Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Denkt nach, bevor ihr #Acta verurteilt! - notice de Gucht flipping between counterfeits & piracy (v @StopActaNow)

Alternative Copyright Reform Bill Introduced in the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies - interesting; probably won't go far

RIAA (sort of) responds to SOPA critics, says #copyright "offers little real protection" - excellent, detailed rebuttal

Fragments of Mark's Gospel May Date to 1st Century - exciting, if confirmed #palaeography

Yahoo picks patent fight with Facebook - always the last resort of a dying company

Commerce Department Postpones '#Africa IP Forum' After People Point Out How One-Sided It Is - another (small) victory

Transparency Life Sciences - "world’s first drug development company based on #openinnovation"

#Wren Churches In The City - wonderful stuff #london #architecture

Free Your #Android! - certainly necessary, not sure how achievable

UN: #drug gangs controlling parts of British cities - #decriminalisation long overdue (v @Asher_Wolf)

Boot To Gecko (# B2G)'s home screen, running on a test phone - oooh (v @nitot)#mozilla #mobile

#ACTA to get second referral to ECJ, causing new delay - good summary of today's EP press conference

MT @JackofKent News International 2009 statement denying everything is still up on their site: (v @AnyaPalmer)>>NB

Europe in Turmoil Over Internet Anti-Piracy Legislation - useful summary #acta (v @StopActaNow)#eu

Parliament receives petition against #ACTA - interesting press release (no, really) (v @StopActaNow)#avaaz

Reactions to De Gucht’s Announcement that EC Has Sent #ACTA to European Court of Justice - roundup (v @StopActaNow)

Judge sides with Monsanto - good for #monsanto, bad for the rest of humanity

Boot to Gecko - #boot2gecko home page; looking better and better #mozilla

Charges against #Assange drawn up in US, says email - in #stratfor leak - maybe not so silly, eh? #wikileaks

#WURFL: a cautionary tale - why you should never try to write your own #opensource licence #dmca

MT @MariaDamanakiEU we have to think first of what the sea is able to produce and then fish according to that. #CFPreform #EU #fisheries

UK #OpenStandards Consultation Submission - here's mine; UK people, don't forget to do yours...

The Struggle Between #Copyright and the Internet - 3K words on it, non-technical, so do pass around... #SOPA #ACTA

RT @ThiruGeneva#WTO tobacco discussion over, now on to "IP Enforcement Trends", ie #ACTA. Alea jacta est.

MEPs send #ACTA to European Court of Justice - good detailed report of latest developments

How LulzSec kept itself safe during the summer of 'lulz' - interseting tale (v @ThAOSteen)

NB: highly-negative statement by #India at #WTO about #ACTA - debunks lie that generic medicines won't be hit

The Internet Blueprint - "Developing bills to build a better internet" #us #copyright #transparency

Mi, deca neta - We, the Web kids in Serbian #webkids #rs

RT ‏@jamie_love#ACTA was hammered by developing countries in today's WTO TRIPS Council meeting>>whoops, not quite as planned, then...

Romney, Santorum & Gingrich Sued For #Patent Infringement Over Facebook Usage... Along With Millions Of FB Users - fab

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


UK Labour Party: Let's Just Get On With Kicking People Offline Over #Copyright Infringement - [RT from weekend]

#Mozilla in Mobile – the Web is the Platform - good stuff happening #openstandards

Wikileaks publishers The Global Intelligence Files - #Stratfor is clearly a disgusting outfit

OpenGeocoder - "an experiment in creating and serving geocodable results" #publicdomain

#Elsevier withdraws support for the Research Works Act - nice little climbdown there... (v @openscience)#oa #rwa

#Android growing 250% year-on-year, with over 300 million total devices worldwide - 850,000 activations per day

Right versus pragmatic - wonderful parable about toilets & #copyright (v @monkchips @robertbrook)

FFII call for action: Act on #ACTA - good advice: pl. contact your MEPs on ITRE committee today - meeting tomorrow

#ACTA Update IX - please contact your MEPs on #ITRE today - important discussion tomorrow

European Parliament also calling for referral of #ACTA to #ECJ? - seems open for comments? (v @StopActaNow)

Parliament to receive 2.4 million petition signatures against #ACTA - great work by #avaaz (v @lexelas @netzpolitik)

TRIPS-Plus, FTAs & Wikileaks - Fresh Insights on Implementation & Enforcement of IP in Developing Countries –

Attorney Says #Pinterest Needs To Change Its Digital #Copyright Policy - still up in the air

#Megaupload Founder Kim Dotcom: “We’re Going To Win” - could be fun to watch

Community-Prioritized Web Standards - sounds good, but will it gain traction?

