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Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130929 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

"The package currently on the table in #TPP has very little in it for #Australia" - says it all

Evolving #Copyright and the Relationship With the #TPP - detailed analysis of incompatibilities with US law

#Privacy and surveillance: Jacob Applebaum, Caspar Bowden and more - livetweeting from @charlesarthur #snowden #nsa

How Can Somebody Who Loves Culture Possibly Defend The #Copyright #Monopoly? - well, quite

Non-NIST Cipher Suite - good post, and good news in the light of #NSA's corruption of stds (v @marypcbuk)#crypto

TACD forum - #TAFTA/#TTIP: Can it bring benefits to the people? - warning: may be rhetorical question

Freedom of Information - good profile of @arusbridger &@guardian by ken auletta #snowden #nsa (v @ggreenwald)

#NSA Has Built Its Own, Secret, Warrantless, Shadow Social Network, And You've Already Joined It - ICYMI

De Gucht: "strive for mutual recognition of our regulations" - chlorine-doused chickens coming to a plate near you

Owen Paterson v the science of #climatechange - useful corrective

John McAfee's $100 D-Central aims at outsmarting the NSA - nice idea, but can we trust it...?

Qaeda Plot Leak Has Undermined U.S. Intelligence - unlike #snowden's leaks, of course...

Inquiry on Electronic Mass Surveillance of EU Citizens - lots of interesting stuff - recommended #NSA #EudataP

"Kein Schutz für europäische Daten in den USA" - "#TTIP-Verhandlungen aussetzen" #NSA

.@anniemachon- need real, credible parliamentary oversight of UK spies to take evidence of #whistleblowers #nsa #Epinquiry

.@AnnieMachon Echelon report needs revisiting; EU needs to break away from US hegemony #EPinquiry #NSA

.@anniemachon - need to move away from proprietary US software #freesw #NSA ##Epinquiry

.@AnnieMachon #privacy is bedrock against encroaching surveillance state; false dichotomy between privacy & security: #nsa #Epinquiry

.@AnnieMachon:"I signed official secrets act to protect official secrets, which I did" but "I did not sign up to protect spy crimes" #NSA

#snowden: "the threat of #surveillance is the greatest human rights challenge of our time"

Richard Stallman on the Hacker Spirit at MIT - in his own words, from 1999 #rebelcode #gnu #rms

 Open Society Foundations seeks Senior Policy Analyst -

If It Took 7 Years And An Employee Confession To Reveal Intentional NSA Abuse, How Can NSA Say It Knows All Abuses? -

#NSA stores metadata of millions of web users for up to a year, secret files show - #snowden: the truth about #marina

#TPP could keep us on the leash - some people in #NZ are waking up to dangers of #ISDS et al.

.@mbeisen and the birth of @PLOS - good article about #openaccess; stupid title

The DOJ's Insane Argument Against Weev: He's A Felon Because He Broke The Rules We Made Up - detailed analysis

For scientists in a democracy, to dissent is to be reasonable - shame on #UK, #Canada & #Australia #censorship

Mark Klamberg on EU #Metadata Collection - useful comparison with US

#TPP. It's Not Democracy. It's Not Right. Petition. - one for New Zealand #nz

#BBC's #NHS cuts coverage criticised as being 'cursory' - to put it mildly

EU LIBE Inquiry on Electronic Mass Surveillance of EU Citizens - resource behind great talk (v @schestowitz)#nsa

Ex-#Microsoft #privacy chief: I don't trust company after #NSA revelations - strong words (v @BiellaColeman)

BitTorrent experiments with secure chat - sounds interesting approach #nsa

#Snowden’s Statement to EP on ‘Greatest Human Rights Challenge of Our Time’ - (v @jamie_love @janehamsher)#nsa


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130928 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Why ending the war on #drugs will cut crime - bravo: we need more brave police officers to speak out on this

People Across America Are Waking Up to the Effects of 'Disaster Capitalism' - important stuff

Nurses in tears as 'horrendous' understaffing hits patients, says watchdog - #Labour crazy not to seize on this issue

chimpanzees are way ahead of humans in complex memory tests - time to protect and respect them, then...

