Friday, 30 September 2011


Hotels - "If you're quick with a knife, you'll find that the invisible hand is made of delicious invisible meat" #xkcd

#Amazon Looking to Buy #Palm - sounds bonkers to me, but what do I know?

Dear Internet, We Need Better Image Archives - yup #opencontent #pd

Laws of #logic apparently off limits in the law - sounds logical to me... #patents #genepatents

Major #Usenet Provider Ordered to Remove All Infringing Content - ridiculous: tantamount to shutting it down

Access to scientific publications should be a fundamental right - this is what it is all about... #openaccess

The Free Software Directory - 6000 instantiations of freedom for your digital delectation #fsf

Making #Mozilla big in learning - splendid idea; not so sure about the gamification stuff, though... #education

Burma stoppt milliardenschweres Staudamm-Projekt - wow, strange outbreak of good Burma #environment

French National Assembly discusses amendments on decoupling hardware and software sales - we need this everywhere

Teachers Fired Over Mandarin Ability - #china practising cultural genocide in #xinjiang as in #tibet #uyghurs

#Copyright vs #Competition law - a new dawn in European broadcasting?? - potentially very big

Of Glasshouses, Stones and #Copyright Infringement - strange how maximalists always infringe themselves... #germany

It’s Not Environment vs. Jobs, It’s Sustainable Jobs vs. Unsustainable Ones - is this really so hard to understand?

ZaReason Working to Release First True Open Source Tablet - we definitely need this

#Microsoft, Red Cross and UN sucked into global news fixing row - sounds pretty stinky #publishing

The blind petition for braille access - "will ask Commission to stop opposing treaty & put an end to discrimination"

Indian Government To Launch $35 Tablet On Oct 5 - that would be impressive #india

Russian Search Engine #Yandex Leads $30 Million Investment In Blekko - v interesting linkup #russia #search

Roberto Galoppini: I have joined SourceForge as its Senior Director of Business Development - good to see a European

The due-process-free assassination of U.S. citizens is now reality - surely a key moment in the decline of the US

1 week to go! (until Ada Lovelace Day) "celebrating achievements of women in science, technology, engineering & maths"

Guy Arrested, Threatened With 15 Years For Recording Traffic Stop In Illinois - & the police fear the truth because...?

29-year-old woman born deaf hears herself for the first time - moving stuff #happiness

#London shop becomes world’s first official in-store #Google #Chromebook seller - well...

#IBM overtakes #Microsoft, becomes the second most valuable technology firm - another symbolic moment...

#ACTA is inconsistent with US laws on injunctions and damages - useful summary

StatusNet 1.0.0: It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine) - kudos #microblogging #identica

Thursday, 29 September 2011


The Staggering Stats of #China’s #Mobile Sector [Infographic] - putting things in context

EU will not join countries in signing #ACTA this weekend - a temporary reprieve... (v @SinkDeep)

Open #Education: It’s not impossible, it’s already here - crucial issue for the future

#Nokia’s Meltemi project tipped to bring new low-end #Linux OS to “the next billion” - whoa, this is strange #mobile

Wikipedia Unveils Probably the Coolest QR Thingy Ever Made - linking QR codes to #wikipedia entries

Commissioner orders extracts from note of Blair/Bush telephone discussion to be disclosed - could be fun #iraq #torture

We’re Poisoning the Oceans and It Threatens Our Food - more not-good things... #co2

pic of the week: Garrick's Temple To Shakespeare: Hampton Riverside - a little bucolic tranquillity to start the day

Karlheinz #Stockhausen: A Chronological Playlist - I just lurve "Gruppen" #spotify

Net neutrality supporters file lawsuit against #netneutrality rules - can't see it working, but worth trying

Is #Amazon’s Silk Browser a #Copyright Pirate? - ha! excellent point

Lady Geek - interesting: "Helping businesses sell technology to women" #uk

#China's patent EXPLOSION could leave West behind - patent quantity nothing to do with true #innovation

Will the European Parliament Give Up On Protecting a Free Internet? - probably: they don't understand #netneutrality

Amazon And Apple Have Mirror Opposite Tablet Content Strategies - agreed - and #amazon's looks stronger, long term

RT @jerezim Asked @NeelieKroesEU how she intends to keep the Net open without #NetNeutrality introduced #IGF11 >>bravo

Spotify rolls out ‘Private Listening’ mode to counter Facebook sharing complaints - ek hears the music...

