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Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130730 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Daniel Ellsberg on the #Manning verdict - lots of useful context

Discontent With #Secrecy And One-Sided Nature Of #TPP Spreads Among Participating Nations - of note

Here’s why ‘trust us’ isn’t working for the NSA any more - good summary (v @schestowitz)

Staffers 4 Rep. Rogers Apparently Claim They Could Sue Me For Defamation - @mmasnick of "Streisand Effect"? not wise

European Heart Guidelines Based On Disgraced Research May Have Caused Thousands Of Deaths - shocking

What Exactly Does The #EU Plan To Do On #NetNeutrality? - mixed signals

Bradley Manning trial: what we know from the leaked WikiLeaks documents - reasons to be grateful for his bravery

The world’s shortest poem and why it may be important - lovely meditation with intriguing idea at its core

On the emptiness in the concept of “neutrality" - elegant debunking of #MIT's jesuitical casuistry #aaronswartz

The Internet As We Know It Is On Its Deathbed - not dead yet, but a little green around the gills

Why the world’s governments are interested in creating hubs for open data - good intro to #ODI #london

The Madness of the Willful Destruction of Our Dependable Popular Way of Life - fine, angry piece from john pilger #uk

weather forecast - nice #xkcd

What is the Shortest Poem? - surprisingly dense and witty video (v @Documentally)

#TTIP Update I - and so it begins; examining the entrails for clues in the absence of #transparency #TAFTA

Why I blew the whistle on Atos fitness-for-work test - let us now praise whistleblowers - and encourage more to speak

#Egypt’s ‘#ThirdSquare’ activists reject both army and Morsi - great concept (v @MaliciaRogue)

Crooked officials should fear #opendata journalism - such an imporant trend (v @eellak @karounos)

Solutions to the looming crisis in science - great post about hugely important issue #SciELO #arXiv #openaccess

Saudi Arabia: 600 Lashes, 7 Years for Activist - for "Insulting Islam". disgusting #barbarism (v @nycjim @Glinner)

#TTIP: "there’s a political will to address some issues that have never been addressed" - #EU surrending on #GMOs?

Report Highlights Need for Major Overhaul of #Copyright - sounds sensible stuff (v @carobotero)

Fox Claims That Feeding Seniors In Need Is An Effort To Buy Their Vote - you couldn't make it up (v @schestowitz)

"ACPO guidance: There are no powers prohibiting the taking of photographs" - cut out & keep (v @PoliceStateUK)#/UK

"I believe what we're seeing is a move towards the global imposition of a police state in the developed world" -

last quote from great piece by @cstross. note investor-state dispute settlement is part of this attack on liberty:

6 police face misconduct after young woman left naked in cell - has our friendly Bobby come to this? (v @JackofKent)

Lewisham hospital services decision reversed by judge  - welcome decision #nhs

"#censorship is incapable of telling the difference between political contexts and purely pornographic ones" -

#MIT’s betrayal of hacker culture - interesting viewpoint from @koxinga21

"They are ingenious people, it can't be beyond their wit to stop these crimes" - UK police showing ignorance of tech

#NSA program collects 'nearly everything a user does on the internet' - "with no prior authorization" (v @Glinner)

"analysts can begin surveillance on anyone by clicking few simple pull-down menus designed to provide both legal & targeting justifications"

"#NSA tool called DNI Presenter, also enables an analyst using XKeyscore to read the content of Facebook chats or private messages."

"Analysts can search for internet browsing activities using a wide range of information, including search terms entered or websites viewed."

"allows analysts to store "interesting" content in other databases, such as 1 named Pinwale which can store material for up to five years."

foregoing quotes taken from latest @ggreenwald piece on #nsa #surveillance -

Obama's secret #TPP threatens prescription drug prices on global scale - could lead directly to many dying (v @PCGTW)

XKeyscore presentation from 2008 – read in full - see what they see (or rather saw - will be far more now) #nsa

fun fact: #XKeyscore runs on distributed #linux cluster, over 700 servers globally (back in 2008) -

confirmed: if you use #encrypted documents or PGP you are an "anomalous event" for #XKeyscore; also talks about decrypting VPNs

one slide talks about "exploitable machines" in a given country - there are obviously lots... XKeyscore -

