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Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130329 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

The Globe retraces Chairman Mao’s Long March through China - fine, evocative piece about New #China & Xi Jinping

Massive Spill from Train Derailment in MN Confirmed as Carrying Toxic#TarSands - "threatens 1000 lakes" #pollution

Goldman Rejects Proposal That Firm Run for Elected Office - this insanity will happen one day (v @Asher_Wolf)#us

Beethoven: Strength, Inspiration, Revolution... - some original thoughts on Beethoven 7 et al.

#Shakespeare scholars unite to see off threat of the 'Bard deniers' - sounds reasonable

#Egypt Orders Arrest of Satirist Over Skits on Islam and Morsi - #morsi bolsters his dictator credentials

Saturday, 30 March 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130328 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#Amazon's Plan to Own Writing and Reading Advances With Goodreads Buy - seriously problematic: monopsony & monopoly

#FSFE Fellows unite UK environmentalists through "Green Bridge" - makes sense: it's all about the commons

#Bitcoin May Be the Global Economy's Last Safe Haven - fascinating; but will it end in tears?

#Spain Leads EU in GM Crops, but No One Knows Where They Are - simply unacceptable #transparency

Next Generation Life - more on the amazingly life-like images of humans (v @renesugar)

#Facebook To Unveil Its 'New Home On Android' Next Week - potentially big if it's some kind of smartphone 

#OUYA’s Julie Uhrman Unveils The #Android Console’s Interface And Games -  "8,000 developers" creating games

Public Comments on Keystone XL Pipeline to Be Kept Secret by State Department - dirty business ahead... #tarsands

The final #OUYA retail console is ready, we go hands-on - mostly positive #android

#China Expands List of Activities Forbidden to Tibetans -'t even promote language or defend environment #tibet

How will the #UK ban on doctors using social media anonymously affect patients? - this is worrying (v @bengoldacre) 

speaking of #IPRED consultation, has anyone had problems retrieving drafts and submitting forms? I was locked out and had to re-do mine 3x

another question on #IPRED: I'm hearing that some people didn't receive the email invitation after applying: anyone else affected by this?

anyone else finding #Gmail's spam filter's getting worse?  I'm finding more false positives these days, which is worrying... #google

"The terms “green” and “gold” are now so debased that we should simply stop using them." - clearly the plan #oa

#openaccess; Let’s get rid of “Green” “Gold” and use precise language such as “CC-BY”. And be joyous -

Bringing The Data Journalism Handbook to Brazilian Journalists - http:// great stuff #brazil #opendata

#Sainsbury & #Tesco conceal #tobacco health warnings - wants to shop where they help death? (v @bengoldacre)

US struggles with pharmaceutical goals in Asia trade talks - rubbish: it doesn't give a damn about poor (v @burcuno)

"balance" is the code-word used when people can't counter arguments directly; but it's like calling for "balance" between good and evil

The Chilling Effects of the #DMCA on research - think of what has been lost (v @DerekKhanna)

the rich say: "we must do this to create more jobs for you." they mean: "we must do this to create more profits for us." #rhetoricaltricks

EU #Copyright: We Need Actions, Not Consultations! - consultation ends tomorrow...

Alfred Anaya Put Secret Compartments in Cars. So DEA Put Him in Prison - melancholy tale (v @wearpants @Asher_Wolf)

First Open Source Hardware Documentation Jam in NYC - area #openhardware

America's Robber Barons Are at War With Rest of the Country - "successfully raising taxes on middle class & the poor"

important: EU negotiating mandate 4 #TAFTA [pdf] - NB includes Geographical Indications and investor-state disputes

leaked EU mandate for #TAFTA shows why transparency is necessary: we will get hold of it anyway, so why not respect the public? #opendrafts

MT @GiselleG7 Newsnight on #NHS reforms heralding privatisation. Unless NHS exempted from EU/US trade laws, will be no going back>>#TAFTA

Closing free talks with deal to be harder than opening negotiations for SKorea, China, Japan - politics, politics..

Posts Removed Because We’ve Received Letters From Edwin Mellen Press’ Attorney - have they heard of #streisandeffect?

Laotian all-women bomb clearance team, "most dangerous job in world," to speak in U.S. - respect: far braver than me

Il Governo potrà conoscere, attraverso i servizi, tutte le informazioni dei cittadini (senza magistratura) - cosa???

