Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Revealed: secret world of global oil and mining giants - http://bit.ly/qBzv0k why #openness is more imperative than ever

PAC: FireControl is one of worst IT project failures in years - http://bit.ly/rb0vnC a mere half a billion quid down the drain #uk

#Samsung reportedly to take the fight to Google, open-source #Bada next year - http://tnw.co/nzWSZ6 good time to use #linux kernel too

#Oracle adding close source extensions to #MySQL - bit.ly/pcYbE1 gosh what a surprise...not

Across the digital divide - http://bit.ly/qUEec1 powerful post about why we will always need analogue books #poverty

#codingforkids evening barcamp - http://bit.ly/r5qThY great idea: meet & change the world #london #uk

Swill oil reporter found stabbed to death in Henan - http://bit.ly/pFDYvL & if you don't know what "swill oil" is.... #china

"Strange" development in the Centemero Internet-killing draft law - http://bit.ly/mWAMQO so, who's pulling the levers? (v @airvpn)#italy

The True Cost of the #Patent #Trolls: Half a Trillion Dollars - http://bit.ly/ncXOnf expensive enough for you yet? #abolition

Proposal for a #WTO Agreement on the Supply of Knowledge as a Public Good - http://bit.ly/nVgQkl now that would be really, er, good...

Analysis: Super weeds pose growing threat to U.S. crops - http://reut.rs/q42ouH #monsanto paints itself into a corner

Chinesischer Hersteller will Autos für Europa bauen - http://bit.ly/p3IcME and so it continues... #china #eu #cars

Liberal Democrats oppose #DEAct - http://bit.ly/pZYocT "it sorely lacks a convincing evidence base & real democratic legitimacy"; & how

Historic global Open Government Partnership launches in New York City - http://oreil.ly/r53kpN fine words; we want parsnips #OGP #ogov

Only Enterprise and Developers Can Bypass Windows Store for Metro Apps - http://bit.ly/ohOKnE the coming lockdown (v @rodinholland)

File-Sharing Protest Bomb Threat Video Lands Teenager in Court - http://bit.ly/nVUyKK not clever

3D printed AR-15 parts challenge firearm regulation - http://bit.ly/oOiHNx you know where this is going, don't you? #legislation

#Microsoft signs patent licensing deal with #Casio over #Linux usage - http://tnw.co/ra0doJ without details, this is pure #FUD

Dystopian In Time faces legal trouble - http://bit.ly/p3kj7m "famous sci-fi author Harlan Ellison wants to stop the release of the film"

Indie labels quitting #Spotify. Trouble in paradise? - http://bit.ly/n6QAo5 crossing the chasm is often painful

Judge: Neither Google Nor Oracle Has Defined an 'API' - http://rww.to/mYNYSu reading the legal tea-leaves #android

Origo: A 3D Printer For Kids - http://tcrn.ch/q5tlBW wow, print your own #toys... #3dprinting

John Martin: Apocalypse @ Tate Britain - http://bit.ly/nm46GT ooh, one of my favourite painters #london #art

Pharma supporters ensure new drugs for cancer are not on the UN agenda - http://bit.ly/oZaosg win! patents live, lots more poor people die

Breakthrough Gives EU Principles For Digitising Out-Of-Print Books - http://bit.ly/p1gucC progress, but from a low base (v @copyrightgirl)

Anyone can sign up for #Google+—no invitation required - http://bit.ly/qtcMiN will there be a stampede...or silence?

Artist Roy Boney’s Special Graphic Feature on the #Cherokee Language - http://bit.ly/pt1vvG & its evolution; from "Indian Country" – huh?

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