Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130317 - http://bit.ly/YBFguc yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Mumbai Police Sets Up Social Media Labs, To Watch Internet Activists [More Censorship!] - http://bit.ly/WQQYXD not good #india

You Wouldn't Believe How Fast Americans Are Losing Their Religion -- But Fundamentalists Have a Plan - bit.ly/142Ojfn cynical, too

Indigenous chief: Canada trying to muscle EU on tar sands -http://bit.ly/106woRX and why EU should say no #ca

Opening up Scientific Data in #EU - http://bit.ly/XknGeU good news from @NeelieKroesEU. anyone know what the licences will be? #opendata

National Wildlife Crime Unit left in funding doubt - http://bit.ly/ZUzuGs another tory attack on the environment #UK

MI6 knew #Iraq had no active WMD - http://bit.ly/YBW0Si great: can we arrest#Blair now, please? #warcrimes 

Many open data initiatives forget to include the basic facts about the government itself - http://bit.ly/Wyyt7S true #ogov #opendata

Online Music Piracy Doesn’t Hurt Sales, European Commission Finds -http://bit.ly/XU7BQY yet another study finding this: time to accept it

African Ministers Focus On IP Role In Innovation For Development; Less On Flexibilities - http://bit.ly/XUbaGC unwise...

Morgen stimmt Rechtsausschuss über Datenschutz ab: Marielle Gallo ein zweites Mal stoppen - http://bit.ly/YLehQ7 please do

Exploring ‘#Openness’ Together: The Open Book to be Launched Friday at Future Everything - http://bit.ly/114vp3z sounds great

Why TAFTA Matters, and What We Should Do About It - http://bit.ly/134s49Mthis is important: we need #IPout of #TAFTA and #opendrafts

Transatlantic Civil Society Declaration: Leave Copyright & Patent Provisions Out of #TAFTA - http://bit.ly/107H2rG here's @EFF#opendrafts

Avoid mistakes of the West: Stiglitz tells #thailand - http://bit.ly/WyOvPh don't join #TPP, for example, he says

calls on the Government to impose sanctions on Twitter until it agrees to fully co-operate with the UK authorities - bit.ly/143kont

NIST Quantum Refrigerator Offers Extreme Cooling and Convenience -http://1.usa.gov/XUmxyh "one of the most flabbergasting results I've seen"

AfricanSpending – Monitoring the Money in #Africa - http://bit.ly/107LO8xhugely important project #transparency

Civil society organisations say no to intellectual property in EU-US trade agreement - http://bit.ly/Yme43m no "gold standard" #opendrafts

Задачки для тех у кого есть свободное время немного поработать над открытыми данными - http://bit.ly/YLMcs0 help needed #opendata

Maak Van Tafta Geen Acta V2.0 - http://bit.ly/XkOk7p indeed: #IPout of#TAFTA #opendrafts

Royal Charter or Star Chamber For Stars? - http://bit.ly/YCh0s6 what a disaster#leveson #uk

Draft report on ‘the Freedom of Press and Media in the World” -http://bit.ly/1478vgG from @MarietjeD66 comments invited

Land Grabs Spread Throughout Developing World - http://bit.ly/Wy2I0cincreasing problem #commons

Giant Pharma Company Claims Releasing Data On Drug Safety Is Illegal: It's Confidential & 'Commercially Sensitive' - bit.ly/Yk1Ifj

The Tragedy Of Jailing Weev, The Internet Prophet Of Discord -http://bit.ly/15W1kWG no, travesty, not tragedy; fine piece by @Asher_Wolf 

MT @africatechie Bill Gates cancels planned visit to Nigeria after President pardons corrupt politician http://bit.ly/Yk2R6A >>bravo

Les organisations de la société civile disent non à #TAFTA -http://bit.ly/Yk3PQd good for them #IPout #opendrafts

MT @Ifodakhon a crowdsourcing solution for the G20 Summit 2013, pls joinhttp://bit.ly/G20civil >>interesting move

Internet pioneers are first winners of £1m engineering prize - http://bit.ly/YCtEaxcould be worse, I suppose

Aufruf: Freihandelsabkommen ohne urheberrechtliche Bestimmungen -http://bit.ly/135kjjM  #IPout of #TAFTA #opendrafts

Winners of #ACTA and #SOPA Battles Call for Exclusion of ‘Intellectual Property’ From EU-U.S. Trade Talks - http://bit.ly/15WBfqA #TAFTA

Young Rewired State: bringing back open government data -http://bit.ly/ZVKHGK sounds good

WSJ Claims That Wikileaks Is Not Journalism But Espionage By Taking A Bunch Of Quotes Out Of Context - bit.ly/109jD94 fine debunking

Civil Society Statement – No Copyright in the EU-US Trade Agreement! -http://bit.ly/WzwvWk includes links to signatories #opendrafts

#TAFTA, on en veut pas - http://bit.ly/14801FT epetition in French (obvs) (v @Dignan92) 

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