Monday, 31 December 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121229 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

The World's Most Active Twitter City? You Won't Guess It - you might actually; a straw in the wind, certainly #id

Carbon Taxes Make Ireland Even Greener - such an obviously sensible approach

National Rifle Association moves to block UN treaty on gun control - exporting obscene love of death worldwide #nra

ITC judge recommends ban on Samsung devices infringing on Apple patents - ITC proves it's out of control again

In Case Anyone Cares, Here Are Leaked Shots Of The BlackBerry X10, RIM’s Upcoming Handset - headline says it all

Free Software Foundation Campaigning To Stop #UEFI SecureBoot - maybe quixotic, certainly worthy

CLS Bank v. Alice - Some Amicus Briefs - even lawyers think patent system is broken

#Apple patents a wind energy storage design - now its patenting stuff for the sake of patenting #bonkers

how the #FBI coordinated the crackdown on Occupy with banks - if this doesn't scare you, you're not paying attention...

Mo Farah held by US customs on suspicion of being a terrorist - guilty of travelling while ethnic...

Intel reportedly plans to launch its internet TV service in limited number of cities - #linux-based, I presume (v @rUv)

The Copyright Monopoly Is A Legal Featherweight Compared To Property Rights - so let's stop calling it "IP"

Transatlantic Free Trade? - will be #ACTA+#TPP: time to get ready for the next big battle (v @Vrijschrift @Nouriel)

Blowing the whistle – Heldinnen oder Kriminelle? - awful that there's any doubt

China plant milliardenschweren Öl-Deal im Irak - so, America, about that trillion dollars you just wasted there...

29C3: Billig-Handy als GSM-Basisstation - clever#opensource

Why this Silence About The Pirate Bay as a Distributor of Culture? - by Kristina Svartholm, mother of TPB co-founder

India gang-rape victim cremated as UN chief calls for action to protect women - shows "damage done to India's image"

If you get a GEIL / Golden Eye / Ben Dover / BDP file-sharing letter, you need to read this - handy resources #uk

MT @csoghoian Research by @travisgoodspeed on USB antiforensics: potential to seriously disrupt gov forensics - >>wow

2012: The year Irish #newspapers tried to destroy the web - such greed & stupidity (v @Glinner @joeconor)#ie

#Copyright Monopoly Trends And Predictions For 2013 - upbeat piece from @Falkvinge#sopa #acta

…and then you win…Gandhi, platforms and 2013 - "The Year of the #Open Adaptive Platform."

Cyber-crime, terrorism & the big bad wolf - "#cybercrime" will be the big government scam of 2013

Public Resource liberates global building codes, include the Eurocode -- free the law! - @carlmalamud, unsung hero

Proteste nach Mord an 15-Jähriger in der Türkei - not just#india: woman abused & murdered in #Turkey

Sunday, 30 December 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121228 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

[RT] Dear #Hacker Community – We Need To Talk. -  why @Asher_Wolf left #cryptoparty; important stuff needs addressing 

#Linux now on 42% of consumer computing devices – happy birthday Linus - amazing

Environmental Leader Rebecca Tarbotton Dies In Ocean Mishap At Age 39 - why is it always the best ones that die?

#NZ Government exposed to secret international tribunals by #TPP - you'd have to be crazy to sign up to this stuff

IPCC's climate projections on target so far - so maybe certain people should start taking note... #climatechange

Amateur #drone video leads to shutdown of polluting factory - we'll be seeing much more of this

Print book sales rise hailed as a sign of a fightback in a digital world - course: their virtues are v different

Ultra Compact 1.7ghz Quad-Core Board, smaller than credit card - runs #android & #ubuntu (v @AlecMuffett @datawench)

Ethical goods sales increase despite recession - heartening

#Egypt: The People Demand Free & Open Source Software - great to see this mini-rebellion continuing (v @BiellaColeman)

Ten Simple Rules for the Open Development of Scientific Software - all scientific sw should be #opensource (v

Some facts about Google - some fascinating figures from various #google subsidiaries

29C3: Geplante GEMA-Alternative sieht sich auf gutem Weg - can't come too soon...

