Thursday, 16 February 2012


BitTorrent Live: Cheap, Real-Time #P2P Video Streaming That Will Kill #TV - could be important technology

#ACTA Update VI - here's what's really happening with the "ACTA email treated as spam by MEPs" story #EU

#OSCE media representative urges EP to reassess #ACTA to safeguard freedom of expression - (v @jmcest @edri_org)

@StopActaNow L'express: #ACTA once ratified by Parliaments will escape democratic control: ACTA Committee >>important

HeartlandGate: Anti-Science Institute's Insider Reveals Secrets - staggering

The Threat to #Estonia's Open Internet - Amcham Responds - not very convincingly

MT @StopActaNow @teirdes: I don't have unusual amount of spam. but some #ACTA emails i've received contain VERY strong language >>not good

#Copyright enforcement and the Internet: we just haven't tried hard enough? - good answer to utter cluelessness

366 Interesting things that we know because of #FOI requests - why we mustkeep FOIA strong (v @newsbrooke)

Serious Organised Crime Agency Takes Down Music Site - not just a case of copyright infringement #soca #uk

Was ist das Problem bei #ACTA? - go here to find out, then write to your MEPs (nicely...)

Geheimprotokoll zu #ACTA: Wie umgehen mit der Zivilgesellschaft? - fascinating: they're worried

Spanish Supreme Court to review Sinde Law Piracy with worldwide implications - could be significant #spain #copyright

How to Crack a Wi-Fi Network’s WPA Password with Reaver - rather worrying #security

pps uploading address books is a #privacy side-show compared to #DPI - important point

Orange UK blocking La Quadrature Du Net - bound to happen: shame on #orange, if confirmed #censorship

A ban on iPads in China? Not a chance, Beijing says - no there's an idea: let the market decide

Kidnapped for Christ: documentary about children whose parents rendered them to offshore militarized discipline camp –

#Thailand to Import 900,000 Tablets for #Education - #android-based

Former #Scientologist youth decries Australian ‘forced labor camp’ - "a billion-year contract"; insanity (v @minus1cjb)

#Acta loses more support in Europe - #reuters roundup in #guardian (v @jmcest @igeldard)

RT @johnrobb Another way to look at it. Apple is actually a Chinese company given the people that work for it.>>ha!#

#Twitter Is The Latest Company To Admit It Uploads Your Address Book - a big wake-up call (v @monkchips)#privacy

#WikiLeaks denounces UNESCO after WikiLeaks banned from UNESCO conference on WikiLeaks - #unesco is risible

If People Like You And Your Work They'll Pay; If They Like Your Work, But Don't Like You, They'll Infringe - key point

International publisher alliance shuts down piracy site - publishers want to join in the fun (v @SinkDeep)#ebooks


A tale of two analysts - excellent discussion of #elsevier's prospects in light of the boycott #openaccess

#TPP: Welcome to the global war on intermediaries - the best quick summary of why this is so bad #ACTA #SOPA

Leak exposes how Heartland Institute works to undermine climate science - funded by #microsoft, apparently #antiscience

Talk Talk rolls over without a fight, court order granted to expand #Newzbin block to third ISP - not good

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