Even now the #RWA was worth it for #Elsevier - shrewd analysis #openaccess

The New French Hacker-Artist Underground - nice piece about charming group #fr

Telefonica: Mozillaphone is 'ten times cheaper than an iPhone' - v cool if they manage it

RIP Research Works Act - "we will continue to see a growth in open access publishers": ha! kudos to all concerned #rwa

Key #Techdirt SOPA/PIPA Post #Censored By Bogus #DMCA Takedown Notice - so what's going on here?

Monday, 27 February 2012


Zehntausende auf den Straßen: Anti-#ACTA-Demos am 25. Februar - great to see; well done #germany

My, dzieci sieci - We, the Web Kids - Czech version (v @Falkvinge)#cz #webkids

“Vi, nätbarnen” - We, the Web kids - in swedish (v @Falkvinge)#se #webkids

Meie, võrgulapsed - We, the Web kids - in Estonian (v @Falkvinge)#ee #webkids

We, the Web kids - consolidated list of translations so far –

What's (still) wrong with #ACTA, & why governments should reject the illegitimate agreement - good summary of bad stuff

Tips for Activists – Inform, Enable, and Incite to Action. Observations of anti-#ACTA demo in #Vienna #Feb25 #IPRED

My, děti Sítě - We, the Web Kids - Czech version (v @Falkvinge)#cz #webkids [RT, corrected title]

Sunday, 26 February 2012


One More #Copyright Infringement, And #HADOPI Must Disconnect Itself From The Net - or would, if there were justice

Why #Ebook Portal Differed From Other Filesharing Sites - shows why knowledge needs sharing

Christopher Tappin flown to US after losing #extradition battle - sickening in every way

UK #Labour Party: Let's Just Get On With Kicking People Offline Over #Copyright Infringement - still no evidence why

Berliner Piratenpartei-Chef tritt zurück - ah, the wacky world of politics #de #pirateparty

Head of state 'funded al-Qaeda and knew of 7/7 terror attacks' - wow, can't wait for details (v @Asher_Wolf @robcrilly)

We, the Web Kids - a beautiful manifesto for the anti-#ACTA generation

Help repeal/amend the EU Data Retention Directive: take this official survey - (v @glynwintle @christinazaba)

Make tax-funded scientific research public - good to see this going mainstream (v @petersuber)#oa #frpaa

Tausende demonstrieren erneut gegen #ACTA Update - good roundup of what's happening across #eu (v @StopActaNow)

My, dzieci sieci - (#pl); Nosotros, los niños web - (#es)

Wir, die Netz-Kinder - (#de); Nous les enfants du Web - (fr); any others?

We, the web kids - manifesto by @piotrczerski- first, but not the last, reworking... #youtube

help required: we need this great manifesto - - translated into other languages; currently have #pl, #es, #de, #fr +?

tilt-shift video of Rio de Janeiro - this is just so wonderful (v #brazil

Saturday, 25 February 2012


Why #Canada Does Not Belong on the U.S. Piracy Watchlist - #special301 is an insulting farce

Cultural Flatrate Won’t Work. Here’s Why It Won’t Work. - interesting point

#ACTA: Why We Take to The Streets - wonder what the turnout will be?

Fish discarding ban shunned by MPs - what a bunch of utter morons #sustainability #uk (v @GeorgeMonbiot)

An Open Letter to Chris Dodd - #esr tells it as it is (v @tlhote)#drm

Why #Ebook Portal Differed From Other Filesharing Sites - wider ramifications of its closure #knowledge

Motorola Gets Its Way In Germany: Apple Disables Push Email In Patent Dispute, Says It’s Appealing - pointless

Cars of the future to be #Arduino compatible - fab #opensource

Internet Freedom Fighters Build a Shadow Web - nice piece on #meshnetworks #net #resilience

US Patent Office invalidates fifth Oracle patent - whoops, and another one... #android

So how much is a fair price to pay for an e-book? - certainly not what they're generally charging today...

