Monday, 20 February 2012


Freedom of Information: this scaremongering leads to nothing but misinformation - yup (v @ntouk)#foia

FOIA Request Shows Which #Printer Companies Cooperated With US Government - names never to trust again

Android Breathes New Life Into “Made in China” - excellent analysis of #android's secret weapon: #china

#Canada's government muzzles scientists, stonewalls press queries about health, environment and climate - come on

#SABAM Charged With #Copyright Fraud, Embezzlement, Money Laundering - amazing what copyright maximalists get up to

Can #Turkey’s contribution to the Web be reproduced elsewhere? - I'm ashamed not to have heard of Ekşi Sözlük before

#Mozilla: Message to Certificate Authorities about Subordinate CAs - put the boot in, sez I #security

Wenn man blinde Passagiere ans Ruder lässt - thoughts on #ACTA, counterfeits and the copyright industries

Libraries are better than corporate publishers because... - compelling reasons for new kind of academic publishing #oa

Briton jailed for "extensive" #Facebook hack - absurdly vindictive

MPAA Hires Four Ex-Federal Government Employees, Including One From ICE & Another From The White House - bit blatant

Reality check: Windows Phone less popular than Samsung’s Bada - wow, says it all

An app that transcribes your audio recording within a day - sounds cool

Watch: Bear bile being collected at a farm - truly barbaric practice #china #animalcruelty

National Geographic brings endangered #languages into the digital age, one dictionary at a time - great initiative

Shining Light On #ACTA's Lack Of Transparency - [self-RT from yesterday]

cleric says professional football is forbidden in Islam - suggests "Quran reciting competitions" (v @asteris @ibnkafka)

Governance Issues: The UofT-Access #Copyright Agreement - sounds like an total disaster (v @CameronNeylon @easternblot)

Global Europe – European Parliament vs. De Gucht - #ACTA contradicts EP's “Global Europe” approach

#Copyright Cheats Face the Music in France - feeble #NYT piece, ignores this key info: #hadopi

#Microsoft Funds #Koch’s #Climate denying Tea Party Conference - really? so MS is completely #antiscience now?

Whitehall risks public and internet industry revolt against their secretive CCDP internet and phone snooping plans –

Michael Eisen, co-founder of the Public Library of Science - fab, in-depth interview with key #openaccess figure

A Responsible Citizen Not Only Shares Culture, But Destroys The #Copyright Industries - provocative, lui?

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