Delhi’s Rape Case Stirs Movement for Justice in #Nepal - effects starting... (v @asteris)

Meet the woman battling #Japan's whaling fleet in Antarctic ocean - not quite sure what story is here, but kudos anyway

Saturday, 29 December 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121227 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

European Union's Data Retention Law Could Breach Citizens' Fundamental Rights - can't wait for #ecj decision

It’s done. #China makes it mandatory for all Internet users to register with their real names - not good #surveillance

#India: Schools, not sweatshops - #avaaz epetition about proposed law on child labour

Kim Dotcom promises a “press conference like no other” for the relaunch of Mega - what larks

China's Alipay Targets China's Rural Areas With Online Payments - interesting move

Exploring Our Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts - 30K images as #PD - well done, #Britishlibrary (v @tdobson)

Proposed Changes To UK #Copyright Law Sensible But Require Gov't Request If You Want To Circumvent #DRM - that'll work

First African Designed Smartphone, Tablet Hit Market - really important moment #android #africa

Momentum for #GM labeling growing across US - interesting

#Copyright Vultures Circle As Court Green-Lights Anti-Piracy Scheme - really bad decision #privacy

1,200 #OUYA Developer Consoles sent out - wonder what they're like... (v @RobertAndrews)#linux

America’s Deceptive 2012 Fiscal Cliff - superb analysis of#austerity & #debt: I can't recommend it highly enough

Lib Dems must 'grow up' on Snooper's Charter - anyone who says s/thing this stupid neither lib nor dem (v @tom_watson) – der Informationsfreiheitsverstärker - for #transparency & #freedom everywhere

Copyright: Canada - A #Copyright Year in Review - "2012 was surprisingly good for Canada"

USDA: No More Lion Burgers! Ban the Sale of Lion Meat - eating lions? how sick can you get? #epetition

Pearson buys 5% stake in NOOK Media, the Microsoft-Barnes & Noble joint venture, for $89.5m - forming alliances..

Software Wars - crowdsourcing a film about #freesw; released under #cc-sa, possibly with delay...

£1.8bn '#snooperscharter' fails to get Treasury backing - to cost many times that anyway... (v @doctorow)

Copyfraud: Copyright Claims On CDs Say It's Infringement To Loan Your CD 2 A Friend - but real first sale threats exist

Google Removed 50 Million “Pirate” Search Results This Year - bonkers

To Avoid Controversy, 'Realtime' Microblogging In #China Now Delayed By 7 Days - well, very slow real time, I suppose..

Neither Gold, Nor Green, Nor Hybrid Are Sustainable #OpenAccess Models - provocative stuff

Newcastle University students protest biometric scanner move - so they must pay & be monitored (v @NO2ID @GusHosein)

Government of #India Generates Hundreds of FLOSS Promotional Videos - amazing (v @schestowitz)

Philippine Government Ignores Public Concerns, Continues To Push Extreme 'Cybercrime' Law - more bad stuff

Dear #Hacker Community – We Need To Talk. - why @Asher_Wolf left #cryptoparty; important stuff that needs addressing

Friday, 28 December 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121226 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Treaty Shopping: How Companies Tilt The Legal Playing Field For Investor-State Arbitration - #TPP countries beware

Star Wars memoir "A Long Time Ago" is back in the Kindle store - what a farce #amazon

Exposed: BitTorrent Pirates at the DOJ, Parliaments, Record Labels and More - well, course

TDF In 2012: A Summary - lots of good things happening#odf

Pranab's son calls anti-rape protesters 'dented-painted', withdraws words - charming chap (v @Asher_Wolf)#india

New Zealand's largest paper calls Kim Dotcom “good for this country” - certainly put it on the map for some

Classic Function Creep As EU Police May Gain Access To Asylum Seekers Fingerprint Database - more coming

From free trade to fair trade: first steps - good stuff; personally, I'd add access to knowledge - all of it...