L'après-#Hadopi de François Hollande - is a cop-out, as we expected (v @gchampeau)

Kenya's Startup Boom - hopeful signs for #africa (v @ushahidi)

Researchers aim to chart intellectual trends in #Arxiv - using #google#s #ngram viewer (v @sc_k @carlzimmer)

If You Want To Compete With Free, This Is What You Need To Know - good analysis

Friday, 24 February 2012


#China drafts legal proposal to completely shut down GE rice - looks pretty definitive #gm

"Unethical" #HTML video copy protection proposal draws criticism from W3C reps - as it should #drm

The case for open computer programs - important: #openscience requires #opencode (v @schestowitz)

Warum der Europäische Gerichtshof #Acta stoppen muss - "Acta ist also nur die Lokomotive" - ypup (v @netzpolitik)

MPAA's Chris Dodd Extends #SOPA Olive Branch to Silicon Valley - demands they take it and then surrender...

Santorum Calls Democrats 'Anti-Science' - takes the biscuit for sheer cheek; clever move, though #antiscience

#Apple orphans Linux CUPS features- handicaps open source printing - apple being evil again, just for a change

MT @davidmartinmep Smell a rat.....?....EU suspends ACTA ratification >> tweet from EP rapporteur (v @StopActaNow)

The truth about #ACTA - "It is time for the Commission to recognise its mistakes." yup (v @StopActaNow)

Acta oder der Schutz der Raubritter - good to see these points being made (v @StopActaNow)#copyright

Reding handbags DeGucht over ECJ referral - interesting analysis; great headline (v @StopActaNow)

FAQ on referral of #ACTA to European Court of Justice - excellent - do read pl. #ipred (v @StopActaNow)

Do You Need Permission To Take A #Photo With A Chair In It? You Might In France... - #copyright insanity goes insaner

IPRED das ist #ACTA 2.0 - this is good: those wise Germans are already thinking about #IPRED; get ready, people

Bioinformatics Survey - "to understand #bioinformatics by examining the scientists and researchers working within it"

RT @normative Apparently two can play the "posthumous baptism" game >>seems only fair

EU #tarsands pollution vote ends in deadlock - shame on UK's transport minister, Norman Baker

Chris Dodd Extends #SOPA 'Olive Branch' To Silicon Valley... And Proceeds To Bash Them Over The Head With It –

If #Android is a "stolen product," then so was the #iPhone - a link-packed explanation why #innovation

#TPP Update- why on earth would any non-US country sign this insanity? (v @StopActaNow)

How to Use #Ushahidi More Securely - basic but important points

Thursday, 23 February 2012


W. H. Auden in Music - clever idea; I'm sure WH would have approved #spotify #poetry

#Mozilla to challenge big players in mobile web - good to see it in the news #mobile #webapps

US lobbying waters down EU data protection reform - why do the feeble twits in the EU keep rolling over? #privacy

How to Kickstart an Open Source Music Revolution with CASH Music - interesting project

Indian Government to assemble low cost #tablets on its own, kicks out Datawind - wowk what a saga this is #india

German Constitutional Court confirms BGH's 'AnyDVD' copyright decision - good decision on linking #de

France wants #GM crop banned in EU - "pose significant risks for the environment" #monsanto

A top UK judge has ruled that defendants can be summoned to court via Facebook - #twitter next?

Court Orders ISP To Block #Grooveshark - hardly a surprise given current actions

EU-Kommission: Vorratsdatenspeicherung “zu sensibel” für öffentliche Debatte - says it all #surveillance

Scared of Anonymous? NSA chief says you should be - scaremongering much?

Print any colour you like... - #reprap does colour #3dprinters

How to Remove Your #Google Search History Before New Privacy Policy Takes Effect - might be wise (v @barefoot_techie)

#Github for #science? Shouldn’t we perhaps build TCP/IP first? - fascinating ideas, worth exploring #openscience

Announcing the Open Data Handbook version 1.0 - cool #opendata #okf

The difficulties in opening science: Q&A with Michael Nielsen - but it finally happening (v @AuScience)#openscience

Australian Science knowledge community looking for new #bloggers - "science, web technologies and everything related"

#Chrome only future for #Flash on #Linux - isn't that a bit discriminatory?

