Sunday, 19 February 2012


Virginia’s Proposed Ultrasound Law Is an Abomination - looks like the American Taliban are winning...

#DNA robot could kill cancer cells - exciting and #opensource #nanotech

Rising Protests in China - do not miss these amazing pix of an amazing development: people's rebellion in #china

Shining Light On #ACTA's Lack Of #Transparency - debunking the European Commission's feeble attempt at whitewash

Worried about Snooping? Here is how to encrypt #Facebook Group Discussion - clever; soon to be commonplace? #privacy

#Glasgow City Council: Scrap Public Entertainment Licence Fees - #epetition against bonkers idea #scotland

Amour & Discipline - "A donation platform where people can donate to any independent band or label"; interesting

UK-US #extradition treaty is an utter disgrace at every level - read this & be disgusted (v @ralpost @flayman)

Freiwillige Freizeit-Feuerwehr - well, some </cough> have been writing about #ACTA since 2008 –

Cadnano - "simplifies designing three-dimensional #DNA origami nanostructures" #opensource (v

Europe's #ACTA Freak Out: How Hollywood Holds Back the Trade Agenda - yup

I Have Seen The Future, And Its Sky Is Full Of Eyes - do you have the feeling you're being watched? you will do #drones

CyanogenMod Needs Your Help! - good stuff needs supporting #opensource #smartphones

Genetically engineered maize: New indication of health risks - more research might be a good idea before eating this

Pro Tip: Even If Someone Has Faked A Memo About Your Organization, Don't Threaten To Sue Anyone Who 'Comments' On It –

Microsoft explains bland new Windows logo - upping the power: quad version of Blue Screen Of Death...

#ACTA: Protest in Cork city against internet copyright treaty - small but doughty (v @StopActaNow)

Artist’s ‘#Transparency Grenade’ Wants to Blow Apart Corporate Secrecy - runs GNU/Linux, of course...

Regulating the Net - good to see this framed as moving from #scarcity to #abundance #google #ACTA

Transatlantic Torpedo against #EU #privacy - advance warning of some bad things in the pipeline

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