Sunday, 31 August 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140829 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Finalising #ISDS regulation while the public consultation is still on-going is "unacceptable & undemocratic" - #TTIP

Biotech’s Assault on Balanced Journalism - afraid of both sides being presented

#TTIP Updates - The Glyn Moody blogs - 35 of them so far, more coming soon.... #TAFTA #IDSD

Abbott's pre-prepared RET review does the business for Big Mining -,6830 my, this man is a truly dangerous fool #energy

Trade treaties expose #Australia to costly litigation, experts warn - why embrace #ISDS insanity? (v @DrRimmer)#TPP

NHS bosses held regular summits with firms competing for contracts worth £1bn - #ISDS will make this irreversible

Saturday, 30 August 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140828 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Australian Federal Police Redaction Failures Expose Targets, Officers And Investigations - </facepalm> #australia

World’s Largest Dam Removal Unleashes US River After Century - wonderful precedent (v @28481k @uituit)

Writing Skills - ha! #xkcd

Climate sceptics see a conspiracy in Australia's record breaking heat - desperate & pathetic #denialists

The 6 Strangest #Libertarian Ideas - "Parents should be allowed to let their children starve to death"

.@KimDotcom Loses Bid to Keep Assets Secret from Hollywood - the bullying continues

Network Rail joins the public sector: but don't call it 'nationalisation' - so let's call it #renationalisation...

#Android winning hands down over #iOS among developers says Forrester - "Apple advantage has gone"

High court rejects #badger cull challenge - a bloody-minded UK government pursues its demonstrably failed policy

#CETA Leak: Crucial Questions Unanswered - "leaves too much up to non-existent commission, lawyers say" (v @StuJT)

Met Operation To Target Homeless And Beggars - *so* much easier to bully & abuse than real criminals #contempt

Entirety Of Man’s Personal Data Protected By Reference To Third Season Of ‘The West Wing’ -,36632/ (v @Bruce_Schneier)

The Interesting Thing About Google's Delivery Drones Is Not The Drones, But Massive Societal Shift They Envision -

Kicked Off #Twitter, Islamic State Flocks to #Diaspora - fascinating development

An incredible music scene is growing inside #Vine - nice how these things just happen

It's socialism for the rich and capitalism for the rest of us in Britain - important analysis. also applies to #ISDS

NSA Agents Leak Tor Bugs To Developers - that hacker spirit gets everywhere...

untold story of how a culture of shame perpetuates abuse - we need to listen to this brave woman, who knows too well

Eurozone gripped by deflation fears - deflation means people postpone unnecessary purchases - that's good, not bad...

Patent Troll Intellectual Ventures Claims Its Layoffs Are Because It's Invented A New Way To Buy Patents - #dying

#GNU hackers discover HACIENDA government surveillance and give us a way to fight back - fighting for freedom #nsa

#CA government caught secretly smearing scientist who published research on tar-sands - playing as dirty as #tarsands

Thomson Reuters Thinks Not Responding To Their Email Means You've Freely Licensed All Your Content - wow

European Facebook Class Action Suit Attracts 60K Users As It Passes First Court Hurdle -

Thursday, 28 August 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140827 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

SME Survey in the context of #TTIP - @EU_Commission survey; you have until December...

Bingo!... Is Not Patentable Just Because You Put It On The Internet - the first of many such decisions, let's hope

Barroso son gets job with Bank of Portugal ‘without competition’ - blatant much?

Judicial System's Blessing Of Police Use Of Excessive Force Makes It Nearly Impossible 2 Hold Bad Cops Accountable -

#TTIP will sacrifice food safety for faster trade, warn NGOs - dynamics of harmonisation make this inevitable

Indian Government Launches .bharat domain; To Be Available in Devanagari Script - nice

Red Hat CTO unexpectedly quits, amid rumors of executive 'friction' - hmmm

ZTE Expands China's Wireless Technology Presence To Eastern Europe - expect more of this

DNA tests show that much-praised Chicago cop stuck gun barrel in suspect's mouth - ah, technology

Lessig's U Chicago lectures on corruption this fall - should be good

Apple can’t have an injunction against Samsung phones, court rules - still not going so well, eh?

Chef engineer leaves the company after receiving death threats from its open source community - totally unacceptable

Informationsfreiheits-Ablehnung des Tages: #CETA hat Nachteile auf internationale Beziehungen - that bad, eh?

