Friday, 9 September 2011


Still A Long Way To Go For Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement - good summary of where things stand #acta

pic of the week : Leadenhall Market - gorgeous #london #pix #flickr

Project Biped - #openhardware project to produce dynamically-balanced bipedal #robot using 3d printer

France gets A+ from the US for its anti-consumer intellectual property related policies - French citizens can get lost

Fujian fish drop dead in biblical proportions - eek #china

Photographs Are Mechanical Representations Of Facts, And Thus Should Have Only Thin Copyright Protection - interesting

U.S. measures to reduce teenage smoking deemed WTO violation - #WTO is a disgrace - time to abolish it

Cablegate: #Microsoft Asks US Government to Help Derail Vietnam’s Migration to GNU/#Linux - truly shabby behaviour

#Apple sees Galaxy #Tab ban upheld in Germany over #Samsung patent lawsuit - in notoriously patent-friendly court

Cablegate: “42% of Argentine Firms Use #Linux on at Least Some of Their Computers” - v interesting stat #argentina

UK bookseller Waterstone’s to launch a Kindle competitor - will it be #android based? #ebooks

Murdoch’s News International reportedly launching new online publication in the UK - but will they call it Delphi 2.0?

Extension of #Copyright term for Sound Recordings in EU - good summary of a disgraceful, unjustifiable move #monopolies

UK promises #transparency at home whilst fighting it in Brussels - hypocrisy, thy name is Dave (& Nick)

Government of Castile-La Mancha to drive free software innovation within MORFEO community - #opensource moves in #spain

#Oracle v. #Google - Google's Expert Report - "I disagree with Prof. Mitchell’s conclusion"; no surprise...

Kernel comment: The obstacle course of cooperation - raises important issues #linux #wifi

#Patent Reform Passes the Senate with Teeth, Heart Missing - don't expect a brain, either...

Bliar: How Much Death Can One Man Want? - go on, tell us what you really feel... #iraq #iran #torture

Practical Tips For Piratenpartei Berlin - "chance of success in the election has now climbed from 90% to 99%." #germany

Innovation & OpenStack: Lessons from HTTP - I don't get this: surely building on AWS APIs hands control to Amazon?

“An Extreme Rainfall Event Unprecedented in Recorded History Has Hit the Binghamton, New York Area” - extreme enough?

EU Consultation on scientific information in digital age - closes today: pl. do this now - only takes 5' online #openaccess

Proposal for a WTO Agreement on the Supply of Knowledge as a Public Good - now that's an idea

In a Bold Move Towards Accountability, Road Casualty Data Published Online in UK - kudos to all involved #opendata

UK Police attempting to criminalise investigative #journalism - very bad trend

#RIAA Sending #DMCA Takedowns On FREE Music Being Distributed Directly Off Universal Website & Promoted By Artist –

Arduino ADK spices up phones - very cool: #arduino meets #android

#Patents Directed to Human Organisms - the makings of another mess?

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