How cyberwar was spun by shoddy journalism - yup: if it's got "cyber", it's probably rubbish:

Do drugs really have to be so expensive? - nope: prizes are your friend (v @burcuno)#pharma

AmCham newsletter on #TAFTA - lots of interesting stuff (v @PostActa#opendrafts #Ipout

Edwin Mellen Press Demonstrates How Not To Respond To Criticism: With Lawsuits & Bogus Threats - #streisandeffect

Friday, 29 March 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130327 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

The True Costs of Industrialized Food - more externalities that need exposing

#Openaccess: The true cost of science publishing - lots of interesting stats (v @brembs)

#Wikimedia Foundation ED Sue Gardner leaving - will be "advocating for the free and open internet"; good news

Regional FTA quests playing off each other - hugely important trend #TAFTA #TPP 

Has #Spain Just Slammed On The Brakes For Europe's #UnitaryPatent Plans? - potentially big #ECJ

Portuguese media outlets demand Google pay for links, news leads - gosh, nobody saw that coming... #pt

Licence restrictions: A fool's errand - good defence of #cc-by #openaccess

Investigating journals: The dark side of publishing - every ecosystem has its parasites #openaccess

NAFTA Foreign Investor Privileges Regime Used to Attack Canada’s Patent Policy - why investor-state disputes must go

Target for tobacco-free Scotland - yay, go #scotland#cancer #plainpacks

#Brazil supermarkets 'to avoid Amazon meat' - great to see leadership here #deforestation 

The rich turn a blind eye to poor readers - disgusting behaviour by #EU politicians (v @raycorrigan)#vip

Turkish PM sends letter to Obama on EU deal - #turkeypushing hard to join #tafta #opendrafts

EFSA's conflicts-of-interest on GM insects - still big problems with #EFSA #lobbying #transparency

Skype user data requests most commonly made by UK law enforcement agencies, says Microsoft - why skype above all?

Global warming predictions prove accurate - so no more denialist #FUD about modelling being too untrustworthy, please

#TAFTA : la transparence est essentielle - (v @olivierhoedeman)#opendrafts #Ipout

#Egypt uncovers tunnels used to steal treasures - I feared exactly this would happen... (v @MarietjeD66 @Baraka18)

The Fair Use/Fair Dealing Handbook - handy free ebook#copyright

Government Can Keep Key Emails With Hollywood Lobbyists About 'Six Strikes' Secret - shabby obstructionism

Help stop the government selling off the UK postcodes - is not how #opendata works: please write with this form

Swedish minister: REACH must be improved - great idea#health #EU

The doctor and the spy - nicely done #drwho #jamesbond

#Google: Taking a stand on #opensource and patents -, but hardly a revolutionary one...

Negotiating Text, EU/Inda FTA (BTiA) - great to have, but this should be released officially #opendrafts #EU #India

#Copyright wars are damaging the health of the internet - post. copyright or Net freedom: choose any one...

Slowenien: Informations-Beauftragter klagt vor Verfassungsgericht gegen Vorratsdatenspeicherung - great #si

Linux Foundation Training Prepares International Space Station for Linux Migration - out of this world (v @smaffulli)

Ed Rendell’s disingenuous #fracking plea - he forgot to disclose his industry ties - how careless (v @sivavaid)

“Oh, we support #openaccess but ... we only want high impact, prestige journals” - ah, human nature... (v @IPRsLaw)

Zooniverse: The Answer to Big (Crisis) Data? - great potential here #citizenscience (v @PatrickMeier @asteris)

There is something fishy about the Egyptian cable-cut arrests - glad I'm not the only one to think so...

Activision Reveals Animated Human That Looks So Real, It's Uncanny - if true, this is impressive - & v disturbing

UK's CO2 emissions up 4.5% in 2012 - what a shambles#energy

GM Antibiotic Resistance in China's Rivers - this needs more research to confirm or disprove...

