Monday, 13 February 2012

120212 - fantastic resource gathering info on #ACTA & what to do about it - don't miss

Simon Phipps: Freedom Doesn't Have Any Lobbyists - great point (v @sjig)#ACTA

Interview with Peter Suber - rightly pugnacious about #openaccess

Afghanistan unites behind #cricket team in defeat to Pakistan - wow, cricket conquers where 3 empires failed

Australians: tell them what you think about #ACTA - official request by your gov (v @MsLods)#au

Blocking the web is the wrong way to help creative industries - great piece about why censorship is bad for UK business

Bulgarian Protest Organizer: #ACTA Doesn't Distinguish Counterfeiting from Sharing - well-made points #bg

ReDigi and the Purpose of FIrst Sale - interesting thoughts #copyright

#ACTA protests erupt across Europe against web piracy treaty - excellent, detailed report from #reuters

Generation Twitter schlägt zurück - good #ACTA piece from #derspeigel, as usual

#Marvel/#Disney wages petty, vicious war against Ghost Rider creator - what was that about supporting artists?

Catholic Leaders: Providing Birth Control 2 People in Need Raises "Serious Moral Concerns" - unlike paedophile priests

pix of #ACTA-Demo Berlin, 11.2.2012 - germans really leading the way here (v @boingboing)#de

The beauty and the boss prepare for #China's top jobs - good background on hugely important couple (v @GraniteStudio)

The firm that hijacked the #NHS: #McKinsey - time to end this disgrace; surprisingly good MoS story (v @bengoldacre)

Daniel Radcliffe sings "The Elements" - a non-trivial achievement #lehrer #chemistry

Teenage Tibetan nun sets herself on fire in #China - yet more tragic acts of desperation #tibet

5 Years On: Why Understanding Chris Lightfoot Matters Now More Than Ever - good post

#BBC to issue global apology for documentaries that broke rules - too right #malaysia #palmoil (v @mathewi)

#SOPAIreland: where's the legal advice? - yeah, where is it? #ie

@ccess for everyone. A new initiative in #openscholarship - another great initiative from @petermurrayrust

Viel Aufregung um nichts? - Das #ACTA-Abkommen und seine Folgen - "Wir wollen das Urheberrecht reformieren": yup

#ACTA bedroht Zugang zu Medikamenten - so says Aktionsbündnis gegen #AIDS (v @netzpolitik)

RT @LozKaye Hollande sur #ACTA: "Nous ... appelons au refus de sa ratification par le Parlement Européen." via @PartiPirate>>nice

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