Heirs of Mao’s Comrades Rise as New Capitalist Nobility - hugely important story; great journalism #china

University Utilizing Faulty Irony Detector Censors Flyer Protesting Its Censorship Policy - clueless

2012′s most pirated movie is Project X, despite being a box office flop & panned by critics - piracy as market research

Young #Mageia #Linux Distribution Surges in Popularity - to see newcomers

What Turned Jaron Lanier Against the Web? - apart from fact no one cares a jot about VR, you mean..? (v @evgenymorozov)

Where To Start A Company: Berlin vs London - interesting points

#Nokia Readying #Windows RT Tablet for 2013? - if it's still around, of course...

The Little Prince and the Public Domain - bonkers #pd#copyrightterm

Remember Lycos? It’s planning a new search engine for launch in 2013 - wow, forward to the past...

Happy New Year? UK #Copyright Proposals - surprisingly good - but we need to address deeper flaws

'Honour killings' bring dishonour to #India - this, in the 21st century? really? (v @jmcest @georgiebc)

Here come the design patents: new law boosts rights in shapes, designs - great, just what we need: more #monopolies

EMI Was Actively Giving Away MP3s It Accused Michael Roberston Of Downloading Illegally - #emi comes out v badly here

Patent Trolling Carnegie Mellon Wins What Could Be Largest Patent Verdict Ever - "sad legacy of the Bayh-Dole Act"

"Potential Prostitutes" site lets users label women as prostitutes, charges "removal" fees - what???

Indian teen kills self after pressed to drop rape case - & worse (@fieldproducer @AlexiMostrous)#india

Thursday, 27 December 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121225 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

thinktank backed by arms firm raises concern - "addressed behind closed doors last month by Tony #Blair": say no more

Insurance Industry Looking Hard At #ClimateChange - perspective

Hollywood Studios Caught Pirating Movies on BitTorrent -'s doin' it

Autopsy Studies Find Large And Dramatic Drop In Early Atherosclerosis Over 60 Years - mysterious but hopeful

Former Ukrainian Porn Star, Persecuted At Home, Battles For EU Asylum - #ua becomes a laughing-stock of #eu

Hackers Use Backdoor to Break System - "The security of this backdoor is secrecy. Of course, that never lasts"

#Ubuntu in 2013 - from the SABDFL: "#Unity in 2013 will be all about mobile – bringing Ubuntu to phones and tablets"

#EU Commission unwraps public beta of #opendata portal with 5800+ datasets - licences not perfect, but it's a start

#OpenSource Foundations Coming of Age — What Next? - completely miss the point, as usual...

The Quantum Earthworm - worms are wonderful

Amazon Pulls Self-Published Memoir About Star Wars Because It References “Star Wars” - yeah, that's reasonable

Britain's end-of-year Olympic verdict: it was worth every penny - rather surprising stats

Big, #open and more networked than ever: 10 trends from 2012 - also: more open...

And, Once Again, Hollywood Is Making Tons Of Money At The Box Office - still keeps bleating about piracy's "harm"...

For a progressive agenda for innovation and creation -"Results of Greens/EFA call and second phase of consultation"

The day my inner anarchist lost out to the bourgeois me - little tale; great last line.

2012 in Review: How #Blasphemy Laws Are Stifling Free Expression Worldwide - back to the Dark Ages...

Top Image Contest – 2012 album - some wonderful pix

Private #Zuckerberg Family Pic Inadvertently Made Public Thanks to#Facebook - showing when they discovered this fact

Better Than Human - good analysis of what the future of#robotics means for us; daft pix (v @openp2pdesign @chr1sa)

#nl Parliament Says 'Pro-active 'Openness by Default' -"automatic publication of all public material" (v @karounos)

Germany 'exporting' old and sick to foreign care homes - what you would predict the market would do, I suppose...

Government under pressure to review prostitution laws in England & Wales - why not ask sex workers what would help? #uk

New #MRSA superbug strain found in UK milk supply - we must cut antibiotic use in farming now

Why European forecasters saw Sandy’s path first - when bigger is better

Mmmmm, Mmmmm Monopoly! USPTO To Hit New Record In Granting Utility#Patents - yeah, really tightening up procedures

Google Apps Challenging Microsoft in Business - now a core business under attack? (v @Copycense)

#Amazon: Authors Can't Review Books - any sufficiently useful rating system will always be gamed, and then hobbled...

