Sunday, 12 February 2012


'The #Economist' And 'Financial Times' Already Writing Off #ACTA As Dead - pretty amazing, this #ft [RT of last night]

Vice President of EU Commission Sevcovic: We are to explain a lot on #ACTA - should have done it earlier (v @SLWorona)

EU urged to reject #ACTA - great points from #amnesty #humanrights

Debunking the European Commission's '10 myths about #ACTA' - some light reading from me for the demos today

#Wikimedia Highlights, January 2012 - useful summary of activities, including #SOPA blackout

The Pirate Bay’s Peter Sunde: It’s Evolution, Stupid - extraordinary series of injustices: shame on you, #sweden

Watch Starry Night come to life in this mind-blowing interactive animation - rather pretty #vangogh

don't forget: today is the big #ACTA protest day; huge list of places you can join in: your chance to help make history

Aaron Swartz Hacks the Attention Economy - lots of good points #acta #sopa

“Intellectual Property” as an umbrella term and as propaganda: a reply to Richard Stallman - thoughtful stuff

Join the Giant Distributed #ACTA Protest All Over Europe! - nicely put

Studies and Opinions on #ACTA - handy roundup disappears at source - I expect it'll pop up somewhere else... #uk

Das Internet geht auf die Stra├če: Zehntausende demonstrieren gegen ACTA - puts UK to shame #de

#Acta protests: 1000s take to streets across Europe - feeble, at least BBC acknowledged it happened (@StopActaNow)

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