Piracy push planned in Hollywood - copyright maximalists still utterly clueless #sopa #acta

RT @ECspokesRyan Commissioner in charge of #ACTA (de Gucht) says #ECJ referral will cut thru "fog of uncertainty" clouding current debate

Domain name seizures: The end of the dotcom dominance? - if people have any sense...

PM Tusk says #ACTA suspension “not caused by external pressure” - that's good #pl

#Elsevier boycott: Time for librarians to rise up! - yes - need to keep momentum going #openaccess

ECJ terms: "whether #ACTA agreement and its implementation fully compatible with freedom of expression and freedom of the Internet."

last post v @hasserosen @StopActaNow and this EC doc: #ACTA

Открытое государство. Чем оно является и чем быть не может - useful intro #ogov #ru

The 'New' Righthaven Offers Discount To Techdirt Readers Who Want 'Spineful' Hosting - interesting

ECJ Referral: No Legal Debate Will Make #ACTA Legitimate - key point to bear in mind

European Commission Suggests #ACTA's Opponents Don't Have 'Democratic Intentions' - getting a bit desperate?

#ACTA Update VIII - ignore the ECJ call, look at de Gucht's huge shift on #counterfeits, & why he's still wrong

Knocking heads together: Creators and Consumers workshop on copyright, licensing and protection - useful but depressing

OccupyScience !!! - scientist of the world, unite etc etc...exciting (v @mbauwens)#openscience #opendata #oa

Big drug firms seek longer Canadian #patent protection - but don't want to give anything in return #ca (v @ArticleOne)

The answer to piracy is innovation, not more copyright laws - yup

"#ACTA would block the much-needed reform of EU copyright law" - say EU #greens (v @StopActaNow)

Entertainment Industry Embraces New Business Model: Suing Google For Third-Party Android Apps That 'Promote Piracy' –

#Microsoft plays victim card in #FRAND complaint against Motorola, Google - how are the mighty fallen

Nicolas #Sarkozy looking at things - it's true, he is (v @nitot)#tumblr

#Italy instructs public administrations to consider using open source - only "consider", but it's a start

#ACTA en camino a la Corte Europea de Justicia - good summary

US #petition: USTR's Freedom of Information office: to make the supporting text of #ACTA public - optimistic, perhaps

Lithuanian Minister of Justice: “On #ACTA. Why did it all explode now?” - good analysis #lt

Indigenous Peoples Walk Out Of WIPO Committee On Genetic Resources - "calls into question legitimacy of negotiations"

Ford's open source OpenXC platform as gateway to future high tech car gizmos - it's the future

Data for the public good - sounds interesting; free download with registration #opendata

Why do we need academic journals in the first place? - a question more & more people are asking themselves #openaccess

#ACTA-Proteste gehen weiter – Strategieänderung in einigen Städten - I still worry this is too early

#TPP "involves unprecedented levels of work being done behind closed doors" - #ACTA++ (v @digiphile)

Trans-Pacific Partnership Proposes #Copyright Suppression of Price Competition - why #TPP is seriously evil

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


#Twitter Suspends Four Accounts Critical of #Sarkozy: Is This What He Meant By 'Civilizing' Net? - [RT from last night]

Attacks paid for by big business are 'driving science into a dark era' - insane; clearly time for militant science

Spanish Supreme Court to Review #Sinde Law - important test #spain

ISPs kept in dark about UK's plans to intercept Twitter - #transparency? what's that? #surveillance

#ACTA is part of a multi-decade, worldwide copyright campaign - http://bit.y/wxjJZy good summary of the situation #TPP

Digital #censorship – Italian judges close down disaster information site - all'italiana #it

Verbraucherministerin Aigner kritisiert #ACTA - more disquiet in #de

A citizen of the network - “what are the civic responsibilities of a network citizen?” long but important

Shanghai Ground Cracking Under the Weight of Its Skyscrapers - er, not good, if confirmed #china #architecture

Croatian government not considering acceding to #ACTA - doesn't make much difference, but useful #hr

Victim of street-crime in London? There’s a map for that. - but The Met don't approve...

