Saturday, 25 February 2012


Why #Canada Does Not Belong on the U.S. Piracy Watchlist - #special301 is an insulting farce

Cultural Flatrate Won’t Work. Here’s Why It Won’t Work. - interesting point

#ACTA: Why We Take to The Streets - wonder what the turnout will be?

Fish discarding ban shunned by MPs - what a bunch of utter morons #sustainability #uk (v @GeorgeMonbiot)

An Open Letter to Chris Dodd - #esr tells it as it is (v @tlhote)#drm

Why #Ebook Portal Differed From Other Filesharing Sites - wider ramifications of its closure #knowledge

Motorola Gets Its Way In Germany: Apple Disables Push Email In Patent Dispute, Says It’s Appealing - pointless

Cars of the future to be #Arduino compatible - fab #opensource

Internet Freedom Fighters Build a Shadow Web - nice piece on #meshnetworks #net #resilience

US Patent Office invalidates fifth Oracle patent - whoops, and another one... #android

So how much is a fair price to pay for an e-book? - certainly not what they're generally charging today...

L'après-#Hadopi de François Hollande - is a cop-out, as we expected (v @gchampeau)

Kenya's Startup Boom - hopeful signs for #africa (v @ushahidi)

Researchers aim to chart intellectual trends in #Arxiv - using #google#s #ngram viewer (v @sc_k @carlzimmer)

If You Want To Compete With Free, This Is What You Need To Know - good analysis

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