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Welcome to #Tizen! - "a mobile & device operating system based on #Linux & other popular upstream projects"

#Google Buys Seven Floor Building To Tap London Talent - good news for #london

Open states: Transparency for state governments using #opendata - "legislative information from all 50 states" #ogov

China, Russia Submit International Code of Conduct for Information Security to the UN - riight (v @asteris @kurtopsahl)

CSC #NPfIT deal is a crucial test of coalition strength - what a continuing fiasco #uk #procurement

How Copyright Extension Is Harming Classical Music - #copyright continues to impoverish us culturally

Open #Cambodia 2011 - great to see #opensource #censorship #mozilla

Should You Donate To Open Source Projects? - interesting, if surprising, perspective #opensource

Watchdog accused of 'burying' own report - Information Commissioner’s Office hypocrites much? (v @e3i5 @privacyint)

The European Strategy: The Curse of Harry Potter (Part 3) - detailed analysis of #EU #film subsidies

ACTA will be signed Saturday - "#ACTA will not be binding upon the US, while ACTA will be binding upon the #EU": insane

UK Music Retailers Ask Why They Should Pay Performance Licenses To Play Music When They're Trying To Sell The Music –

RT @YanniKouts @asteris Latest Germany poll: CDU 31%, SPD 29%, Die Grünen 19%, Die Linke 7%, Piraten 7%, FDP 2% (Forsa). >>Pirates ahoy...

Interview with BioOne’s Mark Kurtz - "Soon the Big Deals were devouring most of a library’s budget" #openaccess

National Statistics Institute says 90 % of Spanish public authorities implement free software - impressive #spain

Openness: An Open Question - why is @NeelieKroesEU trivialising free software's concerns here? #openstandards

#Samsung signs Microsoft patent licensing deal to cover #Android devices - "undisclosed amount for undisclosed patents"

Contracting away #copyright privileges. Buying single computer means reading 29 contracts, 78,000 words - (v @airvpm)

European Users Overwhelm Facebook With Data Requests - interesting (legal) DDoS attack... #privacy

Make the use of #openstandards in #education mandatory - good to see this in the Netherlands...

The New #Socialism: Global Collectivist Society Is Coming Online - missed this when it first came out: good points

Warner Music exec: We finally figured out #free - great: so let's drop all this three-strikes nonsense, no? #piracy

100,000 Christians Have Left #Egypt Since March - tragic that Copts/Aigyptoi being forced out; so much for liberty

The Open Source Issue is (really) #China - interseting drawing-together of threads #android #patents

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


#English asserting itself as new generation's lingua franca - no surprise, but #german stats interesting

Spotify Gains 1 Million New Facebook Users Following f8 - this is why #spotify is hitching its wagon to #facebook

London hospital to deploy #opensource patient record system - let's hope it spreads #uk #healthcare

Google Plus Traffic Went Up 1269% Last Week - that's what I call an uptick...

new #Delicious is live - but is it delicious?

World’s Engineers: “The Technology Needed to Cut the World’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 85% by 2050 Already Exists” -

Why I am cheering for Opera - "causality is a deeper principle than Special Relativity"; sensible stuff

FLOSS Manuals & Tunisian Activists Teach How To Bypass Internet #Censorship - that's a telling link-up; free #cc-by

They’re Back – Porn Outfit Sues UK Citizens For Illegal File-Sharing - at least they've got the right judge #copyright

Why It's Time to Party Like It's 2011 - what politicians must learn from the Pirate Party's success in Berlin #politics - "New one-stop portal makes requests for EU documents easy"; great idea - launched tomorrow #foi #ogov

UK #Labour Party wants journalism licenses, will prohibit "journalism" by people "struck off" - pure authoritarianism

Public Knowledge Statement on Signing of #ACTA - the rough beast slouches towards Bethlehem... #us #japan

#Apple threatens store for selling Galaxy Tab - such a lovely company...

Police Caught #Tasing Teen Without Warning - in the face: appalling. good job we have mobiles to record this stuff

#SlideShare ditches Flash, rebuilds entire site in HTML5 - so, do we actually need #flash for anything these days?

Monday, 26 September 2011


When #Monsanto's Patents Expire - NB: "the patents’ expiration will likely further expand the use of #GM organisms"

A Few Million Monkeys Randomly Recreate #Shakespeare - #opensource virtual monkeys in the cloud, that is...

Heisenberg, “Harmless Torture,” and #Cyberbullying - thoughtful post about the effects of Internet #scaling

Delhi HC issues yet another John Doe order to protect Speedy Singhs - dangerously routine #india #copyright

Mosfilm Youtube channel - free access to 100s of fab films, including #tarkovsky #cinema #opencontent #russia

Met #Police rejects FOI request about payments to Carter Ruck - outrageous obstructionism #foi

Logging out of #Facebook is not enough - this looks very worrying #privacy

Michele Bachmann Envisions a World Without Food Industry Safety Standards - US wants to out-do #china...