Vic #Toews Apparently Not A Fan Of Others Seeing His Personal Data - this man is a joke

#ACTA Update VII - heard of the European Commission's "Consultation Standards"? neither have they #transparency

The Apache Software Foundation Celebrates the 17th Anniversary of the #Apache HTTP Server with the release of v2.4 –

Some Arguments Against #ACTA - all great points, well made

Unique malware samples broke the 75 million mark in 2011 - love how this story leads with android's 400 cases...

Heartland leaker is scientist Peter Gleick, says documents are all real - makes sense (v @BoraZ)#climatechange

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About #FRAND (But didn’t know who to ask) - definitive stuff

A full #Ubuntu desktop, on your docked #Android phone - great to see this innovation here

Staph Turns into Drug-Resistant Superbug on Farms - stupidity born of greed will kill people in the end (v @BoraZ)

The #Surveillance State – No Warrant Required - bad stuff in #canada

Supreme Court: No Move Yet on Denying Human Gene Patents - come on, just do it #genepatents

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


#Canada threatens EU over #tarsands - may not export any more moosen #energy

The arduino documentary - "story of #arduino from a concept to bringing a new genre to open source hardware revisited"

Shining Light On #ACTA's Lack Of #Transparency - in case you missed this at the weekend: need to get the word out

CrypTweet: Strong #Encryption for Twitter DMs - cool & important (but a bit complicated for ordinary users)#

#ORG London February Pub Meetup - #ACTA - tonight

Carla Bruni : "Internet ou les jeux vidéo sont bien plus diaboliques que la TV" - just like her hub #sarkozy

#DataJournalism Awards – Call for Entries! - "open to media cos, non-profit organisations, freelancers & individuals"

The DIY 'Maker Movement' Meets the VCs - and some VCs don't get it, poor dears (v @mbauwens)#openhardware

LG Optimus LTE Tag Customizes Itself Using #NFC Stickers - this is clever; will be common, I suspect

#ACTA before the European Parliament - what will and could happen next

Heads should roll. But, of course, they won't. - shocking privacy abuses in #ireland

Football rights value soars in wake of TV Now lawsuit - oh, look, the sky is rising again...

#Android app to control #arduino - great combination

Eternal #Copyright: a modest proposal - why didn't I see this before? the solution to all our problems (v @Asher_Wolf)

Oppose the UK's Communications Capabilities Development Plan - epetition against total #surveillance

#LibreOffice Foundation Symbolises Maturity - useful update on all fronts

97 Las Vegas Karaoke Locations Sued By 'Righthaven Of #Trademarks' Demanding $500 Million - more madness

The Final Score on #Spectrum Legislation: Bad Stuff Averted, Good Stuff Made Possible. I Call That A Win. - OK, then

ha! don't miss the wonderful avatar here: I do hope this spreads... #sarkozy #censorship

How Evrythng could give any physical object a life online - the #internetofthings slouches a little closer

Pirate Bay ISP Block Challenged For Censoring Lawful Content - more collateral damage #finland

First #RaspberryPi SD Card Image Released [#Debian Squeeze, LXDE] - looking good

BKA speicherte per Trojaner Telefonsex-Mitschnitte - whoops, this will cause problems #de

Tiny device cuts cost of #DNA sequencing - the police will love this #genomics #forensics

The Pirate Bay could be blocked in the UK, after a judge rules it infringes copyright - bootless whackamole continues

@ccess is launched! - here: "to make scholarly information REALLY LIBRE available"

“Green Week”: Ask MEPs to Reject #ACTA Back in Their Home Districts! - key week: lots of practical suggestions

Barnes & Noble To Take On Amazon (Again) With A New 8GB Nook Tablet - competition is good #ebooks

Harman: Coalition is ‘dragging its feet’ on #deact - labour's policy as evidence-free as ever (v @Coadec)

From open source to sourcing openly - what lies beyond free software? #business #manufacturing #openinnovation

USTR Claims #TPP Has 'Unprecedented' #Transparency, But Won't Reveal Details Unless You're A Big Industry Lobbyist –

