Saturday, 4 February 2012


Son-of-#ACTA, the #TPP, wants to legislate buffers - this is the inevitable, insane result of #copyright maximalism

Statement By Five Papuans Who Went On Trial In Jayapura - the battle for West Papua independence (v @suigenerisjen)

#Norway to bring #cancer-gene tests to the clinic - #genome sequencing goes mainstream

BT Vision throws #Microsoft Mediaroom under a bus for #Linux - wow, that's a real slap in the face

A quiet revolution in UK government IT: #opensource ousting big-vendor lock-in - looking rather hopeful

The Research Works Act and the breakdown of mutual incomprehension - the problem with "ownership" #openaccess #rwa

Requests for Endorsements: My Application to Attend The Open Government Partnership - he gets my vote

Apple hits Samsung with 278 patent claims in revised Australian lawsuit - oh, grow up, you playground bully

Megaupload Founder Accuses Police of Assault, Denied Bail Again - can't wait to read the book of this

Bulgarian government guarantee impossible - partial ratification of #ACTA - why #bg MEPs should reject it (v @Dizzyeek)

The Next Transitions in the Technium - lots of really thought-provoking stuff, as usual

Optus Wins TV Now Streaming Case in Australia - not sure if this is big or not... #copyright

European Commission Slip Reveals Censorship In #ACTA - I noticed this too, but @Falkvinge explains why it's so bad

Warnmodelle sind unsinnig und gefährlich - sensible Germans threatening to do something stupid: #twostrikes

JISC to fund development of TEXTUS project - great news; "to read, share and collaborate around public domain texts"

Rovio now selling #AngryBirds merchandise in top Chinese e-commerce site - making money from free stuff

ACTA Update II - big roundup of what's happening on the European front

One studio accounts for 1/3 of #Twitter #DMCA takedowns - interesting background info

AFL, NRL appeal likely, but Optus TV ruling the right call - good explanation of why it's big (v @MsLods)

#ACTA: The new threat to the net - #avaaz epetition up to 1.5 million - can you help it reach 2 million?

"Beware, then, the Academic spring" - #Economist on #elsevier boycott (v @LovKatarina @R2RC)#openaccess

Piercing ACTA armour - some resources for following & fighting #ACTA

EC Commissioner for Trade Asks EU Parliamentarians to Disregard Public Criticism of #ACTA - yeah, ignore the public

MT @StopActaNow#Poland: PM Tusk asks to reexamine internet law. Minister of Digitization: "a humility lesson for us" v @marta_tweet#ACTA

GOV.UK- a truly open and collaborative platform - wow, has already accepted external code contributions

Can you come to an Alaveteli event in April? - #opensource #righttoknow sw

Battle lines drawn up in EU row on #Acta - looks like MEPs are annoyed - rightly so (v @jmcest)

MT @StopActaNow#POLAND "I made a definite decision to suspend the ratification process of #ACTA via @greeneed

#ACTA : Comment faire entendre sa voix (appelle ton eurodéputé etc.) - good stuff pour les francophones

EU rules encouraging UK farmers 'to plough up grasslands' - insane

Compromised FBI conference call tips Anonymous to imminent arrests & prosecution details - another uk-> us extradition?

Spectacular High-Res Image of Earth: The Other Side - worth contemplating for a while

Stop #ACTA - looks a useful (new?) resource with lots of info and links - take a look

#ACTA: Comisión Europea pide ignorar opinión pública mientras Polonia anuncia que no ratificará el tratado - bueno

Another Galactic Twin - fascinating stuff from #galaxyzoo #citizenscience

Congress Calls for Accelerated Use of Drones in U.S.- where could this possibly be going?

Bulgaria: #ACTA will be ratified only following public - and another one (v @StopActaNow)

Act on #Acta now if you care about democracy and free speech - excellent summary - good for explaining issues to others

What Bill Gates Doesn't Know About GMOs - good points (v @Beautyon_ @GMWatch)

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