El acceso a medicamentos será la moneda de Cambio del #TPP - paying with people's health (v @derechosdigital @PostActa)

Journalists’ Addresses Posted In Revenge For Newspaper’s Google Map Of Gun Permit Owners - don't post personal data

Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121224 -  yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Catholic archbishop: gay marriage plans are a shambles - to see such humanity & generosity at this time of year

Terror lurking in a Christmas tree? Israel tries to ban non-Jewish celebrations - worrying if confirmed

Dotcom’s Megabox to Launch “A Few Months” After Mega - should be fun

can we design for breakthrough innovation? - interesting to see interoperability popping up here

PayPal Bans BitTorrent Friendly Hosting Provider PRQ - gets more evil by the day...

New Turnigy 9XR Open Source RC - #opensource is everywhere #drones

UP rape victim allegedly raped by cops probing case - if confirmed #india

Data access going the way of journal article access? Insist on open data - one of the big battles for 2013 #opendata

OpenSpending A Year in Review - good work

US Congress May Not Have Stomach For Another #SOPA - let's hope

Scientist raises concerns about GM crops and glyphosate - disturbing possibilities, A Crowdsourced Answer To Corruption In Mexico - hopeful stuff #mx

Tuesday, 25 December 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121223 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#Opensource groups warn #Greece will waste millions on school software -  perverse & wasteful

LinkedIn nonsense -  I agree: #linkedin abusing our trust here, I think...

Internet Archive Needs Donations, Has Matching Donor - hugely important: this is the only copy of Net history at scale

Lessons From Merck's Niacin Failure - fascinating & important #pharma

China is largest single Android market - "786 million Android smartphone devices were sold worldwide in 2012" #linux

First #OpenEconomics International Workshop - fun & important #opendata

Whatever happened to the Hurd? – The story of the #GNU OS - interesting story, well told #freesw

What Happened at the 1st Open Knowledge Foundation #France Meet-up? - beyond great cheese #okf

LPs are killing MP3s are killing CDs killed DAT is killing Cassettes are killing LPs; yet somehow “Music” survives - 

How the African diaspora is contributing to the continent’s growth story - 5.5 million in UK alone (v @africatechie)

Economics & Coordinating the Crowd - interesting points about #crowdsourcing

Africans Should Not Fear the Chinese - but caution probably still advisable (v @africatechie)#china #africa

Petition to Deport Piers Morgan Over Gun Control Stance Gains Enough Signatures to Elicit White House Response - kudos

Prescribing Analytics: how drug data can save the NHS millions - great use of #opendata 

China considering broad law to require real-name registration for its 500m+ Internet users - not good; the west next?

Belastetes Wildfleisch: Blei im Magen - ah, maybe this explains why recreational hunters are so stupid...

Taking #opensource foundations to the next level - time for an open source foundation foundation?

This Tiny Gizmo Could Be A Very Big Deal In 2013 - And Beyond - this does look rather spectactular...

Sunday, 23 December 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121222 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Indian government's response to #DelhiGangRape protests looks appalling; follow @Asher_Wolf for twitter stream of what's happening in #india

Saudi Arabian Blogger Could Face Death Penalty -‎ for "abandonment of religion" (v @SultanAlQassem‏ @Glinner)#pathetic

UK court rules against Motorola’s “sync messages” patent - good; more please

Meet the Weeds That Monsanto Can't Beat - the Great#Monsanto Lie: that its #GM crops require lower pesticide use

Ed McMillen: #Ubuntu Store Sold Super Meat Boy For A Year Without Permission - anyone from #canonical know about this?

Will the internet end up controlled by big business and politicians? - warning: may be a rhetorical question

EU fishing quotas defy scientific advice, say conservationists - only an idiot would describe that as a "victory"

The FDA Is Holding Back Data on Farm Antibiotics Use — And Plans to Keep Doing So - #FDA is a dangerous joke #opendata

wow, #India and #Pakistan are clearly the places where it's all happening today... #DelhiGangRape #ChangePK

Video: Pentagon's #robotic pack mule follows orders - freaks. me. out. #futurewar

#Twitter tracking Dehli Protest #delhigangrape - as it happens

Food sharing app Burpple serves up photo filters to make your latest eats look even tastier - follow-up app: Vomittle?