Kauder verspricht 2-Strikes-Warnmodell - looks bad: #german politician proposing two strikes warning #copyright

re #Facebook cookies ( there's a reply from Facebook engineer as first comment - worth reading (v @shaver)

Chinese reporter detained for article on official's sex slavery - accused of “revealing state secrets” (v @Asher_Wolf)

Basque government grants financial support to free software companies association - shrewd move #spain

#China says "no" to the the commercialization of GE rice - looks potentially rather big... #gm

Postminimalism Playlist, After Kyle Gann's Discography - nice, but where's the Michael Nyman? #spotify

London Calling — #OpenAccess PR Wends Its Way From London Into a Major US Newspaper - failing to grasp #abundance

Xinjiang’s Most Popular Song [Video]: Oynasun - catchy; your life will be incomplete until you've heard it... #uyghur

EU-Kommissarin "schockiert" von US-Klimapolitik - go on, tell us what you really think... #climatechange

RT @jackschofield"We’re trying to remove the barrier between ‘I want that’ and ‘I have it’.” -- Sam Hall, Amazon #quote >>yuk #consumerism

Open Access to Scholarly Publications at Princeton - great news #openaccess

A Writers' Bill of Rights for the Digital Age - clueless & one-sided: takes no account of the public's rights.. #canada (v +Marcel Gagne)

MT @Kim26stephens @ushahidi Amazing article. Mentions #opendata,@ushahidi: Future of #cities, info and inclusion.

#Mobile Apps in #Africa (2011 Report) - interesting summary

Learning from The #Apache Way - why #apache is #opensource's biggest & longest-running success story

Is #OpenData “what the doctor ordered”? - interesting report on Demos panel at Labour conference #health

USMC files #DMCA against content creators in Second Life - more intellectual monopoly insanity #sl #virtualworlds

The Procedural Swamp - great post: "I am baffled by the Authors Guild suit against #HathiTrust" #copyright

#Spotify responds to criticism of forced #Facebook logins with new statement - forced & unconvincing (v @mathewi)

Sunday, 25 September 2011


Get involved with the ORGZine! - "taking our website to a whole new level with a new community-driven zine" #uk

Igniting a Polish internet revolution - interesting perspective on #poland from #google

p2pnet — last post (for the time being) - sad to hear this...

#Monsanto wins lawsuit against Indiana soybean farmer - more #genepatent insanity

Good Faith #Collaboration: The Culture of Wikipedia - free online version of #wikipedia book: cc-nc-sa #cc

HOPEN 2011 - Boot Meeting - meeting for new thinktank in #Roma: "Crediamo alla cultura aperta" #italy

Who are MCGIP (and Why are They Suing for Other People’s Movies?) - oh, not another one... #copyright

#OpenAccess Is Infrastructure, Not Religion - "What’s wrong with old model is that it’s analog a digital world"

Euclid Alone Has looked On Beauty Bare - ooh, a sonnet about Euclid...alas, not a very good one #poetry #maths

CC 4.0, an end to porting Creative Commons licenses? - good report on important matters #cc #licensing #copyright

RT @simonw @swardley Wow, BT is worth £20bn but the 75 million miles of copper cable they own is worth £50bn - >>crazy

Those Who Can Dictate Truth From Lies, Dictate Everything - "For 99.9% of humanity, this is an enormous gain"

Neither one thing nor the other - excellent meditation on publicness or otherwise of electoral register #opendata

#Japan finds rice needing thorough #radiation test - eeek, not good

#Facebook: Making the World Safe for Music Subscription Services - good analysis; interesting implications for #itunes

With #Putin as president, #Russia’s experiment with democracy comes to an end - enter the russian strongman again...

Saturday, 24 September 2011


Why the Best Days of #OpenHardware are Yet to Come - important post; big implications for openness

Facebook Hosts 4% Of All Photos Ever Taken In History - yes: technology promotes creativity better than copyright

Bt cotton fostering illegal child labour? - disturbing link #india #gm

Pirate Service Makes Textbook Rentals Last Forever - I don't think this will be popular in some quarters #ebooks

With #ACTA, manipulation returns to European Parliament - important: lots of bad stuff happening behind closed doors

Ruins of Dead Social Networks - "What would the ruins of #Facebook look like?" (v @akaSassinak @Asher_Wolf @CraigDButt)

Sprinting for Open Source - "to discuss everything and anything concerning the free #documentation of free software"

Alert To Activists: Customs Enforcement of IPR - more details of #EU's dangerous moves on #intellectualmonopoly front

EA's New User Agreement Bans Lawsuits - surely they can't short-circuit the legal system in this way? #law

Friday, 23 September 2011


pic of the week: Moody Clacton Pier - with a title like that, how could I resist? #pix

Milkymist and #Arduino – a Workshop - more fab #openhardware

Why I'm a #philanthropy wonk - interesting historical perspective

Movie Institute Feels Pain Of IP Address-Only #Piracy ‘Evidence’ - well, everyone else does, why not them?

#Faroe Islands #Whaling Photos, Chinese Netizen Reactions - justified outrage at barbaric Westerners...