#China, #Zimbabwe ink slew of cooperation deals - #china shows it has a strong stomach again... #mugabe

The Open Addresses Symposium - interesting and important

EU-US trade deal: slicing and dicing food safety - another great headline #TTIP #precautionaryprinciple

EU agrees rules to manage #ISDS - so when exactly was the public consultation on these? there was one, no? #democracy

#CETA ratification process yet to be settled - they clearly have no idea what they're doing (v @Liese_Mueller)

#TTIP and the Scottish referendum - independent Scotland would be even more vulnerable than (weak) UK under #ISDS

Keurig's Coffee #DRM Already Cracked By Competitors; Will There Be A Lawsuit? - have a guess...

#CETA Abkommen vor Abschluss? - "ein kritischer Brief der Präsidenten von AK und ÖGB an BM Mitterlehner"

Befreien Sie Ihr #Android! - "Warum Ihr mobiles Gerät frei sein soll"

#CETA: Eine Investoren-Waffe gegen die Demokratie - & a taster of what #TTIP will probably have too

Shocking Picture of What Life Will Look Like When You Can't Afford to Retire - chilling #austerity

US cheesemakers raise stink over geographic labeling restriction proposals - will @EU_Commission back down? #TTIP

Eastern Pacific Has Turned Into a Freak Hurricane-Producing Machine - pretty much as expected, alas #climatechange

Death threats drive Anita Sarkeesian from her home - just awful #misogyny

Ready to Nationalize Trade Secret Law? - #tradesecrets another big push for corporate power (v @burcuno)

Devastating “Free Trade” Agreements Leave Americans Penniless - #TTIP & #TPP will probably make it worse (v @PCGTW)

If You're A #Copyright Maximalist 'Piracy' Must Be The Answer To All Problems - even if the evidence says otherwise

#Peru’s dangerous environmental regression - awful moves (v @DemocracyCenter)

Alice Corp. and Patent Claiming: A Simple Example - fascinating question: would #VisiCalc now get a patent?

This might be the most dangerous selfie ever taken - utterly stomach-churning (& not because of the bananas...)

The Surveillance Engine: How the #NSA Built Its Own Secret Google - presumably running on #linux...

ALS Association Tries To Trademark Ice Bucket Challenge, Despite Having Nothing To Do With It Originally - sad

European lawmakers threaten to scupper Canada trade deal - #ISDS the killer (v @CETAWatch)#CETA

Does open source boost mental health? - your mother was right: it's good to share...

Indian State Says You Can Be Jailed If They Think You'll Infringe (c) Or Share 'Lascivious' Content In The Future -

Italy wants to declassify confidential papers on EU-US trade talks - bay steps... #transparency #TTIP

Munich Council Say Talk of LiMux Demise Is Greatly Exaggerated - the saga continues

How Americans Are Duped into Shoveling Huge Amounts of Unhealthy Food into Their Bodies - #TTIP would bring it to EU

Hamas declares support for Palestinian bid to join international criminal court - now that's a bold move... #israel

Black Man Reportedly Tased in Front of His Kids for Sitting in Public Space - shocking & unbelievable (v AmyStephen)

BBC and FACT's daleks exterminate Doctor Who fansite, steal domain - BBC sinks to new depths of patheticness

Pop songs as sonnets - impressive

Does Its Use of #Waterboarding Make #ISIS More or Less Barbaric? - I look forward to #torture apologists' replies...

Industry group to launch db of food additives amid growing concerns - *not* public: something to hide? (v @EllnMllr)

"number of food additives has increased from 800 to more than 9,000" - #TTIP would bring to EU with no labelling

The Open Prosthetics Project is making giant leaps - great list; dodgy headline... #openhardware

Another Online Retailer Thinks It Can Charge Customers For Complaining; Now Facing Lawsuit In New York -

UK Support for #fracking has declined to 24 per cent, energy department finds - a guaranteed vote-loser for tories...

UK energy dependence – five hidden costs expose truth about #fracking - writer may be biased, but facts are facts...