GÉANT's terabit upgrade for European science - strange EU telcos can't do same 4 us (v @NeelieKroesEU)#netneutrality

Author Claims That 'Fair Use Is Theft By Any Other Name' - great rebuttal #copyright

Warrantless Cellphone Tracking Is Upheld - "victory for law enforcement":@nytimes is just pathetic (v dangillmor)

More #Encryption Is Not the Solution - not "the" solution, but certainly part of it (v @raycorrigan)

Seizing personal data without reasonable suspicion - a reminder about the outrageous laws at UK borders

#TPP: The Coming Fast-Track Trade Outrage - USians, you might want to fight this

"encrypting information while it is stored would prevent Google from showing right online advertisements to users." -

Parimet Ndërkombëtarë për Zbatimin e të Drejtave të Njeriut për Përgjimin e Komunikimeve - also fab & impressive

Brown? In #London? Papers please. - shameful and racist #UKBA

Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130729 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Climate change divestment campaigns go on the offensive - important shift (v @DrRimmer)#fossilfuels

The Impending Demise of Greedy For-Profit Scientific Publishers (Part I) - fine, rightly-indignant piece #openaccess  (v @brembs)

In The World Of Internet Policy, Online Freedom Hangs In The Balance - by @sfmnemonic (v @MsLods)

#Transparency more than a buzz word - saying it not the same as doing it #tpp #tafta/#ttip

In NSA leaks, Edward #Snowden performed a service - more people waking up (v @suigenerisjen)

Informing authors of real consequences of #CC-BY open-access publication - this is a feature, not a bug (b @brembs)

#Serco: the company that is running Britain - why #FOIA must apply to cos. providing public services #transparency

The End Of The Original Three Strikes Program From On The Media - warning: may contain nuts (me) #copyright

"We want industry 2 continue 2 refine & improve their filters to ensure they do not – even unintentionally – filter out legitimate content."

previous pious hope from UK gov in new policy doc:

Another Problem with UK's 'Nudge #Censorship': No Clear Accountability - fighting a deadly blancmange

"Slow internet" could become legal in #Brazil - #netneutrality under attack there too #marcocivil

#Russia to Ban Swearing Online: #UK to Follow? - the problem with slippery slopes #censorship

America's Real Subversives -- The FBI and NSA, Spying on the Public - a different perspective

The Fantec decision: German court holds distributor responsible for FOSS compliance - fascinating case #licensing

The tycoon, the dictator's wife and the $2.5bn Guinea mining deal - astonishing & appalling tale #greed #africa

Congress May Declare Today 'National Whistleblower Day' As Court Announces Manning Verdict - US has a sense of humour

Writer of 'Daredevil' Comics: Equating Piracy With Lost Sales Is 'Baloney' - someone else gets it

 'GMO Answers' Website Launched By Monsanto, DuPont - "to combat mounting opposition to genetically modified foods"

Thailand’s government rules #Bitcoin as illegal, resulting in an indefinite trading suspension -  seems extreme

Using a VPN to access Netflix: is it legal in #AU? - probably not... (v @MsLods)

Android Doubles Apple Sales in Q2 Tablet Market - no comment necessary

MIT report is a whitewash. My statement in Response by @TarenSK - #MIT are hugely disapppointing here #aaronswartz

Your Computer Junk is Gold to Reglue - fantastic way to give free GNU/Linux computers to under-privileged children

RT @mmasnick Hilarious. Apparently @RepMikeRogers' office is telling reporters that they want to sue me for defamation. >>utterly insane

#Skype-Alternative #Tox: einfach, verschlüsselt, dezentral - this sounds really great: anyone used it?

FISA court judge: No company has ever challenged Patriot Act sharing - probably just a bit shy... #nsa

"I agree that European anger is largely hypocritical" - more salt, vicar? (v @legalift @GusHosein)#nsa #surveillance

DOJ Tells Senator Wyden That Incoming FBI Director James Comey Has No Intention Of Answering His Questions - nice

The Bradley Manning Verdict and the Dangerous “Hacker Madness” Prosecution Strategy - war on hackers goes up a notch

Hacking and Whistleblowing: The New Crack Cocaine of Activism -  perceptive & frightening parallels #waronhackers

Next iPhone could read your fingerprints - what could possibly go wrong? #nsa #surveillance

Now That It’s in the Broadband Game, #Google Flip-Flops on #NetworkNeutrality - so much for principled stands...