Harvard Scientist Proposes Refreezing Arctic to Prevent Global-Warming Disaster - maybe that's what we need to do

What #ACTA Taught Us in 2012 - preparing for more win in 2013 #CETA #TPP #TAP

Would you buy a 6.1-inch smartphone? Huawei sure thinks so - bonkers

Stabuniq Trojan rapidly stealing data from US banks - but only those stupid enough to run #windows in sensitive depts.

The New York Times: Running faster and faster to stay in the same place - good, detailed analysis #newspapers

ICSID: Ecuador Unlawfully Seized U.S. Firm's Oil Investments - absurd, biased courts overruling sovereign nations #fta

#TPP decision may come before upper house vote in #japan - potentially important, or just for show?


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121221 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Silencing the Science on Gun Research - truly shameful obstructionism (v @williamheath)

Downloading Movies and Music Stays Legal in The Netherlands - interesting #nl

Tory backbenchers’ concerns about the Communications Data Bill - surprising, but good to see (v +Alan Cox)

first version of the iD editor for #OpenStreetMap - this looks an exciting project #osm

Vermont Supreme Court Allows Limits to Government Computer Search Power - that's good #us

The US's Public Domain Class Of 2013 - shows how the#copyright "bargain" has been constantly betrayed #pd

Kraftwerk's 12-Year Lawsuit Over A 2-Second Sample Comes To A Bizarre End - bonkers

After 12 years of Development, #E17 Is Out - surely not...#opensource

From "Frivolous" to the Supreme Court - a sad tale of personal attacks by increasingly desperate patent maximalists

Politicians Decry Fake #Torture, Cover Up Real Torture -"It's sad, disgusting and entirely unsurprising."

Wikimedia chapter wins victory for free licenses in Israel - news #cc

EU provides legal certainty to bilateral investment agreements - these investment agreements are really problematic

EU Commission urges industry to develop new #copyright models - why not ask the public too?

The World's Largest #Android Market, And Getting Bigger - #china, of course; but not under #google's control...

#Copyright law & enforcement in the age of the electronic book - not new, but a well-written exposition (v @boingboing)

Report: Acer prepping a $99 #Android tablet - and after that the $79 tablet, then the $49 etc etc

Warner Bros and Intel Sue Over HDCP Crack Piracy - #analoguehole

Emulate the #Mac Plus on your #Android tablet or smartphone - rather hilarious - and ironic

Three EU states condemn UK’s energy savings 'accounting trick' - quite right

Haiku London - "A daily blog post | in 17 syllables | of life in London". nice idea; pity about spelling (v @londonist)

Illegal imports of genetically engineered maize into the EU? - seems likely; stricter controls needed

WSJ: Forget #TPP's Threat to Medicines. "Free Trade is Good for Health!" - shame on #wsj (v @DrRimmer)

EU digital single market by 2015 without #copyright? - "This is pure Euro-bla-bla with severe twist of procrastination"

São Paulo Legislative Assembly Passes #OER Bill - #br

Core Peer-2-Peer Collaboration Principles - long, detailed, interesting #p2p

South Africa: Govt Begins Shredding 'First Wave' Investment Treaties - important move (v @DrRimmer @fifarahman)#bit

The #copyright #monopoly stands in direct opposition to property rights - The Great "IP" Lie

New FOI curbs could make Government more secret - to claw back secrecy it lost (v @christopherhope @Asher_Wolf)

My favorite press release (1994) - that's the way to do it (v @mikebutcher @vowe) 

#KDE's Plasma Active Ported To #Nexus 7 - nice

Internet-Zensur: Tadschikistan sperrt Twitter und soziale Netze - not good #censorship #Tajikistan 

NYPD To Identify 'Deranged' Gunmen Through Internet Chatter - what could possibly go wrong? #INDECT

Single-Click Double-Tap Murder - "this is only the beginning. That’s what scares me most." #drones

MT @ericgoldman Sue-the-world pro se wants "retribution, freedom of press, $1,000 trillion"...and an apology (pdf) 

U.S. and Russia Announce Online Piracy Crackdown Agreement - so why is #putin rolling over here?