British plan to avert climate disaster using sun power - such an obviously sensible thing to do... #energy

Peers plot to revive shelved law on plain #cigarette packs - kudos: we must reverse cameron's bowing to #lobbyists

Why Free Software Is More Important Now Than Ever Before - timely reminder from #RMS #gnu #nsa (v @ioerror)

Björn Brembs on the state of #OpenAccess: Where are we, what still needs to be done? - good stuff

“Globalization and the Internet”: Magazine Sprint in Berlin - early thoughts on #TAFTA/#TTIP

Public Resource kickstarting free, open publication of the world's safety standards - great cause

Peerby’s Local Lending App Is Ready To Help Neighbours Participate In The Sharing Economy - makes sense

pic of the week: Limehouse - wonderfully serene image #london  (v @Londonist)

Glowing Interstellar Grains - whoa, what's going on here, then?

Top police chiefs warn Mike Barton: be careful about message on drugs - pathetic attempt to throttle initiative

A new window on OpenStreetMap data - interesting move #osm

Cameron: I'd withdraw from human rights convention 'to keep UK safe' - safe from human rights, presumably...

#NSA's role in "US assassination program." - blood on their keyboards? (v @kgosztola @asteris)

a petition calling #AbbVie to drop legal action against the #EMA's policy of open access to clinical trial data -

Saudi Arabian cleric says female drivers risk damaging ovaries - not just bigoted, but idiotic too...

Open government? Don't make me laugh - why #FOIA must be extended to included privatised services (v @evgenymorozov)

Sonar mapping for oil killed whales in Madagascar, a study has found - (v @slashdot)

Multi-lateral work on food security or secret trade and investment deals for corporations? Which way NZ? - #TPP

Sunday, 29 September 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130927 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

How eating dog became big business in Vietnam - great piece about cruel & sordid business

I don't want UK to be at forefront of tackling climate change, says Osborne - fab, now we want to be leaders in fail

AGCOM Measures against freedom of expression - bad stuff happening in #italy #censorship

After #NSA Court Hearing, Government Must Unseal Documents by December 20 - great (v @Asher_Wolf)

#NSA Gathers Data on Social Connections of U.S. Citizens - just as we predicted it would #snowden (v @jilliancyork)

Saturday, 28 September 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130926 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

UK's surveillance laws need overhaul, says former defence secretary - #RIPA hopelessly outdates #gchq

EU lawmaker: '#TTIP is not a monster’ - but #ISDS certainly is

#Snowden's leaks are misguided – they risk exposing us to cyber-attacks - astonishing number of factual errors #gchq

UK Government Study Tries To Gloss Over #TAFTA/#TTIP's Problems With Impossibly Precise Figures -

The Birth of a #GNU Era - 30 years ago, it all started here #RMS

After #Snowden Leaks, Countries Want Digital Privacy Enshrined in Human Rights Treaty - nice move (v @IanBrownOII)

Over 7,000 Free Audio Books: Librivox and its New Look! - great project, do give it a whirl

Hands Off the Marco Civil! - epetition in support of #brazil's innovative marco civil legislation, still not passed

Britain accused of trying to impede EU data protection law - petty & obstructive #DP #safeharbour #nsa

World is past halfway to triggering dangerous #climatechange, says IPCC - & still the denialists deny... #science

Dianne Feinstein Accidentally Confirms That #NSA Tapped The Internet Backbone - isn't that treason or something.. ?

Thursday, 26 September 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130925 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Why we spy on #Brazil - honest, but deeply hypocritical (v @tom_watson @Duffygary)#NSA

#TAFTA/#TTIP stakeholder briefing session [pdf] - registration required; be nice if some public representatives went

#TPP, Copyright, and Users' Rights: Google Hangout with @EFF, @KEI, and Public Citizen - next Tuesday

Tech Giants Fear Spread of Patent Wars to Europe - finally wake up to Unitary Patent dangers...