Farmers and food safety advocates lead #Monsanto backlash - important to remember when they push #GM in #TAFTA

Groups Call On Congress To Explore Fixing #DMCA's Broken Anti-Circumvention Provisions - but FTAs may forbid them to

Thursday, 28 March 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130326 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

taz.die tageszeitung receives Document Freedom Germany Award - well done chaps #dfd2013

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Japanese Strategic Diplomacy or Chinese Containment - looks intriguing #TPP #japan

Monthly report on #copyright reform in Poland – February, 2013 - interesting stuff, as ever #pl 

#Ecuador courts Chinese oil bids for Amazonian land - #china want to consume the entire planet? #oil #pollution

Last-ditch bid to dilute secret courts plan fails - I am disgusted by every politician involved in this #liberty #uk

How investment deals put democracy and the environment at risk - investor-state disputes must go #TAFTA #TPP

Vice minister discusses costs of #TPP - now #taiwanconsiders joining #madness

19 year old develops plan to clean up ocean trash vortexes - we must address this; hope it comes to fruition

You Don't "Own" Your Own Genes - let's hope #SCOTUSstrikes them all down... #genepatents

#Monsanto Teams up with Congress to Shred the Constitution - I think USians really ought to be worried about this...

SCOTUS Oral Arguments in FTC v. Actavis; Court to Decide Legality of Pay-For-Delay Settlement Agreements -

UK to freeze until end of April, forecasters say - denialists say: "perfectly normal, nothing to worry about..."

Miliband's Resignation Signals Labour 'Lurch To The Left', Claim Tories - matches their lurch to right (v @Glinner)

Lords demand Ofcom given more powers - insane: "to protect traditional broadcasters from online competition" (v @dml)

Pressure grows for #Dalligate truth: CEO complaints on Swedish Match & OLAF - wow, blowing up into major scandal #EU

Celebrate Document Freedom Day; Then We Win - we're making progress, but threats remain #dfd2013

Grisly Trend: Green Activists Are Facing Deadly Dangers - & unacceptable (v @specterm @carlzimmer)

I Abused The Family Dog. But It Was A Robot Dog, Which Makes It OK, Right? - will be a serious issue one day #ethics

#Turkey demands place at table as part of FTA talks - crowded around these tables #tafta #opendrafts

Spain takes Parliament & Council to Court over "#UnitaryPatent Package" - " chances of success do look promising" #EU

#Fracking 'linked to biggest Oklahoma #earthquake' - just another little externality, no? (v @Kurren @monkchips)

“Piracy Is Progress” Billboard on Times Square Divides Artists - interesting idea

Experts call for #BRICS free trade pact - the inevitable response to #TPP & #TAFTA #opendrafts

EU-US future FTA - good links, but nothing representing views of 500 million Europeans (v @PostActa)#TAFTA

To celebrate Document Freedom Day April has published a poster on open formats - free, obvs #dfd2013

science teacher "investigated" 'cos he used word "vagina" in lesson about human reproduction - (v @BoraZ @rocza)

Please Respond Now to Biased #IPRED Consultation - it's dreadful, so we need lots of responses #copyright #EU

China's Cultural Revolution: son's guilt over the mother he sent to her death - tragic story from times of madness

Loophole gives trademark owners unlimited Clearinghouse records - what an utter mess #icann

Rising energy bills will be reduced with climate policies, Ed Davey says - whereas with nuclear power...

Case study - #copyright review in Armenia - interesting #am

Καθηγητές χρησιμοποιούν όλο και περισσότερο την Wikipedia! - "χρήση της Βικιπαιδείας έχει ανέβει πολύ & στην Ελλάδα"

TurboTax Maker Funnels Millions To Lobby Against Easier Tax Returns - why we need #opensource here

Bundesregierung will offenbar #ACTA-Fehler bei #TAFTA wiederholen - have they learned nothing? (v @netzpolitik)

#Mozilla is Unlocking the Power of the Web as a Platform for #Gaming - open, too

Enterprise #Linux Growth Outpaces Windows - "Almost no one is building anything new with UNIX or Windows" (v @mjasay)

What you need to know about the world’s biggest #DDoS attack - good explanation #DNS

Integrity Default Alert: EU probes collusion in #banking sector - collusion? surely not...? #transparency

Whatever You Think Of The Google WiFi Settlement, It's Bad That It Requires Google To Attack Open WiFi - indeed

How the US Trade Rep Ratchets Up Worldwide Copyright Laws That Could Keep Your Devices Locked Forever - good analysis

The Power Of International Trade Agreements To Prevent You From Owning What You've Bought, & Why This Must Be Fixed -

MT @ioerror#Canada officially voted against evidence based scientific policy - & against free speech 4 scientists

Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130325 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Sexuelle Revolution in #Iran: Erst kommt die Lust, dann die Moral - pretty extraordinary 

ConsumerNZ raises concerns about Trans-Pacific Partnership - good: consumers main losers here (v @DrRimmer)#TPP#NZ

Property, theft and how we must breach this sacred line - analysis #commons

Mapped: Doctor Who In #London - what a wonderful combination #drwho

"statutory duty of candour" - I like the sound of this: can we have one for everyone - including politicians...? #nhs

Smuggler Caught With 10 Percent of an Entire Species - (v @BoraZ @ColinS)

do you like #chocolate? - great; but pl. make sure you boycott #Lindt & Sprüngli, #Guylian and #Thorntons #palmoil

If You're An App Developer And Concerned About #Patents (You Should Be), Here's An Event For You - US only

Crazy Idea Of The Month: Allowing #Patents On #Mathematics - what could possibly go wrong?

Will bloggers be protected? Maybe – if your blog is “small” - for some value of "small"... #leveson #uk

The Unbelievable Photos Taken by the Crazy Russians Who Illegally Climbed Egypt's Great Pyramid - wish I'd done that

#Japan’s Big Bet on #TPP - "“5 fingers” guarantee that there will be a ratification showdown down road" (v @burcuno)

Please Register for the #EU's #IPRED Consultation Now - help stop #ACTA by the backdoor #copyright

#BRICS reach deal on development bank to rival #IMF - big, if confirmed, no? (v @ChinaBizWatch)

Why India's FTA with EU is very bad for its people -"negotiations that began in 2007 have hardly been transparent"

#TAFTA: Lobbying opportunities through the back door - "ultimate opportunity" (v @olivierhoedeman)#opendrafts

Morgen ist Document Freedom Day: Offene Standards feiern und fördern - don't forget #dfd2013

Have The Russians Already Quietly Withdrawn All Their Cash From #Cyprus? - devastating, if true (v @gchampeau)

Senator Fido Wants To Create Official Ambassador For Hollywood's Interests - this is getting surreal #IPout of #TAFTA

ISPs Cannot Be Forced To Store Data on File-Sharers, Court Rules - nice; pity it's not EU-wide (v @maira)#de

April decision possible on #Japan joining #TPP talks: New Zealand's Groser - interesting comments/threats on #WTO #NZ

Why #Microsoft Is Setting Up Manufacturing Plants In #Ethiopia - sign of the times (v @africatechie) 

Empire Illustrated: Peng Liyuan at Tiananmen, 1989 - a piece of history

#Monsanto, DuPont strike $1.75 billion licensing deal, end lawsuits - close parallels with #microsoft (v @DrRimmer)

"provision protecting #GM seeds from litigation in face of health risks" - er, what??? (v @joerogan @kaatje36) 

New Free Trade Coalition Focusing on EU-U.S., Global Privacy Barriers - i.e. levelling down (v @lexelas @bendrath)

FBI wants Real-Time Gmail Spying Powers as “Top Priority” for 2013 - #PGP is your friend (v @rj_gallagher @asteris)

#TPP declaration fuels other talks / European nations grow more eager to reach trade deals with Japan - (v @burcuno)

What's Wrong With This Picture? - don't ask the pope#copyright

Japan in FTA talks with S. Korea, China -  the whole world has gone #FTA mad... #TPP #TAFTA (@fifarahman @jpclark14) 

United States Chided As TRIPS Scofflaw At #WTO - no, really (v @ThiruGeneva)

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130324 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Mexico Envisions Nafta-EU Trade Agreement, Foreign Minister Says - mega-#TAFTA confirmed (v @PostActa)#IPout

.@sinkdeep points out that the proposed mega-#TAFTA including #canada &#mexico is leading us towards #trademageddon....

