Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121209 - http://bit.ly/TLMpXN  yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

ENRC ends Congo mining deal with controversial billionaire Dan Gertler -http://bit.ly/122fowE more bad stuff happening in #Congo

urgent: Help Avoid the EU #UnitaryPatent Disaster - http://bit.ly/VZ3Nud please write to MEPs today #swpats

When The Creators Of Both The Internet And The Web Come Out Against The ITU, Shouldn't You Too? - http://bit.ly/XIVTJr worth considering

Scientists Ask Blunt Question on Everyone’s Mind - http://slate.me/TQCMcZtime for scientists to get angry/even #climatechange (v @superglaze)

#UnitaryPatent "Déjà vu": Council debate tomorrow, Parliament vote Tuesday and Dr. Pagenberg speaks out - http://bit.ly/QShMCU more doubts

The new EU #unitarypatent - Q&A - http://bit.ly/VZr6UA NB comment about#swpats at bottom: that's the problem...

ref to "right to freedom of expression online" not "necessary" in ITRs -http://bit.ly/XJcNHI no point exaggerating, eh? (v @jeffjarvis)

Empörte Urheber: das Positionspapier der Initiative Urheberrecht -http://bit.ly/QSlpc3 sense of entitlement much?

Huawei to set up $90 million R&D center in Helsinki, taking on Nokia in its own backyard - http://tnw.co/UPurah lovely symbolism

Cameron rejects decriminalising drugs - http://bbc.in/TPmAtb deluded and pathetic; what a missed opportunity #decriminalisation #uk

Open letter to MEP Berlinguer on EU patent - http://bit.ly/VLGw2z nice, but not sure he wields much power these days... #unitarypatent

DNA of 100,000 people to be mapped for NHS - http://bit.ly/122QZXZpotentially huge - if police don't ruin it by demanding access #genomics

Google und Facebook gemeinsam gegen Softwarepatente - http://bit.ly/UPLjxmso why is EU likely to make them easier? (v @kgerloff)#swpats

Dear Recording Industry: 'Rampant #Piracy' Is Deader Than Your Outdated Metrics - http://bit.ly/VyPZnV good analysis

ITU: Hands off our Internet! - http://bit.ly/Uxzee7 #avaaz wades in... #wcit#epetition

Russia and China Withdraw Bid For Internet Control - http://bit.ly/YU42MK it's a trick - er, maybe? #wcit #itu

30 #Linux Kernel Developers in 30 Weeks: James Bottomley -http://bit.ly/W07cJj interesting details

#India: Judges slam flawed bill to fast-track #GM - http://bit.ly/UsHg5K some strong language here

#Sega Using #Copyright Claims to Restrict Fan Discussion -http://bit.ly/TPCjZw gosh, never seen copyright abused like that before...much

The Declared Value System: Managing Monopolies for the Public Good -http://bit.ly/W07RKI clever, but complicated #copyright

Meet The #Arduino Esplora - http://bit.ly/UsIbmB 2 meant for newbies"; cool

European Council endorses #unitarypatent package - http://bit.ly/VMaofc good summary. note #poland getting v jittery (cf #swpats #acta)

Revealed: EU's revolving door facilitates tobacco lobby meetings -http://bit.ly/VMaLpW this needs, er, stubbing out... #lobbying

#Nokia forms 71% of Windows Phone market according to AdDuplex research -http://bit.ly/12hlkRK bad news for #microsoft

On Being Childish; An Apology - http://bit.ly/W093O1 kudos to @jonobacon for this

Defy the odds, Mehzar - http://bit.ly/Z5VjG5 those responsible are contemptible scum (v @wftl)#education #pakistan

#Botnet hidden in the #Tor network - http://bit.ly/UsLqKL oooh, sneaky

Mark Shuttleworth Answers Your Questions - http://bit.ly/TZ48eG always some interesting things to say #ubuntu

#Chromebooks for classrooms: $99 for the holidays - http://bit.ly/T1sOUCshrewd move: the new Apple ][?

Data protection reform should not derail transatlantic digital single market -http://bit.ly/Vv6NfA don't worry about this silly #privacy...

1990 #climatechange predictions turn out to be accurate - http://bit.ly/VyWY02oh look: scientists knew what they were talking about...

Who Ever Thought APIs Were Copyrightable, Anyway? - http://bit.ly/UPXYApwell, copyright maximalists for a start

Secret trade deal will affect the cost of health care in NZ - http://bit.ly/YU8hb5nurses worried in #NZ too #pharmac

French #Hadopi Scheme Gutted; Other Bad Ideas To Be Introduced Instead -http://bit.ly/UaGlb9 one step forward, two steps back

Guardian person of the year: Voters choose Bradley #Manning -http://bit.ly/Vz11cC interesting: not just who won, but how he won...

European rights holders want levies on Dropbox, Google Drive -http://bit.ly/SRElrf ah, those wacky dinosaurs

#Psy Makes $8.1 Million By Ignoring Copyright Infringements Of #GangnamStyle - http://bit.ly/VvcURh nice work if you can get it

Amgen to Acquire #deCODE Genetics, a Global Leader in Human #Genetics -http://bit.ly/VvDBVR had forgotten it still existed (v @wilbanks)

Plea for NZ Government to prove commitment to democracy -http://bit.ly/SS0cP2 can they spell "#ACTA"...? #TPP

GM health fears 'complete nonsense', says Owen Paterson -http://bit.ly/123J64u great: so #monsanto can release all the #gm test data, right?

Big European businesses ask European Parliament to reject #UnitaryPatent -http://bit.ly/TRD6bm Ericsson, Nokia and BAE ask EU for rejection

Appeals Court Gets Yet Another Shot At Fixing The Software Patent Problem -http://bit.ly/X1Xnt5 just as #EU makes same mistake as #US

After rapid growth, ebook readers set for collapse with shipments plummeting 36% in 2012 - http://tnw.co/12hPxjG #tablets to take over?

$50 #Android Smartphones Are Disrupting #Africa Much Faster Than You Think, Says Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales - http://tcrn.ch/SS2y0z important

Hollywood Anti-Piracy Group Takes “Pirate” Domains To Avoid Prosecuting -http://bit.ly/12hQoAN the latest ploy

Das subsuboptimaledeite Einheitspatent Europas - http://bit.ly/TMESrQ and that's putting it kindly #unitarypatent

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