As Police Get More Militarized, Congress Bill Would Make Owning Body Armor Punishable By Up To 10 Years In Prison -

#TTIP - German welfare organisations demand exclusion of social services - quite right, too

Fotoanalyse: Blogger lokalisiert Terrorcamp via Internet - #opensource info-finding

Hedge funds gave Mugabe $100M for #genocide, got platinum mines - everyone who benefitted needs naming & shaming

US ambassadors heart #TTIP - this is so pathetic I feel sorry for them; they know they are losing #TAFTA

#Tarsands, trade rules and the gutting of human rights for corporate profit - shame on @EU_Commission #TTIP

California's 1-Percenters Are Flush With #Water as the Rest of the State Remains Parched - shape of things to come

lungs of smoker vs non-smoker - pretty graphic.... #smoking

Climate Shocker: Warming Oceans Creating Great Plumes of Methane Bubbles Near the Atlantic Coast - great; not

Video: Tase me bro - bizarre; shows why Tasers should be banned...

Key: Only National will deliver major free trade deals - & thus the only party prepared to sell #NZ down the river...

Snappy response to sexist harrasser - well done...

S&D Group president Gianni Pittella: "We oppose #ISDS mechanism in #CETA" - hugely important statement

Bill and Melinda Gates take a $1 million stand for #guncontrol - kudos for that

The second regional comprehensive economic partnership (RCEP) ministerial meeting - who needs #TPP?

Ohio lawmakers want to limit the teaching of the scientific process - more US #bonkerism

Why the US struggles against Japan in #TPP negotiations - a different perspective

Médecins Sans Frontières warns about IP inclusion in Asian FTA
- more threats to public health

The West Has Lost 63 Trillion Gallons of Water During Drought - good job it's nothing serious like #climatechange

EU gives up on TTIP for US reinsurance reform - another area where #TTIP fails to deliver; how much left of "gains"?

Chemical industry using #TTIP ‘to attack the #precautionary principal’ - of course: this is a principal goal

The tide is turning. Now it’s time to divest the Vatican. - yes, that makes sense #fossilfuels

#TPP: Would the Americans dictate to us? - well, what do you think...?

Plundering the planet: Rigged corporate “free trade partnerships” and “climate change agreements” - #TTIP #TPP

The corporate free trade project reloaded - waking up to dangers of #TPP  & #TTIP

Intellectual Property Casebook Now Available As A Free Download - looks interesting...

Gaza Residents Share Allegations of Abuse, Claim Israeli Soldiers Used Them as Human Shields - appalling if confirmed

Tea Time Might Be Over, Once World Wakes Up to Amount of Pesticides Inside Each Cup - eeek; not good

#CETA nimmt Demokratie in Geiselhaft - exactly

The Dangers of the New Trade Secrets Acts - really dangerous development #tradesecrets

In name of ‘free trade’ our public health-care system is forced to swallow another poison pill - so why accept it?

#NetNeutrality Is 'Marxist,' According to This Koch-Backed Astroturf Group - wrong in just about every way

Nader: How Corporate Espionage on Nonprofit Watchdogs Goes Unpunished - one law for the rich, one for the honest...

Saturday, 16 August 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140815 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

English Premier League Apparently Wants Fans To Hate It Even More: Threatens To Pull Down Vines And Animated GIFs -

How the New Monopoly Capitalism Will Crush You to Smithereens - #TTIP & #TPP will exacerbate this problem greatly

NSA/GCHQ: The HACIENDA Program for Internet Colonization - dox from #snowden or the "2nd Leaker"...?

NASA Probe Successfully Traps Interstellar Dust - interesting citizen science result

#TTIP – Bericht des Bundeswirtschaftsministeriums über die 6. Verhandlungsrunde - (v @JanAlbrecht @sven_giegold)

Despite the pronouncements, Canada-EU trade deal not set in stone - let's call it Trade Agreement Theatre... #CETA

Project Aims To Build a Fully Open SoC and Dev Board - hugely important post-#Snowden

Don't let Americans put hormones and pesticides in our dinner, warns Jamie Oliver - good to see he's on to #TTIP

“Prison is a bit like #copyright”, says jailed Pirate Bay founder - interesting, well written #TPB


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140814 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Ferguson Law Enforcement: An 'Occupying Force' With 'Special Rights' - America, you might want to worry about this

#TPP: Shocking US certification process that violates country’s sovereignty - crazy to sign up to this

Finalised EU-Canada deal grants excessive investor rights - indeed #CETA

Tell USTR: No Special Rights for Corporations in the US-EU Trade Agreement - they have enough already #TTIP

new: & here's the second big #CETA leak: annexes and reservations - more digging needed... #canada