Nigeria Closer To Comprehensive Internet & Phone Spying System, Probably Complete With 3rd-Party Backdoors -

EU-US trade deal to include 'corporate bill of rights' - putting companies above #EU law with #ISDS: insanity

A Study of Whois Privacy and Proxy Service Abuse - looks interesting

European Commission launches “Opening Up Education” initiative - welcome move to use #cc licensing #EU

Google attacked by MPs over failure to curb music and film piracy - more cluelessness from politicians #DEAct

Peter Mandelson criticises Ed Miliband's energy plan - mandelson as poisonous & destructive as ever...

#EPO software #patents continue despite 10th anniversary of the European Parliament vote - shameful tricks

Seriously, Samsung? Sorry, European roamers, but the new Galaxy Note 3 is region-locked - stupid #samsung

Europol und Interpol orakeln Abschalten des Internet durch “Revolutionäre” und “Hacker” - FUD & fearmongering

#Paraguay and the Pacific Alliance: Why the country should not join the regional bloc – analysis - #TPP

Merkels Zukunft: Nach dem Gipfel droht der Abstieg - interesting point #de

#OpenData Training at the Open Knowledge Foundation - great idea

Clinkle becomes a tech celebrity magnet, landing Richard Branson as an investor - huh? re-inventing the modem?

#NSA planted bugs at Indian missions in D.C., U.N. - that will go down well #india

NSA’s Alexander Appeals For Threat Information Sharing - instead of snooping less, wants to spread our info more

Breaking Their Will: The Sick Biblical Literalism That Leads to Child Abuse and Even Death -

Internet, Trade & Democracy: Transatlantic Relations under Shadow of Surveillance - October 10, Berlin #TAFTA/#TTIP

Mandelson wrong to attack energy price freeze plan - "points to peer's financial interests in energy companies" #uk

Citizen Scientists Classify Galaxies In Massive Crowdsourced Project - fab project (v @KQEDscience @phylogenomics)

Amicus Brief From Public Knowledge Distills Ultramercial's 'Complex' Patent To 16 Lines Of Code - nice

#NSA Intercepted Communications Of Prominent Americans During Vietnam War - they've done it before, could do it again

Nasa's Curiosity rover finds water in Martian soil - fascinating stuff #science

Senator Feinstein Says The Press Needs To Stop Calling Patriot Act #Surveillance Program A 'Surveillance Program' -

Internet, Trade and Democracy: Transatlantic relations under the shadow of surveillance (auf Deutsch) - #TAFTA/#TTIP

A Corporate Coup of a Different Order: The Growing Resistance to #TPP - let's hope


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130924 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Why Westgate Tragedy Should be a Turning Point in our Natural Resource Nightmare - hope he's right (v @whiteafrican)

Energy firms declare war over Miliband's fuel freeze - note that #TAFTA/#TTIP would let them sue UK for damages here

Goodbye, Keyword Data: Google Moves Entirely to Secure Search - baby steps

Turkish Government Aims To Create 6000-Strong Social Media Propaganda Squad - #tr

MEP calls for pan-European referendum on new EU treaty - also required: #transparency #TAFTA/#TTIP

Letter to the French Prime Minister on Data #Surveillance Claims and the Right to Privacy - (@IanBrownOII)  #fr

Al-Shabaab will emerge stronger after Nairobi mall attack, warns analyst - so stop ivory poaching that funds them

.@easyJet threatens not to let passenger board after he criticises airline on Twitter - oh dear... (v @technollama)

Busting the myths of transparency around the EU-US trade deal - important rebuttal of misleading info #TAFTA/#TTIP

How a Crypto ‘#Backdoor’ Pitted the Tech World Against the #NSA - interesting tale

European Privacy Lost - and How to Get it Back - important report prepared for EU Parliament: hope they read it #NSA

Après PRISM, pourra-t-on encore faire confiance au logiciel? - "Seul un code ouvert est auditable"

The #BRICS “Independent Internet” Cable. In Defiance of the “US-Centric Internet” - interesting #NSA

UK Using Anti-Terror Laws To Harass And Intimidate Human Rights And Democracy Activists - humiliating - for the UK

#TAFTA/#TTIP is an important economic issue – How can we include NGO’s and citizens? - good question #transparency

Tone Deaf Dianne Feinstein Thinks Now Is A Good Time To Revive #CISPA - </facepalm> #nsa

To reform the #NSA, fire officials who lie - if they had any honour left, they'd resign first (v @ggreenwald)

Lucas to be charged over anti-#fracking protest - "in the public interest" - in the corporate interest, more like...

