Thursday, 28 August 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140827 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

SME Survey in the context of #TTIP - @EU_Commission survey; you have until December...

Bingo!... Is Not Patentable Just Because You Put It On The Internet - the first of many such decisions, let's hope

Barroso son gets job with Bank of Portugal ‘without competition’ - blatant much?

Judicial System's Blessing Of Police Use Of Excessive Force Makes It Nearly Impossible 2 Hold Bad Cops Accountable -

#TTIP will sacrifice food safety for faster trade, warn NGOs - dynamics of harmonisation make this inevitable

Indian Government Launches .bharat domain; To Be Available in Devanagari Script - nice

Red Hat CTO unexpectedly quits, amid rumors of executive 'friction' - hmmm

ZTE Expands China's Wireless Technology Presence To Eastern Europe - expect more of this

DNA tests show that much-praised Chicago cop stuck gun barrel in suspect's mouth - ah, technology

Lessig's U Chicago lectures on corruption this fall - should be good

Apple can’t have an injunction against Samsung phones, court rules - still not going so well, eh?

Chef engineer leaves the company after receiving death threats from its open source community - totally unacceptable

Informationsfreiheits-Ablehnung des Tages: #CETA hat Nachteile auf internationale Beziehungen - that bad, eh?

#China, #Zimbabwe ink slew of cooperation deals - #china shows it has a strong stomach again... #mugabe

The Open Addresses Symposium - interesting and important

EU-US trade deal: slicing and dicing food safety - another great headline #TTIP #precautionaryprinciple

EU agrees rules to manage #ISDS - so when exactly was the public consultation on these? there was one, no? #democracy

#CETA ratification process yet to be settled - they clearly have no idea what they're doing (v @Liese_Mueller)

#TTIP and the Scottish referendum - independent Scotland would be even more vulnerable than (weak) UK under #ISDS

Keurig's Coffee #DRM Already Cracked By Competitors; Will There Be A Lawsuit? - have a guess...

#CETA Abkommen vor Abschluss? - "ein kritischer Brief der Präsidenten von AK und ÖGB an BM Mitterlehner"

Befreien Sie Ihr #Android! - "Warum Ihr mobiles Gerät frei sein soll"

#CETA: Eine Investoren-Waffe gegen die Demokratie - & a taster of what #TTIP will probably have too

Shocking Picture of What Life Will Look Like When You Can't Afford to Retire - chilling #austerity

US cheesemakers raise stink over geographic labeling restriction proposals - will @EU_Commission back down? #TTIP

Eastern Pacific Has Turned Into a Freak Hurricane-Producing Machine - pretty much as expected, alas #climatechange

Death threats drive Anita Sarkeesian from her home - just awful #misogyny

Ready to Nationalize Trade Secret Law? - #tradesecrets another big push for corporate power (v @burcuno)

Devastating “Free Trade” Agreements Leave Americans Penniless - #TTIP & #TPP will probably make it worse (v @PCGTW)

If You're A #Copyright Maximalist 'Piracy' Must Be The Answer To All Problems - even if the evidence says otherwise

#Peru’s dangerous environmental regression - awful moves (v @DemocracyCenter)

Alice Corp. and Patent Claiming: A Simple Example - fascinating question: would #VisiCalc now get a patent?

This might be the most dangerous selfie ever taken - utterly stomach-churning (& not because of the bananas...)

The Surveillance Engine: How the #NSA Built Its Own Secret Google - presumably running on #linux...

ALS Association Tries To Trademark Ice Bucket Challenge, Despite Having Nothing To Do With It Originally - sad

European lawmakers threaten to scupper Canada trade deal - #ISDS the killer (v @CETAWatch)#CETA

Does open source boost mental health? - your mother was right: it's good to share...

Indian State Says You Can Be Jailed If They Think You'll Infringe (c) Or Share 'Lascivious' Content In The Future -

Italy wants to declassify confidential papers on EU-US trade talks - bay steps... #transparency #TTIP

Munich Council Say Talk of LiMux Demise Is Greatly Exaggerated - the saga continues

How Americans Are Duped into Shoveling Huge Amounts of Unhealthy Food into Their Bodies - #TTIP would bring it to EU

Hamas declares support for Palestinian bid to join international criminal court - now that's a bold move... #israel

Black Man Reportedly Tased in Front of His Kids for Sitting in Public Space - shocking & unbelievable (v AmyStephen)

BBC and FACT's daleks exterminate Doctor Who fansite, steal domain - BBC sinks to new depths of patheticness

Pop songs as sonnets - impressive

Does Its Use of #Waterboarding Make #ISIS More or Less Barbaric? - I look forward to #torture apologists' replies...

Industry group to launch db of food additives amid growing concerns - *not* public: something to hide? (v @EllnMllr)

"number of food additives has increased from 800 to more than 9,000" - #TTIP would bring to EU with no labelling

The Open Prosthetics Project is making giant leaps - great list; dodgy headline... #openhardware

Another Online Retailer Thinks It Can Charge Customers For Complaining; Now Facing Lawsuit In New York -

UK Support for #fracking has declined to 24 per cent, energy department finds - a guaranteed vote-loser for tories...

UK energy dependence – five hidden costs expose truth about #fracking - writer may be biased, but facts are facts...

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