Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130311 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Deep Dive Analysis: Brett Gibbs Gets His Day In Court -- But Prenda Law Is The Star - extraordinary legal saga

Parliament makes U-turn, allows full vote on CAP reform - democracy needed #EU

LibDems leave over support for secret trials; I resign from the party - bravo @doctorow#UK

EU porn ban: ‘Censorship disguised by noble idea’ - (v @jmcest)#mepblock

Nigeria: The Fairly Used Smartphone Market - interesting (v @africatechie)#africa

Ofcom “Accredited” Comparison Sites - interesting issues (v @tdobson)#UK

Microsoft moves to open source Kinect code - even baby steps are welcome

Letter to the EU parliament president on blocking of emails from citizens#mepblock - be interested in reply

Deutscher CDU-Abgeordneter bringt gefährliche Lobbyvorschläge in Datenschutzverordnung ein - shabby

A call for action against the EU Spring Summit 13 and 14 March 2013 - now banned by police: not good

Major glitch in #Bitcoin network sparks sell-off; price temporarily falls 23% - seems something of a weakness

#ITU approaches Asia-Pac nations to support new ITRs - for allies; what a mess

Please act now to save blind people´s WIPO treaty from EU negotiators! - EU wants to protect publishers from blind

Hokkaido farmers rally against #Japan’s entry to #TPP talks -"we will continue fighting until Abe gives up"

Politico hits 1,000 Pro subscriptions and plans to launch a magazine - is this a trend? #publishing

Moving from the Excess Economy to the Enough Economy -"much of what matters is not measured by [GDP]"

#TAFTA: Foundation for New Global Economic Order - what multinational corporations call ‘trade irritants’

Amazonas-Region: Ureinwohner-Areale verhindern Waldrodung - reason to empower them #br

Public Well-Being Must Be 'Primary Measurement' Of US-EU Trade Agreement - #TAFTA #IPout #opendrafts

Israeli Court Dismisses Cases, Denying Palestinians Right to Judicial Remedy & Compensation - (v @suigenerisjen)

EP Just Voted To Ban Porn, But Refrains From Extending Scope To Internet Following Protests, Hides Who Voted For It -

IP, Health Concerns As #TPP Talks Continue - but it's all secret, so who knows? #opendrafts

Is the European Council going to become open and accountable? - that would be nice

#NetNeutrality Neutralised in France? - devil in the details 

iPhone users watch far more online video than Android users - iCouchpotatoes?

BitTorrent opens up its P2P live streaming service to anyone with webcam I can't imagine what people will use it 4

Leaked Audio of Bradley Manning’s statement released by Freedom of the Press Foundation - great news

Success of GNU Health goes beyond free software - (v @schestowitz) 

Draft Guides to Licensing - interesting stuff from#opendata institute; feedback welcome #odi

.@GeorgeMonbiot: My Agreement with Lord McAlpine -"what is, as far as I can discover, an unprecedented settlement" 

Tense Times Over Trade (& #TPP) - "strong opposition from farmers fearing painful market-opening steps"

Key Telecomm Players Collaborate with Global Network Initiative on Freedom of Expression and Privacy Rights - hmmm

If #Microsoft Shuts Down Google Maps In Germany, How Does That Benefit The Public? - classic #EPO #swpat fail

What I wish Tim Berners-Lee understood about #DRM - reply by @doctorow 2 regrettable comment (v @jackschofield)

A Salute to Bradley Manning, Whistleblower, As We Hear His Words For First Time - great piece from Daniel Ellsberg

Tiny, Suicidal #Drone/Missile Mashup Is Part of US’ Afghan Arsenal in skies near you (v @asteris @ShirinSadeghi)

Innovators Break Stuff, Including Rules: How Gates, Jobs & Zuckerberg Could Have Been Targeted Like Aaron Swartz -

US Defender Of Internet Freedom, Keen On Protecting IP Rights sorry, you can't have both: choose one (v @teirdes)

Microsoft Adds Flash Back To iE10 - Is That A Good Thing? - nope; looks like tactical manoeuvring...

Leaked IP Chapter Of India-EU FTA Shows #TRIPS-Plus Pitfalls For #India, Expert Says - surprise - not... #ratchet

Images from Cassini's final targeted flyby of Saturn's Moon Rhea - beautiful #space

Military Dolphins with Frickin' Guns Attached to Their Heads Have Gone Missing in the Black Sea - to freedom, I hope

Fifteen Years of #DMCA Abuse - lest we forget #copyright#eff

We’re not ‘appy. - "Our position is that native apps are rarely justified." great post (v @nitot)

Canadian Delusions: #ACTA Supporters Pretend It's Just About Counterfeit Goods - - yawn: this is so 2012 #ca

Challenged in #China - "A complex digital #censorship system keeps free expression in check." fascinating (v @rmack)

Lord Browne promises to invest 'whatever it takes' in UK #fracking conveniently ignores all the #externalities

State Department Keystone XL Study Done by Oil Industry-Connected Co with Big #Tobacco, Fracking Ties - (v @DrRimmer)

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