.@EasyJet under fire after claims it refused to let The Drum columnist @mleiser on board for sending critical tweet -

US puts unwarranted pressure on India for taking legal steps to increase access to affordable medicines -

Urgent Need To Shift Away From Industrial Agriculture, Says UN Agency - interesting call given where it's coming from

#Privacy opinions - timely & wise; which one are you? #nsa

 Geheime Liste von #PhilipMorris: Die Schnüffler von der Tabaklobby - lovely people #tobacco #cancer

Help Stop the US Navy’s Attack on Whales! - such extraordinary selfishness

Mozilla plan seeks to debug scientific code -  great to see #mozilla more involved here (v @slashdot)

Does BusinessEurope believe in climate change? - or maybe lucre more important than lives...

EU-US trade talks delve into regulatory maze - US trying to apply same regulatory approach to everything #TAFTA#TTIP

Greens outraged over Polish 'clean coal' push at UN climate summit - gives new meaning to Polish Notation... #energy

 #Nvidia seeks peace with #Linux, pledges help on open source driver - but Linus not quite ready to apologise...

The Global Open Knowledge Foundation Network - an update on what's happening around the world #okfn

Concord, our #GPL #outliner - be interesting to see where this goes

Energy giants will blink first in Miliband's price freeze challenge - good analysis + figures that back up arguments

The Press Lumps Ed #Snowden And Chelsea #Manning In With Mass Murderers, Actual Spies - pathetic

Revealed: #Qatar's World Cup 'slaves' - dreadful stuff if confirmed #worldcup2022

How the #NSA cheated cryptography - detailed but approachable (v @ioerror @dangoodin001)#ellipticcurves

Crucial #tobacco vote in European Parliament looms - pl. contact your MEPs to combat lobbying (v @DrRimmer @CR_UK)

“#Monsanto Protection Act” will die! - that's good (v @DrRimmer)

Top US Trade Official, Lobbies 4 #TarSands Oil In EU negotiations #EU selling out already? #TAFTA/#TTIP more of same

Swedish Police Database Of Romani People Shows Why “Nothing To Hide, Nothing To Fear” Is Wrong - yup #nsa

'See Something, Say Something' Campaign Creates Massive Database Of Useless Info From Citizens Spying On Each Other -

Andy Burnham says Labour will end #NHS 'fast-track' privatisation - at last, Labour gets a clue

but note that #ISDS in #TAFTA/#TTIP would probably mean UK government would be sued for billions over NHS roll-back...

Pirate Parties Blocked From #WIPO After US & Other Countries Complained That They Don't Support WIPO's Mission -

#NSA reform bill to trim back US surveillance unveiled in Congress - but not for furriners, of course...

#NSA Chief Begs His Public To Help Agency 'Get The Facts Out' - this man is abject

And so it begins: T-Mobile no longer stocking #BlackBerry in stores - bye-bye BB

Wednesday, 25 September 2013


 Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130923 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#TTIP moving to fast track if 1st results come early - rushing this huge deal will be a disaster (v @MarietjeSchaake)

"If there is not going to be any change at all on GMOs, it will be difficult to get #TAFTA/#TTIPl through US Congress." so EU must submit?

EC 'buckled under pressure' for soft energy labels - always kowtowing to business, but bullying the public...

