Thursday, 23 February 2012


W. H. Auden in Music - clever idea; I'm sure WH would have approved #spotify #poetry

#Mozilla to challenge big players in mobile web - good to see it in the news #mobile #webapps

US lobbying waters down EU data protection reform - why do the feeble twits in the EU keep rolling over? #privacy

How to Kickstart an Open Source Music Revolution with CASH Music - interesting project

Indian Government to assemble low cost #tablets on its own, kicks out Datawind - wowk what a saga this is #india

German Constitutional Court confirms BGH's 'AnyDVD' copyright decision - good decision on linking #de

France wants #GM crop banned in EU - "pose significant risks for the environment" #monsanto

A top UK judge has ruled that defendants can be summoned to court via Facebook - #twitter next?

Court Orders ISP To Block #Grooveshark - hardly a surprise given current actions

EU-Kommission: Vorratsdatenspeicherung “zu sensibel” für öffentliche Debatte - says it all #surveillance

Scared of Anonymous? NSA chief says you should be - scaremongering much?

Print any colour you like... - #reprap does colour #3dprinters

How to Remove Your #Google Search History Before New Privacy Policy Takes Effect - might be wise (v @barefoot_techie)

#Github for #science? Shouldn’t we perhaps build TCP/IP first? - fascinating ideas, worth exploring #openscience

Announcing the Open Data Handbook version 1.0 - cool #opendata #okf

The difficulties in opening science: Q&A with Michael Nielsen - but it finally happening (v @AuScience)#openscience

Australian Science knowledge community looking for new #bloggers - "science, web technologies and everything related"

#Chrome only future for #Flash on #Linux - isn't that a bit discriminatory?

Piracy push planned in Hollywood - copyright maximalists still utterly clueless #sopa #acta

RT @ECspokesRyan Commissioner in charge of #ACTA (de Gucht) says #ECJ referral will cut thru "fog of uncertainty" clouding current debate

Domain name seizures: The end of the dotcom dominance? - if people have any sense...

PM Tusk says #ACTA suspension “not caused by external pressure” - that's good #pl

#Elsevier boycott: Time for librarians to rise up! - yes - need to keep momentum going #openaccess

ECJ terms: "whether #ACTA agreement and its implementation fully compatible with freedom of expression and freedom of the Internet."

last post v @hasserosen @StopActaNow and this EC doc: #ACTA

Открытое государство. Чем оно является и чем быть не может - useful intro #ogov #ru

The 'New' Righthaven Offers Discount To Techdirt Readers Who Want 'Spineful' Hosting - interesting

ECJ Referral: No Legal Debate Will Make #ACTA Legitimate - key point to bear in mind

European Commission Suggests #ACTA's Opponents Don't Have 'Democratic Intentions' - getting a bit desperate?

#ACTA Update VIII - ignore the ECJ call, look at de Gucht's huge shift on #counterfeits, & why he's still wrong

Knocking heads together: Creators and Consumers workshop on copyright, licensing and protection - useful but depressing

OccupyScience !!! - scientist of the world, unite etc etc...exciting (v @mbauwens)#openscience #opendata #oa

Big drug firms seek longer Canadian #patent protection - but don't want to give anything in return #ca (v @ArticleOne)

The answer to piracy is innovation, not more copyright laws - yup

"#ACTA would block the much-needed reform of EU copyright law" - say EU #greens (v @StopActaNow)

Entertainment Industry Embraces New Business Model: Suing Google For Third-Party Android Apps That 'Promote Piracy' –

#Microsoft plays victim card in #FRAND complaint against Motorola, Google - how are the mighty fallen

Nicolas #Sarkozy looking at things - it's true, he is (v @nitot)#tumblr

#Italy instructs public administrations to consider using open source - only "consider", but it's a start

#ACTA en camino a la Corte Europea de Justicia - good summary

US #petition: USTR's Freedom of Information office: to make the supporting text of #ACTA public - optimistic, perhaps

Lithuanian Minister of Justice: “On #ACTA. Why did it all explode now?” - good analysis #lt

Indigenous Peoples Walk Out Of WIPO Committee On Genetic Resources - "calls into question legitimacy of negotiations"

Ford's open source OpenXC platform as gateway to future high tech car gizmos - it's the future

Data for the public good - sounds interesting; free download with registration #opendata

Why do we need academic journals in the first place? - a question more & more people are asking themselves #openaccess

#ACTA-Proteste gehen weiter – Strategieänderung in einigen Städten - I still worry this is too early

#TPP "involves unprecedented levels of work being done behind closed doors" - #ACTA++ (v @digiphile)

Trans-Pacific Partnership Proposes #Copyright Suppression of Price Competition - why #TPP is seriously evil

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