Dutch banks get nod to inhale Amazon cloud - they clearly haven't thought this through #nsa #surveillance

Monday, 29 July 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130728 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Israeli Company Verint To Help The Indian Government Intercept Encrypted Communication - time for GnuPG in #inda?

Randall Munroe finishes "Time," the 3,099-panel #XKCD serial - a true genius of the digital age

Cloud: Doing your research pays dividends - sorry, post-#Snowden, you have to address #NSA snooping on clouds

Crypton open source project to thwart online #surveillance - good to see #opensource offering solutions here

10 Cose da sapere su AGCOM e diritto d’autore - un disastro. fratelli d'italia (e sorelle): combattete per l'Internet

PRISM turned up the volume on cloud security conversations - as it jolly well should #surveillance

Hertsmere gardeners given police powers - insane: welcome to the (privatised) #policestate (v @bbw1984)

Maori Party – ‘The land is where the value lies’ - #TPP will guarantee rights of foreigners to own land #NZ

Momentum Builds Against #NSA #Surveillance - "even critics say may be unstoppable" (v @monkchips)

Cameron crusade casts net wide - sensible piece on ill-thought-out populism (v @ObscenityLawyer)#porn #censorship

Why EU Commission's True Intent is to Kill Net Neutrality - "prioritised traffic" is incompatible with #netneutrality

Don't underestimate rightwing desperation in media attacks on greens - the sheer gall (v @DrRimmer) #climatechange

FSFE objects to claims of 'predatory pricing' in Free Software - proprietary sw cos. really scraping the barrel now

Future of #NHS 111 telephone service at risk - how many people must die before we stop this privatisation madness?

Beware the courier scam: an express way to lose your money - sounds extraordinary: anyone heard of this before?

Friedrich: Die #NSA überwacht uns gar nicht, die filtern nur! - surprising: German ministers are clueless idiots too

#Tumblr Shuts Down Popular Blogger: Who's Next? - potentially big (v @copyrightgirl)#copyright

Major opinion shifts, in the US and Congress, on #NSA surveillance and privacy - another amazing win for #snowden

UK Sliding into Something Worse than #Censorship - unless we stop creeping opt-in now...

Apple 'pinch-to-zoom' patent on shaky ground, report says - gosh, you don't mean apple was just wasting our time?

US Court Eases Prosecutors’ Burden of Proof in Leak Cases - not good #whistleblowers

No predatory pricing in Free Software, the #Android case - good analysis EU

93% of Americans want #GM labeling - new poll - would it be so undemocratic to give it to them...?

AP, Meltwater settle #copyright dispute - unexpected (by me, at least...) (v @howardknopf)

France wants mandate for EU-US trade talks published - a small step, but good; more please (v @PCGTW)#TAFTA/#TTIP

judge fires court employee for providing document that helped free innocent man - no good deed goes unpunished

#Russia To Ban Swearing On The Internet - bloody 'ell... #censorship

World watches #TTIP - "scientifically legitimate safety or health concerns" - cf. (v @PCGTW)

Those who deny access to history are condemned repeatedly - good analysis of absurd #AHA embargo on PhD theses

New UK law would allow indefinite retention of data seized at ports - shameful proposal #policestate #surveillance

"David Cameron's proposals would silence me when I speak out about child abuse" - hugely important point

Pharma Fails Credibility Test, Misses Opportunity, on #Transparency - #opendata now (v @lesamitchell @wilbanks)

Doktorarbeit: Plagiatsvorwurf gegen Bundestagspräsident Lammert - not another one: the German disease? #plagiarism

MPAA Wants Up to $750 Million in Damages from isoHunt - sounds proportionate; not...