TTIP: Data is the elephant in the room - data is crucial for 21st century: #TAFTA/#TTIP a joke without it

Surprise: #Paywalls Cause Massive Falls In Number Of Visitors – And Boost Competitors - here are the figures

Extreme Energy Extraction Roadtrip — The Scary Ways We're Ruining the Country to Get #FossilFuels - insanity

The jagged edges of the #TPP - good piece on what they're not telling people #NZ

Stephen Fry joins demand to end #NSA and #GCHQ mass surveillance - good to see writers doing this

Police accused of bias over culling of #badgers - Officer 'threatened to pass protester data to farmers'

Google Removes ‘BitTorrent’ From Piracy Search Filter - quite right

'Not surprising India has become an important surveillance target' - interview with @ggreenwald about #NSA & his book

Yemeni Human Rights Activist Held At UK Border Under Terrorism Law - more bullying by UK border thugs (v @ggreenwald)

#NSA Apologist Says The NSA's Actions Are Fine Because 'Privacy Is Dead' - great debunking of dangerous stupidity

superb European Parliament briefing note on #NSA spying, its impact on #EU citizens, & what can be done [pdf] -

#TTIP & the 50 States: Jobs and Growth from Coast to Coast - interesting propaganda from UK gov (v @EU_TTIP_team)

re last tweet, #TTIP/#TAFTA propaganda, note FTAs with Korea & Mexico were disasters for US - jobs were lost -

Brazilian president Rousseff launches tirade against US over #NSA surveillance - fiery & important speech #brazil

Border Patrol's Horrific Treatment Of On The Media's Producer, Family & Friends Shows Lack Of DHS Accountability -

Germany's Second Largest City De-Privatizes Local Power Grid - great precedent: time to roll things back

Who rooted servers two years ago, how did it happen, & why? - now would be a good time to say

Don’t blame robots for America’s falling wages: Blame trade - #TAFTA/#TTIP will impoverish US and EU workers

Brazilian President Blasts #NSA Spying In Front Of World Leaders -- Including Obama -- At UN - makes EU look pathetic

MEPs raise suspension of EU-US bank data deal - interesting move  (v @ClaudeMoraesMEP)#nsa

Senators Demand Answers On #NSA Snooping — By The End Of 2014 - yeah, take your time, no rush...

Google To Encrypt All Keyword Searches - that's good

This short film combining robotics and projection will blow your mind - interesting idea, nicely executed

Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130922 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

EU, US gear up for 'real' negotiation round #TAFTA/#TTIP - what, the one where EU food/safety standards are lowered?

"Americans are very keen on #ISDS, which would allow them to challenge a state directly" - i.e. US cos. above EU law

Oaken Wood in Kent to be uprooted as quarry plan gets go ahead - so much for "greenest government ever"... #tories

Robb stands firm on foreign lawsuits - surprising, but welcome #ISDS #TPP

President Obama Asks Congress To Give Up Its Oversight On Secret #TPP Agreement - for no benefit whatsoever

EU more extreme than US on trade - makes #TAFTa/#TTIP even more dangerous

Japan offers 75% tariff elimination in 1st year of #TPP accord - so how do the japanese farmers feel about that?

Three Seriously Injured In New-Bus-For-London Smash - whoa, what happened here?

Retail Giant Tesco Follows In Amazon’s Footsteps With Hudl, A Cut-Price, Own-Brand Android Tablet - significant move

Here’s what you need to know about the #Apple #TouchID “hack” - useful summary of situation #ccc

Don’t price your #ebook at $1.99 - interesting observations on psychology of buying (v @superglaze)

9 Nastiest Things In the Meat You Eat - remember: US wants #TAFTA/#TTIP to force these on EU:

#NSA stories around the world - useful roundup by @ggreenwald

Complaint against European Parliament over secret legal advice - great move: no reason to keep this secret now #ACTA

#India among top targets of spying by #NSA - useful details of what's been happening

EUhackathon takes place on 24-25 September 2013 - in Brussels

German elections launch Martin Schulz towards Commission presidency - now that would be interesting...

Explore the world’s constitutions with a new online tool - pity UK entry to short... #google

#Android and the #Tesco Effect - this is why the #iPad is doomed to become a niche product

UK inquiry into online safety - closes 30 September - don't forget to make your submission - can be online

#Google Has Spent $21 Billion on Data Centers - how many servers is that, do we think? 20 million? (v @robinwauters)

Timeline of Edward #Snowden's revelations - links to original stories - hugely useful (v @martijnloth @bitsoffreedom)

re number of Google servers, the wonderful #xkcd has of course pondered this - (v +Wade Aaron Inganamort)

public consultation its draft EU policy on publication & access to clinical-trial data - important; closes 30 Sep.