Police forced to name undercover officers who duped women - the @metpoliceuk & its spies are utterly contemptible

Half of voters happy to pay more tax to fund NHS – poll - confirms that tories completely out of touch with public

Musician threatened with prosecution over 'Planet Key' - bonkers (v @KimDotcom)#nz

Open & Collaborative Science in Development Network (OCSDNet) - "researchers and practitioners from the Global South"

Turns Out When Police Act Cordial, Rather Than As An Oppressive Military Force, Things Work Out Better -

horsemeat report shelved - "public would be frightened that criminals were still able to interfere with their food"

worth noting that #TTIP would decrease checks on food safety by accepting without question "equivalence" of US tests... #horsemeat

Premier League warns fans not to tweet goal videos, animated GIFs - that'll instil love of copyright, no?

Microsoft wants to rename Internet Explorer to shed negative associations - sad or what?

Leaked #CETA Treaty: Major Blow to Buy Local - & #TTIP will do same for both US & EU (v @andrearexer)

A Dramatic Upgrade for Interferometry - sounds potentially huge #astronomy

You know how IP creates millions of jobs? That’s pseudoscientific baloney - no surprise, but good to confirm

Crowdfunding Lantern, a P2P anti-censorship tool - #opensource too

Thursday, 14 August 2014


 Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140813 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Los Angeles Police Develop Sudden Privacy Concerns When Someone Flies A Drone Over Their Parking Lot - </facepalm>

German television show leaks #CETA, Council of Canadians says deal will not survive public scrutiny - 'cos it's bad

#CETA "could drive up the cost Canadians pay for prescription drugs by a total of $850 million or more annually" -

“Will your party hand over our right to make laws to the US?” ask #NZ doctors - joining fight against #TPP

SWAT Team Shows Up In Ferguson, Detains Reporters Live Tweeting Their Actions - definitely not a police state...

The Gentle Art of Muddying the Licensing Waters - #Microsoft did it, now the publishers are doing it #FUD #openaccess

More Federal Employees Caught Using Work Computers To Access Porn, Claim 'Boredom' Made Them Do It - riiight

What's the matter with #PGP? - raises important issues about vital subject (v @TeraEuro)#crypto #nsa

Murder - Made in Britain - time to suspend arms sales to #Israel & #Russia (& elsewhere)

UK's Universal Credit rollout could take over 1,000 years - that's totally unrealistic; it'll take much longer...

& here's that leaked #CETA text they didn't want us to see - all 521 pages of it; let's get digging #EU #ISDS

Reef condition is ‘poor’, & probably worse than healthcheck suggests - "#climatechange is still the greatest threat"

#CETA leaks shows "treaty is more favorable to the European Union than to Canada" - you're being gulled, #Canada

“The U.S. is failing to keep its privacy promise to Europe” - Safe Harbour is a joke (v @CasparBowden @chesterj1)

Silicon Cities: Supporting the development of tech clusters outside London and the South East of England -

.@SeaWorld shares tumble 33% following Blackfish documentary - & I'm sure they'll go much lower than that...

Why are indigenous people left out of the sustainable development goals? - 'cos we can't admit how much we owe them

Twitter to Verified Users: Talk Amongst Yourselves! - the birth of the #twitteristocracy... (v @Aerocles @mathewi)

Welcome to the campaign to fight #TTIP - sign up here to UK day of action, 30 August

#NHS faces legal bill over dozens of eye operations botched by private provider - this is Tories' future healthcare

EU-Canada trade deal leak ‘ridicules’ TTIP consultation - exactly (v @ArthurNeslen)#CETA

Froman: "we are determined to help farmers sell more Made-in-America exports to world.” - whether or not they want it

Japan, U.S. make no progress in #TPP-related talks - again; maybe time to call it a day...?

Under Swiss Copyright Reform, Private Sharing & Downloads From Unauthorized Sources Would Still Be Legal - wise #ch

.@IVinvents Aims To Tax Wind Power Producers With New Batch Of Patents - profits before protecting humanity

What Happens to #Ferguson Affects Ferguson: Net Neutrality, Algorithmic Filtering - great post on crucial issues

#Certification Allows US Trade Negotiators to Rewrite TPP Copyright Rules - important new info on #TTP (& #TTIP)

Marina Silva emerges as obvious successor after Campos death - great news, if sad it happened this way

How making London greener could make Londoners happier – interactive map - ooh, let's do it