"#NAFTA privileged commercial agriculture, & small farmers were basically abandoned" - #TAFTA will make things worse

The #Snoopers’ Charter: we need a new consultation - 1st-rate letter to Home Office #surveillance #UK (v @ralpost)

Neuer Streit um Open-Source-Migration in Berlin - usual#FUD being thrown around #de

New Zealand Gave Kim Dotcom Residency, Knowing He Was Wanted By FBI - yet more weird stuff

#Tarsands oil pipeline bill advances in Vermont Senate, in spite of warning from industry - more sabre-rattling

Renewed push for free software in German states of Berlin and Lower Saxony - more on these moves

The #Nokia Patents and #VP8 - Prior Art Hunting Time - needed

"this could be the ultimate #lobbying exercise" - why we must have transparency for #TAFTA (v @PostActa)#opendrafts

A Free Trade Agreement between the EU and Japan -, now this: #trademageddon approacheth... (v @DrRimmer)

Censorship at Guántanamo: Thoughts and Memories Don't Belong to the Government - denying the right to remember: sick

Corporations hold Europe captive - disgraceful contempt for the EU public from @BarrosoEU(v @olivierhoedeman) 

CMU, NSA search for student hackers - as @Asher_Wolf notes, bringing yourself to attention of NSA hardly seems wise

EU FTA, TRIPS plus could hit Indian generic drug makers - could? that's part of the point

#Apple v #Samsung, or #FRAND, Japanese-style - perspective here

Citizen journalism at work: Unemployed British man becomes Syrian weapons expert - sign of the times

Announcing #Firefox OS App Workshops - in
Madrid, Bogotá, Warsaw & Beyond; great (v @nitot)

Spanish Government Bows Down To US Pressures Again, Pushes #SOPA-LikeLaw To Appease Hollywood - pathetic #spain

Stop bad 3D printing patents - says Mr #RepRap 

The Press Complaints Commission has set down ground rules on reporting West Bank settlements - unusual discussion

The Great "Cyber" Con - "cybersecurity"? "cyberthreat"? time to call bluff of governments using this risible epithet

MiiPC is an $89 #Android-powered family computer - first of many?

The case of the [non-GM] poison potato - why we need rigorous food safety tests however food is produced #gm

Guns don't offer protection – whatever the National Rifle Association says - some scientific studies (v @bengoldacre)

Scientists link frozen spring to dramatic Arctic sea ice loss - Denialist Roulette: how bad does it have to get?

#China signals its pivot on Asean - useful analysis #TPP

One in five French bottled waters 'contain drugs or pesticides' - another food safety failure in #EU

Petition Submitted To Require Congress To Wear The Logos Of Their Corporate Donors - a truly splendid idea

Google partners with journalists in Ghana on local contents & revenue - becoming more common (v @africatechie)

Hokkaido predicts #TPP will halve output of farm, forestry and fishery products - that's not going to be popular...

New US-EU talks threatened by agriculture spats - #gmlikely to be a big issue for #TAFTA #IPout #opendrafts

#Openaccess and the humanities: reimagining our future -'s inevitable...

Hidden GM Animal Feed From the UK Food Chain -, er, pie chart...

Newly Implemented Korean #FairUse and the 3 Step Test - important hybrid approach #kr #copyright

France Not Eager for U.S.-Europe Trade Agreement - obstacles to #TAFTA #IPout #opendrafts (v @PostActa)

The List Of Government Agencies That Can Get Your Data Under #CISPA - is this what you want, Usians?

Monday, 25 March 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130323 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Coffice - Calligra on #Android available now - exciting stuff#KDE

"At Elsevier, we have welcomed the recommendations from the Finch Report" - of that I have no doubt (v @McDawg)#OA

Decentralized Open infrastructure: an example from The Blue Obelisk - great work #openchemistry

Economic ties with #Africa top agenda of #China’s new president - says it all (v @africatechie)#newworldorder

Grandmothers who are brilliant at technology - "Grandma Got STEM" - nice #science

The Small Languages Of Russia - how language, politics and power remained deeply interwined

African tech startups raise $1 million in #crowdfunding effort - #africa really moving at the moment

Criminal gangs fill void left by #Egypt's broken security apparatus - deeply troubling (v @bradleyhope @Asher_Wolf)

Do we really want doctors to profit from the pills they prescribe? - reputation of doctors will plummet, I fear #nhs

Jobs confidential: 15 people reveal the truth about their work - nice idea, nicely done

The Henrietta Lacks Genome: Consent, Trust, and Common Decency - I don't think people thought this through...

