Thursday, 6 December 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121204 -  yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Why The #ITU's Plans To Divert Money To Lazy Telcos Will Slow Internet Buildout, Not Increase It - surprise #wcit

Letter to President Barroso on the need for #copyright reform - excellent move by enlightened MEPs (v @kkomaitis)

How Crash Cover-Up Altered #China’s Succession - & important story (v @hofrench @markmackinnon) 

Wirtschaftsminister fordern Aussetzung der #GEMA-Reform - this is desperately needed (v @moltke)

EU urged to choose transatlantic convergence on data protection - US diplomat calls EU approach "pretentious" #arrogant

Greece scores worse than Bulgaria in corruption ranking - is not good

#Israel rebuked for not allowing IAEA inspections - definitely not hiding nuclear weapons anywhere, oh no....

#TPP cartoon competition winners announced - dark humour

#WCIT: Put off to tomorrow what you can't do today - good summary of what happened yesterday #ITU

#Amazon Offers Kindle Owners All-You-Can-Eat Kids’ Content - I see what you did there

Ridiculous: SEC Boss Refused To Move Forward On Required Crowdfunding Rules To Protect Her 'Legacy' - pathetic

US bid to limit UN regulatory treaty to telecom companies and not Internet firms fails early test - early days #wcit

Maritime Union Links To Building “Trans–Pacific Opposition” - certainly needed #tpp

European Commission decision to label #palmoil 'sustainable' threatens Indonesia's forests - stupid & shameful

Analysts are bad at their jobs: IDC cuts its Windows Phone forecast by 40% in just 181 days - people are noticing

California Eyeing #Drone Surveillance - and certainly not alone in doing so: this is our future...

An EU patent as solid as the Euro? - good to see the#greens on the case #unitarypatent #fiasco

Open Letter To The Members Of The Parliament regarding #UnitaryPatent - important initiative from @eva_lichti here #EU

Latest #TPP Round Locks Out Public Interest Groups Who Flew To New Zealand; Gives Them 15 Minutes Of Access - insulting

Verschärfte Aufsicht: China will Vorabkontrolle von Smartphone-Apps - part of a continuing series... #surveillance

#UnitaryPatent: crazy schedule ahead, MEPs asked to take a step back and think it through - this is being rammed thro'

New 25-GPU Monster Devours Strong Passwords In Minutes - eeek #security

Digital Rights Groups Shut Out of Secret #TPP Negotiations - more details, plus statement from NGOs

Konferenz von Doha: Obama verspielt Klimaschutz-Kredit - will judge him harshly for this

Greens/EFA amendments to the EU #UnitaryPatent - some really good ideas: pl. write to MEPs about this

¿Por qué es importante la #transparencia institucional en la era de Internet? - lots of good reasons here (v @platoniq)

Complaint To Brussels Prosecutor Put BitTorrent Domains In Peril - strange how this is never done openly

EU Commission on modernising #copyright in digital economy - "stakeholders" must include public (v @RyanHeathEU)

Researchers: PATRIOT Act Can 'Obtain' Data In Europe - suprise, but #cloudcomputing infrastructure needs changing

EU Parliamentary Committee questions #EFSA's integrity -' response is encouraging here #transparency

EU Resists ‘Extreme’ US Lobbying As Data Privacy War Brews - cheek (v @PaulbernalUK @bendrath)#EUdataP 

Have you been a digital angel? - good to see #opensource#opendata being mentioned by key people (v @NeelieKroesEU)

Richard Stallman: ‘Apple has tightest digital handcuffs in history’ - #RMS on freedom, succinctly (v @JamesKelseyFry)

Activision's Call of Duty Hits $1 Billion in Sales in 15 Days - "faster than the movie 'Avatar' " #strawsinthewind

Report on a Digital Freedom Strategy in EU Foreign Policy - lots of great ideas from @MarietjeD66 and her group

#Genomics revolution: UK could miss the boat, scientists warn - hugely important area (v @raycorrigan)#dna

Why Copyright Shouldn't Be Considered Property... And Why A Return To 1790 Copyright May Be Desirable - some key points

Zoom-Zoom - nice post about, well, nothing much; but still nice

Windows Phone #DroidRage Twitter Stunt Blows Up In Microsoft's Face - this technique never works

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Closed Negotiations Against the Open Knowledge Economy - "release the draft texts." #TPP

Pirate Bay spin-off site Promo Bay to be unblocked - so it was blocked on purpose (v @technollama)#bpi #censorship

Activity of Apple, Google and other companies in the #WebKit project - very interesting stats: who's top? (v @jgbarah)

Indian Village Bans Unmarried Women And Girls From Using Mobile Phones - worried about losing dominance much?

MPAA: Megaupload Shutdown Was Massive Success - they think it's over?

Bristol University's Christian Union Bans Women From Speaking At Meetings - can't believe this is in #UK (v @tug)

Bristol University Christian Union: Women speakers now allowed at all events - that was quick... (v Graeme_L)

COMMUNIA Positive Agenda for the Public Domain - good to see #PD supported

US Hypocrisy: Supports Open Dialog On Internet Governance At #WCIT; But Full Secrecy At Parallel #TPP Negotiations -

a reminder that hacker & #cc volunteer Bassel Khartabil is still missing in Syria - (v @URCHN_LIBRE)#freebassel

Mary Meeker releases stunning data on the state of the Internet - stunning? hardly. useful? certainly.

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