Take 2013 #OpenSource Hardware Community Survey - "to arrive at a better understanding of who we are as a community"

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Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130727 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#BMA urges Obama to stop doctors force-feeding #Guantánamo prisoners - great to see #torture

On Rooftops, a Rival for Utilities - "existential threat"; amazing selfishness of cos. (v @billmckibben @DrRimmer)

The Question of Patent Eligible Subject Matter and #Evergreening Practices - useful review

Raped, plundered, ignored: central Africa state where only killers thrive - appalling this can be in 21st century

EU Data retention might not be proportional to risks - hugely important case before #ECJ (v @teirdes @cypherpunks)

"Nothing, but nothing, that is stored in their "cloud" services can be guaranteed to be safe from surveillance" - yup

Revealed: #tobacco giant's secret plans to see off plain cigarette packets - shame on #cameron for allowing this

Tough #Copyright Laws Chill Innovation, Tech Companies Warn Lawmakers - good to see this being said

 #StopWatchingUs: 10.000 Menschen demonstrieren gegen #Überwachung - impressive, given the high temperatures

Nexus 7 finds #Apple napping - amazing how fortunes can shift... #tabs

How #Linux is taking over the network - well, obvs

Government bee scientist behind controversial study joins pesticide firm - interesting coincidence #uk

Chinesische NGO: Bericht enthüllt schwere Missstände bei Apples Zulieferern - again...

Why (most) Brits don’t seem to be overly concerned about #NSA snooping - useful thoughts

The BBC passes mobile landmark. And that matters why? - fascinating stats

Ex-Innenminister: Schily nennt Furcht vor Überwachungsstaat paranoid - old man tries to shore up old power structures

Twitter UK chief responds to abuse concerns after campaigner is deluged with rape threats - belatedly...

#opendata for #africa - lots of good stuff

#NSA-Affäre: Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger fordert schärfere Geheimdienstkontrolle - as a minimum

Israel: EU-Diplomaten werden wie Touristen behandelt - punishing the powerless

Wisconsin Gov. Gives Thumbs-Up to Private Security Commandos Hired By Mining Co. - redefining protest as terrorism

#NSA faces backlash over collecting phone data - what #snowden hath wrought (what a pic, too) (@bueti @teirdes)

#TTIP's "Science-based" Assault on #Democracy Begins - the race to the bottom on health & safety begins #TAFTA

Thousands take to streets in #Germany to protest US surveillance of Net - germans lead way (@daviddarts @sinkdeep)

It is still a bitter pill to swallow - #malaysia still unconvinced by #TPP

Unblock Torrent Sites, Blocked Proxies, & Cameron’s Porn Filter With Immunicity - didn't take long (v @jackschofield)

Reality check: NSA spying pales in comparison to European efforts - no, misses point: #NSA is spying on all Europeans

Curiosity rover's descent to #Mars – the story so far - reminder we should be doing more of this, not fighting wars

Solar pays - close to the tipping point? #renewables #energy

Die Daten sind los - why politicians are clueless - & helpless - when it comes to the Net (v @netzpolitik)#nsa

Saturday, 27 July 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130726 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#Bolivia Accepts Apologies Over #Snowden Plane Debacle - interesting (v @wikileaks)

Another Secretive Step For #Spain's #Transparency Law - absurd

GCSB Bill 'a threat to anti-TPPA campaigners' - pure bullying #TPP #NZ

Bank Robs House By Mistake, Refuses To Pay Up - needs a little link-love, I think...

PRISM: The EU must take steps to protect cloud data from US snoopers - missed this when it first came out

UK Police's 'Ring Of Steel' Spying On Every Car Entering And Leaving Town Ruled Disproportionate - applies elsewhere?

UK failing to protect the Arctic from drilling, warn MPs - good call #energy #climatechange

Church should consider pulling money out of Google, Perry says - she really has no idea now Net works... (v @bc_tmh)

Spying on Allies - "the costs far outweigh the benefits of regular spying on our closest allies" (v @IanBrownOII)

#NHS privatisation fears deepen over £1bn deal -  profits so much more important than people

#Mars Pet food firm 'sponsored bear-baiting' - "unable to defend itself because its claws have been removed"

 Let’s Create an Alternative #Copyright Agenda by and for the Users - it's about time the 7 billion spoke on this

Friday, 26 July 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130725 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Chinese firm Huawei controls net filter praised by PM - whoops (v @superglaze)#censorship

