Friday, 3 February 2012


iPhone Data Debunks Recording Industry's Report On How French Three Strikes Law Increased Sales - #hadopi not so good

Maladministration complaint against the European Parliament - interesting move; not sure whether much will happen #acta

Join the international day of action against #ACTA, Sat, Feb. 11 - one for the diary

#China says 'no' to genetically engineered #rice - pretty significant #gm

The BBC censors the word "Palestine" - #bbc is so utterly spineless these days... (v @jilliancyork)#censorship

De Gucht merits #ACTA rejection - well put (v @SinkDeep)

Bulgarian ISPs Rise against ACTA - more people rejecting #ACTA #bulgaria

GOV.UK: What Open Source Has Been Waiting For? - certainly looks good so far #opensource #uk

War on the Internet: The Pirate Bay Denied Their Day in Supreme Court - smells v fishy

#Estonia Next In Line To Receive US 'Encouragement' To Adopt Harsher Anti-Piracy Laws - nice country you've got there

Why the EU will repent #ACTA at leisure - interesting analysis

Drone Swarms are Here: 1 Minute to Midnight? - if this doesn't scare you, you're not paying attention #drones

question: Do we know the names of the delegates who signed #ACTA on behalf of their countries? - was it just the ambassadors in Japan?

Do You Like Online Privacy? You May Be a Terrorist - so says FBI (v @kyrah404)

Racial profiling of Tibetans and #Uyghurs at Beijing hotels and bathhouses? - racist much? #tibet #china

#ACTA is a victory for #Denmark - NB trade minister talks only of counterfeits, nothing about digital piracy - the old trick

Ending the Symphony Fork - useful background to the move #openoffice #ibm

#ACTA is a victory for #Denmark - NB trade minister talks only of counterfeits, nothing about digital piracy

Act now to stop new threat to freedom of online speech - great to see #ACTA covered in local UK sites too

Tell The USTR Not to Do Big Content’s Bidding - Public knowledge tries to tame the Special 301 monster

#Sharing : Culture and the Economy in the Internet Age - interesting-looking book by Philippe Aigrain; free #ebook #cc

Pack Liberté - "Un pack pour soutenir les libertés" - nicely done (#openrightsgroup take note) (v @jerezim)

#ACTA activates European civil society - the sleeping giant of #Europe awakes...

Smoking gun on #ACTA Criminal Sanctions - European Commission wanted prison for copyright infringement #EU

URGENT: Canadian #DMCA To Become Law - canadians might like to write to their MPs...

Whistle-blowing Scientists Sue FDA For Snooping On Their Personal Email Accounts - shabby stuff

Canadian Music Industry Lobby: Put SOPA Into C-11 Or Stand With Illegal Sites - bullying much? #ca

What is Apache Hadoop? - excellent intro #opensource

Mythbusters Banned From Discussing RFID By Visa And Mastercard - nothing to hide, of course (v +Dirk Hohndel )

Junge Union gegen ACTA - youth gets it because #ACTA screws up their world & their future

Why Piracy Is Indispensable For The Survival Of Our #Culture - we have a big problem; #piracy is part of the solution

The chilling effect of global copyright enforcement - good to see more people blogging about #ACTA

ACTA as a Case of Strategic Ambiguity - v interesting meditation on #ACTA's weird vagueness

Silicon London is first choice of base for Google, Facebook and other tech giants - looks good for #london

Annotators of the World Unite! - who could resits that call?

Identonomics - the economics of online identity, part 1: personal data is the currency - fascinating stuff #facebook

Commission to add pharma pollutants to water law - makes sense #eu

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