Twitter Suspends Four Accounts Critical of #Sarkozy: Is This What He Meant By 'Civilizing' The Net? - not good #fr

Monday, 20 February 2012


Freedom of Information: this scaremongering leads to nothing but misinformation - yup (v @ntouk)#foia

FOIA Request Shows Which #Printer Companies Cooperated With US Government - names never to trust again

Android Breathes New Life Into “Made in China” - excellent analysis of #android's secret weapon: #china

#Canada's government muzzles scientists, stonewalls press queries about health, environment and climate - come on

#SABAM Charged With #Copyright Fraud, Embezzlement, Money Laundering - amazing what copyright maximalists get up to

Can #Turkey’s contribution to the Web be reproduced elsewhere? - I'm ashamed not to have heard of Ekşi Sözlük before

#Mozilla: Message to Certificate Authorities about Subordinate CAs - put the boot in, sez I #security

Wenn man blinde Passagiere ans Ruder lässt - thoughts on #ACTA, counterfeits and the copyright industries

Libraries are better than corporate publishers because... - compelling reasons for new kind of academic publishing #oa

Briton jailed for "extensive" #Facebook hack - absurdly vindictive

MPAA Hires Four Ex-Federal Government Employees, Including One From ICE & Another From The White House - bit blatant

Reality check: Windows Phone less popular than Samsung’s Bada - wow, says it all

An app that transcribes your audio recording within a day - sounds cool

Watch: Bear bile being collected at a farm - truly barbaric practice #china #animalcruelty

National Geographic brings endangered #languages into the digital age, one dictionary at a time - great initiative

Shining Light On #ACTA's Lack Of Transparency - [self-RT from yesterday]

cleric says professional football is forbidden in Islam - suggests "Quran reciting competitions" (v @asteris @ibnkafka)

Governance Issues: The UofT-Access #Copyright Agreement - sounds like an total disaster (v @CameronNeylon @easternblot)

Global Europe – European Parliament vs. De Gucht - #ACTA contradicts EP's “Global Europe” approach

#Copyright Cheats Face the Music in France - feeble #NYT piece, ignores this key info: #hadopi

#Microsoft Funds #Koch’s #Climate denying Tea Party Conference - really? so MS is completely #antiscience now?

Whitehall risks public and internet industry revolt against their secretive CCDP internet and phone snooping plans –

Michael Eisen, co-founder of the Public Library of Science - fab, in-depth interview with key #openaccess figure

A Responsible Citizen Not Only Shares Culture, But Destroys The #Copyright Industries - provocative, lui?

Sunday, 19 February 2012


Virginia’s Proposed Ultrasound Law Is an Abomination - looks like the American Taliban are winning...

#DNA robot could kill cancer cells - exciting and #opensource #nanotech

Rising Protests in China - do not miss these amazing pix of an amazing development: people's rebellion in #china

Shining Light On #ACTA's Lack Of #Transparency - debunking the European Commission's feeble attempt at whitewash

Worried about Snooping? Here is how to encrypt #Facebook Group Discussion - clever; soon to be commonplace? #privacy

#Glasgow City Council: Scrap Public Entertainment Licence Fees - #epetition against bonkers idea #scotland

Amour & Discipline - "A donation platform where people can donate to any independent band or label"; interesting

UK-US #extradition treaty is an utter disgrace at every level - read this & be disgusted (v @ralpost @flayman)

Freiwillige Freizeit-Feuerwehr - well, some </cough> have been writing about #ACTA since 2008 –

Cadnano - "simplifies designing three-dimensional #DNA origami nanostructures" #opensource (v

Europe's #ACTA Freak Out: How Hollywood Holds Back the Trade Agenda - yup

I Have Seen The Future, And Its Sky Is Full Of Eyes - do you have the feeling you're being watched? you will do #drones

CyanogenMod Needs Your Help! - good stuff needs supporting #opensource #smartphones

Genetically engineered maize: New indication of health risks - more research might be a good idea before eating this

Pro Tip: Even If Someone Has Faked A Memo About Your Organization, Don't Threaten To Sue Anyone Who 'Comments' On It –

Microsoft explains bland new Windows logo - upping the power: quad version of Blue Screen Of Death...