Obama Promises Disappear from Web - whistleblowers promise written out of history (v @trevortimm)#betrayal

Ecco come vogliono farci stare zitti: diffamazione: “carcere e chiusura dei siti web” - awful (v @LifeinSicily)

They Know Much More Than You Think - useful summary of #nsa actions

Australian Fair Trade & Investment Network (AFTINET) warns about #ISDS - good to see them alert on this #TPP

#Brazil's Army Moves To Protect Indigenous Awá Tribe By Halting Illegal Logging - good to hear (v @schestowitz)

#NSA spying may be harming American tech companies’ bottom line - so stop it #cloudcomputing

World’s cheapest computer gets millions tinkering - exactly as we'd  hoped #raspberrypi #linux

L’AGCOM introduce la ghigliottina digitale per i siti internet. Il Provider segnalato alla polizia giudiziaria - bad

Couple abducted in their sleep and house demolished - hammering those nailhouses... #china

Sen. Ron Wyden On #NSA Spying: It's As Bad As #Snowden Says - wow, extraordinary validation from someone who knows

America Is a Place Where Doctors Need Bullet Proof Vests to Protect Themselves from Christian Fundamentalists -

Stop the dredging of the Great Barrier Reef - for coal, too... #epetition #au

Measuring the Benefits of #OpenStandards:  A Contribution to Dutch Politics - good analysis of contentious case #nl

Pflanzenvielfalt auf Äckern & in Gärten bedroht: Bündnis fordert Umsteuern bei der Neufassung des EU Saatgutrechtes -

'Klokkenluiders beschermen tegen politieke wraakzucht' - in praise of whistleblowers #snowden

Government Argues Bradley #Manning Was An Anarchist, As Case Closes - truly pathetic bullying

WTO head questions value of two US-led regional trade initiatives - he's a bit biased, but still #TPP #TAFTA/#TTIP

Hot summer bestows solar power bounty on Britain - figure for Germany: "40% of daytime electricity demand on 7 July"

Senate Appropriations Committee Approves Trade Sanctions Against Any Country That Offers Asylum To Snowden - tantrums

Blackfish - let's hope this opens people's eyes to astonishing arrogance & cruelty of making killer whales "perform"

Why such outrage over porn filters? The idea seems perfectly reasonable to me - deep ignorance of tech & implications

maybe our imminent uk #censorship is all #blair's fault: foisting MS word on kids instead of teaching them to understand tech & implications

RT @qz  Attorney General Holder tells Russia US won't seek death penalty for Edward #Snowden -@AP >> such generosity...

Manning and Snowden light path for the US to return to its better self - fine analysis from yochai benkler

Social Mobilization & the Networked Public Sphere: Mapping the SOPA-PIPA Debate - fab. spoiler:@techdirt is the star

Why Won't #NSA Defenders Publish Their Phone Records? - ha! good point #metadata #privacy

 Is #Africa open to #opensource? - bonkers if it weren't (v @africatechie)

Antibiotic resistance: The last resort - how we are screwing this badly for a variety of bad reasons (v @carlzimmer)

Ministry of Truth: Greenpeace on SOE “Water Grab”  - china with something bad to hide (v @isaac)

Intelligence Officials Can't Keep Story Straight: #Snowden Both Did And Did Not Get Key NSA Secrets - credible much?

Rep. Rush Holt Bill To Repeal PATRIOT And FISA Amendments Acts Now Live, Ambitious - another interesting move

An #opensource analog camera you can 3D print at home - impressive

Why Yes, Copyright Can Be Used To Censor, And 'Fair Use Creep' Is Also Called 'Free Speech' - great commentary

Thursday, 25 July 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130724 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Stop secrecy in new trade negotiations - surely our governments have nothing to hide in #TPP and #TAFTA/#TTIP?