Bruce Schneier: #NSA Spying Is Making Us Less Safe -  great interview, hugely quotable... (v @raycorrigan)

.@Bruce_Schneier on #NSA: "The only analogy I can give is that it’s like death."

.@Bruce_Schneier on #NSA: "by eavesdropping on all Americans, they’re building the technical infrastructure for a police state."

.@Bruce_Schneier on backdoors: "It’s like going out on a date. Sex might never be explicitly mentioned, but you know it’s on the table."

.@Bruce_Schneier on #NSA: "The Internet has become essential to our lives, and it has been subverted into a gigantic surveillance platform."

.@Bruce_Schneier on #NSA: "The solutions have to be political. The best advice for the average person is to agitate for political change."

20-Year-Old Requirement For 'Real-time, Full-time' Eavesdropping On Canadian Mobiles Revealed - out of the woodwork

Internet Activism Is a 'Gateway Drug' to Doing Good - important point

Hear no evil, see no evil - exposes nicely EU cowardice over #NSA spying on Europeans

Bolivian President to Sue US Govt for Crimes Against Humanity - interesting move (v @AnnieMachon)

#China just bought 5% of #Ukraine - a headline from the future, brought to you today... #food

"#Snowden walks freely in the streets in disguise" - "the danger level is very high" (v @boingboing)#nsa

OPPO partners with #Cyanogen Inc. - didn't take long

How Much #Surveillance Can We Accept? - "would have to be consequences for those who abused our trust"

#Metadata Equals #Surveillance - only knaves or fools who don't understand what metadata is, say otherwise

#NSA surveillance goes beyond Orwell's imagination – Alan Rusbridger - because digital, not analogue

Gurry: “the impact of illegal downloading is significant and negative.” - where's his evidence? (v @howardknopf)

Dispute over free trade deals, after government removes restrictions - #australia warms to #ISDS folly

Monday, 23 September 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130921 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#Climatechange: IPCC issues stark warning over global warming - how bad does it have to get before people wake up?

How western affluence gives us cancer - some interesting ideas worth exploring further...

On Internet, #Brazil is beating US at its own game - good, detailed analysis of latest moves (v @bendrath)#nsa

#Indonesia Becomes Fifth To File WTO Case Against Australia #Tobacco Plain-Packaging - shame on them (v @ThiruGeneva)

U.S., #Japan mull joint #TPP proposal on 2-track drug patent protection - the old 'divide & rule' trick #generics

Zazaki: a West Iranian language - wow, spoken by 3 million people... #linguistics

#Kazakhstan Sees Optimism as Aral Sea Flows Back - maybe there's hope...

#CyanogenMod founder teases Oppo as first smartphone partner - interesting #china

Stop using #NSA-influenced code in our products, RSA tells customers - it has come to this...

 Conference to Explore Law and Economics of #Copyright Users’ Rights - long overdue

How Factory Farms May Be Killing Us - we must save #antibiotics for humans - we have precious few that still work

Massive Music Piracy Plunge Fails to Halt Decline in Sales - because it was never the real problem here...

#TPP to drive up medicine costs: global health group - and also the likelihood of people dying as a result...

#okcon (first) thoughts (blog, hack)+ in Geneva Public Library - upbeat summary

Unerwartet offene Briefe: Bewegung in der Urheberrechtsdebatte - hmm, we shall see...

#TAFTA/#TTIP & the #NHS - excellent article; #ISDS could make Tory sell-off irreversible

#China to increase coal production despite environmental concerns - oh, great...

