Saturday, 10 September 2011


Student facing extradition to US over TV website is bailed - good to see TV-Links case being mentioned #odwyer

Vanishing Shangri-La - really depressing #china #tibet

#Microsoft’s attack on Brazilian national sovereignty: Wikileaks, #ODF and OpenXML - more on disgraceful saga

Natural Gas Bombshell: Switching From Coal to Gas Increases Warming for Decades, Has Minimal Benefit Even in 2100 –

#Monsanto Denies Superinsect Science - the usual denial of evolution: maybe it's run by creationists?

Entire staff of TechCrunch threatening to commit suicide unless Arrington gets his way, on everything, forever - ha!

You must have a #Klout score of 40 or more to get into this Fashion’s Night Out party - hmm, our reputational future?

If A Kid Grabs Your Camera In The Street And Snaps Some Photos, Who Owns The #Copyright - absurd it has to be asked

A Tipping Point of Print Quality (Open Source for the win) - the irresistible rise of #RepRap #3dprinters

AOL Eyes Merger With Yahoo - AOL-Time-Warner 2.0? truly a disaster made in heaven...

Why should open geospatial data and software be taken seriously? - useful intro #opendata #opengeo

“Hiring Was Easy After We Open-sourced Our Code” [ERPNext, Open Source ERP Solution] - interesting effect

LexisNexis open sources code for #Hadoop alternative - “We’re now really open source"

Righthaven: We Might Have To Declare Bankruptcy - what a bunch of jokers #copyright

"Informatica la Castel" Free Software Summer School, 2011 edition, #Romania - this looks fun...

The final UN declaration on NCDs - US "would have rather walked away than concede any ground on intellectual property"

WikiLeaks: US lobbied against breastfeeding in the Philippines - heartwarming stuff (v @jmcest @wikileaks)

9/11: The day we lost our privacy and power - how we were tricked into giving up our liberty; maybe time to get it back

#Wikileaks: Stepping Out of Ottoman Archives, Diplomat Says ‘We Really Slaughtered Them!’ - if only they could admit it

#Blair knew immediately that 9/11 attacks 'changed everything' - yes, in terms of his trampling of liberties in the UK

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