Friday, 10 February 2012


Rainer Maria #Rilke in Music - fab idea; one of my favourite poets. don't miss "rilke project" #spotify

Iron Sky Official Theatrical Trailer - epic or what? #crowdsourcing

People Rushing To Give Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars In Just Hours For Brand New Adventure Game - fascinating

Tribler Makes BitTorrent Impossible to Shut Down - an arms race the copyright industries cannot win

Microsoft, Google, and Apple talk up "fair and reasonable" patent license fees - which proves the system isn't working

#ACTA stoppen - lots of good links in various languages

Muscles leggings make you look like you've been flayed from the waist down - whoa, disconcerting to say the least

Un photographe accuse Hadopi de contrefaçon - hypocritical #HADOPI (again) (v @clarinette02 @pearltrees)

here's a nice scoreboard for whether the Estonian government is keeping its promises - er, in Estonian... #ogov

Auch Lettland setzt Acta-Ratifizierung aus - great news: now #latvia refused to ratify #ACTA for the moment

Mannheim court continues to weaken the FRAND defense - clearly time to get rid of #FRAND for standards: use only #RF

Justizministerin will Acta-Abstimmung abwarten - hmm #ACTA #de

Canadian Government Has Consulted on #Copyright but Won't Consider How Its Law Will Be Enforced - good post

Crafters of #ACTA to Blame for Confused Reactions - good analysis; ridiculous "theft is OK" comment

Lei da Cópia Privada tira 2 milhões de euros por ano das escolas - taking money from the kids #copyinglevy

Spotify, iTunes Expansion Helping #WMG Hit Digital Music Milestones - now big fan of unlimited-subscription model

The #ACTA Action Center - remember: this Saturday is the big day for demos...

Over 100 international NGOs ask WIPO to postpone forthcoming IP Summit in South Africa - guess what #wipo will say?

Whales stressed out by shipping noise - depressing (for them and us)

Tim Berners-Lee Takes the Stand to Keep the Web Free - sir tim sounds very upset - understandably #swpats

#Firefox will be translated into South American Quechua to promote digital inclusion - important for future of #quechua

Cabinet Office consultation on #OpenStandards - important (I'll discuss later) (v @psychemedia)#uk

If The Internet Is Treated Just Like The Offline World, We'd Never Have Ridiculous Laws Like #SOPA/PIPA - in pictures

Rep. Doyle Introduces Bill To Provide Public Access To Publicly Funded Research - good to see #openaccess

RT @timberners_lee Texas jury agreed Eolas 906 patent invalid. Good thing too! >>that's a relief...#swpats

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