Friday, 24 February 2012


#China drafts legal proposal to completely shut down GE rice - looks pretty definitive #gm

"Unethical" #HTML video copy protection proposal draws criticism from W3C reps - as it should #drm

The case for open computer programs - important: #openscience requires #opencode (v @schestowitz)

Warum der Europäische Gerichtshof #Acta stoppen muss - "Acta ist also nur die Lokomotive" - ypup (v @netzpolitik)

MPAA's Chris Dodd Extends #SOPA Olive Branch to Silicon Valley - demands they take it and then surrender...

Santorum Calls Democrats 'Anti-Science' - takes the biscuit for sheer cheek; clever move, though #antiscience

#Apple orphans Linux CUPS features- handicaps open source printing - apple being evil again, just for a change

MT @davidmartinmep Smell a rat.....?....EU suspends ACTA ratification >> tweet from EP rapporteur (v @StopActaNow)

The truth about #ACTA - "It is time for the Commission to recognise its mistakes." yup (v @StopActaNow)

Acta oder der Schutz der Raubritter - good to see these points being made (v @StopActaNow)#copyright

Reding handbags DeGucht over ECJ referral - interesting analysis; great headline (v @StopActaNow)

FAQ on referral of #ACTA to European Court of Justice - excellent - do read pl. #ipred (v @StopActaNow)

Do You Need Permission To Take A #Photo With A Chair In It? You Might In France... - #copyright insanity goes insaner

IPRED das ist #ACTA 2.0 - this is good: those wise Germans are already thinking about #IPRED; get ready, people

Bioinformatics Survey - "to understand #bioinformatics by examining the scientists and researchers working within it"

RT @normative Apparently two can play the "posthumous baptism" game >>seems only fair

EU #tarsands pollution vote ends in deadlock - shame on UK's transport minister, Norman Baker

Chris Dodd Extends #SOPA 'Olive Branch' To Silicon Valley... And Proceeds To Bash Them Over The Head With It –

If #Android is a "stolen product," then so was the #iPhone - a link-packed explanation why #innovation

#TPP Update- why on earth would any non-US country sign this insanity? (v @StopActaNow)

How to Use #Ushahidi More Securely - basic but important points

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