Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Welcome to #Tizen! - "a mobile & device operating system based on #Linux & other popular upstream projects"

#Google Buys Seven Floor Building To Tap London Talent - good news for #london

Open states: Transparency for state governments using #opendata - "legislative information from all 50 states" #ogov

China, Russia Submit International Code of Conduct for Information Security to the UN - riight (v @asteris @kurtopsahl)

CSC #NPfIT deal is a crucial test of coalition strength - what a continuing fiasco #uk #procurement

How Copyright Extension Is Harming Classical Music - #copyright continues to impoverish us culturally

Open #Cambodia 2011 - great to see #opensource #censorship #mozilla

Should You Donate To Open Source Projects? - interesting, if surprising, perspective #opensource

Watchdog accused of 'burying' own report - Information Commissioner’s Office hypocrites much? (v @e3i5 @privacyint)

The European Strategy: The Curse of Harry Potter (Part 3) - detailed analysis of #EU #film subsidies

ACTA will be signed Saturday - "#ACTA will not be binding upon the US, while ACTA will be binding upon the #EU": insane

UK Music Retailers Ask Why They Should Pay Performance Licenses To Play Music When They're Trying To Sell The Music –

RT @YanniKouts @asteris Latest Germany poll: CDU 31%, SPD 29%, Die GrĂ¼nen 19%, Die Linke 7%, Piraten 7%, FDP 2% (Forsa). >>Pirates ahoy...

Interview with BioOne’s Mark Kurtz - "Soon the Big Deals were devouring most of a library’s budget" #openaccess

National Statistics Institute says 90 % of Spanish public authorities implement free software - impressive #spain

Openness: An Open Question - why is @NeelieKroesEU trivialising free software's concerns here? #openstandards

#Samsung signs Microsoft patent licensing deal to cover #Android devices - "undisclosed amount for undisclosed patents"

Contracting away #copyright privileges. Buying single computer means reading 29 contracts, 78,000 words - (v @airvpm)

European Users Overwhelm Facebook With Data Requests - interesting (legal) DDoS attack... #privacy

Make the use of #openstandards in #education mandatory - good to see this in the Netherlands...

The New #Socialism: Global Collectivist Society Is Coming Online - missed this when it first came out: good points

Warner Music exec: We finally figured out #free - great: so let's drop all this three-strikes nonsense, no? #piracy

100,000 Christians Have Left #Egypt Since March - tragic that Copts/Aigyptoi being forced out; so much for liberty

The Open Source Issue is (really) #China - interseting drawing-together of threads #android #patents

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