#ACTA: Protest in Cork city against internet copyright treaty - small but doughty (v @StopActaNow)

Artist’s ‘#Transparency Grenade’ Wants to Blow Apart Corporate Secrecy - runs GNU/Linux, of course...

Regulating the Net - good to see this framed as moving from #scarcity to #abundance #google #ACTA

Transatlantic Torpedo against #EU #privacy - advance warning of some bad things in the pipeline

Saturday, 18 February 2012


How Do We Know Piracy Isn't Really A Big Issue? Because Media Companies Haven't Needed To Change As A Result Of It -

Protectionism Only Serves to Stifle Innovation - spreading the word on #ACTA

A Decade of #OpenAccess (And the Challenges Ahead) - useful summary #oa #rwa #frpaa

Portuguese Artists Association Struggles To Get 100 Members On List In Favor Of Exorbitant Private Copying Levies - #pt

Would Steve #Jobs Have Approved? Artist Offers His #Apple Monologue, Performance Rights, For Free - well?

El #ACTA, rebelión europea - oh yes

#RaspberryPi to run BBC Micro 2 - this could be v good news #linux

Open Road Responds To HarperCollins E-Book Lawsuit - tricky transition #ebooks

McCain: Cybersecurity Bill Ineffective Without NSA Monitoring the Net - fancy that

Single Movie Download Could See Swedes Prosecuted - what is going on in #sweden

Is #Megaupload "a lot less guilty than you think?" - raises interesting points

Printing Drones by the Sheet (or how we get to tens of billions of drones by 2020) - eeek

Teach about #GMO in schools, say educators - just like children are "educated" about #copyright, eh? #brainwashing

Dutch entrepreneurs are not waiting on #ACTA - not even businesses want it #nl

#ACTA: even conservative EPP Group seems cautious - (v @StopActaNow @PES_PSE)

Berliner Open-Data-Strategie veröffentlicht - good ndws (v @beabusaniche @netzpolitik)#de #opendata

MT @StopActaNow @STA_English:#slovenia will freeze the ratification of #ACTA as soon as possible>>another one joins the revolt

RT @brokep Moving to #Sweden is admitting being a criminal says #RIAA.>>huh?

RT @brokep Moving to #Sweden is admitting being a criminal says #RIAA - (RT with link)

#DMCA Takedown Service Tells #Copyright Companies: 'Adapt Your Business To The New Digital World' - amazing world

#ACTA coming up in the European Parliament (INTA) - big meeting coming up on 29 February - maybe time to write to MEPs

big: Poland's PM Tusk rejects #ACTA, urges EPP do same (polish, but with translations) (v @marta_tweet @StopActaNow)

ZDF & ARD für #ACTA und Privatisierung der Rechtsdurchsetzung - outrageous: how can public TV do this? (v @netzpolitik)

#ACTA & its Impact on Access to Medicines - #MSF on why people will die if this goes through

What a Difference a Week Makes: The Fight Against Online Surveillance - and the Internet... #ACTA SOPA #ca

EuroParliament to exclude Free Software with patents and #FRAND - this looks bad #freesw

Watch the Video! Help Stop #ACTA - why not donate a few bob to this worthy lot? I did...

iPhone app lets visually impaired type and text - neat solution

#Blender 2.62 Arrives, and Some Free Tools for Getting Going With It - better & better #opensource

The #Economist is 1.5 Million Strong - "75% of digital readers are new to us"; impressive (v @NiemanLab @mathewi)

Australian Government Holds Secret Anti-Piracy Meetings; The Public Is Not Invited - bit like #ACTA, really... #au

Friday, 17 February 2012


Head of #Mozilla Says #ACTA Is 'A Bad Way To Develop Internet Policy' - heed the lizard wrangler

On the Decline of the #GPL - useful thoughts #opensource

What is #Copyright For? - good point: (c) as "regulation of commercial exploitation", not regulation of copying

EU tar sands vote set for 23 February - lobbyists will be getting excited #tarsands #energy

up to 5 years for wearing a mask while committing an offence? - really, #canada? (v @ThAOSteen)#anonymous

#Google is awaiting #China’s approval of its Motorola Mobility acquisition - interesting how global this has become

#webOS governance model announced, more open than #Android - good move

300k farmers hope for lawsuit against #Monsanto - lots at stake here #gm #patents

Chinese Internet giant #Baidu is reportedly planning to expand into South America - potentially big; africa next?