Why does it cost $20,000 a year to subscribe to a science journal? - good question, to which no good answer #oa

RT @jamie_love Thomson Reuters tells WIPO it claims a database copyright in court opinions and statutes >>typical abuse of monopoly

Culturomics - "library of the future will contain all books & magazines & newspapers (& blogs) completely hyperlinked"

Governments should stay close when engaging #opensource groups - sounds wise

200 things I love about #London - fab post: took the (200) words right out of my mouth

Humans colonised Asia in two waves - I just love this stuff #genomics #anthropology

Mozillians as inventors - "#Mozilla-style, tinkerish invention should be a central part of the learning programs"

RespectMyNet: Name and Shame Operators' Attempts to Control the Net - interesting move: will it help? #netneutrality

Brit ISPs shift toward rapid pirate website blocking - this is foolish: it's a slippery slope they shouldn't go down

#CIA Says Global-Warming Intelligence Is ‘Classified’ - this people really need to grow up

Yoof survey: 'Internet as vital as air' - which makes #3strikes equivalent to asphyxiation

Europeana adopts new data exchange agreement, all metadata to be published under CC0 - it's a start #cc

Appeals Court Arbitrarily Deciding What Is And What's Not Patentable - clear sign of a broken, unworkable system

13 #Firefox Add-Ons To Enhance Your Google+ Experience - anyone use these to link #twitter to G+? (v @matthiasdaues)

An Interesting Software #Liability Proposal - this would be great for free software...

@Mark_Antony"OSS please!" is rather a good slogan...perhaps we should start using it...

OSS Please! - we need a concerted campaign to get the UK to use open source; here's the slogan/hashtag: #ossplease

I CAN HAZ OSS PL0X? - now with extra added kitteh #ossplease

Labels Dropping Out Of Spotify Are Totally Missing The Point - #spotify, like #piracy, is about #marketing

The problems of a buddy hotline to Ministers - insane: super-lobbying is anti-transparency and pro-corruption #uk

Poisoned peregrine falcons prompt RSPB reward offer - seems that scum is not just found on Cornish beaches...

FBI Continues Crackdown on Cybercrime With Two Arrests - 2 arrests is a crackdown? come on...

Scientists Turn Brain’s Visual Memories into a Mind-Blowing Video - can demands for copyright licences be far behind?

FT Web-based app more popular than #app sold in Apple store - hopeful sign #html5

 Turning Digital Natives into Digital Citizens - yes, much more please (v @copyrightgirl @ArtistsRights @Copycense

The Facebook template: when net freedom meets market forces - maybe the odd mention of #freesw would be clueful here

#Oracle wants $1.16 billion in damages from #Google - going down; now pretty affordable (v @sjvn)

We the People - new US epetitions site on - some wacky suggestions there already...

Can The US Chamber Of Commerce Lobby For PROTECT IP Without Being So Blatantly Intellectually Dishonest? - er, no?

E.U. Sets 2013 Deadline for Open Source Public Data Mining Portal - can't wait #opendata #ogov #eu

$10 Settlement Offers: The Entertainment Industry's New #Copyright Tactic - now, isn't that fascinating?

Time running out for “paradise” - we give trillions for wars, but can't even find $60 million for this? we're sick...

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Brazilian daily creates “Folhaleaks” to help combat rampant corruption - seemingly unstoppable #brazil (v @Asher_Wolf)

The rise & rise of Mandarin – but how many will end up speaking it? - "Mandarin compulsory" in Pakistan (v @chinesepod)

Ahoy there! Pirates going legit - interesting #what if?" the Pirates could put their policy into effect in #Germany

#Moodle Rolls Out Official iPhone App - and #android? #education

Gang Used 3D Printers To Make ATM Skimmers - oh dear: first guns, now this... #3dprinters #legislation

Debtors’ of The World Unite! The Initiative to form an International Debtors’ Party - wow; intriguing idea

Press Starts to Doubt Anti-#Piracy Propaganda Machine - the dam will burst soon: the abuse has been huge

#Pirates Can’t Immunize Parliament Against All Corporate #Lobbying — But Against Some - nice comparison with #greens

#Samsung may try to block next #iPhone in Europe too - this is where #patents take us: back to the playground

EU Parliament Member Asks EU Commission What It Will Do If #Italy Approves One Strike Copyright Law - good to see

#HTC “will definitely win” #Apple patent fight, says president - real confidence or bluster?

#Newzbin2 Offers Anti-Blocking Tech To BitTorrent Sites, Releases OS X Version - interesting interview

Big Brother Watch is looking for an intern - alas - ironically - Microsoft Word & Excel skills required... #freedom

Brazilian President advocates breaking drug #patents during UN speech - wow: missed this #brazil #pharma

Quality of #patents 'falling dramatically', warns #OECD - no, really?

We incorporate genetic information from the #food we eat - new study - if confirmed by further studies, rather big...