Chinese investors flock to #Vietnam to wait for #TPP - interesting trend #china

Attention all Nigerian Copyright Stakeholders - important meeting coming up

El Gobierno presentó Huayra, su sistema operativo libre - new educational distro from #argentinian gov - great #linux

4 West Papuan Leaders Held on Treason Charges by Indonesian Authorities - outrageous intimidation (v @suigenerisjen)

How a Bad Supreme Court Decision Could Have Good Constitutional Consequences for Copyright - nice (v @howardknopf)

In secret, Fisa court contradicted US supreme court on constitutional rights - important points (v @suigenerisjen)

Ein schwarzer Tag für Netzpolitik und unsere Grundrechte - not looking good #de

 Scheitern der Piraten: Es ist vorbei - "Zu zerfasert, zu desorganisiert, zu zerstritten"; also not good... #de

Close ties between White House, #NSA spying review - a farce & an insult

Sunday, 22 September 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130920 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

"will consign poor people in poor countries to perpetual poverty" - as if oil companies gave a damn about the poor

#Israeli forces manhandle E.U. diplomats, seize West Bank aid - will #EU ever develop a spine? (v @aral)#palestine

Latest Snowden Leaks Show #GCHQ Gleefully Hacking Belgian Telco - may have broken into European Parliament too...

Australian among 30 arrested after armed Russians storm Greenpeace ship - uses old "terrorists" trope

What's Best Way to Tell Your Mother & Bosses Why They Should Protest #Surveillance? - really good; pl. pass on

Threat of Pharma IP Investment Rights in #TPP: An Eli Lilly v. Canada Case Study - hugely worrying #ISDS

21 organisations ask Italian Data Protection Authority to publish readable documents - good move #it

Implementing a Turing machine in Excel - nice idea; pity they didn't use free software...

Grieving mum who lost 9-year-old son in house fire hit with Bedroom Tax 4 his empty room (v @aral)#callous #tories

Artist transforms celebrities to show you what they would look like as ‘normal’ people - spectacular & creepy

Felix Dennis plants his millionth tree - wow, I never knew: kudos to him #uk

Carpet designer threatens cosplayers with legal action - intellectual monopoly insanity again (v @MaliciaRogue)

BitTorrent Admins Face Six Years in Jail After Spanish Govt. Approves New Bill - absurdly disproportionate #es

American gun use is out of control. Shouldn't the world intervene? - funny & clever piece about 2 serious subjects...

Saturday, 21 September 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130918 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Britain's #GCHQ Hacked Belgian Telecoms Firm - "major customers include institutions like EU (v @superglaze)#malware

Abbott: Open For Business — & Multinational Lawsuits - good piece about risks of #ISDS for #australia & elsewhere

 Spähangriff auf Belgacom: Belgien empört über britische Spionage - getting more serious (v @JanAlbrecht)#gchq

UK information commissioner to examine #Snowden disclosures impact - tardy, but welcome (v @raycorrigan)#gchq #nsa

Obama’s Corporate Export Council Ignores Dismal Export Data, Backs More-of-the-Same “Trade” Deals - #TPP #TAFTA/#TTIP

'Winning the Race to the Bottom': Obama Moves to Fast-Track the #TPP - lower health stds; same for #TAFTA/#TTIP

#TPP negotiators thrash out thorny issues - "cheap imports could devastate #Japan's agricultural sector."

State Approved Stalking: MN Newscaster's License Info Viewed 1,380 Times - tip of the iceberg #nsa #gchq

RT @IlariaPassarani 2h  EU Court allows BEUC  to voice people views in the cases EMA vs pharma industry #ctdata >>fab

Republicans block science laureate vote over #climatechange stance fear - pathetic: so frightened of the truth?

Edward #Snowden has raised 'real issues', says head of UK spy watchdog - well, it's a start, I suppose

#NSA chiefs defend conduct in letter to families of spooks - "respect the privacy & civil liberties of US citizens"

"will consign poor people in poor countries to perpetual poverty" - as if oil companies gave a damn about the poor

Friday, 20 September 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130917 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Abandoned NHS IT system has cost £10bn so far - well, some of us did warn this would happen back then... #uk

'Follow the Money': #NSA Monitors Financial World - some more details #visa #swift

#Brazil's Rousseff calls off state visit to US over spying - "unlikely to happen anytime soon." (v @PatternGuru714)

#Lavabit Email Founder Goes to Great Lengths to Avoid Email, Post-#Snowden - whoa; "becoming a political activist"

Controversy over firing of leading Irish investigative journalist - this looks pretty stinky #ie

432 Million Internet Pirates Transfer 9,567 Petabytes of Data a Month - interesting stat if true..

Lawmakers accused of rushing EU data protection law - mainly be companies that would be affected...

