Saturday, 16 August 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140814 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Ferguson Law Enforcement: An 'Occupying Force' With 'Special Rights' - America, you might want to worry about this

#TPP: Shocking US certification process that violates country’s sovereignty - crazy to sign up to this

Finalised EU-Canada deal grants excessive investor rights - indeed #CETA

Tell USTR: No Special Rights for Corporations in the US-EU Trade Agreement - they have enough already #TTIP

new: & here's the second big #CETA leak: annexes and reservations - more digging needed... #canada

Police forced to name undercover officers who duped women - the @metpoliceuk & its spies are utterly contemptible

Half of voters happy to pay more tax to fund NHS – poll - confirms that tories completely out of touch with public

Musician threatened with prosecution over 'Planet Key' - bonkers (v @KimDotcom)#nz

Open & Collaborative Science in Development Network (OCSDNet) - "researchers and practitioners from the Global South"

Turns Out When Police Act Cordial, Rather Than As An Oppressive Military Force, Things Work Out Better -

horsemeat report shelved - "public would be frightened that criminals were still able to interfere with their food"

worth noting that #TTIP would decrease checks on food safety by accepting without question "equivalence" of US tests... #horsemeat

Premier League warns fans not to tweet goal videos, animated GIFs - that'll instil love of copyright, no?

Microsoft wants to rename Internet Explorer to shed negative associations - sad or what?

Leaked #CETA Treaty: Major Blow to Buy Local - & #TTIP will do same for both US & EU (v @andrearexer)

A Dramatic Upgrade for Interferometry - sounds potentially huge #astronomy

You know how IP creates millions of jobs? That’s pseudoscientific baloney - no surprise, but good to confirm

Crowdfunding Lantern, a P2P anti-censorship tool - #opensource too

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