Bishkek in ruins: humanization/naturalization - amazing pix: sad, disturbing, beautiful #kyrgyzstan

The UN's Battle with Non-communicable Diseases - putting pharma #patents ahead of people

Work begins on Babbage’s Analytical Engine - oooh, exciting #computing #history

NYC/NBCUniversal Pro-#Copyright Propaganda Contest For School Kids: Facts Not Allowed And Your Rights Don't Count - ha!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Revealed: secret world of global oil and mining giants - why #openness is more imperative than ever

PAC: FireControl is one of worst IT project failures in years - a mere half a billion quid down the drain #uk

#Samsung reportedly to take the fight to Google, open-source #Bada next year - good time to use #linux kernel too

#Oracle adding close source extensions to #MySQL - gosh what a surprise...not

Across the digital divide - powerful post about why we will always need analogue books #poverty

#codingforkids evening barcamp - great idea: meet & change the world #london #uk

Swill oil reporter found stabbed to death in Henan - & if you don't know what "swill oil" is.... #china

"Strange" development in the Centemero Internet-killing draft law - so, who's pulling the levers? (v @airvpn)#italy

The True Cost of the #Patent #Trolls: Half a Trillion Dollars - expensive enough for you yet? #abolition

Proposal for a #WTO Agreement on the Supply of Knowledge as a Public Good - now that would be really, er, good...

Analysis: Super weeds pose growing threat to U.S. crops - #monsanto paints itself into a corner

Chinesischer Hersteller will Autos für Europa bauen - and so it continues... #china #eu #cars

Liberal Democrats oppose #DEAct - "it sorely lacks a convincing evidence base & real democratic legitimacy"; & how

Historic global Open Government Partnership launches in New York City - fine words; we want parsnips #OGP #ogov

Only Enterprise and Developers Can Bypass Windows Store for Metro Apps - the coming lockdown (v @rodinholland)

File-Sharing Protest Bomb Threat Video Lands Teenager in Court - not clever

3D printed AR-15 parts challenge firearm regulation - you know where this is going, don't you? #legislation

#Microsoft signs patent licensing deal with #Casio over #Linux usage - without details, this is pure #FUD

Dystopian In Time faces legal trouble - "famous sci-fi author Harlan Ellison wants to stop the release of the film"

Indie labels quitting #Spotify. Trouble in paradise? - crossing the chasm is often painful

Judge: Neither Google Nor Oracle Has Defined an 'API' - reading the legal tea-leaves #android

Origo: A 3D Printer For Kids - wow, print your own #toys... #3dprinting

John Martin: Apocalypse @ Tate Britain - ooh, one of my favourite painters #london #art

Pharma supporters ensure new drugs for cancer are not on the UN agenda - win! patents live, lots more poor people die

Breakthrough Gives EU Principles For Digitising Out-Of-Print Books - progress, but from a low base (v @copyrightgirl)

Anyone can sign up for #Google+—no invitation required - will there be a stampede...or silence?

Artist Roy Boney’s Special Graphic Feature on the #Cherokee Language - & its evolution; from "Indian Country" – huh?

Monday, 19 September 2011


Pirate Party Enters Berlin Parliament After Historic Election Win - pretty amazing; who's next? #pirateparty #germany

Brazilian police arrest suspects in Amazon murders of environmentalists - but was anyone else behind them?

Six Provocations for #BigData - "computationality might then be understood as an ontotheology": indeed; interesting

Obama's millionaire tax is class war, say Republicans - no, class war is 50 million Americans without healthcare cover

#Alibaba Requires Real-name Authentication - the meme is spreading everywhere #privacy

Radioactivity 10 times normal in Avignon; could be directly linked to explosion at Marcoule - no leaks? (v @jwildeboer)

RT @airvpn .it draft law with "one strike" disconnections, mandatory filters, proscription lists & worse>> siamo pazzi? #italy

DNA = data not available? - UK's DNA #database still a dangerous mess #privacy

Boarding Berlin: The Pirate Party Triumph in the German Capital (FAQ) - useful background to the win

short analysis of Internet killer Centemero draft law by @PaoloBrini- looks worse & worse (v @airvpn)#italy

Making Open Data Real: A Response - not a very good one, though...I hope you can do better #opendata #opengov

Save our #countryside - #epetition to tell #UK government to take a the unspoilt landscapes

#Colombia's national security database sold to drug lords & foreign governments [es] - ouch (v @dickinsonbeth @EthanZ)

30 Years Of Music Industry Change, In 30 Seconds... - charting rise & fall of the CD (v @Copycense @AVArchivist)

"Kindly kill yourself immediately": a tale of writing about #4chan - brave chap...

MagyarLeaks: This Is A Test of the Hungarian Media Law - fingers crossed (v @ifikra @asteris)#hungary

Beer company threatens Tibetan antelope - "partly owned by the London-based #SABMiller brewery company": shame on them

Is #Android really free software? - by #RMS - you can probably guess the rest #linux #gnu

Sunday, 18 September 2011


Beyond Belief - fascinating story of schism, murder & politics in Tibetan Buddhism (v @GraniteStudio @TomLasseter)

#Iran: Female #Blogger Receives 50 Lashes - sheer barbarism (v @TeaWithCarl)

pic of the week: Merthen - hard to believe this scene is on the Thames #london #pix

Vladimir Putin and Chinese Panchen Lama nominated for Confucius Peace Prize - Bill Gates too...