The New York Times Paywall Is Working Better Than Anyone Had Guessed - probably works for high-end content, as with FT

New Zealand #OpenData Conference - good to see #nz

Everything is amazing: The harmonic convergence of gadgets - really important trend #smartphones

#Israeli Bill Would Allow Secret Blacklists For Websites - orders to block alleged copyright infringement

#Amazon Is Ripe For Disruption - interesting analysis#metadisruption

2012 in Review: A Year in Digital Freedom - so, was this year good or bad on balance for digital freedom? #sopa #acta

#3DPrinting Labs: The Age of DIY Designer Drugs Begins - they thought printing guns was a problem... (v @karounos)

Scottsdale Inventions Electric Shock Handcuffs for Detainees Patent - definitely not a form of #torture (v @jmcest)

Should startups bother having original ideas if big companies can just come along & clone them? - it's about execution

Bahraini activist arrested for Twitter posts - "accused of disseminating false info about clashes" (v @clarinette02)

Reexamination Request Filed Against Another Apple Patent - "features five new pieces of prior art"

Saturday, 22 December 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121220 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

DEFRA plays down research lab's privatisation prospects - really stupid idea (v @kaatje36)

Freenet Project - "The exercise of our rights on the web is under threat." (v Rosana Pinheiro Machado)

Internet Policy Report #Brazil 2011 - main legislative, regulatory, technical & public policy proposals (v @remixtures)

It's Time for the Truth about US #Torture Methods - "time to make Guantanamo testimony public" (v @Asher_Wolf)

Behind Bern's #OpenSource Policy - interesting background

Men Face Deportation For Running World’s Least-Visited Torrent Site - pointless & spiteful bullying #au

#Hadopi : les Labs, c'est fini. Pas la riposte graduée - looks a real mess here

Implementing FRAND standards in #OpenSource: Business as usual or mission impossible? - biased hatchet-job, as expected

Scientists call for war on climate change, but who on earth is listening? - depressing (v @DaHammerstein)

#WCIT: what happened and what it means for the Internet - thoughts

Ralph Vaughan Williams - Complete Chronological Catalogue on Spotify - wonderful stuff

Mr. Cable: Disconnected from Digital Reality - from the Exactly Wrong Dept. #copyright #patents

European Court Of Human Rights Reinforces Right To Access Online Content - potentially important ruling #eu

Court of Appeal allows Golden Eye appeal - bad news; the bullying goes on #uk (v @AlecMuffett)#uk #copyright

Civil society key to ensuring Internet free speech, says UN independent expert - certainly is

What does an #opensource book publishing platform look like? We’re about to find out - kudos to #PressBooks

The “great prize” on offer from embracing #opendata - we're getting there

Icelanders Vote to Include #Commons in Their Constitution - wise move (v @mbauwens)

#Google executives acquitted in Milan autism video case - that's a relief (v @KevinBankston @normative)#italy

#NRA chief breaks post-Newtown silence to call for armed guards at schools - "paranoid, dystopian vision of US" #guns

Friday, 21 December 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121219 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#TPP: Closed Negotiations Against the Open Knowledge Economy - good summary of issues here

Informationsfreiheitsgesetz – Das Jahr, in dem wir Kontakt aufnahmen. - nice summary

Science publishing: #Openaccess must enable open use - piece about important issue

MT @Asher_Wolf All UK homes with children to have government Internet#censorship filters installed - #bigots

#INDECT: Convention of Research and Innovation 2012 - liberty-crushing juggernaut rolls on (v @jmcest)

RT @seatrout online porn and the mail >>yup

#Amazon Has Another Huge Security Hole - great story, worrying security hole (v @jackschofield @CityJohn)

#ACTA in 2012: From Desperation to Inspiration - reliving this year's biggest win #eu

ITU Phobia: Why #WCIT was derailed - interesting analysis (v @DrRimmer)

