Sunday, 10 August 2014


Salmonella trial: US food safety relies on self-reporting - & #TTIP wants us to accept this as "equivalent" to EU?

Now Is a Critical Moment to Stop Some Scary Global Corporate Deals That Are in the Works - #TTIP, #TPP & #TISA, say

why Russian Ministry of Health is dumping Microsoft for #opensource -  "realized we are actually paying for nothing"

Marine reserve the size of Mexico - fishing lobby trying to kill it - pl. don't let them

Should the EMA be allowed to censor independent analysis of side effect data? - absurd move by @EMA_News

#Cosmetic products: What #TTIP will not make up - @EU_Commission watering down standards through mutual recognition

The care workers left behind as private equity targets the #NHS - workers' lives & #NHS destroyed by Tory dogma

Tell World Bank: Don't Scrap Environmental Protections - why is the @WorldBank still so evil?

#Fracking campaigners criticise 'censored' report on house prices - UK gov knows some houses will become unsellable

Gangs raking in thousands from the rising tide of UK wildlife crime - just unacceptable

Open Source Vehicle is launching a Starter Kit! (model) - starting small...

Police want right to see medical records without consent - but police assure us it's for our own good, honest...

Times refuses to carry ad accusing Hamas of 'child sacrifice' - "every major American outlet... was proud to run ad"

LibreOffice is coming to Android - good news for UK's ODF move

Yahoo to begin offering PGP encryption support in Yahoo Mail service - #snowden strikes again...

UK Police Won't Admit They're Tracking People's Phone Calls - well, that's a yes, then... #surveillance

#CETA will likely be signed, but it will also implode - #ISDS the stumbling block

#TTIP: Der große Deal – Geheimakte Freihandelsabkommen - well-worth watching if you missed it #TAFTA

8000 personnes libèrent en une semaine les données manuscrites des déclarations d’intérêts des parlementaires -

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