Two Energy Futures: we don’t need fossil fuels to power the world - time to say no to fossil fuels (v @DrRimmer)

Activism or science? A debate on open access. - great discussion (v @brembs)

Michael Hayden on the Effects of Snowden's Whistleblowing - Bruce Schneier's thoughts on the same

Toxic trade deal: FoE decries industry efforts to weaken regulation of chemicals - #TAFTA#TTIP's threat to our health

Diverse International coalition launches alternative process to secretive #TPP talks - great move

Narrow defeat for Amash amendment to restrict #NSA surveillance - but the mood has shifted - & that's a victory

Open Letter to David Cameron: Internet Filtering - "We do not understand why you have abandoned this direction."

Kill U.S. web firms’ license to operate in Europe, German privacy officials urge - Safe Harbour is totally unsafe

What the #NSA Wants in #Brazil - some v interesting thoughts here (v @schestowitz)#snowden

Stoppt die Überwachung: Breites Bündnis fordert konkrete Konsequenzen aus Abhörskandal - keeping the momentum going

Tell Google: Stop funding climate change deniers - #google becomes seriously evil

European Patent Organisation Not As Immune As We Thought! - potentially big #EPO

#China’s business elite have their own private social network called Zhenghe Island - but what do they use it for?

Investment Agreements: A New Threat to Health and TRIPS Flexibilities? - US at risk over patent revocation #ISDS

 EU-Tochterfirmen: Irische Aufsichtsstelle nennt Datenexport in die USA legal - underlines why Safe Harbour must go

Peter Suber on state of #OpenAccess - great points, clearly made: "RCUK policy will continue to cost needless money"

EU leaders: Stop mass surveillance - @IndexCensorship petition; needs signatures, pl.

Forbes Publishes Blueprints Of #NSA's Massive Datacenter In Utah - I doubt this would have happened pre-#snowden

US tech firms losing business over #PRISM: poll - important: means businesses will start to pressure US government

Two private prisons among worst three jails, inspectors find - now serco wants to manage vulnerable children too

Japanese lawmakers, stakeholders feel left in dark on #TPP - #secrecy gone mad; make tabled dox public (v @PCGTW)

Euro-Hawk: NSA hat Komponenten geliefert, Verteidigungsministerium wusste von Zusammenarbeit - sounds legit

Can private cloud services really keep European companies secure? - yes and no... #nsa

A Tube Map Of London’s Small Theatres - all 105 of them

Xi Jinping calls for 'Maoist indoctrination' of Chinese youth - because that worked so well last time #china

#NSA-Skandal: Piraten schalten auf Angriff -

Der Tschernobyl-Moment der Digitalisierung - interesting metaphor #nsa

Two New Reports Confirm: Best Way To Reduce #Piracy Dramatically Is To Offer Good Legal Alternatives - #copyright

Sleepwalking into #censorship - "As we’ve said repeatedly, it’s not just about hardcore pornography." #uk

Dearlove Doublethink - such a shameful episode driving towards a shameful and illegal war #iraq

Looking at Oil Palm’s Genome for Keys to Productivity - "oil palm tree industry is also an environmental disaster"

"Fair Use Creep," and Other #Copyright Bogeymen, Appear in Congress - a bit like "freedom creep"...

Feds tell Web firms to turn over user account passwords - this is where the slippery path leads #JustSayNo

#australia given G20 Indonesia spy report - used it to gain UN seat (v @CasparBowden)#unsporting

Democratic establishment unmasked: prime defenders of NSA bulk spying - Democrats now like Labour party...

"State Troopers proceeded to confiscate tampons from females while guns are allowed." - (v @schestowitz)#texas

What Edward #Snowden Has Given Us - not drowning, but waving #nsa #whistleblowers

In aftershock of leaks, reformers take a stab at #NSA powers - only the start (v @Thomas_Drake1)

Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130723 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Understanding surveillance as an information economy - good analysis of important shift (v @Asher_Wolf)

Fukushima decontamination to cost $50 billion - why nuclear power makes no economic sense (v @markwillacy @asteris)

Surprise drop in iPad sales shows the market for Apple’s tablet has saturated - no surprise for some of us

Role Reversal: How the US Became the USSR - brilliant historical parallels; great point (v @wikileaks)#snowden

 Edward #Snowden's fear of flying is justified - oh yes

#TPP rules could block alcohol warnings - profits more important than people's health

The Great Firewall of Cameron: Why The UK's Filtering By Fiat Won't Work, and Won't Help - sane thoughts on daft idea

Jetzt wird die Bundesregierung aber reagieren: Geheimdienste überwachen auch Faxe und Telex! - is nothing sacred?

