Thursday, 9 February 2012


We Don't Have A 'Wild West' Internet Now, But We Will If SOPA Or Similar Is Passed - time to kill the meme

USPTO Says Copies Of Academic Articles Submitted As Prior Art Are Covered By Fair Use - #patents v. #copyright

Saylor Foundation Awards Prizes To Free College Textbooks - great move #opentextbooks #education

#ACTA: Die 10 Mythen der EU-Kommission - a good #german debunking

Planned Post-ACTA Repression in European Union: The Documents - important piece on where #ACTA takes us

Anti-Pirate Prejudice Taught to Beginning Programmers - good point (v @TPB_Stun @Asher_Wolf)

Is BitTorrent Done? Major Torrent Sites Consider Shutting Down - landscape certainly shifting

PolitiFact Trashes Lamar Smith: Says His Claims About Economic Impact Of Piracy Are Flat Out False - surprise! #sopa

Genome of extinct human relative placed on Amazon web services - exciting stuff

Eight Ways #Monsanto Fails at Sustainable Agriculture - good piece from Union of Concerned Scientists

Bundeswehr setzt auf Open Source und SOA - another good win for #opensource #de

Judge Refuses to Shut Down Online Market for Used MP3s - intriguing

#Publishing 2.0: Content Is Marketing, Profits Come From The Packaging - just think differently

Oregon Tries to Criminalize Tweets - dangerous stuff

Tory MEP Asks Question on ”Three-Strikes” in #ACTA - one of my MEPs, seems particularly clueful

Etsy sidesteps PayPal, builds own payment system for its 2M monthly sales - we need more of these

Elsevier’s Alicia Wise on the RWA & #openaccess - superb interview; shows #elsevier still arrogant & clueless

MEP Phil Predergast has a few questions on #ACTA - wow, kudos; we need more like him (v @agonarch)

FAB✱ Manchester - "seeking expressions of interest to contribute to first European FabLabs Summit" (v @SinkDeep @@trox)

#Nginx tries converting Web-server popularity into money - sw with interesting story #webservers #apache

RT @reguligence Rep of #Bulact (right holders' lobbyist): #acta's adversaries support organized crime, drugs & prostitution >>nothing else?

"Bill C-11 Is No SOPA": My Response - anti #ACTA people should read this: it's how they'll try to ram ACTA through

help, please: what's the accountancy equivalent of AutoCAD in the US? ie, serious, enterprise-level stuff?

MT @MarietjeD66'#ACTA is legislation laundering on an int. level of what would be v difficult to get thru most Parliaments.'-Lambrinidis

RT @DaHammerstein Commissioner De Gucht has asked for closed door meetings with all political groups. >>not a secret treaty, eh? #acta

Congress Passes Bill That Opens US Skies To Unmanned #Drones - what could possibly go wrong? (v @ioerror)

Enough, Already: The #SOPA Debate Ignores How Much #Copyright Protection We Already Have - fab post (v @dozykraut)

The Rise Of The 'Professional Amateur' And The Fall Of Gated, Exclusionary 'Clubs' - good analysis

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