Friday, 7 December 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121205 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Leaked: #ITU's secret Internet surveillance standard discussion draft - this should be drafted/debated openly #DPI

Intended To Fail? - useful look at what happened in Freiburg#opensource

MegaUpload's DotCom gets a peek at government spy records - seems fair

New Rule Shuts Out Civil Society from #TPP Negotiation Venue - a real slap in the public's face

The Lives Of Others: #Civo Gives Strangers A Friendly Place For “Visual Conversation” - interesting chinese #startup

Data deluge motivates ITU standard on #DPI - says #ITU; proves DPI is about killing #netneutrality (v @Asher_Wolf)

No Surprise Here: Congress Passes Unanimous Resolution Telling The #ITU: Hands Off The Internet - sabre-rattling #wcit

Amazon has quietly launched in #Brazil. Now selling e-books and announces a $150 Kindle - what took so long?

Environmentalist Liu Futang fined for exposing Hainan pollution scandals - shame on #china (v @markmackinnon)

The evils of bilateral investment treaties - great analysis of increasingly dangerous approach #TPP

Urheberrechtsdialog in Österreich: kein Platz für die Zivilgesellschaft? - unbelievable: public shut out again

Coaching new #Wikipedia editors by email - interesting approach

Investor rights to sue governments hotly debated – #TPP talks - just one of many huge problems with treaty

#TPP Negotiators on Notice to Protect Environment: #NZ Poll - no compromise

Want a knowledge economy in the UK? It's time for the UK government to freeze-out the dominant voices of the big guns -

Canadian Scientists Create Virtual Human Brain - runs on#linux, just like the real thing...

FTC files amicus brief supporting Apple in Motorola’s standards-essential patent fight - why they must be RF, not FRAND

Interview: How News Corp’s Times will use cheap tablets to sell content - confirms #iPads are just too expensive

To negotiating nations of the #TPP Agreement - wow, even#InternetSociety worried (v @Asher_Wolf)

Clear the smoke in Brussels - demand lobbying transparency - "a tobacco industry set-up designed to delay changes"?

Why America was the China of the 19th century - a story worth repeating (v @GraniteStudio)#piracy

Votação do Marco Civil da Internet é adiada pela sexta vez na Câmara - absurd #brazil

Battle on EU #copyright law re-opened by Commission – EuropeanVoice - more background

wow: is this the first time the secretive #Echelon network has been dragged into court/light of day? - (v @mmasnick)

UK govt. announces £50m facelift for Silicon Roundabout, to make it Europe’s largest indoor civic space - it needs it

Leonardo-Designed Bridge To Span Istanbul - using a design specifically for the city - fab idea #tr

New Map Shows Every #London Bomb Of The Blitz - use of #opendata

#Hadopi : pourquoi la mission Lescure va se planter - great summary of a future #fail

Remember When You Couldn't Patent Math? Good Times - madness is getting worse #patents

Q&A session with Jane Silber, CEO at #Canonical - good to hear her views (v @Mark_Antony)#ubuntu

Arctic continues to break records in 2012 - probably just the weather... (v @carlzimmer @dbiello)#climatechange

Open science spreads with new version of mMass #spectrometry tool - cool stuff #opensource

Patent troll strikes NYT, media industry over mobile web sites - I look forward to the editorials

Staffer axed by Republican group over retracted copyright-reform memo - vindictive much?

#Google+ by the numbers: 500m+ users, 235m of them active and 135m using the stream - so is that good or bad?

Icy pond - pic of the week (v @londonist)#london

#WCIT splits over the issue of "operating agencies" - and so it begins #ITU

The SHOCKING photos that violated Facebook’s policies! - that #facebook is run by insane, control-freak scumbags

#ITU's Sticky #WCIT: Do New Rules Cover Just Big Telcos... Or Absolutely Everyone? - this is the threat: get it now?

State Subsidies To Hollywood: Almost Every Program Has Been A Dismal Failure, Costing Taxpayers - wake up, Usians

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