Mediziner warnen: Pharmaindustrie soll Leitlinien beeinflusst haben - #transparency: a matter of life or death

Piratas y corsarios - "el mundo de la piratería es más complejo de lo que nos quieren hacer creer" (v @PostActa)

Editorial board resigns from T&F journal to protest restrictive licensing - kudos; more please #cc #openaccess

El nuevo canon digital saldrá del presupuesto de las universidades - #es universities fight back (v @PostActa)

"even if it is plainly not in interests of patients for the #NHS to run a competition" - this is nuts (v @tom_watson)

When the mundane becomes threatening: Raising the alarm about #antibioticresistance - thoughtful analysis

Palestinians Reach For Their Tech Startup Future - & fascinating; offers hope that tech play big role here

3rd Document Freedom Day in the European Parliament: A Greens/EFA conference - good to see #openstandards #EU

The Kenyan Blogosphere Still Has Great Talent - lots of interesting links to investigate #kenya

The Pirate Bay Is A Trailblazer In Technical Resilience - is that

Sunday, 24 March 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130322 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

New paper on dsRNA type GMOs - Q&A with the authors - new technology being introduced with little oversight

Spain to Crackdown on Pirate Sites and Outlaw File-Sharing - #spain bends over for Uncle Sam...

Clash of the titans: Apple, Adobe, and Microsoft under fire at IT pricing inquiry - outrageous price-gouging in #AU

Open-Source #Robotic Software Advances At Kickoff Meeting - good to see (v @schestowitz)

North Dakota Inching Ever Closer to Being First State to Enact Personhood Abortion Law - truly twisted people there

iPad Hacker Appeals With Cyber Law Expert as New Lawyer - let's hope he wins this time

Bulgarian Prosecution Confirms Probe against Journalists - press freedom under threat in #bulgaria? (v @wikileaks)

‘Quarantine her!’ Top Tunisian Islamist says topless girl needs stoning - what a barbaric bully (v @Asher_Wolf)

“Gaming” can be avoided: bloggers can be protected from the Crime and Courts Bill - important point here #leveson #uk

How Cryptocurrencies Could Upend Banks' Monetary Role - & important stuff #bitcoin

Petition: increase Governmental spend on R&D 2 0.8% GDP - #sciencematters even more now (v @Stephen_Curry @JennyRohn)

Websites Can Legally Pirate Porn Movies, Prosecutors Rule - nice logic here

Cyprus crisis: UK experts fly out to advise on bailout - I hope this isn't so they try the same approach here.. #UK

#TPP negotiations speed up despite asset sale fears - get it: it's about limiting future choice (v @PostActa)

#CocaCola Machine ‘Out of Order’ in Australia - company thought it was the 1908s; forgot that people fight back today

“Castrate them!” “Burn them!”: #Facebook Israelis react to photo of Palestinian kids - (v @jilliancyork)

Google doit-il financer la création culturelle? - more crazy stuff from #france (v @cybeardjm)

Gun Deaths Continue Since Newtown - almost literally unbelievable (for me, at least...) #guns

"Technological innovation does not guarantee political innovation; at times, it might even impede it." - true

US Supreme Court To Hear Arguments On Pay-For-Delay Drug Deals - "had unlawfully extended its monopoly"; important

Just Freed, Cleared Man Has a Heart Attack - life is nothing if not unfair... (v @tkibbe @normative)

Exactly 'Why' Did Bush and the Neocons Disastrously Invade #Iraq? - some interesting thoughts on this

"this is an ideological attack on the National Health Service" - clever - & very evil (v @bengoldacre)#privatisation

"Fox [News] keeps turning to the left" - you can't make this stuff up... (v @normative)#teaparty

Saturday, 23 March 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130321 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#water is a right not a commodity, say MEPs - too right (v @olivierhoedeman)#commons

Imprisoned internet pioneer #Bassel Khartabil wins Index on Censorship Digital Freedom Award - let's hope it helps

Revolutionising Scholarship: HackYourPhD and shape and practice of the#scholrev community - exciting

#Openaccess for the people - hugely important aspect of making knowledge more widely available #oa

Canonical and Chinese standards body announce #Ubuntu collaboration - interesting, but how big will it really be?

ex-soldier facing American court over ‘$100k fraud’ - fix one-sided extradition treaty now (v @jrodwyer @AnnieMachon)

UK supreme court goes into secret session for first time - failure by judges to uphold basic justice

Japan, EU to launch free trade talks next week - so how will that fit with #TPP and #TAFTA#opendrafts

Umstrittenes Internet-Gesetz: Bundesrat winkt Leistungsschutzrecht durch - not good #lsr

Why the #UnitaryPatent Will Harm European Innovation - for the reasons you might expect #eu #swpats

Dangerous Blogs Act - worrying #leveson #journalism

#ru Widens Online Lead In EU With 61.3M Users; EU5 Smartphone Penetration Now 57%, Samsung, Android Leading -

A Tale Of Two Studies: File Sharing Hurts Sales! - or maybe not

Das Ende der Flatrates? - and of #netneutrality in #de?

