Sunday, 5 February 2012


#ACTA Update II - what's going on in #europe [RT for weekend session]

Belgian tax authorities investigate EU trade chief - let him sort this out instead of pushing #ACTA (v @SinkDeep)

Yarrr. - how a law-abiding knitter is being driven to piracy by copyright industries' stupidity (v @timbray)

Today, Sweden Rallies Against #ACTA And For Freedom Of Speech. We Can Win This. - I do think we can

ACTA's EU future in doubt after Polish pause - crucial point: every country must ratify - if they don't, ACTA is dead

We're Living In the Most Creative Time In History - yup, but certain industries don't like that #acta

Survey says: Hollywood could make more money without windows - well, fancy that

The Used CD Store Goes Online - interesting #copyright issues here

#Mozilla awards grants to six international non-profit organizations - good see

We Need #Copyright Reform, Not #ACTA! - great post by MEP @MarietjeD66(v @StopActaNow)

Swedes out in force to protest anti-piracy law - go, #Sweden, show us how it's done #ACTA

live feed of anti-#ACTA demo in #Sweden - that's what I call entertainment... (v @StopActaNow)

Stop deifying "#peerreview" of journal publications - important piece about the great #shibboleth of #science

#China: Several Tibetan Language Blog Sites Shut Down - Net down in places too (v @PaulBarasi @birgittaj)#tibet

Stop# ACTA - #London Protest - happening next Saturday; numbers still a bit low - more people needed (v @mhoust42)

Next up for Science in Congress: HR3433 - the Grant Reform and Transparency Act - anyone know about this? good/bad?

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