#TechCrunch has become a clown show, and I totally love it - wonderfully hilarious #journalism

Palestinian anger at US fuels diplomatic crisis over statehood - "Mr Blair sounds very much like an Israeli diplomat"

RT @DaHammerstein Public health systems in Greece and Spain can´t pay high drug bills. Roche in WSJ: stop shipments. >>nice

Microsoft & Indian Music Industry paid for IP seminars to train judges - no influence there, I'm sure (v @Beautyon_)

Around the World on the Space Station: Video - extraordinary & beautiful (v @jackschofield)

MT @newsbrooke Umaru Fofana castigates Blair for his disparagement of FOI. 'what is he doing advising any african country on democracy?'

#Israel To Join CERN As First Non-European Member - the more, the merrier; can't wait for #Palestine to join too...

Time To Move My Life Again - it's an epidemic: first @shaver now @wilbanks#cc #openscience #privacy

Artificial blood vessels created on a 3D printer - the future inches closer #3dprinters #medicine

Saturday, 17 September 2011


How Payola Works Today... Or Why You Only Hear Major Label Songs On The Radio - another reason they hate the Net

3 Million Texts for Free - "bringing over 1,000 new books online every day." totally fab #ebooks

Breakfast at Arduino - four major announcements, making #arduino even more wonderful #openhardware

US Rep: #Copyright has actually been an "impediment" to rightsholders - a glimmer of hope, here?

A Huge Oil Palm Plantation Puts African Rainforest at Risk - #palmoil's blight spreads further

An open letter to J.R. Salamanca - addressing an orphan work's author...

The Digital Scholar: How Technology Is Transforming Scholarly Practice - cc-by-nc; can be read online

Saturn: New photos from Cassini’s recent Enceladus flyby - wow #space

Defra Approval of UK #GM Wheat Trial a Mistake - this seems a very odd move

What the 2001 #Doha Declaration Changed - & how the West is trying to undermine affordable medicines for the poor

Now it's illegal to write down prices in Tesco supermarket - so crowdsource remembered prices online (v @rlancefield)

The special trick that helps identify dodgy #stats - I've always found Benford's Law rather wonderful #numbers

Raghuvansh Prasad Singh: BRAI Bill - Bulldozing public opinion - bullying, more like... #india #monsanto

Appeals Court Reinstates $675,000 File-Sharing Decision Against Joel Tenenbaum - "case grinds on"

Cablegate: #EU-#US Negotiations on trade, health etc - nausea-inducing chumminess as they stitch us up

"would create the impression of a deal being struck behind closed doors": Italian WIPO rep of EU patent harmonisation –

WTO Rules Against Dolphin-Safe Tuna Labels - US consumers want it, dolphins want it...but WTO says no: time to go, #WTO Strikes False Balance On Climate Change - "climate-realist perspective": lipstick on the denialist pig

#FSF speaks against patent and DRM provisions at Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiators' meeting - good to see #tpp

Friday, 16 September 2011


Anti-Piracy Group Will Sue Pay Processors If They Don’t Name Site Admins - will just lead to clever workarounds

Study Proves Gulf War Syndrome is Nerve Gas-Induced Brain Damage - gosh, what a surprise

Mike Shaver moving on from #mozilla - being interesting to see where he goes next

Schlechte Aussichten: Netzneutralität im Europäischen Parlament - things looking bad #netneutrality #eu

This Guy Stuffed Almost a Kilo of Cocaine Down His Throat - how sad can you get?

Federal Courts Making It More Expensive To Access Records, Even As They're Swimming In Cash - + #opensource #FUD

New computer programming in schools project reflects Royal Society concerns - but will open source figure much?

Lib Dems get a chance to vote on #copyright reform - #libdem intellectual & moral decline continues (v @copyrightgirl)

Insurer: music-festival tragedy caused by illegal downloading - clutching at straws a little, perhaps?

Open Data in Portugal - muito bom #opendata #portugal

RIAA Label Used In Massive Cocaine Trafficking Ring - that's nothing compared to file sharing, of course (v @airvpn)

#Taser inquiry into police incident involving teenager - next: tase-ing deadly toddlers...

Alles über #Wikipedia - looks interesting, cc-by-sa; er, can't seem to find the digital download, chaps...

Studies On Cultural Sector In The File Sharing Era - studies "File sharing is not a problem that needs to be solved"

How NOT to Push a New Open Source License, Part 1 - interseting points about Software Covenant idea (v @Copycense)

Phone hacking: Met use Official Secrets Act to force Guardian to reveal sources - outrageous use of outrageous law

#Microsoft’s web server is losing ground: IIS market share back to 1997 levels - #apache, #nginx thrive #opensource

Publishers lobbying legislature to make copying textbooks indictable offense - really good use of police (v @Copycense)

#Microsoft Source: We're Talking About Buying #Yahoo - probably talking about *not* buying it, too...