Kucinich Calls for #Transparency and Accountability in #TPP Negotiations - good chap; more please (v @PostActa)

Bias Detection: Analyzing #ACTA Twitter Data - nw analysis (v @PostActa @gcongress)#gcongress

Method and System for Exposing Multi-Billion Dollar Racketeering Scheme - fascinating data-crunching (v @jwildeboer)

As UK Pirate Party Takes Down Pirate Bay Proxy, Two Other Pirate Parties Bring New Ones Up - ah, resilience

#Exxon To Start Oil Exploration in Offshore South Africa - to join #BP's whale-killing club (v @africatechie)

How the UK Border Agency nearly blew Robin Hood Airport "sky high" - read and weep/laugh; spectacular

#ITN: “UK already has a balanced set of copyright exceptions" - a dinosaur is frightened (v @Asher_Wolf @svaughanbrown)

Apple's Pinch to Zoom Patent Preliminarily Invalidated by USPTO - excellent, detailed analysis from #groklaw

Nordrhein-Westfalen: Wisent-Herde wird in den Wald entlassen - oooh, exciting

Why the entertainment industry's release strategy creates #piracy - "externalising the enforcement costs" (v @mjasay)

The Fifth-Biggest Site in the World Operated on a Budget of $27M Last Year - the Joys of #OpenSource

Amazon To Produce 6 Original Comedy Series Pilots, Viewers Decide Which Shows Survive - 1st publishing, now TV...

EU Commission report finds a million hours of film archives locked away and pushes for digitization - copyright victims

Going Digital: Emergency Management in 21st Century, ICT in Conflict & Disaster Response and Peacebuilding Crowdmap -

#Facebook Opens Up Your Inbox to Outsiders, For a Fee - whoa, we know where this is going... #forsale

RIAA Lawyers Trying To Rewrite History Of Copyright Clause Thro' Shoddy Scholarship & Selective Quotation - long, deep

This $299 tool is reportedly capable of cracking BitLocker, PGP, and TrueCrypt disks in real-time - hmmm

Steam for Ubuntu beta now open to the public - I wonder how big this will be...

Welcoming the Government’s Modernising #Copyright Report - @Coadec is happy... #uk

Statement by Julian #Assange after Six Months in Ecuadorian Embassy - not a bad speech (v @m_cetera @BiellaColeman)

Japanese Police Arrest 2Channel Founder Because Users Talk About Illegal Stuff Occassionally - pathetic bullying

Which Tech Companies Made the Most Money in 2012? - useful reminder of the big 'uns

3D Printed Record - as in #lp - very cool (v @sinkdeep @tipographo)#3dprinting

New Tory Policy: Pretending to protect children more important than protecting children - spot on

Inject Rhino Horns With Poison, That'll Stop Poachers - " these are not the horns you want" (V @BoraZ)

Neu organisiert: #Qt 5.0 ist fertig - good to see#opensource

Steve Jobs wanted Apple's browser Safari called "Freedom" - who says he didn't have a sense of humour?

Prime Minister promises porn block, fools newspaper editors - good points #uk

Court Sentences Web Designer For Creating Infringing Torrent Site - terrible precedent

Microsoft May Face Big Fines in EU "Browser Choice" Case - yeah, but how big?

#Copyright Greenwashing - NB: "Mickey Mouse is due to fall out of copyright in 2018" (v @Copycense @mgeist)

Conservative Party: #TPP: Lack of #Transparency is Concerning - more politicians starting to ask questions

Apple Cries Foul Over Licensing, Forces Largest Ever Kickstarter Refund - oh, #Apple, you jester (v @mathewi @rhh)

Thursday, 20 December 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121215 - earlier tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

IP Diplomat Sob Story: It's Hard To Push The US Agenda When The World Listens To Reason - awww

Chumby developer building open source laptop - nice

BitTorrent distances itself from piracy by claiming connection to Facebook, Twitter code deployment - hmmm

Kontrollbericht der EU: Bei Finanzdaten-Übermittlung in die USA sind weder Zugriffe noch Löschung nachvollziehbar -

Why Offline Privacy Values Must Live On In The Digital Age - absolutely right

Coal to challenge oil's dominance by 2017, says IEA -'re going backwards: "potentially disastrous consequences"

