Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Transparency of #ACTA negotiations - irrelevant: point is, public not allowed to know or give any input (v @jmcest)

The World Of Open Textbooks Just Became A Little More Crowded -- And A Little More Open - & that's good

The Ciphers of Social Media - Kevin Kelly's fascinating analysis of who his 500K G+ followers really are

Britain being overtaken by 'militant secularists', says Baroness Warsi - bonkers

No Indian government shall ever censor social media, says minister - hmm, some mixed signals here #india

Reding befürwortet rechtliche Prüfung von #ACTA - (c) "kann die Aufhebung von Meinungsfreiheit nie rechtfertigen"

I Stand for My Rights & Privacy: The Coming Online Police State - great police on #canada's move to surveillance state

Introducing Booktype, the #opensource platform to write and publish #ebooks - sounds good

On the 10th Anniversary of the Budapest Declaration - good post on a key moment in #openaccess

#Ubuntu Server Survey 2012 - lots of stats (v @czajkowski)

The IPO, DCMS and bad #copyright policy - good post about a ludicrous situation #evidence #uk

Verbraucherzentralen fordern Stopp der Abmahnindustrie - good news #2strikes #de

Wir erklären das Netz, nicht den Krieg - "Wir müssen sagen, was wir wollen." yes: this is not just "against", but "for"

MT @JackofKent like many "militant secularists" I have mainly responded to Warsi's smears with militant shrug & intolerant shake of head

Build yourself a #Drone NOW (before they become illegal) - this is getting serious, people... #3dprinters

#Bulgaria ceases participation in #ACTA - delaying its final decision (v @msmarkova)#bg

Mugliett - #ACTA protests shows people want ‘better governance’ - more calls for gov #transparency (v @StopActaNow)#mt

RT @tom_watson Here we go. Prepare for a huge assault on the Freedom of Information Act: Can't let this happen>>indeed

Effectopedia – An #OpenData Project for Collaborative Scientific Research, with the aim of reducing Animal Testing –

Need a Job? New Study Says Learn #Linux - fun and remunerative #opensource

Hit men, click whores, & paid apologists: Welcome to Silicon Cesspool - hilarious & horribly plausible (v @jwildeboer)

No #patents on plants and animals! - open letter to European Parliament (v @kaatje36)#ACTA

How you can help the Federal Research Public Access Act (#FRPAA) become law - things you can do #openaccess

Auch Bulgarien im Lager der #ACTA-Gegner - + clueful comment from FDP politician (v @netzpolitik)#bulgaria

Pro-#ACTA email sent to all MEPs - usual half-truths - I'll debunk it when I have time...

Online Anarchy - "not all resistance to regulation is born of a mean-spirited hatred of magic." nicely done #SOPA #ACTA

Deadline Day To Speak Out on #TPP's #Copyright Term Extension - canadians: it would be a really good idea to do this

Netherlands also putting #ACTA ratification on hold - 2 in one day... (v @Arjan)#nl

#Bulgaria Retracts Support for Global Anti-Piracy Agreement #ACTA - anglophone press catch up (v @StopActaNow)

Greens co-leader calls for #ACTA to be scrapped - excellent: the pressure builds #EU (v @StopActaNow)

End the #Murdoch mafia - big UK vote tomorrow: more names urgently needed for this epetition

“This is Why I Pirate”: How A Groundless #Copyright Threat Destroyed A Young Film Student’s Dreams and Career - read it

About the Emerging Battles Over eTextbooks: Options from Apple to Open Initiatives - guess which I prefer...

UK Seize Popular Music Blog, Arrest Operators and Threaten Readers - either this is fake, or #SOCA has lost its mind

IBM's Project Big Green Spurs Global Shift to #Linux on #Mainframe - big boost for #opensource

Did the #AP just declare war on news aggregators? - handy: now I know that #associatedpress is doomed

Meltwater Partially Wins One Lawsuit, Gets Sued By AP In Another For Daring To Aggregate News - more on AP's deathwish

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