Hong Kong bans shark fin soup at official banquets - good see; others needs to follow in mainland China

Linux Foundation on the Foundations of #Linux - better & better in every way #mobile #embedded

Gilmore response to NSA mathematician's "make rules for #NSA" appeal - powerful reply (v @ioerror)#surveillance

EU-China investment talks: no EP consent without #transparency, Trade MEPs warn - NB #TAFTA/#TTIP

Former #NSA Boss Hayden Says #Snowden Likely To Become An Alcoholic Because He's 'Troubled' And 'Morally Arrogant' -

Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper recreated by star cast at National Portrait Gallery - nice (v @LifeinSicily)

#EU Negotiators Should Wake Up & Engage Public in #TTIP - "true joint effort of citizens, businesses, politicians"

Pig-Manure Fertilizer Linked to Human #MRSA Infections - #antibiotic use in farming to blame? (v @BoraZ)

#RIAA Whines To Congress That It Doesn't Like Google's Search Results - these people are just pathetic

Entrepreneur Fights Back Against Patent Troll; Patent Troll Accuses Entrepreneur Of Hate Crimes - kudos to former...

High #gun ownership makes countries less safe, US study finds - won't make any difference, of course

As #Africa gets online, #Europe emerges as the new global internet traffic hub - not the UK, one imagines... #GCHQ

Google Launches New Company, Calico, to Extend Human Life Span - helping the rich oppress the poor a few years more

NBC Universal Funded Study Shows, Yet Again, How Infringement Is Hollywood's Own Damn Fault - jumps out from numbers

Reddit, Civil Liberties Groups Renew Push for Email Privacy - well done them... #nsa

#Linus Torvalds worries about how #Linux will handle end of Moore’s Law - I'm worried that he's worried

Police consider disciplining officer accused of grooming teenage girl - "has been groomed by Matt Rees": consider?

Officials: Edward #Snowden's Leaks Were Masked By Job Duties - oh, "masked" is it now...?

Sea bass joins list of threatened fish - #DEFRA sticking its head in the sand, as usual...

Now Is The Time To Reform Outdated Electronic #Privacy Laws - important initiative #US

Angered By The #NSA, But Confused By Acronyms, Brazilian Hacker Defaces NASA Websites - ha! nice piece #brazil

Developers risk losing billions if they fail to address land conflicts - just wait for the backlash...

This Guy Turns OCD Hoarding Into Amazing Photos - they truly are: do not miss them...

Pirate Bay Blocking Orders Should Be Overturned Under EU Law, ISPs Argue - good to see

European Commission official warns that “new thinking” is needed for the future of privacy - crucially important area

Another Reason NSA Can't Prevent Terrorist Attacks: Protecting Its Methods Is More Important Than Protecting Public -

You Just Threw Out a Perfectly Good Gallon of Milk Because You Think "Sell By" Date Means Something - oh, that's me

DOJ To Reporter: We Can Prove You're Wrong, But We Want To Embarrass You, So We'll Wait - staggering

Be Very Afraid - good summary of what we've learned about #NSA et al. #surveillance

Justice Dept. watchdog never probed judges' #NSA concerns - worse & worse (v @trevortimm)

#Linus Torvalds Admits He Was Approached By US Government To Insert #Backdoor Into #Linux -- Or Did He? - #nsa

The war on #whistleblowers and journalism - "I'm working on several stories" -@ggreenwald; I can't wait... #NSA

#Copyright Industries Pushing for Search Engine "Voluntary Agreements," Despite Risks to Users - as we long feared

Edward #Snowden has started a global debate. So why the silence in Britain? - hugely important question for UK...

The Wailing of the 1 Percent & Its Defenders - fun: "every single person is a massive net moocher" (v @sinkdeep)

Russian Government Takes Over Country's 289-year Old Scientific Academy - oh, yes, this will end well...not #ru

Remember remember the 1st of November - Term Extension ignites - the real #copyright theft... (v @kcrews @ralpost)

#Navajo Star Wars: Coming to a Theater Near You - fab; more please... (v @owenblacker)