Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Obama terror #drones: CIA tactics in Pakistan include targeting rescuers and funerals - http://bit.ly/yl5Te9 horrific if true

#Mozilla's 3 bold bets to keep the Web open - http://bit.ly/yqKok3 useful summary

Survey on Stakeholder Perceptions of WIPO - http://bit.ly/AyK7Uk want to tell #wipo what you think of it? keep it polite...

a new low for the #BBC: pushing crackpot #creationism - http://bbc.in/wSekWj (see first line of table at bottom of page)

New Hampshire: #Opensource, #openstandards, #opendata - http://bit.ly/wveFQ3 thrice-good news here

Can Poland stop ACTA? - http://bit.ly/yzHXFR hmm, seems it's not so clear #poland could de-rail #ACTA by not ratifying...

Irish #copyright regulations unnecessary - http://bit.ly/A4r8P1 clear analysis of a total mess #ireland

Umstieg auf #Linux; Nie wieder Viren - http://bit.ly/z5qOma great to see Der Spiegel writing of the joys & benefits of #opensource

#LibreOffice stats: 400 total contributors, thousands of code commits every month - http://bit.ly/yvRe8u made graphic

Busted By The FBI: The Life Of An Elite Teen BitTorrent Uploader - http://bit.ly/xBPWfi interesting how it grew out of sharing

Open Access and Eric Raymond - http://bit.ly/wCq7Vb good to see #esr getting involvedin #openaccess

Open Advice - http://bit.ly/zL1nmA "what 42 prominent #freesw contributors would have liked to know when they started"; free #ebook

RT @nickpickles Home Affairs cttee report on internet extremism didn't hear evidence from a single internet technical expert. (v @Coadec)

"just a Member State, even a little one, could stop EU joining ACTA." - http://bit.ly/yoYQpd so saith a lawyer, apparently (v @kaatje36)

#ACTA: 1.717 million ”misinformed” citizens to ignore - http://bit.ly/wqT4UX and increasing by the hour

The EU Commission's Repressive Plans Beyond ACTA - http://bit.ly/ACDR15 important post: this is how EU will build on #ACTA #copyright

Petition in support of a single European Data License - http://bit.ly/wB53WI interesting move #opendata #licensing

Gas Boom Goes Bust - http://bit.ly/AbZBtE fascinating analysis of gas glut #energy

You Will Never Kill #Piracy, and Piracy Will Never Kill You - http://onforb.es/ADFUYM good to see this realism in #forbes

Network Enabled Research: Maximise scale and connectivity, minimise friction - http://bit.ly/ySOQks great post on why Net changes everything

Official: The White House Loves #OpenSource - http://bit.ly/yKRFAD gratuitous love, too...

A hideous dereliction of our collective duty - http://bit.ly/xJBovh yup, the more mainstream, the bigger the failure #ACTA (v @Asher_Wolf)

Plastic-eating fungus could help deal with landfill - http://bit.ly/A0DJlJ I can't wait for this to escape into the wild...

Software sans royalty for education - http://bit.ly/xevo19 nice win for #openoffice in #india (v @moldaviax)#opensource

Can Poland stop #ACTA? - http://bit.ly/yzHXFR updated version, with new improved answer ("yes")

Honeywell Files #Patent Lawsuit Against Smart #Thermostat Developer Nest - http://tcrn.ch/wGdxI0 the honeymoon is over

#Google loses appeal in Taiwanese court, customers still can’t buy apps - http://bit.ly/wy2IgH hmm, so how will this one end? #taiwan

The Target Isn’t Hollywood, MPAA, RIAA, Or MAFIAA: It’s The Policymakers - http://bit.ly/zetxgw thoughtful piece, as ever

Learning from Kenya: Mobile money transfer and co-working spaces - http://tnw.co/zs7Nr1 transferred funds equal 25% GDP: wow

Open Source Tackles Healthcare In Places Microsoft Can’t - http://bit.ly/x2KI36 good intro to OpenMRS

UK National DNA database needed for personalised medicine drive - http://tgr.ph/zlZZIv the police will love this #dnadatabase

Data from #Monsanto do not meet basic scientific standards - http://bit.ly/zyod5y so reject it until it does #gm #eu

Apple updates iBooks Author EULA to clarify restriction on format, not content - http://bit.ly/y1ZQkc that's good, but probably moot

Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (#ACTA) and Its Impact on Access to Medicines - http://bit.ly/A02bxu from MSF

Raspbmc - XBMC Linux Distribution for #RaspberryPi Announced - http://bit.ly/zGDxuM nice move

Patents and Innovation - http://bit.ly/zhIwFY "patents are about stimulating, not rewarding, innovation"

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