China’s Baidu Makes Its Global Move - and so it begins... #china #baidu #empire

Open Source Drug Discovery for Malaria - a bit old, but important; don't miss the "6 laws" at the end (v @petersuber)

Ada Lovelace Day is coming, women and tech events in London - "Ada Lovelace Day #Android Extravaganza" – cool

Researchers failing to make raw data public - long way to go #openscience #opendata

Thursday, 15 September 2011


Google purchases Big Blue patents to defend Android - patent MADness continues

О Москве, открытых данных и скепсисе - a sceptical look at Moscow's #opendata moves #russia

Zoo Death Stirs Debate About Keeping Dolphins in Captivity - they're still debating it? #ethology

Makers & surgical trainee team up to improve prototyping bones from CT scans with 3D printers - more fab #fabber stuff

Dan D’Amico: An Economist’s Look at Intellectual Property Law - "finds no compelling case"

Mexico: two tortured, murdered as warning to those using Twitter and blogs to report narco-crime - appalling escalation

Open Source CartoSet Makes Beautiful Maps Fast & Easy - excellent addition to #opensource toolset #opengeo

U.S. Senate's PROTECT IP Act Gathering Steam - looking bad (v @jamesallworth)

Original Pronunciation: English language texts in period speech - ooh, exciting #linguistics #shakespeare

#Qatar opens .QA domain name registration to the public - the Arab alternative - .قطر - looks even classier

Bankers: an anthropological study - "financial word is too important to leave to the bankers"; fascinating (v @jjn1)

The Curse of Tina - wonderful piece of writing about chickens, pirate radio & murder (v @PeteDotAscian @Colvinius)

#China verurteilt vier Uiguren zum Tode - more bad stuff happening in #xinjiang #uighurs

yes, you can print a bell with an integral clapper - wow, that's clever #3dprinting #campanology

Canadian Police Issue File-Sharing Scam Letters Fraud Warning - will this have knock-on consequences for the approach?

Teach our kids to code #epetition - great post, important idea: please sign and RT if you can #uk #education

Lançada edição n.29 da Revista Espírito Livre! - latest edition of magazine, free download [pdf] #freesw

Lançada edição n.29 da Revista Espírito Livre! - latest edition of magazine, free download [pdf] #freesw

Teach our kids to code #epetition - great post, important idea: please sign and RT if you can #uk #education

Synthetic yeast allows on-demand evolution - binary code, digital DNA... #genomics

Are UK civil servants giving more work to SMEs – or less? - the big, unanswered question; matters for #opensource

Paga aims to bring mobile money services to millions of unbanked Nigerians - more interesting moves in #africa

researcher in al-Qaida raid paid £20,000 by police - for downloading manual; plod unrepentant #waronterror

Jobs at the Open Knowledge Foundation - several, in fact #openknowledge

UK Culture Secretary Hunt's speech - doesn't know different between theft & infringement; copies Sarkozy on "liberty"

U.S. Patent Overhaul Won't Help Innovators - no surprises here, but explains the issues clearly

Urge the EU Parliament to Stand For Net Neutrality - again </sigh> #netneutrality

Drugs and Copyright: A Fable - what if we could print drugs as easily as we copy files? #piracy #liberty

HathiTrust Single-Handedly Sinks #Orphan Works Reform - should have been done as open project

#Newzbin2 builds #BT block-averting measures into its sw - "it took coders less than two months to defeat the ban"

French Prime Minister encourages greater use of open formats - great; but what exactly does "open" mean? RF or FRAND?

A year after shutdown, #LimeWire still hugely popular - would have been good for licensed service?

An interstellar bummer - "I don't think we're ever getting off this rock"; nope - maybe we should look after it...

Number of people in US without health insurance climbs - to nearly 50 million; staggering

European Commission buys #Microsoft for 20 years without competition - shameful behavious #procurement #lockin

The #copyright revolution at US art museums - #pd high-res images: kudos. NB, National Portait Gallery (v @Copycense)

Shouldn't Unilateral Retroactive Copyright Extension Mean #Copyright Is Void? - they broke the contract, so yes...

#Mozilla Launches Open Badges Project - oh please: what next? an Internet naughty step?