#Android has won: now what? - winning was the easy bit; now it gets hard #firefox #ubuntu #sailfish #tizen

A Tale Of Two Studies: File Sharing Helps Sales! - but you already knew that

US government sued over use of #pesticides linked to #bee harm - great idea; why don't we do the same?

Samsung Covets Low-End of Smartphone Market, Too - they'd be mad not to - 

eBook Pirates “Hijack” Domain Name of Anti-Piracy Campaign - ha! #drm

A Tale Of Two Studies: Can File Sharing Both Harm And Help Sales? - great comparative analysis

Open Source: That's the Way to Do It - a fine distillation of how to use #opensource in any organisation #uk

Qui a peur de l'open access? - not us #openaccess (v @NeelieKroesEU) 

#India Says: 'There Is No Direct Correlation Between IP And #Innovation' - which is interesting... #patents

Accidental Email Exposes Trolls of Governing Party in #Spain - shabby stuff #es

#Brazil's music collecting societies convicted of forming an illegal cartel -  it's official #br

Leaked! MPAA Talking Points On Copyright Reform: Copyright Is Awesome For Everyone! - spectacular stupidity laid bare

#Leveson did't intend to regulate bloggers, SMEs or social networkers - good post

Don’t point the Leveson bazooka at bloggers - more thoughts...

Friday, 22 March 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130320 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#BP accused of rewriting environmental record on Wikipedia - rewriting history? #pollution

'Falluja Babies' and Depleted Uranium -- America's Toxic Legacy in #Iraq - this is another fine legacy

Pro-Patent Panic and Hyperbole While Waiting for #Myriad - stuff #genepatents

EFF Joins Coalition Urging White House to Veto #CISPA - too

EU roadmap for Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership #TAFTA - where's the "full impact assessment report"?

#Apple's #Patent For Creating A Leak-Proof Data Pipe, And Why It's Doomed To Fail - Eben Moglen was right again

Keine Mehrheit im Bundesrat gegen das Leistungsschutzrecht - that's regrettable #lsr

Privacy and policing databases: European Court ruling in M.M v. the United Kingdom - NB UK gov's pathetic response

UK Politician Hates the (Digital) Environment - calls emails "cyber-attack"; thinks "cyber" is still groovy

"Windows malware used in the attacks is a component that erases Linux machines" - no comment required...

Research Reveals Almost All Climate Science Denial Books Linked To Conservative Think Tanks - also: sky is blue etc

Jordan #OpenSource Association denounces Internet #censorship in new telecoms bill - kudos (v @jilliancyork @rmack)

#scholrev; Why are we doing this and immediate thoughts on how to proceed - good to see momentum here #openness

#Microsoft 2012 Law Enforcement Requests Report - good to see: all similar cos. should do this (v @krmaher) 

Question for written answer (Rule 117): The EU-US trade agreement and obligations under ICESCR - #TAFTA #opendrafts

FDA's graphic cigarette labels rule goes up in smoke after U.S. abandons appeal -  absurd (v @DrRimmer)

First Planck results: the Universe is still weird and interesting - #welovescience

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act Is Even Worse Than You Think - copyright maximalists hate the disabled

Canadian Librarians 'Owe Duty Of Loyalty To The Government,' Must Self-Censor Opinions Even In Private - er, Canada??

Entendiendo el gobierno abierto: Una experiencia Uruguaya - great to see #uruguay #ogov

Bill Gates: Food Is Ripe for Innovation - translation: ripe for #patents

Don't clobber bloggers with Leveson - badly-worded legislation that could cause serious harm: needs tightening #UK

Fresh Calls to Congress to Make Movie and Music #Streaming a Felony - likely to grow louder

Differences in Prominent US and EU Treaties Concerning Liability For Service Providers - words, words, words #TAFTA

Texas Congressman: 'The Best Thing About the Earth Is if You Poke Holes in It Oil and Gas Come Out' - uh-huh

Blanco: Free trade agreements are rendering WTO rules obsolete - important point #TAFTA

The New Freedom to Tinker Movement - "Let’s use this moment as an opportunity to restore balance to the law."