Yet More Security Reasons to Give #Microsoft a Miss - collateral benefits of Mr #Snowden's revelations

Brief an Merkel & EU-Kommission: Datenschutzkonferenz fordert Aussetzung des Safe-Harbor-Abkommens - bin safe harbour

Landmark Lawsuit Challenges 'Ag-Gag' Law - really important

The Price of Hypocrisy - probably @evgenymorozov's best piece yet. NB especially ethics of information consumerism

Umfrage zur Bundestagswahl: Piraten profitieren von NSA-Skandal - let's hope they don't blow it this time

POLL RESULT: 86% of Readers Say Sue Claire Perry; Guido Has Instructed Lawyers to Commence Proceedings - seems fair

Bill Browder, Brit Fighting Russia Death Threats & Libel Suits To Take On Kremlin - (v @KatieFisher__ @article19org)

Former Supreme Court judge warns against Greens' metadata Bill - ridiculous FUD (v @JLLLOW @Asher_Wolf)#surveillance

#Autodesk invites users to remix training materials - everyone should do this (v @xpectro)#cc

USA und EU führen mehrtägige Gespräche zu PRISM, Geheimdienstaktivitäten der Mitgliedstaaten - this is a farce

Alyssa Milano Claiming Trademark And Copyright On 'Hacktivist' - a gauche move: many of her fans will be disappointed

White House braced for Congress vote on amendment to limit #NSA collection - time for a big Obama slapdown

THE PORN MINISTER | Letter to David Cameron | Dan Bull - another witty little number - give it a whirl

"If there's a watershed on the TV then why isn't there one for the internet?'' - </facepalm> (v @bengoldacre)#porn

Social services for vulnerable children in England 2 be privatised - safeguards removed (@Catherine_md_ @marcuschown)

thanks everyone for RT'ing this important story - … let's get it out there so people realise what's going on - & fight

Court Says Broadcasters Can't Use #Copyright To Block Commercial Skipping - victory for commonsense

Feds put heat on Web firms for master encryption keys - shows SSL works, and why we need EU clouds

Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130722 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

"Let’s create a real deterrent. Not a pop-up that paedophiles will laugh at.” - exactly #cluelesscameron #censorship

Finland Writes History With Crowdsourced Copyright Law - a model for the future?

Photos of the effects of the Three Gorges Dam - what a load of rubbish #china

#TPP will undermine public health efforts - negative benefits for the public

 The Web’s longest nightmare ends: Eolas patents are dead on appeal - what a waste of effort #swpats

Overbearing data protection rules threaten cloud computing - risible arguments in the context of #NSA spying

Heated chemicals debate continues with open letter to EU chief scientist - I thought policy had to be science-based

“Swarmwise” The Tactical Manual To Changing The World - by @Falkvinge free download (of course)

The coming push for #opensource everything - you'd be mad not to - thanks, #NSA... (v @Mark_Antony)

Why GMOs Aren’t Like Smartphones - provocative thesis, but one that merits further research given the implications

#Alibaba Tunes In #China’s Internet TV Market With Smart OS - anyone know if this is #linux-based?

 Firmen gegen #NSA: Wie sich deutscher Mittelstand vor Industriespionage schützt - big business opportunity here

Auch #Paypal verweigert Zahlungen an den schwedischen #VPN-Anbieter IPredator - outrageous bullying

#OpenData in Latin America: Here to stay - that's good

#Porn blocking - a survivor's perspective - good piece, important points #uk #censorship

#de Minister Calls Security A 'Super Fundamental Right' That Outranks Privacy;  Press Call Him 'Idiot In Charge' -

G4S guard fatally restrains 15 year old - gets promoted - #g4s should be shut down now (v @PoliceStateUK)

This Is What Fracking Really Looks Like - images UK public need to see before agreeing to #fracking (v @schestowitz)

NSA Spokesman Accidentally Admits that Government Is Spying On Virtually All Americans - (v @RobinGross @DrRimmer)

Censoring News Before It Happens - #cameron will be reading this with interest #china (v @antloewenstein @DrRimmer)

