCMi unusual, and all the more welcome #spotify

UN sees boom in fees paid on intellectual property - http://bit.ly/vAyBzx er, that would be a tax on innovation #patents

#Copyright in Open Source Software - Understanding the Boundaries - http://bit.ly/sTR7jN useful summary to cut out and keep

Schools grab .xxx sites to protect names from porn - http://bit.ly/s8KRBA what an entirely predictable waste of money

RT @ushahidi Great @SahanaFOSS client integration with Open GeoSMS too. Slick coding coming out of Taiwan! #ICCM >>interesting

RT @SenJohnMcCain Very disappointed by statements at SC GOP debate supporting waterboarding. Waterboarding is torture. (v @Glinner)

Congress: Trading stock on inside information? - http://bit.ly/uKOjNN insider trading laws are only for the little people (v @dangillmor)

sorry, I am weak: Andrew Keen has written a piece on SOPA that is so bad I can't even bring myself to link to it lest I be besmirched...

Internet belongs to us, U.S. argues - http://bit.ly/sWfIkR everyone outside the US should read this and consider the implications #sopa

Leading U.S. Primate Lab Charged With Illegal Chimp Breeding - http://bit.ly/segGhV time to shut this horror down #animalabuse

How The Entertainment Industry Is Killing #Copyright - http://bit.ly/up4DCt it's just too restrictive, you see...

From My Dirty Little Secret to My Favorite Tool for E-Pedagogy: How 1 University Professor Learned to Love Wikipedia – http://bit.ly/uYQg2h

#SOPA Piracy bill could destroy FLOSS projects - http://bit.ly/tFiG4n I was going to write this, but Brian has already done it well: read it

Why All Filmmakers Should Speak Out Against #SOPA - http://bit.ly/vdQfBC powerful piece; by a filmmaker

Monday, 14 November 2011


Sonnet for Dennis Ritchie - http://bit.ly/uDlqsQ I do love a good sonnet #poetry (v @jjn1)

The Privatization of #Copyright Lawmaking - http://bit.ly/s9Rcdc great analysis of a terrible trend

"by 2030, many global conflicts will be resource wars or wars driven by environmental degradation & dislocation" – http://bit.ly/sFGoK4

Online Ad Revenues Surpass Those of Print Media in #Russia - http://bit.ly/uyLuB0 happening everywhere #publishing

If Assange were a print man, would he be called a terrorist? - http://bit.ly/scwRPx good level-headed analysis of old media's hypocrisy

Free Microsoft upgrade when you threaten open source? - http://bit.ly/vqrIf2 pretty much the standard response... (v @karounos)

Climate blame: send for the lawyers - http://bit.ly/vil5S9 this would certainly concentrate the minds of CEOs...

Commemorative Shanzhai #iPad Has Steve #Jobs Rolling in His Grave - http://bit.ly/vsSQiP indeed #china

A Dystopian Future Is Not Inevitable - http://bit.ly/scer7k I can't help feeling this anti-tech backlash is being drummed up intentionally

Israeli ministers accused of trying to muzzle critics with funding curbs - http://bit.ly/tGBL25 yes, can't have people criticising, can we?

#Canada left on sidelines of emerging trade body - http://bit.ly/spkWof best place to be, actually (v @howardknopf)#tpp

33 North American Institutions Sign Declaration On #OpenAccess - http://bit.ly/sF1Dpk brings tally up to nearly 300

Over Half of All U.S. Tax Subsidies Go to Four Industries. Guess Which Ones? - http://bit.ly/ve8KSc absurd stuff

Sunday, 13 November 2011


Misleading Metaphors That Drive The War On Online Sharing - http://bit.ly/vtS69x careful what you say #copyright #intellectualmonopolies

#LEO: Celebrating The Pioneers - http://bit.ly/v72j5s 60 years ago UK led the world in computing; now look at us...

Google-backed internet institute raises eyebrows - http://bit.ly/t2iw7s based in #berlin #(v @evgenymorozov)

#RIAA: #Google Refused to Remove MP3 Download App - http://bit.ly/w4vUHV wonder how this one will end

Barnes & Noble's Letter and Slides Presentation Filed with the ITC - http://bit.ly/uHQaJe great analysis of #antitrust issues of #patents

Surveillance and #Censorship in #India - http://bit.ly/uBWANd good summary of what's happening

Approving the GM potato: conflicts of interest, flawed science and fierce lobbying - http://bit.ly/vLs2ro shabby stuff: more sunlight needed

Shanghai Gets Supersized - http://bit.ly/s5P5me evocative piece about an amazing city; don't miss the pix #china

Behind the headlines: illegally downloaded games 'up 20% in five years' - http://bit.ly/w3jvik excellent points #fud

Kieron Williamson: Boy wonder - http://bit.ly/rBrUTg painter prodigies seem to be quite rare

Samsung could win German injunction(s) against Apple's 3G-capable products in late January - http://bit.ly/sUqqj7 interesting development

Expert: Regulators "slow to catch up" to Microsoft #patent bullying - http://bit.ly/rHkTbw more on the #antitrust angle

ISPs: Blocking The Pirate Bay Violates Freedom of Expression - http://bit.ly/vRSeBB surprised they didn't raise this before #nl

OpenPhoto - http://bit.ly/tilfmO "digital equivalent of shoe-boxes filled with photos" #opensource (v @brianbehlendorf)

How stringently should the contempt laws be applied to new media? - http://bit.ly/sT4mZ6 good question (v @davidallengreen)#law #uk

MT @schestowitz The biggest crimes tend to be legal because those who commit those crimes are so wealthy they can afford to "legalise" them

“Shoot the Pirate” Copyright Campaign Descends Into Real Violence - http://bit.ly/uyY14C incitement to murder? such nice people

I2P - Anonymity for the Masses - http://bit.ly/uHj7LB v interesting; I fear we're going to be needing this #surveillance #privacy

This is what a gallery full of 24 hours worth of Flickr photos looks like - http://tnw.co/rtBIE6 of course, #copyright rears its ugly head..

Rebecca Coriam: lost at sea - http://bit.ly/sCWNz7 confirms some of my suspicions about the weird world of cruises...