Leveson Collateral Damage - more thoughts

This Illegally Made, Incredibly Mesmerizing Animated GIF Is What the Internet Looks Like - pretty

#EFSA paves way for regulating endocrine disruptors in food - great news 

Diplomarbeit über Fleisch: Einmal gefolterte Pute, bitte - the appalling things we do to animals before eating them

USTR Tells Congress: EU-US FTA Should Elevate IPR Enforcement - they have learnt nothing from #ACTA (v @PostActa)

EU-#India FTA may hit generic medical industry - if true, thousands will die every year as a result: shame on #EU

How We Could Prevent Massive Bee Deaths and Save Our Food - sounds like a good idea

Defend the #OpenWeb: Keep #DRM Out of W3C Standards - you bet

Long way to go yet for mega trade deal #TPP - excellent update on obstacles & opportunities #NZ #japan #dairy

Political Pressure Pushes NASA Technical Reports Offline -; libraries next?

Thursday, 21 March 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130319 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

[RT] UK air pollution: why are we only now waking up to this public health crisis? - disgraceful

US Supreme Court Applies First Sale Doctrine Worldwide - summary #kirtsaeng #copyright

Publishers Show Yet Again How To Make Money By Reducing The Price To Zero - how many examples do we need?

"immediate moratorium on all business-related regulation." -, the mask slips #eu #lobbying

Challenge launched to promote #opendata for #education - move

Pratham Books is "Open" for Publishing - how giving away books boosts sales #india #publishing

France draws red lines for #TAFTA - important: food safety, GMO cultivation & “cultural exception" #opendrafts #Ipout

Dear George Bush and Dick Cheney, You Are Guilty of Murder: A Letter from a Dying Veteran - powerful writing #iraq

Announcing the School of Data Journalism 2013 in Perugia - nice city

Swype Beta for Android Gets Full #Hindi Support - cool 

The Real Purpose of #DRM - plausible; further proof#copyright is broken

draft EP resolution on #TAFTA [doc] - NB: no call for#transparency or #public participation (v @MarietjeD66)#fail

Introducing OX Text -  "open source browser-based Office productivity suite"; looks interesting

MT @SMuresan @EP_trade demands to be informed by @EU_Commission before & after each round of #TAFTA negotiations >>*public* demands the same

Patents, Trademarks And Copyrights Have No Place In Trade Agreements - they are antithetical to free trade #TAFTA

#Openness, Opportunity and Innovation: capitalising on the digital revolution - by @NeelieKroesEU 

The battle to keep water out of the internal market - #watermust be a #commons, not a #commodity #EU

Regulating Code: Towards a Prosumer Law - building on "Code is Law"? 

World's giant squid are one big happy family - aaaah....#genomics

French Prime Minister instructions on the usage of Free Software in the French administration - english translation

Call For Interest: Toronto Negotiation Unconference 2013 -

#Penguin Publishes Set Of Books Inspired By Each Tube Line - excellent, creative #publishing - kudos #london

"15-year-old rape survivor sentenced to be whipped 100 times" - clearly time to #boycott the #maldives #epetition

EU Court judgment on #ACTA secrecy is a disservice to democracy - backward-looking & disappointing #opendrafts #TAFTA

#KDE Plasma Media Center - Release One - sounds very cool #opensource

Congressman Already Claims That He Needs To Overturn Supreme Court Ruling In Kirtsaeng - maximalists always want more

Mapping the Growth of #OpenStreetMap - nice study of hugely important open project (v @Liberationtech @NeelieKroesEU)

Kiwi 3 Strikes Tribunal Fines Soldier Who Was Serving In Afghanistan When Infringement Happened - how sick is this?

Updating the Copyright Act? It's up to all of us - well, if you're a Usian...

European parliament releases its amendment software as #opensource -  good to see it getting involved

Public worldwide supports ocean sustainability - especially in#china; time 2 listen to scientists (v @GeorgeMonbiot)

Register Of Copyright Suggests That Personal Downloading Should Not Be Seen As 'Piracy' - baby steps