Rebecca Solnit, Emerging From Darkness, the #Snowden Story - well-written meditation on the issues (v @DrRimmer)

Porn-blocking season is here again..  - excellent, sensible thoughts, asking the right questions #censorship #uk

Abhör-Vertrag mit FBI & Justizministerium: Telekom und T-Mobile USA verpflichten sich zur Überwachung - eine Schande

Google Reader Died Because No One Would Run It - bad sign for #google and its management culture

Social Networks: Guilt by association? - useful points #NSA

#TPP: "what's on the negotiating table is so unpopular that it would never pass with the whole world watching" -

Monarchy versus the Panopticon - thought-provoking stuff, as ever #surveillance

daniel #libeskind: zhang zhidong industrial museum underway - I love the audacity of this chap (v @new_territories)

Court Gives Chevron Access To Nine Years Of Americans' Email Metadata - awful precedent #ISDS

Adapteva Distributes Initial Production Versions of the #Parallella Computing Platform - #opensource, 16 cores, $99

Eli Lilly Raises Stakes: Says #Canada Now Owes It $500 Million For Not Granting A Patent It Wanted - #TAFTA/#TTIP

Monday, 22 July 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130721 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

It's official: less appealing cigarettes come in plain packages - got that, david? (v @fifarahman @LrussellWolpe)

10 questions about Cameron’s ‘new’ porn-blocking - exposes superbly inherent stupidity of this idea (v @JackofKent)

Germany backs away from EU settlement directives - for such a strong nation, #de can be surprisingly wet at times

David Cameron cracks down on online pornography - what a posturing, pathetic fool #censorship

Germany went ‘rogue’ to freeze green cars law, say diplomats - so in thrall to german car industry? that's sad

TPP: The Terrible Plutocratic Plan - excellent, detailed analysis of why #tpp will be a disaster for the public

Let #Snowden Fly: Indiegogo Campaign Hopes to Fund Whistleblower's Trip to Venezuela - nice

English translation of fascinating but worrying feature on #monsanto from Süddeutsche Zeitung -

The key to cleaning up the internet is tackling the darknets, not letting censorship in by back door - crucial point

David Cameron can't protect us from child porn because he doesn't understand the internet - exactly

Let’s use Parliament to crack down on porn - only fair, no? (v @ntouk)#censorship #UK

FBI hair analysis may have falsely convicted thousands, on death row too - why death penalty has to go (@gchampeau)

5 reasons why the UK government’s anti-porn proposals are a joke - here are five more... #UK #censorship

NSA scoffs at Indian Prism, favours cooperation on cyber security - yeah, who wants independence? #india

David Cameron is issuing bad advice to parents - exactly: censorship doesn't even solve the stated problem

#Pharma companies must distance themselves from trade bodies’ leaked strategy - if not, we know they are against us

EU Kills #NetNeutrality, Threatens Online #Openness - will new proposals signal end of an era? #opensource

Game on! Canonical wants to crowdfund $32M in a month to make #Ubuntu Edge - bold - and why not?

Life post-#PRISM: Politics and Power Struggles - good analysis of the EU situation

Malaysian socialists oppose Pacific free trade agreement - every little helps #TPP

Überwachungs-Gesamtrechnung: Warum es nicht um #PRISM geht, sondern die Komplettüberwachung der Menschheit - true

India may soon conclude FTA with European Union: Manmohan Singh - hmm, we shall see

The #Snowden Effect: definition and examples - important collateral benefits; let's hope they linger for years

If The Feds Say Collecting Data Is Not A Search Until It Looks At Them, Is It Not Piracy Until You View The File? -

New "Nimble, Collaborative, Decisive" #Microsoft So Far None Of Those Things - fine onion headline (v @charlesarthur)

Is the #NSA Blinded by Big Data? - why more is less; good analysis by @zeynep

Apple Buys Nigerian Entrepreneur’s Online Mapping Startup - the first of many (@KateBomz @araoameny @JulieOwono)

Edward #Snowden hopes to leave Moscow airport this week, says his lawyer - but is that planted disinformation?

 “Hockey stick graph” climate researcher’s defamation suit to go forward - interesting