Online #Copyright: EU Court of Justice Rules Out Private and Automatic #Censorship - great news #sabam

Für ACTA wird die Luft dünner - EU conservatives backing away from #ACTA

Library Closure of Type .nu - great background & analysis of takedown #ebooks #piracy

#SABAM vs Netlog - another important ruling for fundamental rights - excellent, detailed analysis (v @Adv007)#ACTA

Obfsproxy: the next step in the #censorship arms race - "change how #Tor traffic looks to nw"; cool (v @birgittaj)

La France Forte de Nicolas #Sarkozy est en fait grecque ! - whoops (v @gchampeau)#france #greece

Innenministerin stoppt umstrittene Web-Zensur - austrian minister against #ACTA (v @jerezim)#at

#SOCA's Frightening New Approach to Music Piracy - why it's dangerous, why it must stop #copyright

Music Industry Mulls Suing Google Over “Pirate” Search Results - this is inevitable

Unanimous pressure in EP forces Commission to accept binding Treaty of #Blind Persons - really big #eu

#SOCA: Police can monitor file download histories - as I guessed; question is: how? #surveillance

#Cisco to challenge #Microsoft Skype deal at EU court - interesting how everyone suddenly wants #openstandards...

Movies Are Expensive To Make Because They're So Lucrative - crucial point (v @normative)#businessmodels #copyright

Une plainte déposée contre X par les deux négociateurs français de l’#ACTA suite à un communiqué d’Act Up-Paris - weird

Keeping #SOPA Measures Out of Trade Agreements #ACTA, #TPP - "if you're not at the table, you're on the menu" – ha!

About #Patents. Again - great post; key point is we live in age of inventive abundance - patents designed for scarcity

European Commission discusses tactical, partial retreat on #ACTA - important insights into EC thinking: pl. read

SPÖ-Mandatare fordern #ACTA-Stopp - good stuff happening in #austria (v @lexelas @bendrath)

URGENT: US Citizens PLEASE Sign Anti-RWA petition - more signatures needed... #openaccess

UK Publishers Pretend To Embrace #Copyright Reform... In Order To Kill Copyright Reform - cunning #hargreaves #dce

#ACTA: EU now under immense pressure from within and without to find an exit strategy - NB comment about UK MPs...

2 French #ACTA negotiators file criminal “complaint against unknown person” 4 press release issued by Act Up-Paris –

EU Trade Deal Could Cost Ontario $1.2 Billion Per Year From Higher Pharma Costs - so why is #canada doing this?

anti-RWA petition, correct URL –

USians: would be good to contact your politicians to ask them to support the pro-#openaccess FRPAA - (v @mrgunn)

Typosquatting sites ‘Wikapedia’ and ‘Twtter’ have been fined $300,000 by UK watchdog - nice teeth, there

Auraslate Is An Open Source Android Tablet For Hackers - nice

From encryption to darknets: As governments snoop, activists fight back - the inevitable arms race

Who are the people USTR clears to see secret text for #TPPA IPR negotiation? - not little people like you & me

Re: public of the web - "how can #Mozilla fuel, bolster, cheer on and be a part of this rising internet public?" #ACTA

Patent Beast Intellectual Ventures Sues AT&T - so much for using its patents for innovation, not suing - yeah, right

#Mozilla's #Boot2Gecko mobile platform and Gaia UI - excellent intro to exciting #linux-based project

Indian Government To Track Locations of All Cell Phone Users - 1st censorship, now this: not good #india

#Heartland Feels The Heat Over #AntiScience Climate Change Strategy - great slapdown #denialism

Tim Cook: I don’t really think anything Microsoft does puts pressure on Apple - ouch #hasbeen

Microsoft licensing hike sparks UK piracy, bankruptcy fears - 35% hike? looks like a good time to switch to #opensource

How Do We Know #Piracy Isn't Really A Big Issue? Because Media Companies Haven't Needed To Change As A Result –