#Windows 8: Here Comes Another Football (Comic) - simultaneously funny, wise & sad

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license enforced in Germany - important stuff (v @beabusaniche)#cc #licensing

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


El Parlamento Europeo vota a favor del saqueo al dominio público - a round-up of outrage #copyright #pd

48 Hours to End Ocean Clear-Cuts - insanely destructive #epetition #avaaz

Record numbers of golden eagles poisoned in Scotland in 2010 - grouse estates likely culprits: scum (v @GeorgeMonbiot)

Vocre Lets You Instantly Converse In Foreign Languages - this stuff seems to be getting better & better

Effect of #NHS reforms on #FOI rights - collateral damage #uk

Pharma Executive To Head #Gates’ Global Health Program - "oriented toward northern pharmaceutical industry practices"

Michele Bachmann, the HPV vaccine and the Republican landscape - the race to the anti-science bottom

#Ushahidi to Track Breaking News Trends on #Wikipedia - "how Wikipedia editors track, evaluate and verify sources"

Photos: Chinese blaze new paths in #Africa - fascinating images of the new world order; recommended #china

UK children stuck in 'materialistic trap' - "are bought off with 'branded goods' by their parents"; interesting

IKS Semantic Contest - "winners receive 40,000 Euro to realise their proposal, & three runners-up receive 10,000 Euro"

Meat guns - and their relation to meat is, of course, the problem guns...

Would You Sue a Restaurant for $30,000 If They Didn't Pay You Royalties? - more #copyright absurdity (v @copyrightgirl)

#Twitter continues its European focus with a new UK #Blog - interesting move

Microsoft sells 650,000 win7 licences each day - ~ same as no. of #android activations each day (v @jackschofield)

#Copyright extension is welcome, but it doesn't go far enough - same old yapping about #piracy: is the record stuck?

Unglaublich: Petition gegen Vorratsdatenspeicherung sprengt 50.000er Marke - that's good #surveillance #germany

#Stephenson’s #REAMDE: perfectly executed, mammoth, ambitious technothriller - wow; bought it 60 seconds ago...

Bad Money Drives Out Good In Spotify - shy #spotify has much to do on its classical curation

How Cliff Richard kept the royalties rolling in - @billt with a good, grown-up piece on extension (v @copyrightgirl)

1001 South African Songs You Must Hear Before You Go Deaf - what an amazing endeavour (v @alastairotter @gussilber)

What if You Deliberately Used #BitTorrent To Distribute Your Book? - you mean some don't? #ebooks

International Journal of the Commons - latest issue now available; not light, but interesting stuff #commons

DG Trade´s short prescription for access to medicine - 1st World arrogance & sheer callousness #cancer #heartdisease

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Racially profiled and cuffed in Detroit - in the face of this unthinking #fear, tell me the terrorists didn't win

How Confusion & Lack Of Clarity In #Copyright Law Making Reviewing Poems Difficult - "encouragement of learning" much?

The next step for #Qt open governance. The Qt Project goes live in time for Qt Developer Days in Munich - good to see

Berlin – Hauptstadt der Freien-Software-Parteien - useful run-down of parties' positions #freesw #germany

"Le plain-texte est, enfin, l’âme de l’informatique" - nice meditation on the humble but great plain text format

The Orphan Wars - Authors Guild hates libraries, books, learning & readers: decides to follow #RIAA's winning strategy

Intel to Universities: No #Patents, Please, Just #OpenSource - clueful move by #intel

#Canada’s Tories setto reintroduce #DRM-friendly copyright bill without consultation - they are literally shameless

Accused Of Copyright Infringement For Reprinting Images Produced In 630 AD - copyright brainwashing kills #publicdomain

Report: #Android Market Nearing 6 Billion Downloads; Weather Apps Are Makin’ It Rain - big numbers

Raspberry Pi warms up - really exciting project: could it become the new BBC Micro? #linux #education

Teaching technology in the future – Raspberry Pi - excellent stuff - I quite agree #hacking #education #uk

US White Paper on Medicines issued at #TPPA talks in Chicago ‘window-dressing for Big Phrma’ - under pressure #patents

Elderly, Women, & Children Left Behind in #China’s Countryside - simple, poignant images #migration #emptychairs

Will copyright extensions ever end? - good to see the Telegraph exploring the #copyright ratchet: every upwards...

#Copyright extension: make it truly about the artists or give up pretending - fine piece on industry's two-facedness

Do We Need a Covenant for #OpenSource Businesses? - Bruce Perens thinks it's about time... #licensing #businessmodels

Hotfile Sues Warner Bros. For #Copyright Fraud and Abuse - go, plucky little David....

HMS Ark Royal could be turned into artificial diving reef - lots of nice symbolism here

#Samsung Slaps #Apple With Patent Lawsuit in France - the madness continues #patentthickets

UK transport ministry extends its use of open source - getting there... #opensource

Russian President Medvedev asked to fund Windows clone - #freesw ReactOS to be precise: what fun (v @brianteeman)

Data Journalists Engaging in Co-Innovation… - fascinating tale #datajournalism #opendata

comments on EU #Copyright Term Extension - "the costs...will exceed EURO 1 billion to the general public"

#Africa’s #Android Invasion - important signs for the future of really important market

Officials In The #Philippines Want To Criminalize Downloading - that sounds proportionate...