Saturday, 29 December 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121227 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

European Union's Data Retention Law Could Breach Citizens' Fundamental Rights - can't wait for #ecj decision

It’s done. #China makes it mandatory for all Internet users to register with their real names - not good #surveillance

#India: Schools, not sweatshops - #avaaz epetition about proposed law on child labour

Kim Dotcom promises a “press conference like no other” for the relaunch of Mega - what larks

China's Alipay Targets China's Rural Areas With Online Payments - interesting move

Exploring Our Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts - 30K images as #PD - well done, #Britishlibrary (v @tdobson)

Proposed Changes To UK #Copyright Law Sensible But Require Gov't Request If You Want To Circumvent #DRM - that'll work

First African Designed Smartphone, Tablet Hit Market - really important moment #android #africa

Momentum for #GM labeling growing across US - interesting

#Copyright Vultures Circle As Court Green-Lights Anti-Piracy Scheme - really bad decision #privacy

1,200 #OUYA Developer Consoles sent out - wonder what they're like... (v @RobertAndrews)#linux

America’s Deceptive 2012 Fiscal Cliff - superb analysis of#austerity & #debt: I can't recommend it highly enough

Lib Dems must 'grow up' on Snooper's Charter - anyone who says s/thing this stupid neither lib nor dem (v @tom_watson) – der Informationsfreiheitsverstärker - for #transparency & #freedom everywhere

Copyright: Canada - A #Copyright Year in Review - "2012 was surprisingly good for Canada"

USDA: No More Lion Burgers! Ban the Sale of Lion Meat - eating lions? how sick can you get? #epetition

Pearson buys 5% stake in NOOK Media, the Microsoft-Barnes & Noble joint venture, for $89.5m - forming alliances..

Software Wars - crowdsourcing a film about #freesw; released under #cc-sa, possibly with delay...

£1.8bn '#snooperscharter' fails to get Treasury backing - to cost many times that anyway... (v @doctorow)

Copyfraud: Copyright Claims On CDs Say It's Infringement To Loan Your CD 2 A Friend - but real first sale threats exist

Google Removed 50 Million “Pirate” Search Results This Year - bonkers

To Avoid Controversy, 'Realtime' Microblogging In #China Now Delayed By 7 Days - well, very slow real time, I suppose..

Neither Gold, Nor Green, Nor Hybrid Are Sustainable #OpenAccess Models - provocative stuff

Newcastle University students protest biometric scanner move - so they must pay & be monitored (v @NO2ID @GusHosein)

Government of #India Generates Hundreds of FLOSS Promotional Videos - amazing (v @schestowitz)

Philippine Government Ignores Public Concerns, Continues To Push Extreme 'Cybercrime' Law - more bad stuff

Dear #Hacker Community – We Need To Talk. - why @Asher_Wolf left #cryptoparty; important stuff that needs addressing

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