There Is Never A Need To Justify #Sharing Culture And Knowledge - more of a historical imperative

Pirate Party Shuts Down Pirate Bay Proxy After Legal Threats - regrettable, but understandable given the tactics

Smartphones monitor air pollution - got to be the future

Samsung Dethrones Nokia as Top Cellphone Brand in 2012, Beats Apple - how times change

#Monsanto ad claiming Roundup safety is misleading - Dutch commission - getting desperate

EUPL v1.2 to become GPL compatible - this is welcome#licensing

Apple, Google & others win as Kodak sells patents to Intellectual Ventures and RPX Corporation for $525m - weird

Just How Stupid Is The NYTimes' Threat Letter To Quartz Over Copyright Infringement? - stupid is as stupid does #nyt

USPTO invalidates key Apple patent used against Samsung - and another one....

Opinion Polls Show PM Out Of Touch With Public on #TPP - perhaps he should take note

Commission and #EFSA agree need for two-year GMO feeding studies - pressure having an impact: more needed Moving to an #OpenSource Platform - you mean it doesn't use it now?

First-ever coastwide limits set on menhaden catch in the Atlantic - great news - and not just for menhaden... 

Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121214 -  yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

The Complex Joys Of #Music In The Age Of Digital Abundance - so let's drop the analogue nostalgia

Ivory sales must stop or Africa's elephants could soon be extinct, says Jane Goodall - #china's growing shame

#Monsanto Gets Its Way in Ag Bill - totally insane #us

"#Germany has pretty much become the new Eastern District of Texas" - also the why #unitarypatent dangerous

Roundup harms beneficial gut bacteria - study - more reasons to do further research #monsanto

US IP Officials Blast NGOs In Geneva - adding insult to injury #intellectualmonopolies

gun ownership/homicides map - UK: 41 gun murders. US: 9,146... #opendata

Industry sponsorship and research outcome - hugely important issue #transparency (v @bengoldacre)

Twitter has started rolling out the option to download all your tweets - can't wait

Skyjib6 Drone over Murici Deposit a big environmental project - crazy geographical positioning

Music Industry Threatens to Bankrupt Pirate Party Members - #BPI are such bullying scumbags

UK Students Protest Biometric Scanner Move - bravi

UK Replaces Japan as World Leader in Mobile Use -, amazing

#Opendata, peer production, and prescribing analytics - really great initiative #uk

Harper government resists strong labour rights chapter in slow-moving #TPPtrade talks - weird dynamics here

Post-WCIT Statement: Civil Society Call for Positive Internet Governance Agenda -  moving on (v @KevinBankston @rmack)

Global warming is not due to the sun, confirms leaked IPCC report - denialists clutching at straws; pathetic

#WIPO Visually Impaired Treaty: Voices From #Africa On Dire Situation - urgent stuff #vip

Julian #Assange Moves Forward Plans To Run For Senate And Start A Wikileaks Political Party - what fun

Wikimedia Commons Reaches 15 Million Files -  great; now on to a billion

USA at WIPO Extraordinary General Assembly, wants later "final review" of negotiating text, does not back treaty - #vip

my "ACTA: from desperation to inspiration" slides now available - freely downloadable #gcongress

my "net freedom or copyright" slides now available - downloadable #gcongress #abundance #copyright

Intellectual property crime unit to be set up by City police - move (v @avilarenata)#uk

L'Elysée ne publiera pas ses photos sous licence libre, sous la pression - 21st leadership at its finest; not....

WIPO Celebrates Chinese Patent Explosion, Pretends That It's Innovation - cluelessness personified

#Microsoft urged to ditch #Windows brand by Dell - sign of the times #branding

The seeds of another GM row are sown -  quite a well-balanced piece in daily telegraph

Pirate Party Presses Charges Against Banks for WikiLeaks Blockade - nice #eu

Cigarette packs to feature larger health warnings under EU plans -  outrageous: plain packs now #tobacco

Bullet control? - makes sense to me

Report: Foxconn is manufacturing an Amazon smartphone - seems likely #android