Sunday, 11 September 2011


6 Things the Film Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know About - why #hollywood has zero moral authority (v @jamesallworth)

Sanctioned: #P2P lawyer fined $10,000 for "staggering chutzpah" - only? when people get fined millions for sharing?

294 #Patent Lawsuits Were Filed In August 2011; Mobile Handset Complaints Up 25 Percent Yearly - innovative, yeah

Hollywood #Leaks strikes fear into film industry bosses - it's their accounts, not scripts, that would be interesting

Pirate Party Launches ‘Facebook’ For Movies - "an escalation of their ‘Linking is Not a Crime’ campaign"

How to Beat Terrorism: Refuse to Be Terrorized - "not anything remotely like existential threat we make it out to be."

"When our parents sent a letter in the mail, nobody was allowed to open it to check if it contained a copied poem" –

Perry Wants to Bring All America the Texas Miracle, Firefighters Paying for Gear, Engine Fuel - troubling stuff #us

RSS died for your sins - I found this very witty, very wise piece in my RSS feed; ironically, I can't open the web page

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